Tales from the Factory Floor

Notes From A Factory Floor is the long-awaited sequel to Geoff Thompson's first memoir, Watch My Back, a biographical, blow-by-blow account of how he took myself from clinical depression in quiet suburbia, to the heady and violent world of ...


Author: Geoff Thompson

Publisher: Urbane Publications

ISBN: 1912666715

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Notes From A Factory Floor is the long-awaited sequel to Geoff Thompson's first memoir, Watch My Back, a biographical, blow-by-blow account of how he took myself from clinical depression in quiet suburbia, to the heady and violent world of nightclub bouncing, and on to BAFTA-award winning success.

Electrical Notes

Electrical Articles & Notes JIGNESH N PARMAR. • Numerous types of fixtures can be ... A light designed for a warehouse is a totally different than a light designed for a gymnasium or a factory floor. In gymnasium or a factory floor, ...



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=3 No's of Volume,Total 725 Pages (more than 138 Topics) in PDF format with watermark on each Page. =soft copy in PDF will be delivered. Part-1 :Electrical Quick Data Reference: Part-2 :Electrical Calculation Part-3 :Electrical Notes: Part-1 :Electrical Quick Data Reference: 1 Measuring Units 7 2 Electrical Equation 8 3 Electrical Thumb Rules 10 4 Electrical Cable & Overhead Line Bare Conductor Current Rating 12 Electrical Quick Reference 5 Electrical Quick Reference for Electrical Costing per square Meter 21 6 Electrical Quick Reference for MCB / RCCB 25 7 Electrical Quick Reference for Electrical System 31 8 Electrical Quick Reference for D.G set 40 9 Electrical Quick Reference for HVAC 46 10 Electrical Quick Reference for Ventilation / Ceiling Fan 51 11 Electrical Quick Reference for Earthing Conductor / Wire / Strip 58 12 Electrical Quick Reference for Transformer 67 13 Electrical Quick Reference for Current Transformer 73 14 Electrical Quick Reference for Capacitor 75 15 Electrical Quick Reference for Cable Gland 78 16 Electrical Quick Reference for Demand Factor-Diversity Factor 80 17 Electrical Quick Reference for Lighting Density (W/m2) 87 18 Electrical Quick Reference for illuminance Lux Level 95 19 Electrical Quick Reference for Road Lighting 126 20 Electrical Quick Reference for Various illuminations Parameters 135 21 Electrical Quick Reference for IP Standard 152 22 Electrical Quick Reference for Motor 153 23 Electrical Quick Reference O/L Relay , Contactor for Starter 155 24 Electrical Quick Reference for Motor Terminal Connections 166 25 Electrical Quick Reference for Insulation Resistance (IR) Values 168 26 Electrical Quick Reference for Relay Code 179 27 Standard Makes & IS code for Electrical Equipment’s 186 28 Quick Reference for Fire Fighting 190 29 Electrical Quick Reference Electrical Lamp and Holder 201 Electrical Safety Clearance 30 Electrical Safety Clearances-Qatar General Electricity 210 31 Electrical Safety Clearances-Indian Electricity Rules 212 32 Electrical Safety Clearances-Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) 216 33 Electrical Safety Clearances-ETSA Utilities / British Standard 219 34 Electrical Safety Clearances-UK Power Networks 220 35 Electrical Safety Clearances-New Zealand Electrical Code (NZECP) 221 36 Electrical Safety Clearances-Western Power Company 223 37 Electrical Safety Clearance for Electrical Panel 224 38 Electrical Safety Clearance for Transformer. 226 39 Electrical Safety Clearance for Sub Station Equipment’s 228 40 Typical Values of Sub Station Electrical Equipment’s. 233 41 Minimum Acceptable Specification of CT for Metering 237 Abstract of Electrical Standard 42 Abstract of CPWD In Internal Electrification Work 239 43 Abstract of IE Rules for DP Structure 244 44 Abstract of IS: 3043 Code for Earthing Practice 246 45 Abstract of IS:5039 for Distribution Pillars (<1KV AC & DC) 248 46 Abstract IS: 694 / IS:1554 / IS: 11892 for Cable 249 47 Abstract IS:15652 for Insulating Mat / IS: 11171 for Transformer 251 48 Abstract IS: 1678 / IS:1445 252 49 Abstract IS: 1255 for Cable Rote &Laying Method of Cable 253 50 Abstract IS: 5613 for HV Line 255 51 Abstract of Indian Electricity Rules (IE Rules) 260 Part-2 :Electrical Calculation: 1 Calculate Number of Earthing Pits for System 264 2 Calculate Size of Cable for Motor as per National Electrical Code 270 3 Calculate Transformer Protection as per National Electrical Code 272 4 Calculate over current Protection of Transformer (NEC 450.3) 274 5 Calculate Size of Contactor, Fuse, C.B, O/L Relay of DOL Starter 279 6 Calculate Size of Contactor, Fuse, C.B, O/L Relay of Star-Delta Starter 281 7 Calculate Transformer Size & Voltage Drop due to starting of Single Large Motor 284 8 Calculate TC Size & Voltage Drop due to starting of multiple no of Motors 285 9 Calculate Voltage Regulation for 11KV, 22KV, 33KV Overhead Line ( REC) 286 10 Calculation Technical Losses of Distribution Line 289 11 Calculate Cable Size and Voltage Drop of HT / LV Cable 291 12 Calculate IDMT over Current Relay Setting (50/51) 294 13 Calculate Size of Capacitor Bank / Annual Saving & Payback Period 296 14 Calculate No of Street Light Pole 299 15 Calculate No of Lighting Fixtures / Lumens for Indoor Lighting 301 16 Calculate Street Light Pole Distance &Watt Area 302 17 Calculate Short Circuit Current (Isc) 303 18 Calculate Size of Bus bar for Panel 307 19 Calculate Size of Cable Tray 312 20 Calculate Size of Diesel Generator Set 314 21 Calculate Size of Main ELCB & Branch MCB of Distribution Box 317 22 Calculate Size of Solar Panels 322 23 Calculate Size of Inverter & Battery Bank 324 24 Calculate Cable Trunking Size 328 25 Calculate Size of Conduit for Cables / Wires 329 26 Calculate Cable Voltage Drop for Street Light Pole 330 27 Calculate Lighting Protection for Building / Structure 333 28 Calculation Size of Pole Foundation & Wind Pressure on Pole 336 29 Calculation of Flood Light, Facade Light,Street Light and Signage Light 338 30 Calculate Size of Neutral Earthing Transformer (NET) 345 31 Calculate Transformer Regulation & Losses (As per Name Plate) 347 32 Calculation of Crippling (Ultimate Transverse) Load on Electrical Pole 349 33 Calculate Size of Circuit Breaker Fuse for Transformer (As per NEC) 351 34 Calculate Size of Ventilation Fan 353 35 Calculate Motor-Pump Size 354 36 Calculate Lighting Fixture’s Beam Angle and Lumen 356 Part-3 : Electrical Notes: Motor & Starter 1 Direct On Line Starter 359 2 Star-Delta Starter 364 3 Motor Number Plate Terminology 370 Transformer 4 Three Phase Transformer Connection 372 5 Vector Group of Transformer 388 6 Difference between Power Transformer & Distribution Transformer 401 7 Parallel Operation of Transformers 402 8 Various Routine Test of Transformer 409 9 Standard Transformer Accessories & Fittings 423 10 Basic of Current transformers 437 Lighting Luminars 11 Selection of Lighting Luminaries 453 12 Different Type of Lamps and Control Gear 467 13 What should you know before buying LED Bulbs 481 14 Type of Lighting Bulb Base & Socket 490 15 Type of Lighting Bulb Shape & Size 497 16 What is Fixture’s Beam Angle & Beam Diameter 521 17 Difference between High Bay and Low Bay Flood Light 526 18 Various Factor for illumination Calculation 532 19 How to design efficient Street Light 539 Cables 20 Cable Construction & Cable Selection 566 21 Difference between Unearthed & Earthed Cables 575 22 Low Voltage and High Voltage Cable Testing 577 23 EHV/HV Cable Sheath Earthing 580 24 HIPOT Testing 588 25 Type of Cable Tray 591 26 Type of Cable Glands 595 27 Cable Tray Size as per National Electrical Code-2002, Article 392 599 Earthings 28 What is Earthing 601 29 Difference between Bonding, Grounding and Earthing 606 MCB / MCCB / Fuse / Relay 30 Working Principle of ELCB / RCCB 609 31 Difference between MCB-MCCB-ELCB-RCBO-RCCB 613 32 What is Correct Method of MCB Connections 616 33 Type of MCB & Distribution Board 620 34 Type and Specification of Fuse 624 35 How to Select MCB / MCCB 637 36 Tripping Mechanism of MCCB 645 37 Setting of over Load, Short circuit & Ground Fault Protection of MCCB 650 38 Types and Revolution of Electrical Relay 656 Electrical Questions & Answers 39 Electrical Questions & Answers 674 Power Distributions & Transmissions 40 Type of Electrical Power Distribution System 697 41 Impact of Floating Neutral in Power Distribution 703 42 Total Losses in Power Distribution & Transmission Lines 708 43 Single Earthed Neutral and Multi Earthed Neutral 714 44 Types of Neutral Earthing in Power Distribution 717 45 Effects of unbalanced Electrical Load 726 46 Vibration Damper in Transmission Line 732 47 What is Ferranti Effect 735 48 What is Corona Effect 737 49 Harmonics and its Effects 745 50 What is Demand Factor-Diversity Factor-Utilization Factor-Load Factor 755 51 Guideline of Design Electrical Network for Building / Small Area. 764 52 Type-Size- Location of Capacitor in Electrical System 766 53 Types of Overhead Conductors 775 54 What is Power Factor 783 55 11KV/415V over Head Line’s Specification as per REC 790 56 Analysis the Truth behind Household Power Savers 803 57 How Reactive Power helpful to maintain a System Healthy 806 58 Effects of High Voltage Transmission Lines on Humans and Plants 813 59 How to save Electrical energy at Home 819 Others 60 Type of Lighting Arrestor 822 61 Selection of Surge Protective Device (SPD) 831 62 Selection of Various Types of Inverter 842 63 Selection of Various Types of UPS 852 64 Method of Earth Resistance Testing 860

Voices from the Factory Floor

Most of the women recorded were factoryfloor operatives (riveters, solderers, etc.) ... Mair Williams (VN018) notes how awkward it could be to supervise her previous coworkers at Dolgarrog Aluminium, but she told them, 'You can guarantee ...


Author: Catrin Stevens

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

ISBN: 9781445649733

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 128

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Catrin Stevens explores the experiences of women in Wales' post-war manufacturing industry.

Men and Masculinities in Contemporary Japan

'The making of working-class masculinity on the factory floor', he notes, 'has different dynamics from the making of middle-class masculinity in the air- conditioned office' (ibid.: 36). Among the confectioneries craftsmen at the ...


Author: James E. Roberson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134541621

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

View: 949

This book is the first comprehensive account of the changing role of men and the construction of masculinity in contemporary Japan. The book moves beyond the stereotype of the Japanese white-collar businessman to explore the diversity of identities and experiences that may be found among men in contemporary Japan, including those versions of masculinity which are marginalized and subversive. The book makes a significant contribution to our understanding of contemporary Japanese society and identity.

Smart Manufacturing

The Outlook Sample Questions Bibliography Notes CHAPTER 14 Improving Life on the Factory Floor with Smart Technology Miles Schofield and Aaron Pompey, PhD Introduction Life on the Factory Floor from 1700 to Today The Smart Manufacturing ...


Author: Anthony Tarantino

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119846611

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 464

View: 992

Explore the dramatic changes brought on by the new manufacturing technologies of Industry 4.0 In Smart Manufacturing, The Lean Six Sigma Way, Dr. Anthony Tarantino delivers an insightful and eye-opening exploration of the ways the Fourth Industrial Revolution is dramatically changing the way we manufacture products across the world and especially how it will revitalize manufacturing in North America and Europe. The author examines the role and impact of a variety of new Smart technologies including industrial IoT, computer vision, mobile/edge computing, 3D printing, robots, big data analytics, and the cloud. He demonstrates how to apply these new technologies to over 20 continuous improvement/Lean Six Sigma tools, greatly enhancing their effectiveness and ease of use. The book also discusses the role Smart technologies will play in improving: Career opportunities for women in manufacturing Cyber security, supply chain risk, and logistics resiliency Workplace health, safety, and security Life on the manufacturing floor Operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction Perfect for anyone involved in the manufacturing or distribution of products in the 21st century, Smart Manufacturing, The Lean Six Sigma Way belongs in the libraries of anyone interested in the intersection of technology, commerce, and physical manufacturing.

The Planet Factory

Notes. PART ONE THE FACTORY FLOOR CHAPTER ONE The Factory Floor. 1. During its approach in 2015, NASA's New Horizons space probe imaged Pluto and Charon during their orbit. The impressive animation can be found on the mission's web ...


Author: Elizabeth Tasker

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472917751

Category: Science

Page: 288

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Twenty years ago, the search for planets outside the Solar System was a job restricted to science-fiction writers. Now it's one of the fastest-growing fields in astronomy with thousands of exoplanets discovered to date, and the number is rising fast. These new-found worlds are more alien than anything in fiction. Planets larger than Jupiter with years lasting a week; others with two suns lighting their skies, or with no sun at all. Planets with diamond mantles supporting oceans of tar; possible Earth-sized worlds with split hemispheres of perpetual day and night; waterworlds drowning under global oceans and volcanic lava planets awash with seas of magma. The discovery of this diversity is just the beginning. There is a whole galaxy of possibilities. The Planet Factory tells the story of these exoplanets. Each planetary system is different, but in the beginning most if not all young stars are circled by clouds of dust, specks that come together in a violent building project that can form colossal worlds hundreds of times the size of the Earth. The changing orbits of young planets risk dooming any life evolving on neighbouring worlds or, alternatively, can deliver the key ingredients needed to seed its beginnings. Planet formation is one of the greatest construction schemes in the Universe, and it occurred around nearly every star you see. Each results in an alien landscape, but is it possible that one of these could be like our own home world?

Building Regulations Explained

The Department notes that the extension to the existing factory contains a ground floor entrance that is separately accessed and so the requirements of Part M of the Building Regulations 1991 rightly apply to this extension.


Author: London District Surveyors Association

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134393787

Category: Architecture

Page: 680

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Almost all buildings erected or altered in England and Wales must satisfy the requirements of the building regulations. This essential reference has been revised in line with new legislation up to January 2004, including important revisions to Parts B, E, H, J, L1, L2, and M and an outline of the proposed Part P. Each chapter explains in clear terms the appropriate regulation and any other legislation, before explaining the approved document. The Appeals and Determinations have been repositioned at the end of each chapter. Publications lists and relevant sources of information are also included, together with annexes devoted to legislation relevant to the construction industry, determinations made by the Secretary of State, and sample check lists. This highly illustrated and practical approach to the subject makes this the indispensable, one-stop reference guide for professionals and students.

Reality Perception and Your Company s Workplace Culture

As the three of them walked toward the factory floor, Tolan and Julianna were taking notes about the flow of materials through the process as they had observed so far, looking for areas of constraints on the system.


Author: Daniel Bloom

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780429769016

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 97

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Reality and Perception and Your Company's Workplace Culture presents a demonstrable path for navigating the change-management process from beginning to end while fully detailing its obstacles and its triumphs. The book presents the view of a fictional 100-year old company called Acme Gyroscope, which is a family owned and run business, and the reader sees how the operation was ruled with an iron hand by the outgoing CEO. When the son of this current CEO assumes the role, he finds that the processes and culture within the organization are not quite as rosy as he thought they were. The new CEO finds that there is a wide divide between what is believed and what is real. The story follows the new CEO and his team as they uncover the problems that exist and discover solutions with the help of the Change Maestro who is an expert on understanding the difference between reality (see the problems, feel the problems, and create the new normal) and perception (preconceived notions of causes and solutions to problems). Utilizing the TLS (Theory of Constraints - Lean - Six Sigma) Continuum toolbox, the Change Maestro takes the management team through the process of resolving the issues at hand and assists in creating a new normal for corporate culture and problem solving. Presented in ten chapters, each representing points on the critical path, it walks the reader through the change process to its conclusion reaching the final point -- the argument for the new normal corporate culture for long-term strategy and survival.

Computer Design

Baker notes that the factory - floor SOCTEK Pharmacy environment makes high - quality Drug voice recognizers a requisite and that many of today's high - performance speech systems are tolerant of noise and of variations in a person's ...




ISBN: UCSD:31822020303020

Category: Computer engineering


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