On the History of the Idea of Atonement Among the Hebrews from the Time of Amos circa 800 B C to the Liberation by Cyrus from the Babylonian Exile cira 540 B C

We read that the exiles sat at times by the rivers of Babylon and thought on Zion (
Psalms cxxxvii . 1 ) , and the words fitly describe Ezekiel . Ezekiel was less
original as a thinker than Isaiah or Jeremiah , and needed more . material aids in
his ...


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"The story of a life must be interesting, but the history of an idea has a manifold interest, because it is the story of many lives. It is the history of life as it is ever springing into being, ever handed on from one individual to another, gathering the vigour of many ages. ..."--

History of the Church of Zion and St Timothy of New York 1797 1894

He grasps the idea which he wishes to express , and he explains it with vigorous
common sense which one cannot fail to ... break in this flow of strong and well
chosen words , that in the rapid flight of his ideas he must become confused .


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Violence and Aggression in the History of Ideas

International Society for the History of Ideas Philip Paul Wiener, John Fisher,
Phineas Weiner. Nonexistent Edens as a ... By the waters of Babylon we sat
down and wept when we thought of thee , O Zion . ” Every unhappy people has
its Zion ...


Author: International Society for the History of Ideas

Publisher: New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press

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Zion in Jewish Literature

Halkin ' s classic anthology of essays on Zion in biblical , rabbinic , medieval ,
and modem Jewish writing presents us with the history of Judaism , written in the
miniature measurements of a single idea . The occasion for the original
publication ...


Author: Abraham S. Halkin

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The editor, one of the Jewish Theological Seminary's great teachers and foremost intellects, has assembled a classic anthology of essays on Zion from biblical, rabbinic, medieval, and modern Jewish writing. Originally published in 1961 by Herzl Press, this edition contains a new introduction by Jacob Neusner.


Reform Judaism : a historical perspective ; essays from the Yearbook of the
Central Conference of American Rabbis . KTAV , 1973. 529p 72-428 . 15.00 . ...
On Zion ; the history of an idea . Schocken , 1973 ( orig . pub . as Israel and
Palestine ...




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On Zion

Seen from the point of view of the history of ideas , however , they both belong to
an earlier stage than Hess ' book , in so ... With this is connected the fact that both
lack the objectively historical and supra - historical foundations which we find in ...


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Martin Buber's writings on Zion and Zionism go back to the early years of this century. To him, Zion was not primarily a political issue. Zionism implies a reorientation of the entire being, an overcoming of a Diaspora mentality, a catharsis, and a readiness to build in the land of Israel a new, just, free, and creative community.

Zion s Home Monthly

... or basking beneath the to have glimpses of certain cardinals ideas , blinding
glories of Solomon ' s reign ; whether which seem to be the golden threads in this
with the Ark of shittim wood in the wilderwonderful History , and the animating im




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The Publishers Weekly

St. Martin's Press THE NEW POPULISM ON ZION : The History of an Idea T'AI
CHI CHU'AN by Senator Fred Harris . A manifesto for by Martin Buber . The
historical contiby Lu Hui - chi . An introduction to the an a new populist movement




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For while the men of action measure their efforts in terms of results , the
philosopher charts the development of ideas . To men of ... Israel and Palestine is
therefore the history of the idea of Zion from its birth in antiquity down to modern
times .




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A Royal Priesthood

The idea of king as lawgiver is built into the interaction between the law tradition
and history . ... 39 The Zion - Davidic Theology Beyond Deuteronomy Finally , I
want to put my reading of Deuteronomy in a broader Old Testament context .


Author: Craig G. Bartholomew

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The third in a series of books that result from annual conferences of the top evangelical hermeneutical scholars in the world.

The Messiah Idea in Jewish History

Julius Hillel Greenstone. In the Benedictions recited after the reading of the
Haftarah , God , the One “ who sayeth and doeth , who speaketh and fulfilleth ,
whose words are all truth and righteousness ” is invoked to have pity on Zion
the home ...


Author: Julius Hillel Greenstone

Publisher: Philadelphia : Jewish Publication Society of America

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"The Messianic hope in the Jewish liturgy"--Appendix (p. [283]-302)

The Idea of God and Human Freedom

70 But in the pre - exilic period Israel did not regard the distinctive function of Zion
as something established in the primal age , but as the expression of an historical
act of choice by Yahweh ( cf. Pss . 78.68 ; 132.13ff . ) . This again is an ...


Author: Wolfhart Pannenberg

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The Holocaust in Historical Context

223 – 242 ; and in Irving Greenberg ' s The Third Great Cycle of Jewish History .
In addition to the sources listed on p . 79 , n . ... Zion : The History of an Idea (
London , 1973 ) . See also the interesting and varied collection of essays edited
by ...


Author: Steven T. Katz

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

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With this volume, Steven T. Katz initiates the provocative argument that the Holocaust is a singular event in human history. Unlike any previous work on the subject, The Holocaust in Historical Context maintains that the Holocaust is the only example of true genocide--a systematic attempt to kill all the members of a group--in history. In a richly documented, subtly argued, and amazingly wide-ranging comparative historical and phenomenological analysis, Katz explores the philosophical and historiographical implications of the uniqueness of the Holocaust. After he establishes the nature of genocide, Katz examines other occasions of mass death to which the Holocaust is regularly compared from slavery in the ancient world to the medieval persecution of heretics, from the depopulation of the New World to the Armenian massacres during World War I, and from the Gulag to Cambodia. In the first of three volumes, Katz, after setting the groundwork for his analysis with four chapters dealing with essential methodological issues, begins his comparative case studies with slavery in the ancient Greek and Roman world, and continues with such subjects as medieval antisemitism, the European witch craze, the medieval wars of religion, the medieval persecution of homosexuals, and the French campaign against Huguenots. Throughout this investigation of pre-modern Jewish and non-Jewish history, Katz looks at the ways in which the Holocaust has precedents and parallels, and in what way it stands alone as a singular, highly distinctive historical event.

The Greek and Hebrew Origins of Our Idea of History

When the LORD has finished all that he means to do on Mount Zion and in
Jerusalem , he will punish the king of Assyria for this fruit of his pride . . . . " ( 10 : 5
, 12a . ) Thus punishment awaits all the brutality of the mighty in history .


Author: Paul Merkley

Publisher: Lewiston, N.Y. ; Queenston, Ont. : E. Mellen Press

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New York : Schocken , 1963 . On Judaism . Edited by Nahum Glatzer . New York :
Schocken , 1972 . Paths in Utopia . Boston : Beacon Press , 1958 . On Zion : The
History of an Idea . London : East and West Library , 1973 . " Zion , the State ...


Author: Arnold M. Eisen


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Pt. 1 deals with biblical and rabbinic texts on exile and relations with non-Jews. Pt. 2 deals with Zionism and the views of thinkers such as Herzl, Jacob Klatzkin, and Yehezkel Kaufmann, who believed that secular messianism would solve the "Jewish question" and tended to view antisemitism as a natural response to the Jewish refusal to assimilate. Examines changes in the perception of Jewish history as a result of the Holocaust and the establishment of the State of Israel.

The Return to Zion

Bein, Alex, The Return to the Soil, Jerusalem, 1952. —, Theodor Herzl: A
Biography, Philadelphia, 1956. Ben-Gurion, David, My Talks With Arab Leaders,
Jerusalem, 1972. Buber, Martin, Israel and Palestine: The History of an Idea,
London, ...


Author: Aryeh Rubinstein

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Literature and Inner Exile

The origin of this concept , and the evolution of the reclamation made by Spain of
her exiled culture , would make an interesting subject of research . 5 . Adro
Xavier , Cosas de la ... While Martin Buber ' s On Zion . The History of an Idea (
New ...


Author: Paul Ilie

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Divre Ha Kongres Ha olami Le mada e Ha Yahadut

The most salient feature of the biblical concept of ' Israel ' is its non - autochthonic
emphasis.20 The dominant biblical view , which is expressed in various forms ...
3-30 ( Published also as : On Zion , the History of an Idea , New York 1973 ) .




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