Missionaries Rebellion and Proto Nationalism

This book will add significantly to our knowledge of social movements in nineteenth century India and the colonial responses to them.


Author: Geoffrey A. Oddie

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136809965

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The Rev. James Long was one of the most remarkable Protestant missionaries working in India in the nineteenth century. Sent to Calcutta at the age of 22 in 1840, he devoted his life to representing what he passionately believed were the best interests of the forgotten poor and oppressed among the Bengali population. Long was a central figure in the indigo planting controversy of 1861 and suffered imprisonment as a result. His memory is revered even today in modern India, where his contribution to the development of Bengali vernacular education, literature, history, and sociology is highly regarded. Dr Oddie has produced the first full-length biography of Rev Long, examining his work and activities in the context of his own background, philosophy and motivation as well as the political and cultural climate of the day. This book will add significantly to our knowledge of social movements in nineteenth century India and the colonial responses to them.

Missionaries Rebellion and Proto nationalism

On the life and achievements of James Long, 1814-1887, missionary from Ireland.


Author: Geoffrey A. Oddie

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 8184651236

Category: Bengal (India)

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On the life and achievements of James Long, 1814-1887, missionary from Ireland.

Theatre Cultures within Globalising Empires

Geoffrey A. Oddie, in his Missionaries, Rebellion and Proto-Nationalism: James Long of Bengal 1814–87, studies Long's ... of how a missionary should behave, but also became himself something of a rallying point for “proto-nationalist” ...


Author: Joachim Küpper

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This volume presents the proceedings of the international conference “Theatre Cultures within Globalising Empires: Looking at Early Modern England and Spain”, held in 2012 as part of the ERC Advanced Grant Project Early Modern European Drama and the Cultural Net (DramaNet). Implementing the concept of culture as a virtual network, it investigates Early modern European drama and its global dissemination. The 12 articles of the volume – all written by experts in the field teaching in the United Kingdom, the USA, Russia, Switzerland, India and Germany – focus on a selection of English and Spanish dramas from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Analysing and comparing motifs, formal parameters as well as plot structures, they discuss the commonalities and differences of Early modern drama in England and Spain.

The Calcutta Historical Journal

Geoffrey Oddie , Missionaries Rebellion and Proto - nationalism : James Long of Bengal : 1814-87 , Curzon Press , London , 1999 , Price not stated James Long is best remembered as a ' Padre ' who was heavily fined and imprisoned for ...




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Mission Myth Money in a Multicoloured World

However , scholars like Geoffrey O. Oddie , Missionaries , Rebellion and Proto - Nationalism : James Long of Bengal 1814-87 ( London : Curzon , 1999 ) ; see especially his section on " Long , Missionaries and Orientalism " pp.180-197 ...


Author: Jules Gomes


ISBN: UOM:39015061927227

Category: Missions

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Adivasis in Colonial India

The Anglican Mission established its work in Ranchi in 1869 and the Roman Catholic mission started work in ... Oddie , Missionaries , Rebellion and Proto Nationalism , James Long of Bengal , 1814-87 , London : Curzon Press , 1999 , p .


Author: Biswamoy Pati


ISBN: UCBK:C103051098

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Bibliography of Imperial Colonial and Commonwealth History Since 1600


Author: Andrew N. Porter

Publisher: Clarendon Press

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The twentieth century witnessed an unprecedented growth of research and publication on the history of Britain's empire, the Commonwealth, and British expansion overseas. Historical work by area specialists has transformed the state of knowledge concerning colonial North America, India, theCaribbean, sub-Saharan Africa, South and South-East Asia, the Pacific, and Australasia. Much has been written about Britain's interests and presence in areas and societies never formally subjected to British rule, such as Latin America, and the Middle and Far East. Most recently, a preoccupationwith the reciprocal impact of overseas expansion and colonial possessions on Britain itself has produced a rapidly growing historiography. Publication on this scale has made it virtually impossible for anyone either to keep track of the results or to follow up particular interests. Britain'soverseas history has never been well supplied with comprehensive bibliographical aids, and, despite extensive public interest in the subject, the position has steadily worsened. Following the recent Oxford History of the British Empire, this volume is therefore designed to provide a general sourceof reference and bibliographical guidance, at once wide-ranging, up-to-date, and accessible.

Power in Print

... Debate over the Hook - swinging Issue in Bengal and Madras , c.183 1894 ' , in Peter Robb ( ed . ) , Society and Ideology : Essays in South Asian History , New Delhi , 1994 . Missionaries , Rebellion and Proto - Nationalism : James ...


Author: Anindita Ghosh

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

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With reference to printing and publishing in Bengal in the time-period; a study.

Journal of Dharma

What it excludes are the empowering contributions made by Christian Mission for social transformation : 21 for instance ... 22 See Geoffrey A. Oddie , Missionaries , Rebellion and Proto - Nationalism : James Long of Bengal 1814-87 ...




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An Encounter of Peripheries

Santals, Missionaries, and Their Changing Worlds, 1867-1900 Marine Carrin, Harald Tambs-Lyche ... in Colonial India , 1800-1894 , Delhi : Manohar . 1999 , Missionaries , Rebellion and Proto - Nationalism : 368 BIBLIOGRAPHY.


Author: Marine Carrin

Publisher: Manohar Publishers

ISBN: UOM:39015081838222

Category: Bengal (India)

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This book partakes of the post-colonial reassessment of the nineteenth century, where agency is seen to lie, not just with the colonising centre, but also with the colonised periphery. Here, missionaries from a peripheral part of Europe -- including a Norway striving to decolonise itself -- try to convert the Santals, an Indian tribe which had rebelled against the intruding colonial order. Provincialising the European origins of the missionaries, the authors try to explore the Santal response. Missionary sources have been used to recast such encounters, but the response seldom has had a documented voice. The Santals, however, wrote thousands of pages as part of the missionary project to document their culture, showing their efforts to reconstruct and re-appropriate their own culture. Subaltern voices emerge, as working-class missionaries and Santals meet, bypassing the centres of hegemony, and oppose the disenchantment of colonial experience to the memory of a glorious past. "For some years, a space is created at the edge of empire, where the missionary adventurer, and Santals in search of a new identity, together build a new Christian community. The missionaries succeed only because of the Santal engagement -- born, not just from their appropriation of missionary ideas, but also from their resistance to the Hindu majority and to colonialism. But soon colonial power relations erode missionary independence, as they come to depend on the churches of their homeland, while the Santals are absorbed into the exploitative economics of colonialism. The space allowed by an encounter of peripheries' is closed.