Rewriting Your Past to Create Your Future Nancy Eubel. lottery so that we might quit our jobs and spend our lives surfing. Rather, it is coming to the understanding that if this direction is in concert with our mission in this life, ...


Author: Nancy Eubel

Publisher: ARE Press

ISBN: 9780876045916

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 241

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What if you could go back in time and revisit an event that has had a lasting effect on your life? Would you? In Mindwalking, author Nancy Eubel teaches us to how to do just that. Your reactions to an event can be more important than the event itself. And your intentions and thoughts are every bit as responsible for your current life’s conditions as are your actions. Through past-life regressions or through an altered-state process called “mindwalking,” you can achieve healing by releasing old patterns and creating new, beneficial ones. This book will teach you through mindwalking, you can begin to explore your own past lives to better understand why your life is the way it is and to learn how to move in a direction that is more in keeping with your soul’s purpose.

Grateful Not Dead

Nancy Eubel, a quantum healing hypnosis practitioner and former executive director of A.R.E.,265 prepared an exercise as part of a workshop based on her book, Mindwalking: Rewriting Your Past to Create Your Future.266 The following is ...


Author: Art Mitchell

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

ISBN: 9781642796636

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 295

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A guide to uncovering your post-retirement purpose and creating financial security. Art Mitchell uses the REWIREMENT process to empower and transform himself and people like you. He details ten critical steps to inform aging, building on the anti-ageism and conscious aging movements. In Grateful, Not Dead, you learn how to: overcome ageist myths and shame to change everything for yourself reboot your mind through self-reflection, consciousness expansion, and spirituality uncover purpose, boost creativity, increase engagement, and service find meaningful work and achieve financial independence take back your power and make the changes you want to see Those of you who have been forced to make career changes, retire, or otherwise chose to work past “retirement age” may find yourself wanting help. It’s here. Prepare to learn how to live purposefully and inspired to do what’s important to you! “Grateful, Not Dead is the best I have read to assist you in resetting your life script for the happiest, youthful aging!” —C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD(from Foreword) “After decades in careers that have defined us, what's the next step? Guided by the author's life wisdom and skills as a coach, readers find their own answers through inspiration and exercises that tap into personal power and purpose.” —Lois Guarino, author of Writing Your Authentic Self “Art Mitchell has written an indispensable guidebook for people entering the territory of older age.” —Harry R. Moody, retired Vice President, AARP

Symptoms The Language of the Soul

A Gift of Transformation Susan Manion MacDonald. The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto, Publisher Atria, Copyright 2005, ISBN‐10: 0743289803 Mindwalking: rewriting your past to create your future, by Nancy L. Eubel, Published by ...


Author: Susan Manion MacDonald

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 1452554013

Category: Self-Help

Page: 302

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This book is about the possibilities of transforming life from doing to being; the shift of fear to courage, sadness to joy, anger to love, illness to wellness. The basics require you to BE authentic to self, while learning that each person you meet is a mirror reflecting an answer necessary to live life. A symptom can be simple, such as a cold, or as complex as cancer. It is brought on as a message to self that you are no longer living your life. Each symptom is related to a trapped emotional feeling stored in an organ or gland. Low worth enables the emotional feeling to stay in the body, which affects the Energy Field that surrounds us and thus no longer protects us. The Soul has sent a message; first intuitively, second as an illness and finally as a disease. You have the ability to heal naturally as you connect, resolve, forgive and clear the past to become present. Let the Spirit (mind) be the wind beneath your wings, and choose the Soul (heart) as your internal mapping system.

The Heart of Librarianship

In fact, librarians, I would argue, have always had trouble with empathy, often equating professionalism with the ability to keep your users at a distance, never mind walking in their shoes. Which is why, of course, I love the writing ...


Author: Michael Stephens

Publisher: American Library Association

ISBN: 9780838914540

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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“While full of tales of innovation, ideas that challenge our practice, and a regular dose of critical thinking, these pages are likewise full of humanism and heart.” Brian Kenney, Director at White Plains Public Library (NY); from the Foreword Adaptation to change that’s based on thoughtful planning and grounded in the mission of libraries: it’s a model that respected LIS thinker and educator Michael Stephens terms “hyperlinked librarianship.” And the result, for librarians in leadership positions as well as those working on the front lines, is flexible librarianship that’s able to stay closely aligned with the needs and wants of library users. In this collection of essays from his “Office Hours” columns in Library Journal, Stephens explores the issues and emerging trends that are transforming the profession. Among the topics he discusses are: the importance of accessible, welcoming, and responsive library environments that invite open and equitable participation, and which factors are preventing many libraries from ramping up community engagement and user-focused services;challenges, developments, and emerging opportunities in the field, including new ways to reach users and harness curiosity;considerations for prospective librarians, from knowing what you want out of the profession to learning how to aim for it;why LIS curriculum and teaching styles need to evolve;mentoring and collaboration; andthe concept of the library as classroom, a participatory space to experiment with new professional roles, new technologies, and new ways of interacting with patrons.Bringing together ideas for practice, supporting evidence from recent research, and insights into what lies ahead, this book will inform and inspire librarians of all types.

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Topics include resources for research ; concept development ; defining the relationship between you , your subject and the ... 21 , 7-10 pm For the past seventeen years , brothers Joe and Harry Gantz have teamed up to make critically ...




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