Old Bill Williams Mountain Man

He was a master trapper and so identified himself in signing his name. He was one of the guides of the Sibley survey of the Santa Fe Trail in 1825 and some twenty years later was a guide with two different Fremont expeditions.


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Born during the American Revolution, Williams was a child of the early frontier. In his young manhood he became an itinerant preacher and appointed himself a missionary to the Osages, who soon converted him to their lifeway. The Osage girl he married died after bearing his two daughters. From this point on, Old Bill forsook civilization and made the wilderness his home. He was a master trapper and so identified himself in signing his name. He was one of the guides of the Sibley survey of the Santa Fe Trail in 1825 and some twenty years later was a guide with two different Fremont expeditions.

A Literary History of the American West

A number of the mountain men treated in the Hafen set are also the subject of first - rate biographies . ... Old Bill Williams , Mountain Man ( 1936 ) by Alpheus H. Favour , is one of the earliest and best of the biographies of mountain ...


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Literary histories, of course, do not have a reason for being unless there exists the literature itself. This volume, perhaps more than others of its kind, is an expression of appreciation for the talented and dedicated literary artists who ignored the odds, avoided temptations to write for popularity or prestige, and chose to write honestly about the American West, believing that experiences long knowns to be of historical importance are also experiences that need and deserve a literature of importance.

It Happened on the Santa Fe Trail

The military officer claimed he was misled at every turn by the mountain man. Of Old Bill, Kit Carson supposedly said, ... Most impressively, however, is a modern organization in Arizona called the Old Bill Williams Mountain Men.


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From Jedediah Smith’s final fight to an unlikely flash flood in the desert, It Happened on the Santa Fe Trail gives readers a unique look at intriguing people and episodes from one of America’s most historically important trails, the artery that opened the Southwest to settlement. Find out how Colonel Kit Carson survived the Battle of Adobe Walls. Discover how a famous mountain man became an unlikely millionaire. And read all about how a railroad traded a lifetime of social security for a right of way!

Twenty Thousand Mornings

Mathews wrote about his great-grandfather William Shirley Williams in The Osages. Williams is also the subject of other publications, such as Old Bill Williams, Mountain Man, by Alpheus Favour; Bill Williams' Mountain Men, ...


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When John Joseph Mathews (1894–1979) began his career as a writer in the 1930s, he was one of only a small number of Native American authors writing for a national audience. Today he is widely recognized as a founder and shaper of twentieth-century Native American literature. Twenty Thousand Mornings is Mathews’s intimate chronicle of his formative years. Written in 1965-67 but only recently discovered, this work captures Osage life in pre-statehood Oklahoma and recounts many remarkable events in early-twentieth-century history. Born in Pawhuska, Osage Nation, Mathews was the only surviving son of a mixed-blood Osage father and a French-American mother. Within these pages he lovingly depicts his close relationships with family members and friends. Yet always drawn to solitude and the natural world, he wanders the Osage Hills in search of tranquil swimming holes—and new adventures. Overturning misguided critical attempts to confine Mathews to either Indian or white identity, Twenty Thousand Mornings shows him as a young man of his time. He goes to dances and movies, attends the brand-new University of Oklahoma, and joins the Air Service as a flight instructor during World War I—spawning a lifelong fascination with aviation. His accounts of wartime experiences include unforgettable descriptions of his first solo flight and growing skill in night-flying. Eventually Mathews gives up piloting to become a student again, this time at Oxford University, where he begins to mature as an intellectual. In her insightful introduction and explanatory notes, Susan Kalter places Mathews’s work in the context of his life and career as a novelist, historian, naturalist, and scholar. Kalter draws on his unpublished diaries, revealing aspects of his personal life that have previously been misunderstood. In addressing the significance of this posthumous work, she posits that Twenty Thousand Mornings will challenge, defy, and perhaps redefine studies of American Indian autobiography.”

Dear Old Kit

He was killed by Ute Indians , in March , 1848 , as he and Dr. Benjamin Kern sought to retrieve some of the equipment abandoned by Frémont in the mountains . See Alpheus H. Favour , Old Bill Williams , Mountain Man ( Chapel Hill ...


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The Figure of Kit Carson strides through the literature of the American West in heroic size. Trader, trapper, scout, brigadier general of New Mexico Volunteers, and many other things besides, he has appealed to the public imagination as no other frontiersman has. Many biographies and who versions of his “autobiography” have been published. Yet much of the legend still remains to be separated from the facts, declares the author of this new biography. “I am an admirer of Carson,” says Mr. Carter, “and have no wish deliberately to debunk him, but I am interested in correcting the statements of uncritical hero worship many by many writers.” Kit is allowed to speak for himself, as far as possible, through an exact transcription of his dictated reminiscences made from the manuscript in the Newberry Library, Chicago. Persons and places are clearly identified, and Kit’s slips of memory are corrected in the definitive annotation of his account. One hundred years of speculation about the identity of the man who transcribed Carson’s story is ended. Mr. Carter has established positive identification, based on carefully assembled facts. A new assessment of Kit’s character and reputation is included, as well as an annotated account of the last years of his life.


As a famed mountain man and trapper called “ Lone Elk ” and “ Old Bill , ” among other nicknames , he continuously moved west in his lifetime and is credited with finding an area of mountains in what is today northern Arizona .


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Nestled under the pine-covered slopes of Bill Williams Mountain, the city of Williams is a beloved hamlet that attracts fans of history, Route 66 cars, and vintage steam engines, as well as Grand Canyon visitors and rodeo enthusiasts. Since its beginning in the late 1800s, the city has since played host to cowboys, ranchers, sawmill and rail workersalong with their familiesand even an outlaw or two. Mountain men embraced the history of trapping and the citys namesake when they formed the Bill Williams Mountain Men in the 1950s. Longtime residents and thenArizona governor Barry Goldwater continued that tradition with the creation of Monument Park in 1980, at which time they unveiled a 1,100-pound statue of Bill Williams and kicked off the first annual Rendezvous Days celebration, an event that continues to this day. Williams is a town that showcases the varied history and culture of the Southwest in a unique small-town setting that charms both visitors and residents to this day.

The Louisiana Purchase

—Kathleen DuVal See also Carson, Christopher “Kit”; Mountain Men; Osage; Santa Fe Trail For Further Reading Favour, Alpheus H. 1936. Old Bill Williams, Mountain Man. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press; Graves, W. W. 1949.


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Alphabetical entries cover significant events, personalities, and documents associated with the Louisiana Purchase.