Night Sounds

He wouldn't be home all night probably. Maude thought he had something going with ... She was already taken for the night. Maude went into the bathroom, ... Maude heard a noise, sort of half cry, half grunt. She went into the bedroom, ...


Author: B. W. Battin

Publisher: Crossroad Press


Category: Fiction


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“Choose,” the voices said. “Choose Now.” And Dave Guthrie chose. From the flaming wreckage of the jetliner that claimed over one hundred souls, only Dave Guthrie was spared. Everybody hailed Dave’s miraculous good luck. But it was more than luck that left him the sole survivor … Crippled and slowly working to recreate his life, Dave returns to his home on the Northern California coast. There he finds a welcome solitude. And there he is also isolated and vulnerable to the forces that allowed him to live for an unholy price … a price he must now pay to the powers from hell unleashed against him. The blood, nightmare images that keep him chilling company are not part of his dreams … Only one woman can help Dave: Paula Bjornson, with her supernatural gift for distinguishing truth from lies, can feel his danger from a thousand miles away. Without her, Dave faces immediate death for his body … and a far worse, hideous fate for his soul …

Night Sounds and Other Stories

NIGHT. SOUNDS. into a piece of bread and spread it thickly with margarine and jelly. Like his arms and the V-patch on his neck, his hands were deep red, permanently burned by too many hours in the sun. The tips of his fingernails were ...


Author: Karen Gettert Shoemaker

Publisher: Dufour Editions

ISBN: 9780802360458

Category: Fiction

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A woman recalls the freedom and power of childhood games; a surprise anniversary party goes awry when the husband is hospitalized and the fault lines and strengths of a family are laid bare; a teacher rediscovers her calling amidst unthinkable tragedy; a lonely woman recognizes her responsibility to her sister's troubled life-in this collection of stories the prose and passion of life are brought together in ways that show both the complexity and the simplicity of living. Told against a Midwest background, they focus mainly on women's experiences, yet nonetheless reflect universal conditions. This is what makes Karen Gettert Shoemaker's style so affecting and her stories so appealing. These stories show the importance of knowing the preciousness of this life, whatever form it takes. These are simple stories, told with a grace and elegance that belies their joyful art and craft. "Crafted with care and grace. This book establishes Shoemaker as a talented chronicler of rural life and domestic gestures, with an eye for what's funny in grief, and what's sad in humor."-Publishers Weekly "Short stories at their finest can be the ultimate in fiction: compressed gems that in a few words can create memorable people and emotions out of thin air. Shoemaker's first collection contains such, and readers will laugh and cry at her spare portrayals of loss and friendship... . This is a powerful and valuable collection."-Library Journal

Night Noise Guidelines for Europe

Noise has often been used as a stressor in animal studies. Even Selye (1953), who introduced the psychophysiological stress concept, used noise stimuli in his animal studies. Most of the modern animal studies testing the pharmacological ...


Author: World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe

Publisher: WHO Regional Office Europe

ISBN: 9789289041737

Category: Medical

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The WHO Regional Office for Europe set up a working group of experts to provide scientific advice to the Member States for the development of future legislation and policy action in the area of assessment and control of night noise exposure. The working group reviewed available scientific evidence on the health effects of night noise, and derived health-based guideline values. In December 2006, the working group and stakeholders from industry, government and nongovernmental organizations reviewed and reached general agreement on the guideline values and key texts for the final document of the "Night noise guidelines for Europe". Considering the scientific evidence on the thresholds of night noise exposure indicated by "Lnight,outside" [L suffix night,outside] as defined in the Environmental Noise Directive (2002/49/EC), an Lnight, outside of 40 dB should be the target of the night noise guideline (NNG) to protect the public, including the most vulnerable groups such as children, the chronically ill and the elderly. "Lnight,outside" value of 55 dB is recommended as an interim target for the countries where the NNG cannot be achieved in the short term for various reasons, and where policy-makers choose to adopt a stepwise approach. These guidelines are applicable to the Member States of the European Region, and may be considered as an extension to, as well as an update of, the previous WHO "Guidelines for community noise" (1999). [Ed.]


Sounds in the hallway, moving through the rooms of the house, coming for him. Sounds just outside his window; creatures of the night, waiting for him to fall asleep. He felt it all now, only this time there was no light to save him, ...


Author: Steven Kyle

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781490767840

Category: Fiction

Page: 302

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Sounds in the night ... real, or imagined? Displaced energy, ghosts, metaphysical spirits ... science, or fiction? Nick Cameron and Tommy Boyd have been investigating bizarre cases of Spontaneous Human Combustion, and their search for the truth will lead them into a world that will challenge their personal definitions and conceptions of reality. What happens when the expended energy that has accumulated since the dawn of man takes on an existence of it's own will bring Nick and Tommy to face horror and death as their new reality ...

A Connecticut Yankee at the Court of King Arthur

As for sounds, there were none. The stillness was deathlike. True, there were the usual night-sounds of the country—the whir of nightbirds, the buzzing of insects, the barking of distant dogs, the mellow lowing of far-off kine —but ...


Author: Mark Twain

Publisher: Lindhardt og Ringhof

ISBN: 9789176393680

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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Hank Morgan, a mechanic at a gun factory, is knocked unconscious and wakes up in England in the year 528. After he is captured and taken to Camelot, he is put before the knights of King Arthur’s Round Table where he is condemned to death. However, he remembers having read of an eclipse on the day of his execution and he astonishes the court by predicting the phenomenon. Hank is made minister to the ineffectual king and in an effort to bring democratic principles and mechanical knowledge to the kingdom, he strings telephone wire, starts schools, trains mechanics, and teaches journalism. He also falls in love and marries. But Hank is not popular with everyone – will someone find a way to get rid of him and send him back to his own time? Mark Twain, pseudonym of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, (1835-1910), was an American humorist, lecturer, journalist and novelist who acquired international fame for his adventure stories of boyhood, especially "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" and "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" as well as for his travel narratives, especially "The Innocents Abroad", "Roughing It", and "Life on the Mississippi". Twain transcended the apparent limitations of his origins to become a popular public figure and one of America’s most beloved writers.

Harvard Advocate

House ” room , as as you about those night sounds we used to hear danced dances more dreamy than the “ Boston that winter . It was in the old back 66 College dip . ” The chapel bell , in the morning , was an flanked by the “ big ...




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Night Noise

Night is seldom quiet. It is as though noise were invented there. It is the darkness that makes us see the sound. Having very little light in the black racket always puts us on our toes. My nights have a lot of noise.




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Under Attack

A while after I first started noticing the night sounds, as time went on, the night time had truly become unpleasant. At least it was for me. The night sounds had gotten quite a bit worse over time. The house did not seem to rest.


Author: Edward Olsen


ISBN: 9781304975492

Category: Fiction

Page: 144

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A firsthand account of living and surviving in a haunted house. It was during the 1960's, lasting about three long years, beginning when I was 9 years old. My recently widowed mother was a sensitive and because she understood what was happening, was able to keep us safe. There really are things that some would call demons. There are other entities as well, not always hostile. Sometimes seen, sometimes heard. Sometimes doing more than that. They don't interact the same with everyone. I'll show you some of the things they do, how they can affect you as they did me and my family. Why they do what they do, I don't know. It can just be bumps in the night, or they can drive you into depression or insanity. They can make you sick and they can physically hurt you, or worse. Understanding what is going on can be the key to survival. My book doesn't have all the answers, but it may provide insight for the thoughtful reader. It is written in the hope that it will be of some use to someone who needs it.

The Science of Common Things

Sounds more distinct by night than by day . of the bell ; and as soon as the hell ceases to vibrate , it ceases to make sound - waves in the air . 746 Why does a split bell make a hoarse , disagreeable sound ?


Author: David Ames Wells


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Category: Physics

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New standard song book and reciter compiled by J Diprose

... and When the world is calmly sleeping , cheese , and eat with all his might , And then observed , “ Whate'er our Sounds like gentle spirit voices Hush'd the busy throng , luck , at least I've got a bite ! " Night winds bear along .


Author: John Diprose


ISBN: OXFORD:590304104



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