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Publisher: Player Press, LLC

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The Physics of Nascar

... he would do on the track, I found myself wondering how I—a physics professor— ended up writing a book about NASCAR. Absentmindedly flipping through channels the Sunday before Memorial Day 2005, I happened to see a group of six cars ...


Author: Diandra Leslie-Pelecky

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101213940

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A physicist explores the science of speed racing and the #1 spectator sport in America in the perfect gift for both NASCAR and science fans. Every NASCAR fan—at one time or another—asks the same question: Why isn’t my favorite driver winning? This is your chance to discover how much more there is to NASCAR than “Go fast, turn left and don’t crash.” If you’ve ever wondered why racecars don’t have mufflers, how “bump drafting” works, or what in the world “Let’s go up a pound on the right rear and add half a round of wedge” means, The Physics of NASCAR is for you. In this fast-paced investigation into the adrenaline-pumping world of NASCAR, a physicist with a passion uncovers what happens when the rubber hits the road and 800-horsepower vehicles compete at 190 miles per hour only inches from one another. Diandra Leslie-Pelecky tells her story in terms anyone who drives a car—and maybe occasionally looks under the hood--can understand. How do drivers walk away from serious crashes? How can two cars travel faster together than either car can on its own? How do you dress for a 1800°F gasoline fire? In simple yet detailed, high-octane prose, this is the ultimate thrill ride for armchair speed demons, auto science buffs, and NASCAR fans at every level of interest. Readers, start your engines.

The Official NASCAR Trivia Book

Which current NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver performs a celebratory back flip from the edge of his race car's window after a victory? a. Kyle Busch b. Carl Edwards c. Brad Keselowski d. juan Pablo Montoya 350.


Author: John C. Farrell

Publisher: FENN-M&S

ISBN: 9780771051135

Category: Sports & Recreation

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The Official NASCAR Trivia Book challenges fans with over 1001 NASCAR trivia questions and facts. With an answer section also included, this book will make a NASCAR expert out of any fan, while offering the most seasoned of followers and casual fans hours and hours of fun, laughter and great NASCAR content. This book makes the perfect compliment to any NASCAR enthusiasts collection of officially licensed NASCAR products.

The Stupidest Sports Book of All Time

NASCAR's bad-luck peanuts. I. fyou wantto flip out a NASCAR team ... Other say it started in the 1950s, when racing great Junior Johnson crashed . . . after a pit crew member had been chomping on peanuts. Whatever the origin, it's a ...


Author: Kathryn Petras

Publisher: Workman Publishing

ISBN: 9780761189985

Category: Humor

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The thrill of victory! The agony of a tight jockstrap! It’s a celebration of true sports lunacy from the renowned connoisseurs of stupidity, Kathryn and Ross Petras, authors of the beloved 365 Stupidest Things Ever Said calendar. Here from the wide world of professional and amateur sports are the worst plays, most embarrassing achievements, surliest fans, lamest excuses, and wackiest mascot tricks. Plus history-making blowouts: Georgia Tech trounces Cumberland College 222–0. Freakiest injuries: Pitcher Joel Zamaya plays so much Guitar Hero he goes on the DL with tendonitis. Improbable memorabilia: Andre Agassi’s ponytail, Ty Cobb’s dentures. Looniest promotional giveaways: Win a free vasectomy! Bizarre sports from across the globe: Olympic solo synchronized swimming. And dubious superstitions: Baseball Hall of Famer Wade Boggs eats chicken before every game of his 18-year career. And, of course, quotes. From athletes: “We lost because we didn’t win.” (soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo). Coaches: “We were scoring, they were scoring. Then we stopped scoring and they kept scoring” (Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue). And sportscasters: “Winfield goes back to the wall, he hits his head on the wall and it rolls off! It’s rolling all the way back to second base. This is a terrible thing for the Padres!” (announcer Jerry Coleman).

NASCARFor Dummies

Book. To make things easier, I use icons — little pictures in the margins — to highlight important information: ... you won't seem like an accountant among a group of rock stars when you're in a conversation with die-hard NASCAR fans.


Author: Mark Martin

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471750987

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Covers the latest drivers, records, and rule changes All-new color photos highlight the fun and excitement of NASCAR Ever wonder what's under the hood of today's stock cars? Want to know the latest about the changes in NASCAR? Top driver Mark Martin puts you behind the wheel on an insider's tour of NASCAR, offering great insights into the new drivers, sponsorship changes, safety requirements, and racing schedule — helping you get more out of every race you watch! Discover how to: Understand the rules, regulations, and standings Identify driver skills and racing strategies Get up to speed on NASCAR lingo Enjoy racing from the stands and on TV Locate NASCAR tracks near you

NASCAR For Dummies

Well, in this book you can. It won't ruin the story for you — because there is no story. There isn't a beginning, middle, or end, so just flip to the last chapter and read it first if you want. Go ahead. Your high school English teacher ...


Author: Mark Martin

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470480571

Category: Sports & Recreation

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NASCAR Record and Fact Book 2005 Edition

For NASCAR , that moment was the 1979 Daytona 500 , the first stock car race ever shown from the drop of the green flag on ... First , it was a thrilling race , with the lead flip - flopping as drivers battled furiously for position .


Author: Sporting News Editors

Publisher: Sporting News

ISBN: 0892047674

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 400

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Provides information on the history, technology, and procedures of NASCAR racing; profiles drivers, owners, and crew chiefs; offers season-by-season statistics on all the races, records, and other data; and describes the leading speedways.

Successful Single Sex Classrooms

They remained focused and attentive throughout the book talks and checked out many of the books I had offered. During the next class, ... They grunted agreeably and continued flipping through their magazines. I talked about book after ...


Author: Michael Gurian

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 111804116X

Category: Education

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This book is an essential resource for educators who are teaching or leading schools with single-gender classes, whether they're in public, private, or Catholic schools. It is a "soup-to-nuts" guide, covering everything from curriculum planning and classroom design to school policies and parent-teacher communication. Whether contemplating this new educational trend, or already working within one of the 12,000 single-gender schools, this practical guide shows educators how they can make the most of a unique educational opportunity. Positioned at the forefront of brain-based learning, Michael Gurian's work translates and distills the latest scientific research into key points which can be immediately integrated into an educator's existing practice. The research underlines the importance of single-sex learning, and supports the creation and implementation of new strategies for accommodating the brain differences of boys and girls - at both the school and classroom level.

The Flip Side

Break Free of the Behaviors That Hold You Back Flip Flippen ... we have watched them win—in arenas from Wall Street to NASCAR to the Super Bowl to Best Superintendent to Greatest Mom. ... How to Use This Book I take things personally.


Author: Flip Flippen

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780446504836

Category: Self-Help

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Learn how recognizing your biggest weakness can unleash your greatest strength in THE FLIP SIDE, the bestselling motivational guide by educator, business coach, and growth guru Flip Flippen. Flip Flippen is the most influential man you've never heard of. This personable Texan is the founder of The Flippen Group, one of the fastest-growing corporate and personal training companies in America, and his philosophy has touched the lives of some of the most powerful individuals in the country--from Wall Street leaders to top sports figures like Terry Bradshaw and his NASCAR team, and from Joel Osteen's team at Lakewood Church to the 150,000 people who trained with Flip's company in 2005. Great advice for everyone, but particularly appealing to those who are taking stock of what they want to do with the rest of their lives, Flippen's approach is surprisingly simple. When we learn how to identify our "personal constraints" and take the necessary steps to correct self-limiting behaviors, we will experience a dramatic surge in productivity, achieve things we have only dreamed of, and find greater happiness overall. Flippen has created a simple process to help readers find their greatest constraint (the results may be surprising!) and build a plan to help "flip" that weakness into a newfound strength.

The Wrangler Mills Boon Love Inspired Men Made in America Book 62

Flip open a magazine and you might read about her, too, in Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly or Southwest ... But before the glitz and glamour of NASCAR, Pamela wrote books that were frequently voted the best of the best by the ...


Author: Pamela Britton

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9781408958575

Category: Fiction

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Time's running out for Samantha Davies. If it's the last thing she does before losing her sight completely, she has got to find out whether Montana's wild, Baer Mountain mustangs are real or simply the stuff of bedtime stories. And nothing–not even a bullheaded, devilishly handsome wrangler named Clint McAlister–is going to stop her.

The MAC Flyer

FLIP Through the by Captain Gale E. Clouse , Jr. Associate Editor pre TEC for mu Tree fo OSTAT LOW ARE UN that in 1 ... This set of 12 books has all DOD instrument approach STATES WANTU ALDENTRO STATES LOW ALUDE MED STATES NASCAR LOW ...




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The Most Ginormous Joke Book in the Universe

racer ▷ What do you get if you cross a NASCAR racer with a Texas state policeman? A driving Ranger. Gymnast: Who gets the last slice of pizza? Acrobat: I'll flip you for it. Athlete: I want to set a world record in the pole vault.


Author: The Laugh Factory

Publisher: Applesauce Press

ISBN: 9781604332650

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 528

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The biggest joke book on the market gets a ginormous companion! Just in case the massive collection of jokes featured in the bestselling The Biggest Joke Book Ever, No Kidding wasn’t enough, this hugely humorous companion includes more than five thousand additional goofy gags, clever comebacks, and treacherous tongue twisters along with riddles, one-liners, puns, and more. Up to date and brimming with hilarity, the contents of this indispensible comedy resource will have readers laughing nonstop.

Flip the Script

I've helped late-career athletes avoid the dustbin of history in professional basketball, football, NASCAR, ... “First thing is, you can't be seen as flipping from being the best sniper in the world to being a nobody.


Author: Oren Klaff

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780349418841

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

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This book will change the way you think about persuasion, and have you closing deals in no time. These days, it's just not enough to make a great pitch. Over decades of being marketed, pitched, sold (and lied) to, we've grown resistant to sales persuasion. The moment we feel pressured to buy, we pull away. And if we're told what to think, our defences go up. That's why Oren Klaff, bestselling author of Pitch Anything, has devised a new approach to persuasion based on a simple insight: everyone trusts their own ideas. Instead of pushing your idea on your buyer, guide them to discover it on their own and they will get excited about it. They'll buy in and feel good about the chance to work with you. In Flip the Script, Klaff breaks down this insight into a series of actionable steps. You will learn how to: *Achieve Status Alignment: Use a status tip-off, a strategically placed remark that identifies you as an insider who can relate to your client's concerns. *Close the Certainty Gap: Allay your buyer's fears about going into business with you by delivering a flash roll, proving your expertise in the domain. *Present Your Idea as Plain Vanilla: Don't overhype your product as a first-of-its-kind solution. The more you emphasise the familiar, reliable elements of your product, the easier you make it for your buyer to say yes. Packed with examples of the long-shot, often hilarious deals that Klaff has pulled off over the years, Flip the Script is the most entertaining, informative masterclass in dealmaking you'll find anywhere. It will transform your approach to pitching, leaving you fully prepared to raise money, seal deals and keep your cool in the toughest business situations.

The World Book Encyclopedia Research Guide Index


Author: World Book, Inc


ISBN: PSU:000060828620

Category: Encyclopedias and dictionaries

Page: 550

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An encyclopedia designed especially to meet the needs of elementary, junior high, and senior high school students.

Flipping the Circle

He'd raced on every circuit, from F1 to NASCAR, but any two-time winner of the 500 was considered immortal. No one could get that lucky twice. Another thing that the casual observer often overlooked about the race was that it had ...


Author: Michael Leppert

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group

ISBN: 9781632994387

Category: Fiction

Page: 344

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“People don’t often think of corruption or white-collar crap having an actual crime scene, but the Winner’s Circle was the scene of this one.” Will O’Courtney is the ultimate insider. Having worked as an experienced contract lobbyist in Indianapolis for over a decade, he knows all the ins and outs of back-room deals and trading information. Shortly after his divorce is finalized, Will resolves to turn his life around, and just when he starts to think of leaving the winning course, he lands a contract with a national tobacco company that would change his life forever. But when he discovers a scheme involving potential legislation for the monopoly of e-liquid tobacco products in the state, he finds out that malfeasance reaches the highest levels of government. Choosing to expose the seedy corruption behind closed doors in the Indiana Statehouse, Will becomes a whistleblower disguised as a lobbyist. As he deals with suspect colleagues, wondering who he can and cannot trust, Will finds himself falling in love with a sprightly and spiritual young woman, who ultimately leads him to see and uncover the deep cracks along the Winner’s Circle and leave it for good. Set against the backdrop of contemporary events, Michael Leppert's intelligent and chilling thriller will leave you wanting more. Michael lives in a historic neighborhood in downtown Indianapolis with his wife, Amy Levander, and their rescue dog, Birdie. Flipping the Circle is his debut novel.

Daring and Dangerous Auto Racers

From NASCAR to Formula 1 and everything in between, the 32 fact- and photo-filled pages of this book offer readers an opportunity to learn about the history of racing and what it takes to be a part of this daring and dangerous sport.


Author: Anastasia Suen

Publisher: Carson-Dellosa Publishing

ISBN: 9781731611970

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 180

Daring and Dangerous: Auto Racers for grades 4–8 introduces young readers to the exciting world of professional auto racing. From NASCAR to Formula 1 and everything in between, the 32 fact- and photo-filled pages of this book offer readers an opportunity to learn about the history of racing and what it takes to be a part of this daring and dangerous sport. The Daring and Dangerous Stunt Performers series is an action-packed escape into some of the most daring and dangerous activities on – and beyond – the planet. With topics ranging from stunt performers to space explorers, each spread in these books stands alone so reluctant readers can flip through until something catches their attention. Each book also features glossary words (defined on the pages in which they appear) and a memory game that encourages readers' recall as they are asked to match images to what they've read

The Wrangler

Flip open a magazine and you might read about her, too, in Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly or Southwest ... But before the glitz and glamour of NASCAR, Pamela wrote books that were frequently voted the best of the best by the ...


Author: Pamela Britton

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781426844997

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Time's running out for Samantha Davies. If it's the last thing she does before losing her sight completely, she has got to find out whether Montana's wild, Baer Mountain mustangs are real or simply the stuff of bedtime stories. And nothing—not even a bullheaded, devilishly handsome wrangler named Clint McAlister—is going to stop her. How could Clint stop a firecracker like Samantha? So what if her eyes are as green as spring grass? Or that she sits a horse like a cowboy's sweetest dream. Clint almost got his heart broken by one high-toned city girl. All he has to do is keep his hands and his heart to himself until this one goes back where she came from and leaves him—and the mustangs—alone.