Anthologizing Poe

Nuevas narraciones extraordinarias. Translated by Mariano Orta Manzano, illustrated by Jaime Azpelicueta, Editorial Juventud, 1968. ———. Obras inmortales. Translated by Ricardo Summers, Aníbal Froufe, and Francisco Álvarez, ...


Author: Emron Esplin

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This collection explores how anthologizers and editors of Edgar Allan Poe play an integral role in shaping our conceptions of Poe as the author we have come to recognize, revere, and critique today. In the spheres of literature and popular culture, Poe wields more global influence than any other U.S. author. This influence, however, cannot be attributed solely to the quality of Poe’s texts or to his compellingly tragic biography. Rather, his continued prominence as a writer owes much to the ways that Poe has been interpreted, portrayed, and packaged by an extensive group of mediators ranging from anthologizers, editors, translators, and fellow writers to literary critics, filmmakers, musicians, and illustrators. In this volume, the work of presenting Poe’s texts for public consumption becomes a fascinating object of study in its own right, one that highlights the powerful and often overlooked influence of those who have edited, anthologized, translated, and adapted the author’s writing over the past 170 years.

Bibliography of English Language and Literature 1920

Nuevas historias extraordinarias. VI: Eureka o ensayo sobre el universo material y espiritual. Traducción de R. Cansinos-Assens. Madrid: Mateu. 89. 209 pågs. 2.50 ptas. 287. Historias extraordinarias: Singular aventura de Hans Pfaall, ...



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Originally published in 1920, this book was compiled to provide scholars with a bibliography of works on English language and literature published during that year.


Nuevas historias extraordinarias . VI : Eureka o ensayo sobre el universo material y espiritual . Traducción de R. Cansinos - Assens . Madrid : Mateu . 8 ° . 209 págs . 2.50 ptas . 287. Historias extraordinarias : Singular aventura de ...


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ngel Planells Art and the Surrealist Canon

Historias extraordinarias (1887) was very famous in the first decades of the twentieth century. ... 'The Gold-Bug', 'The Purloined Letter', and 'The Balloon Hoax') and Ramón Gómez de la Serna's Nuevas historias extraordinarias, ...


Author: Anna Vives

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Having been mistakenly perceived as a follower of Salvador Dalí, Catalan surrealist painter and writer Àngel Planells (1901–1989) has passed through the history of art practically unnoticed. Yet his work suggests an influence on a number of works by Dalí, proving that a fairer way to define their relationship is as an artistic dialogue. His participation in the groundbreaking International Surrealist Exhibition in London in 1936 is in itself a marker of his quality as an artist, but Planells’ contribution to surrealism is remarkable for his use of astronomy, fantastic scenes redolent of Edgar Allan Poe’s narrative as well as ludic elements and meta-pictorial techniques that contest Fascism.

Translated Poe

During the same period and through the same publishing house, Ramón Gómez de la Serna translated Nuevas historias extraordinarias.41 Gómez de la Serna might have felt impelled to approach Poe's tales due to the strong emphasis Gómez de ...


Author: Emron Esplin

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This international and intercultural book examines translation histories and outstanding readings of the words of Edgar Allan Poe in nineteen national and literary traditions. It maps out Poe’s global dissemination and examines the different designs, processes, and offshoots of the appropriations of his works.

Images of Poe s Works

SPA Nuevas narraciones extraordinarias : Segunda selección . P : Barcelona : Ed . Juventud . V : " Col. Z , " No. 159 . Y : 1968 . T : Translated by Mariana Orta Manzano . I : Jaime Azpelicueta . M : juvenile .



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This reference tool gives ready access to Poe's works and their great influence on the graphic arts. The book's long introduction gives a historical survey of Poe illustration with seventeen pictures included. The 1625 main entries offer full detail of all the books, portfolios, separately published prints, and easel paintings; all of which illustrate or interpret almost 150 tales and poems of Poe. The book makes varied material available to students of Poe, art history, the graphic arts, and to teachers on every level seeking pictures to enliven approaches to the reading of Poe.





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The Publishers Trade List Annual

Nueva Galería Literaria » . Bound . S 4471 — Vida y poesia . Barcelona . Col. « Galería Literaria , Bound , PAVESE , Cesare ... Nueva Narrativa Hispánica 40 . ... S 4484 Nuevas narraciones extraordinarias . Barcelona . Col. « Z 159 » .




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