Forever Family

Leona Bowman ~ To my best friend I had for over 30 yrs. I will love & miss you forever. ♥ ♥ Amber Isenhour ~ Even with all the ups and downs life has thrown us, I am so lucky that I get to be a part of our Forever Family and I ...


Author: Deanna Roy

Publisher: Casey Shay Press

ISBN: 9781938150524

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

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Happily Ever After isn’t a destination. It’s a journey. CORABELLE Most days, I’m fine. I’m married to a hunk. Seriously. He rides a motorcycle, works in a garage, then studies for college on the side. And makes my toes curl, well, you know how. But a long time ago, when we were young, something really bad happened to us. Bad enough to break us up. I thought marriage would make things right. And it’s been happy. But something’s missing. The one thing we always wanted, but lost. And my best friend just got it. JENNY I know everybody envies my life. I’m a little wild. I hang with celebrities. I got married in the back of an ambulance by a rock star. And the baby girl who arrived at the end of that lights-and-siren ride is definitely a bundle of joy. But my life isn’t as easy as it looks. With my husband about to hit big with his first album, and every two-bit floozy in the music industry hanging on him, I really need my best friends. I can’t get through this without them. TINA There is entirely too much misery in the world to manage the sparkly pink explosion that is Jenny and her baby. I’ve got so much on my hands already with my art mentor so close to the end. And Darion expecting our wedding to actually, well…happen. I know the stories tell you that happily ever after is what comes when he pops the question and you say yes. But life is really messy. And sometimes your horse-drawn pumpkin takes off at full gallop for a cliff. That’s where I am. And that’s why I had to leave. Because before I can get to the big finish, I have something else I have to do. A bit of business I should have taken care of long ago, but I was only a teenager then. I can only hope that by the time I get it done, I haven’t lost everyone I care about. Because when you’ve spent your whole life running, you forget that what really matters is your family. FOREVER FAMILY can be read as a standalone novel, although it is best after learning the history of the girls in the other four books of the Forever series.

Forever Connected

I have to force myself to go outside then to walk and talk or ride my bike and talk. I have to talk. I have to reconnect with Marnie ... I affirm it in all the details that have become my mantra. ... You are my forever perfect partner.


Author: Bill Winn


ISBN: 9781732794511



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My Truth

Forever. T. he favorite gospel song, “Forever” by Jason Nelson is my song. I woke up this morning lonely. I'm in a great place in my life and ready for companionship. I just want my forever. What are the qualifications to be my forever?


Author: Dwight Hairston Currence

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781098039110

Category: Self-Help

Page: 102

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I always thought that dreams were for everybody else except me. I didn't know why I always felt broken or sabotaged myself every chance I got. I became complacent being grounded. I now know it was always inside me. I was always taught that your appearance matters, but it doesn't if you are hollow. You must begin the work from the inside out. Growing up in a dysfunctional environment taught me to keep secrets and accept things the way they are. My insides were toxic. There is a seed in everybody. I can see the people who water and fertilizer theirs: the teacher with the smile at work daily, the athletes smiling during interviews, the twenty-year employee still excited to go to work. I give you permission to heal, permission to live your best life, permission to dream. My Truth: Ten Days, Ten Words. Strap up, let's go. I don't have any more stress filled days. Today, I'm living my dream, and it's amazing. My Truth: Ten Days, Ten Words is my journey, and it provided me an opportunity to reflect on my life before and after Christ. Through this true, raw, and honest reflection, I was able to see the toxic life I had been living and, more importantly, how God had redefined who I was. It was always there, but I was unable to see it because of the toxic life I was living; in other words, I was "riding dirty," from drinking alcohol to mask the pain, to being married three times...all in an effort to fill a life that was void of love and self-worth. Today, I am living my dream, and it is amazing! Every day, I wake up with gratitude in my heart. It is my desire that through this book, you will also learn to dream again and become confident in the path that God has set for your life. Ten Days, Ten Words, it will be an amazing journey. Strap up and let's go!

Let s Go on a Sentimental Journey

my forever came today, what will I do? Would I cry, laugh, or jump for joy. What is forever and what if it came today? Forever, I would imagine, would be a state of pleasure or positiveness that would exist without an ending.



Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781434957436



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To My Annie

Bottle the fragrance of a cool spring rain Admire the sway of zephyrblown grain Remember the ribbons a rare rainbow sends More than a lover, my forever friend Listen to waves crest and crash on the sand Serenaded by seagulls: God's ...


Author: Wade Powers

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781496950291

Category: Poetry

Page: 208

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“To My Annie” is a collection of love poems. Bottle the fragrance of a cool spring rain Admire the sway of zephyr-blown grain Remember the ribbons a rare rainbow sends More than a lover, my forever friend

Love and Justice

Bl-IAPTEB Some say finding Love in someone else takes Forever, And believe that Forever is unreachable. My Forever is Today, My Forever is Now, My Forever is, I do. Forever is your smile, The way it brightens my day, Enhancing the world ...


Author: Rique Johnson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416551195

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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In this searing debut thriller, a detective on the edge must stop a vicious killer, even as he mends the emotional scars in his own life. Jason Jerrard didn't become Virginia City's finest detective by building stable romantic relationships. And it's beginning to show -- he's got a new girlfriend who doesn't know what she's in for, and an ex-wife determined to do whatever it takes to get him back. But the real nightmare in Jerrard's life is the murderer-rapist who's turning Virginia City into a living hell. Brutal and elusive, this is a killer whose taunting has made it personal with Jerrard. And taking him down might just require more than Jerrard has to give. Passion, jealousy, courage and violence come to a head in Love & Justice, a thrilling new novel from a promising young literary voice.

Foxy Forever

Golightly, was reinstated as my forever-favorite movie star. Holly's little black sleeveless dress—actually an off-the-rack copy—and her big black sunglasses became my fashion staples for decades. How I wished I could have attended one ...


Author: Noreen Wald

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 0312274351

Category: Self-Help

Page: 208

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Noreen Wald imparts her wisdom on the benefits of growing older with humor and wit. She dispels the notion that the best years are over and gives advice that will help you achieve optimal happiness in reaching each milestone of maturity. Life has just gotten fuller and richer, and it's time to celebrate you, the superwoman who juggled career, kids, friendships, in-laws, and demanding bosses. Defy the rules of growing older -- get better with age. * Maintain optimal health with exercise and a nutritious diet * Make-up tips that will magnify your beauty * The joys of cosmetic surgery * The importance of good friendships to enrich your life * Adventures in dating, looking for Mr. Right * Have a wonderful time at any dinner party ... even if you're the extra woman Accept and admit that you're getting older, but you're still a WOW - Wonderful Older Woman.

The Transbeingness of Man

In the objective realm, I am the expression of God's goodness forever touching all reality, with the harmony of divine wholiness. My present purpose is to experience each new eternity in harmony, joy, wonderment, and ever increasing ...


Author: Thomas Martin Newald

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781504304047

Category: Religion

Page: 494

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This book is my contribution of intuitive epistemology. This book discusses many new understandings of ultimate reality but, primarily, new understandings of the nature of God, the nature of man, and the nature and origin of our present universe. God is described as not personal, not all-powerful, not all-knowing, and not all-present. Individualized man is described as the unknowing expression of God. The universe is described as composed, in part, of the formless realm, the physical realm, the purgatorial realm, the spiritual realm, and the infinite void. The transbeingness of man is described as formless man, physical man, purgatorial man, and spiritual man. Individualized man, a nonspecific term for individualizations of infinite man, is described as alternately existing in two realities. The first reality is core reality. In core reality, individualized man is in total self-conscious unity and harmony with God. Thus, in core reality, individualized man exists in a mental self-realizing state of total harmony and bliss. The second reality is objective reality. In objective reality, individualized man experiences his infinite existence. This experiencing of existence is described as the purpose for individualized mans existence. Also, a fundamental understanding of this book is understanding the difference between real experiences and nonreal experiences. All functions within ultimate reality comprise real experiences. All experiences self-consciously created by individualized man are nonreal experiences. It is through the creative experiencing of objective existence that individualized man understands himself, God, and the purpose for his infinite existence. Finally, this book describes heaven and hell. Individualized man self-punishes himself for all his wrongdoings; God punishes no one. Hell is reserved for the individualizations of man that self-consciously reject God, but real physical hell is not a place of punishment.

A Memory and a Wish

Forever Angel You are my forever angel Watching over me when I am scared Giving me comfort, And when I am sad Or not sure I can go on You are right there, Holding me up Giving me strength, Never leaving my side until you know I can ...


Author: Erin McGraw

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595524457

Category: Poetry

Page: 108

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Erin Lyn McGraw's unique poetry book is about making memories, having friends, family, and people that we love in our lives and sometimes having to say good-bye to them. In this collection of twenty-nine poems, McGraw includes personal stories about how each poem came about from working with hospice patients in her life as a nurse to her feelings of love for her mother and father. In "World Within a World," McGraw describes how it feels when you meet that special person and the world is a bit brighter, happier and safer while in "The Friend in You," she writes about friendships that come and go. A Memory and a Wish is about experiences of life -- good and bad. Some will make you cry and some will warm your heart and make you realize you aren't alone in things you experience on this road called life. And with each and every poem, McGraw gives you a little insight into her world.


Will you accept me Riya as ur forever love. Riya laughed loudly, and said Iam so sorry forever word was not there in my dictionary and told him when I was in 4th class I asked my mom to promise me that she will stay with me forever but ...


Author: Aashna Chawla

Publisher: Spectrum of Thoughts


Category: Fiction

Page: 191

View: 926

UNVOICED HEARTS is an anthology of short stories, on love. The book contains different kinds of stories on different types of love. Love is never bounded by a relationship it is always unlimited. The book is all about making you realize how precious and pure thing it is. Words make no story until it gets a proper writer, mixture of words and sentences makes it a story. Mixture of love makes it a life. The book is compiled by Aashna Chawla