More than Moonshine

More than Moonshine is both a cookbook and a narrative that recounts the way of life of southern Appalachia from the 1940s to 1983.


Author: Sidney Saylor Farr

Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Press

ISBN: 9780822971337

Category: Cooking

Page: 232

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Sydney Saylor Farr is a woman who knows Appalachia well. Born on Stoney Fork in southeastern Kentucky, she has lived much of her life close to the mountains, among people whose roots are deep in the soil and who pass on to their children a love for the land, a strong sense of belonging and of place. Mountain food and how it is cooked is very much a part of this sense of place. Ask any displaced Appalachians what they miss most and they will probably talk about soup beans, country ham, and homemade buscuits. They may also remember the kitchens at home, the warmth from the wood-burning stove, the smell of coffee, and the family gathered around the kitchen table to eat and talk. More than Moonshine is both a cookbook and a narrative that recounts the way of life of southern Appalachia from the 1940s to 1983. The women of Stoney Fork rarely had cash to spend, so they depended upon the free products of nature - their cookery used every nutritious, edible thing they could scour from the gardens and hillsides. These survival skills are recounted in the pages of More than Moonshine, with instructions for making moonshine whiskey, for fixing baked groundhog with sweet potatoes, for making turnip kraut, craklin’ bread, egg pie, apple stackcake, and other traditional dishes. More than Moonshine is more than a cookbook. It evokes a way of life in the mid-twentieth century not unlike that of pioneer days.

Mississippi Moonshine Politics

(b) By a fine of not less than One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) nor more than Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00) or by imprisonment in the county jail not less ...


Author: Janice Tracy

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781625852885

Category: History

Page: 160

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A Mississippi historian chronicles the rise and fall of The Magnolia State’s moonshine empire in this revealing true crime history. For most states, the repeal of prohibition meant a return to legally drunken normalcy, but not so in Mississippi. The state had gone dry more than a decade before the rest of the nation. In that time, a lucrative black market for moonshine and bonded liquor became a way of life for many Mississippians. By the time Prohibition was lifted, bootleggers and state politicians were unwilling to give up their hold on the sale of alcohol. For nearly sixty years, Mississippi was known as the "wettest dry state in the country." Until statewide prohibition was finally repealed in 1966, illegal booze fueled a corrupt political machine that intimidated journalists who dared to speak against it and fixed juries that threatened its interests. Author and native Mississippian Janice Branch Tracy offers an intimate and authoritative look inside Mississippi Moonshine Politics.

Moonshine Markets

This most likely reflected the fact that the household members were often young ... If study participants drank more than one type of alcohol beverage, ...


Author: Alan Haworth

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135951115

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 224

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This text reports on patterns of consumption of non-branded alcohol in seven countries: Brazil, India, Mexico, Russia, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Using local consultants, investigators interviewed families in each country, in both rural and urban areas, on the subject of their drinking habits over a thirty-day period giving specific attention to their religious, educational and socio-economic status. Experts in the fields of toxicology, economics, and anthropology as well as representatives of the beverage industry give commentary on the common themes emerging from the collected data.


Then the Fern Fairy spoke to him again and said , “ Your life is justly ... Having proved her power to be so much greater than his , she became more and ...


Author: Edward Hugessen Knatchbull- Hugessen (1st baron Brabourne.)


ISBN: OXFORD:600058143


Page: 338

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256 MOONSHINE . [ Nov. 26 , 1881 . IRISH INTELLIGENCE , . [ The result of the opening of the Land Courts bas more than astonished everybody .




ISBN: OXFORD:555032199



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Arkansas County Moonshine Wars

After filling my mouth full, then feeling the cooling brew all the way down, ... the trip into the bayou bottoms this morning was something more than usual.


Author: T. Leon Doyle

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781475951738

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

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Larry Jack arrives home from the Korean War with a divorce and no prospects for a future he now assumes will be lonely. As luck would have it, however, with his discharge paper still in hand, Larry Jack is offered the job of a lifetime as a revenuer in his homeland of Arkansas County, Arkansas. He is placed in charge of investigating bootleggers and possible drug dealers in the region—and even though he’s a native, he does not receive the warmest of welcomes. Larry Jack’s Arkansas is a bit wild; there are vicious feuds, rough-and-tumble fighting in the honky-tonks, and shootouts on the town square. Despite their personal differences, though, the people of the bayou have one thing in common: distaste for authority figures, which makes his job difficult. His life gets even more interesting when he encounters an old flame by the name of Mary Ann. Meanwhile, it soon becomes apparent in his investigation that Larry Jack isn’t just dealing with local crooks. A crime syndicate is behind the drug-dealing, and in order to convict Larry Jack will have to risk his own life against not only guns but also water moccasins, alligators, and bears. With Mary Ann at his side, he might be able to navigate the bayou, but how will he bring these criminals to justice without ending up with a bullet in the back?


“ No ; I An association whose members pledge themselves not to introduce saw the Monday Review— ( sadly ) the subject of actors and theatres more than ...




ISBN: OXFORD:555032207



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Energy Abstracts for Policy Analysis

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ISBN: UOM:39015026720279

Category: Power resources


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Farr's autobiographical essay “Shall We Gather in the Kitchen” appears in her collection More Than Moonshine: Appalachian Recipes and Recollections.


Author: Sandra L. Ballard

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 9780813143583

Category: Social Science

Page: 712

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Listen Here: Women Writing in Appalachia is a landmark anthology that brings together the work of 105 Appalachian women writers, including Dorothy Allison, Harriette Simpson Arnow, Annie Dillard, Nikki Giovanni, Denise Giardina, Barbara Kingsolver, Jayne Anne Phillips, Janice Holt Giles, George Ella Lyon, Sharyn McCrumb, and Lee Smith. Editors Sandra L. Ballard and Patricia L. Hudson offer a diverse sampling of time periods and genres, established authors and emerging voices. From regional favorites to national bestsellers, this unprecedented gathering of Appalachian voices displays the remarkable talent of the region's women writers who've made their mark at home and across the globe.

From Moonshine to Madison Avenue

This , in turn created a need for even greater administrative control on the heels ... Jeff Gordon , the 1995 Winston Cup champion , earned more than $ 4.3 ...


Author: Mark D. Howell

Publisher: Popular Press

ISBN: 0879727403

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 266

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NASCAR Winston Cup stock car racing is America's fastest growing and most popular spectator sport. This book is a cultural and social reading of Winston Cup racing, the people who made the sport what it is today, and the corporations who sponsor the participants during their thirty-two race, ten-month quest for the national championship.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America

More Than Moonshine: Appalachian Recipes and Recollections. Pittsburgh, Pa.: University ofPittsburgh Press, 1983. A family memoir, with about 250 recipes ...


Author: Andrew Smith


ISBN: 9780199734962

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 2182

View: 393

The second edition of the Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America, originally published in September 2004, covers the significant events, inventions, and social movements that have shaped the way Americans view, prepare, and consume food and drink. Entries range across historical periods and the trends that characterize them. The thoroughly updated new edition captures the shifting American perspective on food and is the most authoritative and the most current reference work on American cuisine.

Moonshine Promises

The words sometimes flowed smoothly along a deep channel, then rushed loudly over rapids. ... the firm where he'd been for more than twenty years.


Author: John Van Rys

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781666712612

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

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Traditional romantic comedies end with a wedding. Not so in Moonshine Promises. Instead, this tale begins with an elopement as teenagers Evan and Mae run off to avoid a shotgun wedding, a decision that initiates decades of marital adventures and misadventures. Narrated from Evan’s perspective, these stories navigate his fears and loves as he makes his bewildered way through life. And it’s about everything furnishing that life—from a teapot cottage in a jelly cupboard to a snow globe containing a horse-drawn sleigh carrying a miniature family through a forest.

General Revenue Revision

In 1956 alone , more than 25,000 such illegal distilling operations ... This same study concludes that more than 70 million gallons of moonshine may have ...


Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Ways and Means


ISBN: LOC:0018702397A

Category: Taxation

Page: 3588

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Kentucky Moonshine

most significant, perhaps, is the fact that Prohibition stimulated the ... an already strong social compulsion for Americans to drink more than they should.


Author: David W. Maurer

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 0813102030

Category: Cooking

Page: 133

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Examines the history and art of distilling as well as the equipment used by and the law's attitude toward the Kentucky moonshiner

The Moonshine Wars

Terry Jr. (my daddy) wanted more than an ideal. He wanted a life free of judgment. A life where people could live and not have to be outcast.


Author: Daniel Micko

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781504986526

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 346

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Told by Terry Lee Kincaid III, or Little T, we follow several influential people in his life, his great-granddaddy Billy Ray Kincaid. His granddaddy, Big T (Terry Lee Benning Kincaid), and his father, Terry Lee Kincaid Jr. He follows the lives of another group of influential people in his life, the Spicers: James Spicer, Alberta Spicer, and Sonny Spicer. The Spicers and the Kincaids lived together in Kincaid, Georgia. They were one. They were family.


Most girls her age were wearing jeans that settled precariously below hip ... But when it came to George, she was more than a girl three weeks past her high ...


Author: Rob Thurman

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101042021

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 423

After saving the world from his fiendish father's side of the family, Cal Leandros and his stalwart half-brother Niko have settled down with new digs and a new gig-bodyguard and detective work. And in New York City, where preternatural beings stalk the streets just like normal folk, business is good. Their latest case has them going undercover for the Kin-the werewolf Mafia. A low-level Kin boss thinks a rival is setting him up for a fall, and wants proof. The place to start is the back room of Moonshine-a gambling club for non-humans. Cal thinks it's a simple in-and-out job. But Cal is very, very wrong. Cal and Niko are being set up themselves-and the people behind it have a bite much worse than their bark...

The Moonshine Task Force Collection

I've never seen either one of them like this, and more than anything, it drives home the fact they temper their PDA in front of me.


Author: Laramie Briscoe

Publisher: Laramie Briscoe Books


Category: Fiction


View: 168

Meet the series that's sweeter than tea and hotter than an Alabama summer day! In this three-book collection of hot cops, known as the Moonshine Task Force you'll get an age-gap surprise pregnancy, a second-chance romance, and a marriage of convenience. Renegade - When older-woman, Whitney, allows herself a one-night-stand with her younger brother's best friend, neither one expect for it to have life-long consequences. Tank - EMT Blaze is heart-broken when she responds to one of the worst car accidents she's ever seen. Everything changes when she realizes the man inside is the one she's never been able to forget. Havoc - Team leader, Havoc, can't stand to see the despair in Leighton Strather's eyes when he's forced to arrest her. It hits him so hard in the gut, he knows the only thing he can do to protect her from her family, is marry her.

Moonshine and the Law

Things and money can buy temporal things that will wear out and break down, and then they are gone. A good sense of value is worth more than all the money ...


Author: Beth Dipzinski

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781635686128

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 164

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This book is about my various jobs from the young age of nine to sixty-four years old. The most important point is not how many jobs I have had, but how I got my jobs. Although I have had many jobs, I was never without work. One job seemed to flow into the next employment opportunity. The most amazing thing about all of my jobs is that I never filled out an application and had very few official interviews. I believe the Lord took me from one job to the other for over 55 years and He continues to guide me. And now my wish for each of my readers: May the Lord bless you and keep you and may His face shine upon you and bring you peace. Happy Reading!

There s More Than Corn

Uncle Jake disappeared out of sight, then I heard a click as light flooded my eyes. ... We went through the door where boxes of moonshine were stored.


Author: Harold Straugh


ISBN: 9780359189144

Category: Fiction

Page: 666

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29 Short-Stories all based out of Indiana. From werewolves, to vampires, to things never even heard of before. Just know in Indiana, there's more than corn.

All Moonshine

The dark shadows of the room made it difficult to make out more than heavy furniture and crimson wall coverings. A large heavy cumbersome desk stood against ...


Author: Susan Shapcott

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781467003162

Category: Fiction

Page: 564

View: 521

'All Moonshine' is a journey through time and history, made by a young girl with a strong sense of her ancestry rooted in a love of the sea and in God's purpose for their lives. As the story unfolds the characters develop enabling us to recognise their strengths and weaknesses. It is about a family who are shaped by great tragedy, cruel hardship, intrigue and Victorian snobbery. Martha Moon's husband and his brother are Master Mariners who loose their lives at sea leaving their wives to provide for their children. When Martha's only son then dies tragically of a deadly disease in Australia, her daughters are left to make the most of their poverty with dignity and the 'hope' of a lost legacy. Matilda, Martha's eldest daughter struggles to bring up nine children with little help from her husband and it is then left to Minnie, her eldest daughter to try to regain lost ground. A feisty character, Minnie is ready to uphold the poor and needy and the rights of both women and children. She surprises everyone by marrying against her principles and looses her home twice to fire, at the same time loosing any hope of motherhood or personal fulfilment; but inspired by her grandmother, she keeps her faith in God and lives to be over a hundred years old. Her brother's daughter, Sabina is the one remaining descendent of the 'Moon" family in England. She has an uncertain future and poor health, but Min sees to it that she will inherit what is left of their legacy, and together they discover that it is 'All Moonshine'.