Snowflakes over Moon Cottage

Much as she loved her mum, she'd always had the feeling that Miranda felt she hadn't stood up to Michael properly in the first place. ... To her relief, this time Susan could tell Miranda's wrath was entirely aimed at Michael.


Author: Lucy Daniels

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781473682429

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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**Summer Days at Sunrise Farm, the new book in the Animal Ark revisited series, is currently available!** The perfect cosy winter romance featuring the characters from the globally bestselling Animal Ark series. Perfect for fans of Cathy Bramley, Holly Martin and Katie Fforde. 'A comforting Christmas read' - Woman's Own ***** It's Christmas-time in the little Yorkshire village of Welford, and the first snowflakes are just starting to fall. As far as Susan Collins is concerned, this Christmas is all about quality time with her family, especially her son Jack. After a string of terrible dates she's given up on love, and Susan's certainly got plenty to keep her busy. That is, until she meets handsome children's author Douglas Macleod. Dishevelled in appearance with bright red hair he is the opposite of Susan's usual type, but an undeniable spark soon lights up between them. But then Michael Chalk, Jack's father, turns up on the scene wanting to be a family again - and Susan finds herself torn. With snow settling on the ground and the big day fast approaching, who will Susan and Jack be choosing to spend Christmas at Moon Cottage with this year? ****** **Readers are LOVING Snowflakes Over Moon Cottage!** 'I don't think the smile left me face at all while I was reading this latest book in this fabulous series' Amazon Reviewer 'A good way to escape from real life' Amazon Reviewer 'A lovely book to curl up with.' Amazon Reviewer 'Waiting now for the next one' Amazon Reviewer

Legacy of Lies

“Although I've always admired your acting skills, Miranda, someone needs to write you ... Zach exited the stall, dried himself, then wrapped a towel around his middle and returned to the bedroom to face Miranda's wrath.


Author: JoAnn Ross

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781460303337

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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From a childhood nurtured by unconditional family love to her stunning triumph as one of Hollywood’s leading fashion designers, Alexandra Lyons has always been spirited and independent. But everything she believes about herself is thrown into question when she meets Eleanor Lord. The powerful matriarch is convinced that Alexandra is Anna Lord, her long-lost granddaughter and heir to a family dynasty. Has Alexandra’s life been a lie? Is she really Anna Lord—or the victim of an even darker hoax? The truth lies buried in the past, in a dark explosion of jealousy, betrayal and murder, and remains as deadly now as it was nearly thirty years ago.

Crazy Like Us Book 1

Miranda couldn't believe that Allison would put her daughter in harm's way, but it didn't surprise her that she had been hanging with a bad crowd. ... Luckily for Allison, she didn't unleash Miranda's wrath, Miranda thought.


Author: Scott J. Haschke

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781770678163


Page: 184

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Crazy Like Us is an epic love story between an older woman and younger man. It's not your typical romance, but something different and unexpected. They overcome obstacles put in their path on their way to happiness. She's terminally ill and has multiple personalities. Her main alter doesn't make it easy, but their love is stronger than anyone realizes. Welcome to part one of a two part amazing journey.

The Drop Edge of Yonder

Miranda was pleased with him, at least for openers, as he was handsome and profligate enough to ease her constant insecurities about money ... When his money ran out after an all-night card game, he was unable to face Miranda's wrath.


Author: Rudolph Wurlitzer

Publisher: Two Dollar Radio

ISBN: 9781937512620

Category: Fiction

Page: 252

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The Drop Edge of Yonder is an adventurous book that explores the truth and temptations of the American myth. Beginning in the savage wilds of Colorado in the waning days of the fur trade, the story follows Zebulon Shook, a mountain man who has had a curse placed on him by a mysterious Native American woman whose lover he murdered. The book follows Zebulon as he encounters people obsessed with greed and the politics of expansion. The trail takes him from Colorado to the remote reaches of the Northwest, a journey that traverses the Gulf of Mexico to Panama, and up the coast of California to San Francisco and the gold fields. Far from being simply a “western,” The Drop Edge of Yonder focuses on a time that could be considered the starting point of American capitalism and expansionism, and has led Judith Thurman to refer to the book as “a subversive modern novel about the bounds of love and the discontents of civilized life.” The Drop Edge of Yonder originated as a screenplay treatment that intrigued Hollywood folk such as Sam Peckinpah, Hal Ashby, Yves Simeneau, Jim Jarmusch, Roger Spotiswoode, Alex Cox, and Richard Gere, before being adapted and expanded into this original novel by Wurlitzer.

Taylor Made Family

She felt there was no escaping Miranda's wrath. No matter where she went, or what she did, Miranda would be right behind her trying to obliterate any kind of life she could create. Why even hother? And why didn't Marc tell her?


Author: Mary DeViso

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595187010

Category: Fiction

Page: 341

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At age twenty-three, Christine Taylor awakens to an empty, lonely life in her penthouse apartment. Since birth, her controlling mother, Miranda, has blamed her for all of her problems. Christine runs from relationships and commitments. Until one day, while shopping at her father's exclusive department store, Christine meets two elderly black women. One of these women touches Christine's heart. Abigail Johnson will change Christine's life forever, teaching her to love and trust, while introducing her to what family life really is. Christines' willingness to learn enables her to taylor make her own family.

Beast in the Tower

But she unleashed her anger at Kronemeyer. “I told you to get rid of her.” The black-haired brute fought right back. ... But Miranda's wrath was all for her lover. “I don't pay you to think, J.T. I pay you to do. Exactly as I say.


Author: Julie Miller

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781426867606

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Months ago, arsonists burned Dr. Damon Sinclair's laboratory. Now Damon is a recluse, shut in at the top of his unfinished Sinclair Tower. And at the very bottom is the affectionate Kit Snow and her down-home diner. After stopping a back-alley mugging, Kit earns the gratitude of the dark knight doctor. Only, she doesn't want his charity—just all of his most intimate secrets—putting her between her mysterious protector and the black marketers seeking to pillage the Sinclair pharmaceutical empire. But the only thing Damon guards more closely than his multimillion-dollar formulas is his heart.

A Simple Wish

wondering how long the poor girl would last with Miss Miranda to contend with. Ruby was so inoffensive and naive and everyone who had felt Miranda's wrath knew how difficult she could be. Ruby, meanwhile, was dragging herself out of bed ...


Author: Rosie Goodwin

Publisher: Bonnier Zaffre Ltd.

ISBN: 9781838773557

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 780

The perfect gift for fans of heart-warming saga from Sunday Times bestselling author, Rosie Goodwin. Britian's best-loved saga writer, over one million copies sold. 1885. Ruby Carter works hard in her parents' bakery. Whilst life isn't easy, she's happy enough - her gentle mother protects young Ruby from her cruel father and loves her unconditionally. So, when her mother falls seriously ill, Ruby is heartbroken. Then, from her deathbed, her mother reveals that Ruby was adopted. Stricken by grief and alone with the violent man she called her father, Ruby feels she has no choice but to flee. At just fifteen, homeless and alone she is relieved when a kindly stranger named Mrs Bamber takes pity on poor Ruby and welcomes her into her home. But soon, Ruby learns Mrs Bamber is not as generous as she first seemed - she forces Ruby into a life of crime as a jewel thief in Birmingham's jewellery quarter. With nothing to her name and nowhere to go Ruby has no choice but to go along with it, despite the guilt and shame she feels. But Ruby is determined that she will atone for what she's done, and be reunited with her birth parents. Ruby's only wish is to find her family.

Just the Way You Are

She was doing her best to look out for your interests, Miranda, believe me.” Britt put her hand over the mouthpiece. She couldn't help a little giggle. He was being sweet, protecting her from Miranda's wrath. What a decent thing to do.


Author: Janice Kaiser

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781459280922

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 848

Rule #1 of meeting Mr. Right: Be yourself… Suddenly, secretary Britt Kingsley wasn't typing, filing and answering phones anymore. Thanks to dark sunglasses, a wig and a sexy dress, she was a brand-new woman—and hobnobbing with the world's most gorgeous eligible bachelor. Who would believe that plain old Britt with her big dreams would be kissing a man like Derek Redmond long into the night? Certainly not Mr. Right himself—who didn't even know she existed….

To Get Me To You A Small Town Southern Romance

Norah broke off, reflexively turning her head toward Miranda's shout. Cam made a growl of protest. ... Still swaying, Norah watched him walk back around the side of the house to accept Miranda's wrath. She lifted a hand to her still ...


Author: Kait Nolan

Publisher: Take The Leap Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 370

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Wishful Romance Volume 1 Books 1 3 A Small Town Southern Romance Collection

Norah broke off, reflexively turning her head toward Miranda's shout. Cam made a growl of protest. “Um.. ... Norah watched him walk back around the side of the house to accept Miranda's wrath. She lifted a hand to her still tingling ...


Author: Kait Nolan

Publisher: Take The Leap Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 780

View: 134

Wishful is a southern romance series written for anyone looking for love in a small town. If you loved Hart of Dixie and miss the residents of Bluebell, you just might fall in love with Wishful. It's a town where everybody knows your name and hope springs eternal! This volume contains Books 1-3 TO GET ME TO YOU (Book 1) A David vs. Goliath story with a side of sweet tea. Wishful, MS is Cam's hometown. He's not sure a city girl like Norah can understand the place well enough to help him save it from the corporate big-box store threatening to set up shop. She's determined, though. She's falling hard for the charms of town--and the man. But even if they send the suits packing, can she really give up her corner office for a corner booth a the local diner? KNOW ME WELL (Book 2) Heroes need not apply Riley Gower is no stranger to hard work. She's queen of Doing All The Things—solo. And that's exactly how she likes it. She’s not holding out for a hero. When disaster strikes her business, former Marine Liam Montgomery jumps in to help--whether she likes it or not. Will they be able to work through their complicated past to save the pharmacy before she's forced to close its doors forever? BE CAREFUL, IT’S MY HEART (Book 3) The best things happen while you’re acting… The historic Madrigal theater, in the heart of downtown Wishful, is about to close its doors forever. A last ditch fund-raising effort, a production of White Christmas, is probably the only thing that could bring Tyler Edison back to the stage after all these years. Little does she know that the leading man who broke her heart just blew back into town. Auditions start at six o'clock.