A Concise History of Revolution

“Mao and the Politics of Revolutionary Morality,” Asian Survey, Vol. 27, No. 3 (March 1987), pp. 316–339. Dunn, John. Modern Revolutions: An Introduction to the Analysis of a Political Phenomenon, 2nd edn.


Author: Mehran Kamrava

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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An innovative and comprehensive exploration of revolutions from the French Revolution of 1789 to the most recent 2011 Arab uprisings, which presents a new framework for the study of revolutions, and marks not only the political conditions leading to revolution but also the human emotion bound up in these tumultuous events.

Century of Revolution

I have settled on revolution as the organizing principle. This borrows from R.R. Palmer's marvelous Fae Age of the Democratic Revolution, but I am moving beyond the Atlantic world and I do not see most of the revolutions as particularly ...


Author: Edmund Clingan

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Revolution was the common theme as the world changed between the years 1770 and 1870. This book goes from the Battle of Golden Hill, where the first American blood was spilled fighting against the British, to the Meiji Restoration in Japan and Unification of Germany. Topics include the Enlightenment, the American and French Revolutions, Napoleon, Latin American Independence, Industrial Revolution, turmoil in the Muslim world, Shaka Zulu, Liberalism and Nationalism, the founding of Australia, Western-Asian conflicts, Napoleon III, and nation-state building in Italy, Japan, Germany, Canada, and the U.S. Everyone interested in the origins of revolutions and their consequences should read this book.


Preface to the First Edition This book began as a course on "Revolution and Social Change." I wanted to include readings by major thinkers and writers that would encourage students to think about revolution in terms of social theory, ...


Author: Jack A. Goldstone

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From the American Revolution to the conflicts in Afghanistan, revolutions have played a critical role in the course of history. Insight into the causes of revolutions and the factors that shape their outcomes is critical to understanding politics and world history--and REVOLUTIONS is a reader designed to address this need. Part One offers a combination of classic treatises and late-breaking scholarship that develops students' theoretical understanding of revolutionary movements. Part Two shows students how these theories play out in real life through rich, accessible accounts of major revolutionary episodes in modern history.

Words of Revolution

He is come to destroy it, by His death on the cross, to forgive the results of human nature, by His shed blood, and to establish a new man, which ultimately brings about a new revolution by His resurrection. Words of Revolution was ...


Author: Tom Skinner


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Weavers of Revolution

Many of the economic problems that the revolution from below had helped create — such as accelerating inflation and consumer shortages — were also corrosive socially and costly politically. By mid— 1972, it was clear that the Allende ...


Author: Associate Professor of History Peter Winn

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

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Examines the conflict which developed when the workers at a cotton mill tried to socialize the industry faster than Salvador Allende's government was willing to permit

JP s Crusade for Revolution

... the revolutionary potentialities of the situation in the country. Later when approached by the Chhatra Sangharsha Samiti leaders in March 1974, he did come to a firm decision about leading a broad-based satyagraha movement in Bihar.


Author: Vasant Sadashiv Nargolkar

Publisher: New Delhi : S. Chand

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On the current political agitation mounted by Jayaprakash Narayan, b. 1902, Sarvodaya leader, against the Indian establishment.

The Winds of Revolution

... 175-77; Guatemalan incident, 81-82, 103; intervention policy, 103; investment capital policy, 84-85; Nixon tour, 106-14; and Peru coup (1962), 224-25; recognition policy toward dictators, 82-85; revolutionary challenge to, 4-5.


Author: Tad Szulc


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Ireland and Scotland in the Age of Revolution

Britain and the French Revolution 1789-1815, London, 1989, pp. 103-25. C. Dickson, Revolt in the North: Antrim and Down in 1798, Dublin, 1960. D. Dickson, New Foundations: Ireland 1660-1800, Dublin, 1987. and H. Gough, Ireland and the ...


Author: Elaine W. McFarland


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"The United Irishmen were one of the most determined and energetic radical organisations challenging the old regime in the British Isles at the end of the eighteenth century. Based on extensive new research, this book explores a previously little-known dimension of their activity - their involvement in Scottish society and politics - and sets the Scottish relationship against the climate of international brotherhood which followed the French Revolution." "From the 'Polite Era' of constitutional reform, to the role of Irish agents in the creation of a Scottish revolutionary underground, it describes the growth of ideological and organisational connections between Irish and Scottish radical movements. It then examines the United Irishmen's Rebellion of 1798 and its impact on the Scottish press, government agencies and the radicals themselves, before exploring the fate of refugees from the Irish crisis in the political and industrial strife in Scotland in the early nineteenth century." "This challenging book places Scottish radicalism within its full European context, and sheds new light on the nature of the United Irishmen's movement and the threat it posed to the existing social order."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Guerrilla Theater Scenarios for Revolution

Guerrilla Theater Scenarios for Revolution John Weisman A combination of drama, political consciousness, and community action — is a theatrical form that can be called guerrilla, radical, alternative, street, or people's theater.


Author: John Weisman

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