Off Market Real Estate Secrets

Here is a preview of what you will learn when you purchase Off Market Real Estate Secrets: - How to revolutionize your real estate business by using 7 different exit strategies - A proven step by step system that you can copy and use in any ...


Author: Jeff Leighton

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 1520246404

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 170

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A Proven, Step by Step Path to Consistently Finding Highly Profitable Off Market Real Estate Deals! My name is Jeff Leighton and in my book, Off Market Real Estate Secrets: The Underground Blueprint For Buying And Selling Off Market Deals I reveal my proven, step by step system that will help you find the best off market real estate deals. While you may think this is a bold statement, the truth is - most people have no idea these deals exist which means less competition AND enormous opportunities for YOU. These tactics and strategies WILL transform your real estate business. My book is full of proven yet rarely used marketing strategies that are successful in any market when used correctly. I have witnessed the incredible profit potential of off market real estate deals by working with some of the top real estate entrepreneurs in the country as well as doing my own highly profitable off market deals. Here is a preview of what you will learn when you purchase Off Market Real Estate Secrets: - How to revolutionize your real estate business by using 7 different exit strategies - A proven step by step system that you can copy and use in any market - How to create an unstoppable marketing campaign for off market properties at significant discounts using one of the 19 strategies covered - How to outsource your business so that it runs on autopilot - How to build your real estate dream team - How to build a list of thousands of investors in your own backyard - Plus much, much, more! PURCHASE your copy today! To order Off Market Real Estate Secrets, click the BUY button and download your copy right now!

Confidential Off Market Real Estate Secrets

This book covers Property Wholesaling, Partnering, Lease-Option strategies, Home Equity Loans & L.O.C, BRRRR Strategy and Vendor Take Backs!


Author: Colin Hart

Publisher: Colin Hart


Category: Business & Economics


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Navigate through the world of investment with this overview and dynamic collection of Real Estate Strategies. Learn how to make other people’s money Work for You! Utilize the time, money and effort Colin made in building his real estate portfolio by learning the 6 main strategies to start or build your real estate empire with mostly other peoples money! In this investment guide book, Colin covers and outlines the 6 best investment strategies for beginning and intermediate investors! This book covers Property Wholesaling, Partnering, Lease-Option strategies, Home Equity Loans & L.O.C, BRRRR Strategy and Vendor Take Backs!

The Unofficial Guide to Real Estate Investing

Fully updated to take account of new tax law changes and now including listings of current apartment owners' associations in all 50 states, this new edition is friendlier and more comprehensive than ever.


Author: Spencer Strauss

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0764559001

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 504

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The Fourteen Home Selling Secrets

... an offer is presented for your consideration because if you take your home off
the market before you find out if the buyer is qualified , you are negotiating to lose
. Many states do not allow Real Estate Agent Brokers to negotiate with the seller ...


Author: Bob Easter

Publisher: Easter and Easter

ISBN: 1885257015

Category: House selling

Page: 108

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Timing the Real Estate Market

This book explains the strategies I've learned for successfully buying low and selling high in real estate."--From Chapter 1


Author: Craig Hall

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071465200

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 300

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How to buy low and sell high in real estate Yes, timing is everything. In the real estate market, that means buying in markets that are ready to take off and cashing out before prices crash. In Timing the Real Estate Market, millionaire real estate entrepreneur Craig Hall reveals to America's 17 million real estate investors his secrets for maximizing profits, by knowing when to buy, when to sell, and what to do in between. Following Hall's savvy advice, real estate investors will learn: The seven major trends affecting real estate prices How to predict when real estate prices are poised to increase How to capture maximum profits by knowing when to sell How to add value to a property while waiting for the real estate market to pick up How to survive during a downturn--until the next market upswing

Real Estate Investing Secrets

In this book, Real Estate Investing Secrets: Ultimate Beginner Guide to Create a Passive Income from Apartments and Commercial Real Estate, you will get an in-depth view into the real estate market and how you could make your own small ...


Author: Sam Mitchell

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 1072928191


Page: 188

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Would you like to be able to live off passive income? Do you believe that real estate could be the key to your success? Are you just starting out and need professional advice? Some of the wealthiest people on the planet have made their money through investing in real estate. It is one of the few ways that you can almost guarantee that you will make a return on investment and for those who would like to earn a passive income while having the least to do, it can be the perfect choice. In this book, Real Estate Investing Secrets: Ultimate Beginner Guide to Create a Passive Income from Apartments and Commercial Real Estate, you will get an in-depth view into the real estate market and how you could make your own small fortune through: How to get started investing in real estate Passive income ideas Buying apartment buildings with no money at all Increasing the value of properties Commercial real estate investing The differing types of investments And much more... You may have previously believed that it is impossible to get into the real estate market without a sizeable chunk of cash at your disposal. Real Estate Investing Secrets dispels that myth and provides you with expert advice that will set you on your way to making a passive income you can live off forever. Get a copy and start investing now!

Secrets of the Canadian Real Estate Cycle

Market. Influencers. Enter. the. Fray. Wanting to avoid a U.S.-style meltdown in
the real estate sector, the Canadian government looked for ... Raising interest
rates back to normal levels would have easily cooled off the real estate market.


Author: Don R. Campbell

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470952696

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 304

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Canadian real estate investors often hear about real estate cycles, yet very few people can describe what they are and how to actually use them to one's advantage. The Canadian Investor's Guide to Secrets of the Real Estate Cycle will show Canadian investors the ins and outs of the various phases of the real estate cycle, such as boom, slump and recovery, in order to equip them with the knowledge to make practical and informed decisions about their portfolios. Written by Canada's top-selling real estate investor and author Don Campbell and Kieran Trass, a leading expert on real estate cycles, the book will drill down into the various causes that affect real estate trends, such as local and global economics, population migration, employment levels, affordability of rental housing, real estate listings and other factors, to provide a scientific basis for assessing current trends and where those trends are heading. Complete with charts, checklists, and real-life stories, The Canadian Investor's Guide to Secrets of the Real Estate Cycle will be an indispensable guide for all investors.

Real Estate Secrets

ommend holding out for properties that can be purchased for 25% or more below
the market value. ... by taking over a distressed seller's loan, rather than
arranging for your own loan and then paying the seller to pay off his or her own


Author: Alex Reid

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595344963

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 108

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Learn how to find properties, buy without a down payment, make money on residential real estate, create a source of income from rental properties, and how to use eBay and the internet to invest in real estate.

The Insider s Guide to Buying Real Estate

Updated for 2012, the second edition of this best-seller will help you get the best possible deal on your home or investment property.


Author: Patrick Bright

Publisher: Brolga Pub

ISBN: 192122133X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 254

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Updated for 2012, the second edition of this best-seller will help you get the best possible deal on your home or investment property. Having worked as an agent for both property buyers and sellers Patrick Bright knows the tricks of the trade.Written specifically for home buyers to help them find, negotiate and buy a home for less, Patrick empowers buyers to better understand how to search for and negotiate the best possible deal saving you tens of thousands of dollars. Includes tips on: How to determine the true market value of a property, understanding the common ways property is marketed, 7 negotiation secrets that real estate agents don't want you to know, how to save in excess of five per cent plus off the market value of the property, common mistakes to avoid when buying your next home.

The Weekend Millionaire s Secrets to Investing in Real Estate How to Become Wealthy in Your Spare Time

Professional property managers are excellent resources , both when you are
learning the market and even later when you ... you and your tenants — a buffer
that can eliminate many of the problems that turn people off to real estate
investing .


Author: Roger Dawson

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 0071412913

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

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"Everything you need to know to make millions by investing in real estate. Be smart -- take advantage of their invaluable experience to help you reach your financial goals."--Jack Canfield, Co-author, The Power of Focus, Dare to Win, and the Chicken Soup for the Soul(R) series. A proven formula for making a killing in small real estate investments in all market conditions Millionaire real estate investor Mike Summey and nationally recognized negotiation expert Roger Dawson team up to offer a complete program for becoming a real estate magnate in your spare time. Unlike all the get-rich-quick real estate investment guides on the shelves, The Weekend Millionaire shows readers how to look beyond price to the fundamentals of what makes a property valuable and to leverage that value in order to build wealth, consistently, over years. It also teaches them an original, win-win negotiating strategy in which the buyer determines the terms of the purchase and lets the seller determine the price. Readers get clear, step-by-step guidance on how to: Find great investment properties Approach sellers Structure a win-win proposal Get a proposal accepted--even with no money down and bad credit Negotiate a transaction Manage and maintain properties for increasing returns

Secrets of Selling Real Estate

a great deal of money tied up — it is good business to keep others out of the field
. About all you need is a sign with your name and the word real estate , in most
states , to start things rolling . Just the sign “ real estate " will attract neighbors and


Author: Harold Arthur Mitchell


ISBN: UCAL:B3861708

Category: Real estate business

Page: 144

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Secrets of Buying and Selling Real Estate

Instead of getting a flip fee, call it a finder's fee, consulting fee, marketing fee, or
some other fee that comes off the back of the closing statement similar to liens, ...
If that doesn't work, you can get the original seller to sign a debt and put a lien on
the property for $50,000. ... Have you ever heard of the option market in stocks?


Author: Robert Shemin

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN: 0471449245

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 304

View: 787

An expert guide to the ins and outs of real estate financing Secrets of Buying and Selling Real Estate . . .Without Using Your Own Money! is the definitive insider's guide to traditional and creative (yet legal and ethical!) real estate financing. In understandable, step-by-step language, it walks you through explanations and examples of conventional real estate financing so you understand clearly how most financing works. It examines all the available creative or unusual financing strategies that seasoned investors and homebuyers use every day to buy and finance properties. Drawing on his long experience as a successful real estate investor, Robert Shemin spotlights the advantages and disadvantages of various types of mortgages, terms, and financing strategies so you know all your best options. He also includes informative material on how credit scoring works and understanding credit ratings and credit problems that could scuttle your loan. Offering proven techniques, expert tips, and creative alternatives along the way, Shemin details every important aspect of the financing process, with in-depth discussion of topics such as: * Owners' terms * Contracts for deed, land contracts, and lease options * How to use partners or cosigners * How to get approval after a mortgage company turns you down * How to buy property even if the bank says "no" * Creative ways to obtain down payments, getting the seller to contribute using nonprofit programs

Traffic Secrets

Again , I want to note that these numbers change in every market . ... As a side
note , if you think about traditional investments like real estate , I see people all
the time spend $ 250,000 on a rental ... Then they'll take up to 30 years to pay off
the mortgage ( i.e. , " break even " ) while still having to deal with broken toilets ...


Author: Russell Brunson

Publisher: Hay House Business

ISBN: 9781401957902

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 352

View: 893

Learn how to generate more traffic, leads, and sales into your online business by applying the founding principles of direct marketing, from the $100M entrepreneur and author of DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets. Avoid the trap of focusing on a singular means of traffic (e.g., Facebook or Google ads), which, by the time you master it, becomes obsolete. Russell Brunson, CEO and co-founder of the million-dollar company ClickFunnels, applies classic and foundational direct marketing techniques from newspapers, TV, radio, and direct mail to online businesses so you can get more traffic, leads, and sales to your website or funnel. Evergreen, relevant, yet no less urgent for its significance, this business guide will provide the online entrepreneur with a key cornerstone to success.

Zero to Millionaire Real Estate Investor

Open this book, and you unlock the door to endless possibilities as we lay the nature of real estate success bare before you.


Author: Johnath S Vines


ISBN: 9798565100921


Page: 152

View: 412

Do you know that the average real estate investor makes about $124,000 a month? And most of these investors started without much capital? Are you ready to join the club of the millionaires through real estate investment, but you don't want to be another name on the broke real estate investors list? Do you feel that maybe because you're not good at Maths or numbers, you won't actually succeed in real estate? Or perhaps your major fear is that you won't be able to manage those horror renters living in your area who destroy properties for sport? Have no fear! This is your handy real estate guide to reaping the benefits of every penny you invest in real estate, with less work, less risk, and fewer complications. Zero to Millionaire Real Estate Investor is a guide for: Young entrepreneurs looking for a source of income with little downside and upsides that would generate millions Newbie real estate investors ready to learn the basics of the business Investors seeking to diversify and make more money Take a ride into the Millionaire Fastlane and discover how to find and buy inexpensive real estate: Finding and using free online and offline resources How you can begin with little money How to find cheap off-market homes The best places to purchase cheap real estate Zero to Millionaire Real Estate Investor, also teaches how to become a millionaire by passive income, offering you cheap rental property investing secrets. Open this book, and you unlock the door to endless possibilities as we lay the nature of real estate success bare before you.

The Complete Book of Money Secrets

Unless you are familiar with the particular real estate market in which the
company ' s property is located , it may be difficult to estimate the ... If the product
to which the R & D is devoted does pay off , there may be an eventual write - off .




ISBN: 0887230385

Category: Finance, Personal

Page: 498

View: 801

Secret Intelligence

Yardley not only was out of a job , his real estate business collapsed in the stock
market crash . Desperate for money to support his wife and two children , he
prepared a manuscript on his cryptographic adventures . First serialized in the ...


Author: Ernest Volkman

Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group

ISBN: 0425120082

Category: History

Page: 267

View: 107

A companion volume to the PBS-TV series of the same name is a lucid review of the development of U.S. Based on interviews with spies, policymakers, and former CIA directors, this is the fascinating history of American espionage--from the 1919 Red Scare to Watergate and the Iran-Contra affair. Photographs.

The ABCs of Real Estate Investing

The Secrets of Finding Hidden Profits Most Investors Miss Ken McElroy ... Realize
, even though you are actively negotiating the terms of the sale with the seller, the
property is not off the market. In fact, I recently lost a property during the letter ...


Author: Ken McElroy

Publisher: RDA Press, LLC

ISBN: 9781937832032

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 220

View: 625

Outlines how to achieve financial independence and successful self-employment through property investment, discussing such topics as screening potential partners, utilizing research tools, and setting up maintenance and rent collection systems.

The Only Real Estate Investing Book You ll Ever Need

Identify the Opportunities Know the Risk Profit in Any Market Thomas E Coronato,
Helen Coronato ... Today , with all the recent real - estate investing hype , many
novices convince themselves that they ' ve heard all they need to hear and they '
re ready to get started . They ' re not . ... We have seen many aspiring landlords
rush off to seminar after seminar , intent on finding real - estate investing secrets .


Author: Thomas E Coronato

Publisher: Adams Media Corporation

ISBN: UOM:49015003435253

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 336

View: 247

A fast-changing mortgage market means opportunity for investors like you. Authors Thomas E. Coronato and Helen Coronato offer a clear path to profits through today's real-estate investment jungle. Whatever kind of property you're working with, they show you how to: Assemble your investment team, Buy your first property, Manage your property and tenants, Expand your real estate empire. Opportunities are everywhere. The Only Real Estate Investing Book You'll Ever Need helps you to find them and make them yours-and profit from the adventure. Book jacket.

The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate

With hundreds of proven strategies, insider's tips and original techniques, this book will be an invaluable asset for home-buyers and property investors alike.


Author: John McGrath


ISBN: 0732280869

Category: Real Estate

Page: 272

View: 250

With hundreds of strategies, insider's tips and techniques, this book is useful for home-buyers and property investors alike.

Secrets to Real Estate Success

Forty-five hours is the cut off. Period! Or perhaps you have a standard that you
will only work with ... market shifts, you will have to adjust your standards
accordingly. For example, in 2003 my standard was that I wouldn't work with
anyone who ...


Author: Jerry Pujals

Publisher: Cameo Publications

ISBN: 9780974414997

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 216

View: 609

What are your thoughts about your career as a real estate agent? 70% of all real estate agents quit the business within 18 months! Its true. Yet, only 3% of all agents ever reach the ranks of the top producers. What about you? What are your thoughts about your career as a real estate agent? Are you satisfied with your sales performance? Do you wish you could do better? Do you watch one or two star performers in your community and wonder how they do it? If you are a new agent, how would you like to avoid the bad habits that slow people down and shorten your learning curve to success? If you are a veteran agent, how would you like to enhance your current success and bring your real estate career to a whole new level? Now you can! Secrets to Real Estate Success shows you how to develop the mindset and hone the high-impact habits that will propel you to the top. Are you ready for your new life? We know youre busy. We know you have lots of clients to take care of, and you have a family, too. Thats why Jerry designed this book so its a quick and easy read. He purposely kept each chapter short, so you can quickly read it while youre in your car, in between appointments, or waiting for your client to arrive. Each chapter covers one key area you need to improve upon to reach that top 3%. Where appropriate, you will find action items, exercises, and scripts so you can embark on your new journey prepared and confident. By utilizing the information in this book and practicing it consistently, you will reach that elusive 3%. Whether youre a real estate pro looking to reach the next level, or a newbie fresh out of school and looking for reliable information, this book will give you the edge you need. Youll sell more homes, work fewer hours, and have more fun in the process. Sure, it will take some work on your part initially, but the rewards will be worth it.