Nuclear Physics Applications on Materials Science

PREFACE The last decade has seen a rapid development and growing importance in the application of nuclear physics methods to material sciences. It is a general desire to understand modern material problems on a microscopic scale, which, ...


Author: E. Recknagel

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The last decade has seen a rapid development and growing importance in the application of nuclear physics methods to material sciences. It is a general desire to understand modern material problems on a microscopic scale, which, due to their inherent microscopic nature, made nuclear techniques highly suitable tools for basic and applied research in this field. The Advanced Study Institute on "Nuclear Physics Applications on Ma terials Science" brought together scientists active in different but closely re lated fields to review and discuss selected topics of bulk properties of metals, semiconductors and insulators as well as properties of surfaces, interfaces and thin films. Most of the excellent lectures and oral presentations of the School are collected in part I of the present volume, while extended abstracts of scientific work presented as posters are added in part II. The pleasant site of the ASI at Viana do Castelo and the northern province of Portugal, Alto Minho, provided the stimulating atmosphere for an in spiring School. Many people contributed to the scientific and social success of the institute. Thanks are especially due to the members of the local organizing committee, N. Ayres de Campos, M. Fernanda da Silva, A. Pedroso de Lima and my co-director J. Carvalho Soares. His permanent involvement in preparing and realization of the ASI was essential for this memorable School.

Hydrogen in Intermetallic Compounds II

Surface and Dynamic Properties, Applications Louis Schlapbach ... In Nuclear Physics Application on Materials Science, ed. by E. Recknagel, J.C. Soares, Nato ASI Series E Vol. 144, 413 (1988) J.M. Gil, ...


Author: Louis Schlapbach

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The topic of hydrogen in an on metals and alloys is important in a number ofdisciplines including solid-state physics, materials science, physical chemistry, and energy technology. This volume treats the dynamics of hydrogen in intermetallic compounds, surface properties, kinetics, and applications of metal hydrides in energy technology. In addition, selected experimental methods are described. The introductory chapter will enable non-specialists to gain an overall picture of the field and to appreciate the relevant scientific issue. The companion volume, Hydrogene in Intermetallic Compounds I, was published as Vol. 63 of Topics in Applied Physics.

Materials Analysis by Ion Channeling

This was eventually explained as an enhanced penetration along these channeling directions. In another case, scientists developing thin, single-crystal particle detectors for nuclear physics applications observed a relatively small, ...


Author: Leonard C. Feldman

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Our intention has been to write a book that would be useful to people with a variety of levels of interest in this subject. Clearly it should be useful to both graduate students and workers in the field. We have attempted to bring together many of the concepts used in channeling beam analysis with an indication of the origin of the ideas within fundamental channeling theory. The level of the book is appropriate to senior under-graduates and graduate students who have had a modern physics course work in related areas of materials science and wish to learn more about the "channeling" probe, its strengths, weaknesses, and areas of further potential application. To them we hope we have explained this apparent paradox of using mega-electron volt ions to probe solid state phenomena that have characteristic energies of electron volts.

Project on Nuclear Issues

Nuclear reactions are the critical source of energy in various applications, including National Ignition Facility (NIF) capsules, energy production, and global threat reduction. Nuclear physics, materials science, and nonproliferation ...


Author: Mark Cancian

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The papers in this volume comprise research from participants in the 2017 Nuclear Scholars Initiative and PONI Conference Series. PONI sponsors this research to provide a forum for facilitating new and innovative thinking and a platform for emerging thought leaders across the nuclear enterprise.

Peterson s Graduate Programs in the Physical Sciences Mathematics Agricultural Sciences the Environment Natural Resources 2012

Offers applied physics (MS, PhD); electrooptics (MS, PhD); materialsscience(PhD); nuclear engineering (MS, PhD); space physics (MS). Part time programs available. Degree requirements: For master's, thesis; for doctorate, ...


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Graduate Programs in the Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Agricultural Sciences, the Environment & Natural Resources 2012 contains more than 2,900 graduate programs in 59 disciplines-including agriculture and food sciences, astronomy and astrophysics, chemistry, physics, mathematics, environmental sciences and management, natural resources, marine sciences, and more. This guide is part of Peterson's six-volume Annual Guides to Graduate Study, the only annually updated reference work of its kind, provides wide-ranging information on the graduate and professional programs offered by U.S.-accredited colleges and universities in the United States and throughout the world. Informative data profiles for more than 2,900 graduate programs in 59 disciplines, including facts and figures on accreditation, degree requirements, application deadlines and contact information, financial support, faculty, and student body profiles. Two-page in-depth descriptions, written by featured institutions, offer complete details on specific graduate programs, schools, or departments as well as information on faculty research and the college or university. Expert advice on the admissions process, financial support, and accrediting agencies. Comprehensive directories list programs in this volume, as well as others in the graduate series. Up-to-date appendixes list institutional changes since the last addition along with abbreviations used in the guide

Soviet Union

Mathematics : Differential and Integral Equations ; Physical Applications ; Miscellaneous , pp . ... R - 64 USSR SCIENTIFIC ABSTRACTS : MATERIALS SCIENCE AND METALLURGY R # 172 JPRS 41,105 R / MF - 4,865 USSR SCIENTIFIC ABSTRACTS ...




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Graduate Programs in the Physical Sciences Mathematics Agricultural Sciences the Environment Natural Resources 2011 Grad 4

Experimental nuclear physics, materials. J. J. Egan, Graduate Coordinator; Ph.D., Kentucky. Experimental nuclear physics, accelerator applications. C. S. French, Ph.D., Massachusetts Lowell. Radiological science and protection, ...


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Peterson's Graduate Programs in the Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Agricultural Sciences, the Environment & Natural Resources contains a wealth of information on colleges and universities that offer graduate work in these exciting fields. The institutions listed include those in the United States and Canada, as well international institutions that are accredited by U.S. accrediting bodies. Up-to-date information, collected through Peterson's Annual Survey of Graduate and Professional Institutions, provides valuable information on degree offerings, professional accreditation, jointly offered degrees, part-time and evening/weekend programs, postbaccalaureate distance degrees, faculty, students, degree requirements, entrance requirements, expenses, financial support, faculty research, and unit head and application contact information. Readers will find helpful links to in-depth descriptions that offer additional detailed information about a specific program or department, faculty members and their research, and much more. In addition, there are valuable articles on financial assistance, the graduate admissions process, advice for international and minority students, and facts about accreditation, with a current list of accrediting agencies.

Nuclear Physics

Exploring the Heart of Matter National Research Council, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, ... including materials science, surface and solid-state physics, chemical, biological 6 and medical sciences and nuclear physics.


Author: National Research Council

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The principal goals of the study were to articulate the scientific rationale and objectives of the field and then to take a long-term strategic view of U.S. nuclear science in the global context for setting future directions for the field. Nuclear Physics: Exploring the Heart of Matter provides a long-term assessment of an outlook for nuclear physics. The first phase of the report articulates the scientific rationale and objectives of the field, while the second phase provides a global context for the field and its long-term priorities and proposes a framework for progress through 2020 and beyond. In the second phase of the study, also developing a framework for progress through 2020 and beyond, the committee carefully considered the balance between universities and government facilities in terms of research and workforce development and the role of international collaborations in leveraging future investments. Nuclear physics today is a diverse field, encompassing research that spans dimensions from a tiny fraction of the volume of the individual particles (neutrons and protons) in the atomic nucleus to the enormous scales of astrophysical objects in the cosmos. Nuclear Physics: Exploring the Heart of Matter explains the research objectives, which include the desire not only to better understand the nature of matter interacting at the nuclear level, but also to describe the state of the universe that existed at the big bang. This report explains how the universe can now be studied in the most advanced colliding-beam accelerators, where strong forces are the dominant interactions, as well as the nature of neutrinos.

Physics With High intensity Hadron Accelerators Proceedings Of The 18th Ins International Symposium

Int. 43 (1988) 141 E. Hunger, H. Haas, V. Marx, and M. Menningen, in 'Nuclear Physics Applications on Materials Science', E. Recknagel and J. C. Soares eds., Kluwer Academic Publishers 1988, p. 429 E. Hunger and H. Haas, submitted to ...


Author: Nomura T

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This book contains the proceedings of the 10th Hellenic Relativity Conference, held in Greece in 2002. It includes several plenary lectures given by leading experts on brane-world cosmology, radiative space-times, detection of gravitational waves, gamma-ray bursts and quantum gravity. There are a large number of contributed papers, organized into three broad subject areas: cosmology and brane gravity, mathematical relativity and astrophysical relativity, and the detection of gravitational waves.