Old and New Media after Katrina

Looking closely at the organization of public memory of Katrina, this collection provides a timely and intellectually fruitful assessment of the complex ways in which media forms and national events are hopelessly entangled.


Author: Diane Negra

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230112100

Category: Social Science

Page: 251

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Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, this thoughtful collection of essays reflects on the relationship between the disaster and a range of media forms. The assessments here reveal how mainstream and independent media have responded (sometimes innovatively, sometimes conservatively) to the political and social ruptures "Katrina" has come to represent. The contributors explore how Hurricane Katrina is positioned at the intersection of numerous early twenty-first century crisis narratives centralizing uncertainties about race, class, region, government, and public safety. Looking closely at the organization of public memory of Katrina, this collection provides a timely and intellectually fruitful assessment of the complex ways in which media forms and national events are hopelessly entangled.

Narratives of Hurricane Katrina in Context

Diane Negra, “Introduction: old and New Media After Katrina,” in Diane Negra (ed
.), Old and New Media After Katrina (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2010), p. 11. Janny
Scott, “Introduction,” in Multiple Authors, Portraits: 9/1101: The Collected ...


Author: Arin Keeble

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783030163532

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 136

View: 477

This book analyzes six key narratives of Hurricane Katrina across literature, film and television from the literary fiction of Jesmyn Ward to the cinema of Spike Lee. It argues that these texts engage with the human tragedy and political fallout of the Katrina crisis while simultaneously responding to issues that have characterized the wider, George W. Bush era of American history; notably the aftermath of 9/11 and ensuing War on Terror. In doing so it recognizes important challenges to trauma studies as an interpretive framework, opening up a discussion of the overlaps between traumatic rupture and systemic or, “slow violence.”

Extreme Weather and Global Media

Diane Negra, “Introduction,” in Old and New Media after Katrina, ed. Diane Negra
(New York: Palgrave, 2010), 1–19, 5. 4. Jane Elliot, “Life Preservers: The
Neoliberal Enterprise of Hurricane Katrina Survival in Trouble the Water, House
M.D., ...


Author: Julia Leyda

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317630319

Category: Social Science

Page: 222

View: 120

In the two decades bracketing the turn of the millennium, large-scale weather disasters have been inevitably constructed as media events. As such, they challenge the meaning of concepts such as identity and citizenship for both locally affected populations and widespread spectator communities. This timely collection pinpoints the features of an often overlooked yet rapidly expanding category of global media and analyzes both its forms and functions. Specifically, contributors argue that the intense promotion and consumption of 'extreme weather' events takes up the slack for the public conversations society is not having about the environment, and the feeling of powerlessness that accompanies the realization that anthropogenic climate change has now reached a point of no return. Incorporating a range of case studies of extreme weather mediation in India, the UK, Germany, Sweden, the US, and Japan, and exploring recent and ongoing disasters such as Superstorm Sandy, the Fukushima nuclear crisis, flooding in Germany, and heat waves in the UK, Extreme Weather and Global Media generates valuable inquiry into the representational and social characteristics of the new culture of extreme weather.

The Routledge Companion to Literature and Trauma

Elliott, J. (2010) “Life Preservers: The Neoliberal Enterprise of Hurricane Katrina
Survival in Trouble the Water, House M.D., and When the Levees Broke”, in D.
Negra (ed.) Old and New Media after Katrina, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, ...


Author: Colin Davis

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351025201

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 480

View: 490

Literary trauma studies is a rapidly developing field which examines how literature deals with the personal and cultural aspects of trauma and engages with such historical and current phenomena as the Holocaust and other genocides, 9/11, climate catastrophe or the still unsettled legacy of colonialism. The Routledge Companion to Literature and Trauma is a comprehensive guide to the history and theory of trauma studies, including key concepts, consideration of critical perspectives and discussion of future developments. It also explores different genres and media, such as poetry, life-writing, graphic narratives, photography and post-apocalyptic fiction, and analyses how literature engages with particular traumatic situations and events, such as the Holocaust, the Occupation of France, the Rwandan genocide, Hurricane Katrina and transgenerational nuclear trauma. Forty essays from top thinkers in the field demonstrate the range and vitality of trauma studies as it has been used to further the understanding of literature and other cultural forms across the world.

Flood of Images

I grew up on the West Bank of New Orleans, across the Mississippi River from the
city, in the town of Gretna in ... In Old and New Media After Katrina (2010), Diane
Negra has argued that for most Americans, Katrina was a media event: “Katrina ...


Author: Bernie Cook

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9780292771369

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 430

View: 782

Anyone who was not in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent flooding of the city experienced the disaster as a media event, a flood of images pouring across television and computer screens. The twenty-four-hour news cycle created a surplus of representation that overwhelmed viewers and complicated understandings of the storm, the flood, and the aftermath. As time passed, documentary and fictional filmmakers took up the challenge of explaining what had happened in New Orleans, reaching beyond news reports to portray the lived experiences of survivors of Katrina. But while these narratives presented alternative understandings and more opportunities for empathy than TV news, Katrina remained a mediated experience. In Flood of Images, Bernie Cook offers the most in-depth, wide-ranging, and carefully argued analysis of the mediation and meanings of Katrina. He engages in innovative, close, and comparative visual readings of news coverage on CNN, Fox News, and NBC; documentaries including Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke and If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don't Rise, Tia Lessin and Carl Deal's Trouble the Water, and Dawn Logsdon and Lolis Elie's Faubourg Treme; and the HBO drama Treme. Cook examines the production practices that shaped Katrina-as-media-event, exploring how those choices structured the possible memories and meanings of Katrina and how the media's memory-making has been contested. In Flood of Images, Cook intervenes in the ongoing process of remembering and understanding Katrina.

Digital Mosaic

Frederick W. Mayer, “Stories of Climate Change:The Media and US Public
Opinion 2001–2010,” Joan Shorenstein Center on ... Livingston, When the Press
Fails: Political Power and the News Media from Iraq to Katrina (Chicago:
University of Chicago Press, 2007), 120. ... in Journalism, New Media, Old Media:
How Blogs and Social Media Agendas Relate and Differ from Traditional Press,
May 23, 2010, ...


Author: David Taras

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781442608894

Category: Social Science

Page: 352

View: 722

Digital Media has transformed the way Canadians socialize and interact, conduct business, experience culture, fight political battles, and acquire knowledge. Traditional media, including newspapers and conventional TV networks, remain the primary link to Canada's political sphere but are under concerted attack. YouTube, blogs, online broadcasting, Facebook, and Twitter have opened new and exciting avenues of expression but offer little of the same "nation-building glue" as traditional media. Consequently, Canada is experiencing a number of overlapping crises simultaneously: a crisis in news and journalism, threats to the survival of the media system as a whole, and a decline in citizen engagement. In Digital Mosaic, David Taras both embraces and challenges new media by arguing that these coinciding crises bring exciting opportunities as well as considerable dangers to democratic life and citizen engagement in Canada.

Agenda setting and Hurricane Katrina

The impacts of media effects and agenda-setting have been the subject of debate since the inception of television news programming in the mid-twentieth century.


Author: Kami Jo Barnes


ISBN: 1124344497

Category: College students

Page: 100

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The impacts of media effects and agenda-setting have been the subject of debate since the inception of television news programming in the mid-twentieth century. McCombs and Shaw (1972) assert that mass communication may have modest direct effects on opinions and attitudes, and can set the agenda people think about. Their studies and my own personal experiences have prompted me to examine if media exposure (no matter how accurate or inaccurate) does correlate with memory of events transpired, specifically with Hurricane Katrina. This study particularly examines how the Agenda-Setting theory played a role in the reporting of the event and if people only remember what was given the most coverage time. Two questionnaires were given to students at the University of Wyoming to see if memory strength did indeed correlate with prominent coverage. Results indicate that agenda-setting effects are long term (this study is 5 years after prominent coverage has ended), and that new media and old media have the same effects.

The Southern Register

This fresh look is courtesy of a decentralizing film industry that in recent years has
welcomed new players like Tyler Perry ... Harper , the director of the Media and
Documentary Projects Center at the University of Mississippi , has witnessed ...
Thirty - five years after the fall of Saigon , a Vietnamese immigrant looks out from
his shrimp boat that is gently drifting near ... They had their world torn apart by
war in Vietnam , later by Katrina , and then most recently by the oil spill , " added
York .




ISBN: OSU:32435083729947

Category: American literature


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now corporations are benefiting from exploiting Latinos just like the old money of
this city benefited from slavery. ... For example, in May 2010, after Ari- zona
passed SB1070, a notoriously anti-immigrant racial-profiling bill, the Workers'
Center sent a ... Located in a tight-knit section of New Orleans East, the
Vietnamese community raised their profile through post-Katrina efforts to bring
back their ... The media played on these stereotypes in their coverage of the 218


Author: Jordan Flaherty

Publisher: Haymarket Books

ISBN: 9781608461127

Category: Political Science

Page: 326

View: 963

"This is the most important book I've read about Katrina and what came after. In the tradition of Howard Zinn this could be called 'The People's History of the Storm.' Jordan Flaherty was there on the front lines."Eve Ensler, playwright of The Vagina Monologues and activist and founder of V-Day "Jordan Flaherty brings the sharp analysis and dedication of a seasoned organizer to his writing, and insightful observation to his reporting. He unfailingly has his ear to the ground in a city that continues to reveal the floodlines of structural racism in America."Tram Nguyen, author of We Are All Suspects Now: Untold Stories from Immigrant Communities after 9/11 Floodlines is a firsthand account of community, culture, and resistance in New Orleans. The book weaves the stories of gay rappers, Mardi Gras Indians, Arab and Latino immigrants, public housing residents, and grassroots activists in the years before and after Katrina. From post-Katrina evacuee camps to torture testimony at Angola Prison to organizing with the family members of the Jena Six, Floodlines tells the stories behind the headlines from an unforgettable time and place in history. Jordan Flaherty is a writer and community organizer based in New Orleans. In addition to his award-winning post-Katrina journalism, he was the first journalist with a national audience to write about the Jena Six case and played an important role in bringing the story to theattention of the world. He has produced news segments for Al-Jazeera, TeleSur, and Democracy Now! and appeared as a guest on a wide range of television and radio shows, including CNN's American Morning, Anderson Cooper 360, CNN Headline News, GRITtv, Keep Hope Alive with Reverend Jesse Jackson, and both local and nationally syndicated shows on National Public Radio.


Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans Hurricane Katrina, weakening from a
Category 5 to a Category 4 storm, struck the Louisiana coast on 29 August 2005.
... For the next week, despite the presence of the world's media, the US
government spectacularly failed to deliver aid to ... Synopsis of the Play Virgil, a
decadent old New Orleanian, Katrina: A Play of New Orleans: Hurricane Katrina
and New Orleans.


Author: Jonathan Holmes

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781408198711

Category: Drama

Page: 64

View: 396

In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina narrowly missed New Orleans. The resulting storms breached rotting levees and emptied neighbouring lake Pontchartrain into the city. Marooned by floodwater that swamped over 80% of their homes, the inhabitants had to wait a week without food or clean water before their own government came to their aid. Katrina uses survivor testimonies and the rich cultural tradition of New Orleans to tell the story of the immediate aftermath of the hurricane. Shedding light on some of the more extraordinary and under-reported aspects of the tragedy, the play portrays an odyssey through a drowned space and a series of encounters with individuals displaced and abandoned within their own city. The plot follows from the death of Virgil, a decadent old New Orleanian, who has been killed by Hurricane Katrina. Trapped by the rising floodwater his partner Beatrice determines to take his body to safety at City Hall. During her journey she encounters a number of other survivors and hears their tales. A Jericho House production, Katrina premiered at the Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, on 1 September 2009.

A Paradise Built in Hell

Nearly two years after Katrina, Ifollowed the Hot Eight Brass Band through the
areas upriver from the French Quarter, starting ... wake danced exuberantly
through the middle of the streets, joined by people trickling out of the old houses
the parade passed. ... New Orleans is extraordinarily rich, as well as appallingly
poor, and it sometimes seems to be made up largely of ... The media in the wake
of Katrina tended to equate race and class, but the city has a blackbourgeoisie
with deeper ...


Author: Rebecca Solnit

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101459010

Category: Social Science

Page: 368

View: 927

The author of Men Explain Things to Me explores the moments of altruism and generosity that arise in the aftermath of disaster Why is it that in the aftermath of a disaster? whether manmade or natural?people suddenly become altruistic, resourceful, and brave? What makes the newfound communities and purpose many find in the ruins and crises after disaster so joyous? And what does this joy reveal about ordinarily unmet social desires and possibilities? In A Paradise Built in Hell, award-winning author Rebecca Solnit explores these phenomena, looking at major calamities from the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco through the 1917 explosion that tore up Halifax, Nova Scotia, the 1985 Mexico City earthquake, 9/11, and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. She examines how disaster throws people into a temporary utopia of changed states of mind and social possibilities, as well as looking at the cost of the widespread myths and rarer real cases of social deterioration during crisis. This is a timely and important book from an acclaimed author whose work consistently locates unseen patterns and meanings in broad cultural histories.

Arkansas Review

Not sur WATER W Media Lessons from Hurricane Katrma and the Deepwater
Somewhere between 2005 and 2010 , between Hurricane Katrina and the
Deepwater Horizon oil spill , the world changed . ... for the New Orleans Times -
Picayune valiantly kept the newspaper office open , using old - fashioned
gumption and new ...




ISBN: UCR:31210025073451

Category: American fiction


View: 439

The New Media Environment

... media reception research , 163–9 political information , 84–7 , 178–86 , 201
potential of , 55-6 relations with old media ... New Media Monopoly ( Bagdikian ) ,
37 New Orleans , Hurricane Katrina ( 2005 ) , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 8 , 17 , 86 New York ...


Author: Andrea L. Press

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

ISBN: UOM:39076002905466

Category: Social Science

Page: 225

View: 950

Media Studies examines the new and rapidly developing field of media studies to discover what insights it has to offer students and general readers as they negotiate their way through the new - and thoroughly saturated - media environment. Explores how recent changes in our media affect the way we watch older media like television, movies, and radio, and offer up rich new interactive media, like video games and the internet The perfect introduction to the field of media studies Chronicles the recent dramatic changes in communication technologies, arguing that most of life itself is now experienced as 'mediated' Discusses the development of cable and satellite television, VCRs, DVDs, the internet and personal computers Emphasizes the broader political, social, and economic context within which these important new technologies have developed

Annual Editions Mass Media 07 08

During Hurricane Katrina , Yahoo ! ' s coverage offered traditional reports from
the Associated Press , USA Today , ABC News , and other news outlets . But it
also included hundreds of pictures posted by locals on Flickr , the amateur photo


Author: Joan Gorham

Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Dushkin

ISBN: 0073316725

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 224

View: 299

This Fourteenth Edition of ANNUAL EDITIONS: MASS MEDIA 07/08 provides convenient, inexpensive access to current articles selected from the best of the public press. Organizational features include: an annotated listing of selected World Wide Web sites; an annotated table of contents; a topic guide; a general introduction; brief overviews for each section; a topical index; and an instructor’s resource guide with testing materials. USING ANNUAL EDITIONS IN THE CLASSROOM is offered as a practical guide for instructors. ANNUAL EDITIONS titles are supported by our student website, www.mhcls.com/online.

The New Rules of Green Marketing

... Xers (Gen Xers, also known as the Baby Bust generation) were born between
1964 and 1977 and are 33–46 years old as of 2010. ... Digital. media. at. their.
command. The likely new leaders of the modern-day green movement are the
Generation Ys, born between the ... share, today's young adults lived through the
Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, and
share ...


Author: Jacquelyn Ottman

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

ISBN: 9781605098685

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

View: 555

Green products have been around since the 1970s, but it’s only in recent years that they’ve become ubiquitous. It’s not because consumers suddenly prize sustainability above all. It’s because savvy green marketers are no longer trying to “sell the earth”—instead they’re promoting the value their products provide: better health, superior performance, good taste, cost-effectiveness, or simply convenience. This central emphasis on primary benefits—the new rules—is critical to winning over the mainstream consumer. The New Rules of Green Marketing helps readers understand why value-based sustainability marketing has become a critical organizational capacity and how they themselves can adopt this approach. Drawing on the latest data from leading researchers and reflecting on learnings from her corporate clients and other pioneers—including GE, Nike, Method, Starbucks, Timberland, HP, NatureWorks, Procter & Gamble, Stonyfield Farm, and Wal-Mart—Ottman provides practical strategies, tools, and inspiration for building every aspect of a credible value-based green marketing strategy. She covers using a proactive approach to sustainability to spur innovation, developing products that are green throughout their life cycle, communicating credibly to avoid accusations of “greenwashing,” teaming up with stakeholders to maximize outreach to consumers, taking advantage of social media, and much more. This book takes the best of Ottman’s previous groundbreaking work it into the 21st century. Her new rules relegate traditional “green guilt” approaches to the recycling bin of history, break green products out of their niche and, ultimately do a far better job of advancing the triple bottom line of people, profits, and planet.

The Nation

Looting Social Security EDITOR & PUBLISHER : Katrina vanden Heuvel
PRESIDENT : Teresa Stack MANAGING EDITOR ... Queries may be mailed to
The Nation , 33 Irving Place , New York , NY 10003. ... This media scandal was
uncovered by economist Dean Baker , as reported on his American Prospect
blog . ... Shame on the Post , my old newspaper . ... Don't restore 4 January 25 ,
2010 The Nation .




ISBN: STANFORD:36105132682738



View: 702


Such avant - garde liberalism was a loser in the Walter Cronkite 60s ; it will surely
be a loser in the new - media - rich teens . ... Noting that memories of George W.
Bush's mishandling of Hurricane Katrina are fading , Klein adds , “ Democrats not
only have to run FEMA far better than Republicans did , but ... It is , however ,
distinctly American : as old as Thomas Edison and Henry Ford , as new as an
iPad .




ISBN: PSU:000061803831

Category: Democracy


View: 762

The Routledge Companion to News and Journalism

The Routledge Companion to News and Journalism presents an authoritative, comprehensive assessment of diverse forms of news media reporting – past, present and future.


Author: Stuart Allan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135261955

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 688

View: 956

The Routledge Companion to News and Journalism presents an authoritative, comprehensive assessment of diverse forms of news media reporting – past, present and future. Including 60 chapters, written by an outstanding team of internationally respected authors, the Companion provides scholars and students with a reliable, historically informed guide to news media and journalism studies. The Companion has the following features: It is organised to address a series of themes pertinent to the on-going theoretical and methodological development of news and journalism studies around the globe. The focus encompasses news institutions, production processes, texts, and audiences. Individual chapters are problem-led, seeking to address ‘real world’ concerns that cast light on an important dimension of news and journalism – and show why it matters. Entries draw on a range of academic disciplines to explore pertinent topics, particularly around the role of journalism in democracy, such as citizenship, power and public trust. Discussion revolves primarily around academic research conducted in the UK and the US, with further contributions from other national contexts - thereby allowing international comparisons to be made. The Routledge Companion to News and Journalism provides an essential guide to key ideas, issues, concepts and debates, while also stressing the value of reinvigorating scholarship with a critical eye to developments in the professional realm. The paperback edition of this Companion includes four new chapters, focusing on news framing, newsmagazines, digital radio news, and social media. Contributors: G. Stuart Adam, Stuart Allan, Chris Atton, Brian Baresch, Geoffrey Baym, W. Lance Bennett, Rodney Benson, S. Elizabeth Bird, R. Warwick Blood, Tanja Bosch, Raymond Boyle, Bonnie Brennen, Qing Cao, Cynthia Carter, Anabela Carvalho, Deborah Chambers, Lilie Chouliaraki, Lisbeth Clausen, James R. Compton, Simon Cottle, Ros Coward, Andrew Crisell, Mark Deuze, Roger Dickinson, Wolfgang Donsbach, Mats Ekström, James S.Ettema, Natalie Fenton, Bob Franklin, Herbert J. Gans, Mark Glaser, Mark Hampton, Joseph Harker, Jackie Harrison, John Hartley, Alfred Hermida, Andrew Hoskins, Shih-Hsien Hsu, Dale Jacquette, Bengt Johansson, Richard Kaplan, Carolyn Kitch, Douglas Kellner, Larsåke Larsson, Justin Lewis, Jake Lynch, Mirca Madianou, Donald Matheson, Heidi Mau, Brian McNair, Kaitlynn Mendes, Máire Messenger Davies, Toby Miller, Martin Montgomery, Marguerite Moritz, Mohammed el-Nawawy, Henrik Örnebring, Julian Petley, Shawn Powers, Greg Philo, Stephen D. Reese, Barry Richards, David Rowe, Philip Seib, Jane B. Singer, Guy Starkey, Linda Steiner, Daya Kishan Thassu, John Tulloch, Howard Tumber, Silvio Waisbord, Gary Whannel, Andrew Williams, Barbie Zelizer