New Solutions for Cybersecurity

CHAPTER 16 The Trust::Data Framework as a Solution to the Cybersecurity ChallengeConclusion; Contributor Biographies.


Author: Howard Shrobe

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262535373

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CHAPTER 16 The Trust::Data Framework as a Solution to the Cybersecurity ChallengeConclusion; Contributor Biographies.

Trusted Data revised and expanded edition

The software architecture, called Open Algorithms, or OPAL, sends algorithms to databases rather than copying or sharing data. The data is protected by existing firewalls; only encrypted results are shared. Data never leaves its repository.


Author: Thomas Hardjono

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262356060

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How to create an Internet of Trusted Data in which insights from data can be extracted without collecting, holding, or revealing the underlying data. Trusted Data describes a data architecture that places humans and their societal values at the center of the discussion. By involving people from all parts of the ecosystem of information, this new approach allows us to realize the benefits of data-driven algorithmic decision making while minimizing the risks and unintended consequences. It proposes a software architecture and legal framework for an Internet of Trusted Data that provides safe, secure access for everyone and protects against bias, unfairness, and other unintended effects. This approach addresses issues of data privacy, security, ownership, and trust by allowing insights to be extracted from data held by different people, companies, or governments without collecting, holding, or revealing the underlying data. The software architecture, called Open Algorithms, or OPAL, sends algorithms to databases rather than copying or sharing data. The data is protected by existing firewalls; only encrypted results are shared. Data never leaves its repository. A higher security architecture, ENIGMA, built on OPAL, is fully encrypted. Contributors Michiel Bakker, Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye, Daniel Greenwood, Thomas Hardjoni, Jake Kendall, Cameron Kerry, Bruno Lepri, Alexander Lipton, Takeo Nishikata, Alejandro Noriega-Campero, Nuria Oliver, Alex Pentland, David L. Shrier, Jacopo Staiano, Guy Zyskind An MIT Connection Science and Engineering Book

Addressing the Nation s Cybersecurity Challenges

Discovering New Solutions for Emerging Cyber Security Threats We cannot focus solely on known problems . One of the most important aspects of cyber security ...


Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Homeland Security. Subcommittee on Emerging Threats, Cybersecurity, and Science and Technology


ISBN: PSU:000066762652

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The Cybersecurity Body of Knowledge

Shrobe, Howard, David L. Shrier, and Alex Pentland (Editors), New Solutions for Cybersecurity, The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2018.


Author: Daniel Shoemaker

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781000050417

Category: Computers

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The Cybersecurity Body of Knowledge explains the content, purpose, and use of eight knowledge areas that define the boundaries of the discipline of cybersecurity. The discussion focuses on, and is driven by, the essential concepts of each knowledge area that collectively capture the cybersecurity body of knowledge to provide a complete picture of the field. This book is based on a brand-new and up to this point unique, global initiative, known as CSEC2017, which was created and endorsed by ACM, IEEE-CS, AIS SIGSEC, and IFIP WG 11.8. This has practical relevance to every educator in the discipline of cybersecurity. Because the specifics of this body of knowledge cannot be imparted in a single text, the authors provide the necessary comprehensive overview. In essence, this is the entry-level survey of the comprehensive field of cybersecurity. It will serve as the roadmap for individuals to later drill down into a specific area of interest. This presentation is also explicitly designed to aid faculty members, administrators, CISOs, policy makers, and stakeholders involved with cybersecurity workforce development initiatives. The book is oriented toward practical application of a computing-based foundation, crosscutting concepts, and essential knowledge and skills of the cybersecurity discipline to meet workforce demands. Dan Shoemaker, PhD, is full professor, senior research scientist, and program director at the University of Detroit Mercy’s Center for Cyber Security and Intelligence Studies. Dan is a former chair of the Cybersecurity & Information Systems Department and has authored numerous books and journal articles focused on cybersecurity. Anne Kohnke, PhD, is an associate professor of cybersecurity and the principle investigator of the Center for Academic Excellence in Cyber Defence at the University of Detroit Mercy. Anne’s research is focused in cybersecurity, risk management, threat modeling, and mitigating attack vectors. Ken Sigler, MS, is a faculty member of the Computer Information Systems (CIS) program at the Auburn Hills campus of Oakland Community College in Michigan. Ken’s research is in the areas of software management, software assurance, and cybersecurity.

Cyber Security and Privacy

... for cybersecurity of control systems [27] 2.1 Bridging new and legacy systems Encourage R&D into tying legacy systems into upcoming security solutions ...


Author: Frances Cleary

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319125749

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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed, selected papers on the Second Cyber Security and Privacy EU Forum, CSP 2014, held in Athens, Greece, in May 2014. The 14 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 90 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on security; accountability, data protection and privacy; research and innovation.

Cybersecurity Threats Malware Trends and Strategies

The one place I've seen this illustrated most often is with the security assessments that enterprise security teams use to determine if new solutions meet ...


Author: Tim Rains

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781800205895

Category: Computers

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After scrutinizing numerous cybersecurity strategies, Microsoft’s former Global Chief Security Advisor provides unique insights on the evolution of the threat landscape and how enterprises can address modern cybersecurity challenges. Key Features Protect your organization from cybersecurity threats with field-tested strategies by the former most senior security advisor at Microsoft Discover the most common ways enterprises initially get compromised Measure the effectiveness of your organization’s current cybersecurity program against cyber attacks Book Description Cybersecurity Threats, Malware Trends, and Strategies shares numerous insights about the threats that both public and private sector organizations face and the cybersecurity strategies that can mitigate them. The book provides an unprecedented long-term view of the global threat landscape by examining the twenty-year trend in vulnerability disclosures and exploitation, nearly a decade of regional differences in malware infections, the socio-economic factors that underpin them, and how global malware has evolved. This will give you further perspectives into malware protection for your organization. It also examines internet-based threats that CISOs should be aware of. The book will provide you with an evaluation of the various cybersecurity strategies that have ultimately failed over the past twenty years, along with one or two that have actually worked. It will help executives and security and compliance professionals understand how cloud computing is a game changer for them. By the end of this book, you will know how to measure the effectiveness of your organization’s cybersecurity strategy and the efficacy of the vendors you employ to help you protect your organization and yourself. What you will learn Discover cybersecurity strategies and the ingredients critical to their success Improve vulnerability management by reducing risks and costs for your organization Learn how malware and other threats have evolved over the past decade Mitigate internet-based threats, phishing attacks, and malware distribution sites Weigh the pros and cons of popular cybersecurity strategies of the past two decades Implement and then measure the outcome of a cybersecurity strategy Learn how the cloud provides better security capabilities than on-premises IT environments Who this book is for This book is for senior management at commercial sector and public sector organizations, including Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and other senior managers of cybersecurity groups, Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) and senior IT managers who want to explore the entire spectrum of cybersecurity, from threat hunting and security risk management to malware analysis. Governance, risk, and compliance professionals will also benefit. Cybersecurity experts that pride themselves on their knowledge of the threat landscape will come to use this book as a reference.

Practical Cloud Security

This new dynamic has given rise to significant growth throughout the globe ... funds for small businesses to develop innovative solutions in cybersecurity.


Author: Melvin B. Greer, Jr.

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781315353166

Category: Business & Economics

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Melvin Greer and Kevin Jackson have assembled a comprehensive guide to industry-specific cybersecurity threats and provide a detailed risk management framework required to mitigate business risk associated with the adoption of cloud computing. This book can serve multiple purposes, not the least of which is documenting the breadth and severity of the challenges that today’s enterprises face, and the breadth of programmatic elements required to address these challenges. This has become a boardroom issue: Executives must not only exploit the potential of information technologies, but manage their potential risks.

Cybersecurity in Digital Transformation

It will create new and innovative solutions to circular economy based digital tagging and tracking for generating core data records for a sustainable ...


Author: Dietmar P. F. Möller

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030605704



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Trusted Data


Author: Thomas Hardjono


ISBN: 0262356058

Category: Data transmission systems

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Cyber Security Innovation for the Digital Economy

Cyber Security Innovation for the Digital Economy considers possible solutions to the relatively new scientific-technical problem of developing innovative ...


Author: Petrenko, Sergei

Publisher: River Publishers

ISBN: 9788770220224

Category: Computers

Page: 492

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Cyber Security Innovation for the Digital Economy considers possible solutions to the relatively new scientific-technical problem of developing innovative solutions in the field of cyber security for the Digital Economy. The solutions proposed are based on the results of exploratory studies conducted by the author in the areas of Big Data acquisition, cognitive information technologies (cogno-technologies), new methods of analytical verification of digital ecosystems on the basis of similarity invariants and dimensions, and "computational cognitivism," involving a number of existing models and methods. In practice, this successfully allowed the creation of new entities - the required safe and trusted digital ecosystems - on the basis of the development of digital and cyber security technologies, and the resulting changes in their behavioral preferences. Here, the ecosystem is understood as a certain system of organizations, created around a certain Technological Platform that use its services to make the best offers to customers and access to them to meet the ultimate needs of clients - legal entities and individuals. The basis of such ecosystems is a certain technological platform, created on advanced innovative developments, including the open interfaces and code, machine learning, cloud technologies, Big Data collection and processing, artificial intelligence technologies, etc. The mentioned Technological Platform allows creating the best offer for the client both from own goods and services and from the offers of external service providers in real time. This book contains four chapters devoted to the following subjects: Relevance of the given scientific-technical problems in the cybersecurity of Digital EconomyDetermination of the limiting capabilitiesPossible scientific and technical solutionsOrganization of perspective research studies in the area of Digital Economy cyber security in Russia.


Cybersecurity Governance Ryan Ellis, Vivek Mohan ... In New Solutions for Cybersecurity, edited by Howard Shrobe, David L. Shrier, and Alex Pentland, ...


Author: Ryan Ellis

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119085171

Category: Political Science

Page: 352

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Examines the governance challenges of cybersecurity through twelve, real-world case studies Through twelve detailed case studies, this superb collection provides an overview of the ways in which government officials and corporate leaders across the globe are responding to the challenges of cybersecurity. Drawing perspectives from industry, government, and academia, the book incisively analyzes the actual issues, and provides a guide to the continually evolving cybersecurity ecosystem. It charts the role that corporations, policymakers, and technologists are playing in defining the contours of our digital world. Rewired: Cybersecurity Governance places great emphasis on the interconnection of law, policy, and technology in cyberspace. It examines some of the competing organizational efforts and institutions that are attempting to secure cyberspace and considers the broader implications of the in-place and unfolding efforts—tracing how different notions of cybersecurity are deployed and built into stable routines and practices. Ultimately, the book explores the core tensions that sit at the center of cybersecurity efforts, highlighting the ways in which debates about cybersecurity are often inevitably about much more. Introduces the legal and policy dimensions of cybersecurity Collects contributions from an international collection of scholars and practitioners Provides a detailed "map" of the emerging cybersecurity ecosystem, covering the role that corporations, policymakers, and technologists play Uses accessible case studies to provide a non-technical description of key terms and technologies Rewired: Cybersecurity Governance is an excellent guide for all policymakers, corporate leaders, academics, students, and IT professionals responding to and engaging with ongoing cybersecurity challenges.


These new solutions, like many traditional ones, have value but don't look like they will do much more than continue to patch weak areas.


Author: Daniel Reis

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 9781480830325

Category: Computers

Page: 224

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Organizations and security companies face tremendous obstacles to keep information safe yet available, regrettably the complexity of security impairs this goal. Almost every day, we read headlines about breaches that devastate organizations, causing damage and continually reinforcing how arduous it is to create and maintain a solid defense. Dan Reis, a cyber security professional with over 15 years in security discusses an array of issues, and explores topics organizations and security professional wrestle with to deploy and maintain a robust secure environment. Some views that hinder securitys efficacy: That users can protect themselves and their organization That IT security can see and make sense of everything happening in their network Security complexity will decrease over time using current tools and methodologies Its no longer viable to continually add new product or features and expecting improvement in defenders abilities against capable attackers. Instead of adding yet another layer, solutions need to better utilize and make sense of all the data and information already available, but too often is latent intelligence that is lost in all the noise. The book identifies some key issues as to why todays security has difficulties. As well, it discusses how an area such as better visibility into existing information can create threat intelligence, enabling security and IT staff in their heroic efforts to protect valued information.

Innovative Solutions for Access Control Management

She has previously remained a visiting scholar at the Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Cyber Security Policy and Research ...


Author: Malik, Ahmad Kamran

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781522504498

Category: Computers

Page: 330

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Technological innovation and evolution continues to improve personal and professional lifestyles, as well as general organizational and business practices; however, these advancements also create potential issues in the security and privacy of the user’s information. Innovative Solutions for Access Control Management features a comprehensive discussion on the trending topics and emergent research in IT security and governance. Highlighting theoretical frameworks and best practices, as well as challenges and solutions within the topic of access control and management, this publication is a pivotal reference source for researchers, practitioners, students, database vendors, and organizations within the information technology and computer science fields.


While federal officials point to specific long-term cybersecurity R&D ... has been focused on obtaining and implementing new solutions immediately.


Author: David A. Powner

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 9781437935981


Page: 36

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Computer networks and infrastructures, on which the U.S. and much of the world rely to communicate and conduct business, contain vulnerabilities that can leave them susceptible to unauthorized access, disruption, or attack. Investing in research and development (R&D) is essential to protect critical systems and to enhance the cybersecurity of both the government and the private sector. Federal law has called for improvements in cybersecurity R&D, and, recently, President Obama has stated that advancing R&D is one of his administration's top priorities for improving cybersecurity. This report determined the key challenges in enhancing national-level cybersecurity R&D efforts among the federal government and private companies. Illus.

Handbook of Research on Advancing Cybersecurity for Digital Transformation

xix Preface Cybersecurity has become a serious issue for enterprises ... innovative solutions and strategies that are interlinked to cybersecurity .


Author: Sandhu, Kamaljeet

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799869764

Category: Computers

Page: 460

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Cybersecurity has been gaining serious attention and recently has become an important topic of concern for organizations, government institutions, and largely for people interacting with digital online systems. As many individual and organizational activities continue to grow and are conducted in the digital environment, new vulnerabilities have arisen which have led to cybersecurity threats. The nature, source, reasons, and sophistication for cyberattacks are not clearly known or understood, and many times invisible cyber attackers are never traced or can never be found. Cyberattacks can only be known once the attack and the destruction have already taken place long after the attackers have left. Cybersecurity for computer systems has increasingly become important because the government, military, corporate, financial, critical infrastructure, and medical organizations rely heavily on digital network systems, which process and store large volumes of data on computer devices that are exchanged on the internet, and they are vulnerable to “continuous” cyberattacks. As cybersecurity has become a global concern, it needs to be clearly understood, and innovative solutions are required. The Handbook of Research on Advancing Cybersecurity for Digital Transformation looks deeper into issues, problems, and innovative solutions and strategies that are linked to cybersecurity. This book will provide important knowledge that can impact the improvement of cybersecurity, which can add value in terms of innovation to solving cybersecurity threats. The chapters cover cybersecurity challenges, technologies, and solutions in the context of different industries and different types of threats. This book is ideal for cybersecurity researchers, professionals, scientists, scholars, and managers, as well as practitioners, stakeholders, researchers, academicians, and students interested in the latest advancements in cybersecurity for digital transformation.

In Data Time and Tide

(2018), New Solutions for Cybersecurity, Cambridge, The MIT Press. Siegel, E. (2013), Predictive Analytics, Hoboken, Wiley. Silver, N. (2012), The Signal ...


Author: Cosimo Accoto

Publisher: EGEA spa

ISBN: 9788899902520

Category: Philosophy


View: 803

A fresh philosophical journey through our programmable world. A visionary map exploring risky and wild territories: the hidden life of software and coding, the emergence of a new data sensorium, the algorithmic power of alien intelligences, the tech shift from archives to prediction machines, the planetary platforms becoming stacks and chains. In five short and provocative essays, this book popularizes new speculations introducing society and business to untold concepts such as feedforward, stack, transduction, elemental, infoviduality. Together with engineer’s and programmer’s narratives of code, data and algos revolution, philosophers have their own creative thinking on current and future technologies. An intriguing philtech guide to our (generative yet vulnerable) digital, artificial and synthetic age. An engaging book for business disruptors, social innovators, policymakers and educators.

Oversight of Executive Order 13636 and Development of the Cybersecurity Framework

Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection ... New solutions and approaches have been recognized for well over a decade and ...


Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Homeland Security. Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection, and Security Technologies


ISBN: MINN:31951D03754775H

Category: Computer networks

Page: 51

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Psychosocial Dynamics of Cyber Security

Hackers must be creative and innovative when trying to find new ways to ... ideas into new solutions, a process known as creative problem-solving (e.g., ...


Author: Stephen J Zaccaro

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317750277

Category: Psychology

Page: 322

View: 995

This new volume, edited by industrial and organizational psychologists, will look at the important topic of cyber security work in the US and around the world. With contributions from experts in the fields of industrial and organizational psychology, human factors, computer science, economics, and applied anthropology, the book takes the position that employees in cyber security professions must maintain attention over long periods of time, must make decisions with imperfect information with the potential to exceed their cognitive capacity, may often need to contend with stress and fatigue, and must frequently interact with others in team settings and multiteam systems. Consequently, psychosocial dynamics become a critical driver of cyber security effectiveness. Chapters in the book reflect a multilevel perspective (individuals, teams, multiteam systems) and describe cognitive, affective and behavioral inputs, processes and outcomes that operate at each level. The book chapters also include contributions from both research scientists and cyber security policy-makers/professionals to promote a strong scientist-practitioner dynamic. The intent of the book editors is to inform both theory and practice regarding the psychosocial dynamics of cyber security work.

US National Cyber Security Strategy and Programs Handbook Volume 1 Strategic Information and Developments

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT The need for improvements in fundamental knowledge of cybersecurity and new solutions and approaches has been recognized for well ...


Author: IBP, Inc.


ISBN: 9781577515623

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 331

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US National Cyber Security Strategy and Programs Handbook - Strategic Information and Developments