Nox Night Cursed Bundle Books 1 4

“We have noticed that the City of Night has almost become the City of Darkness.” Nervous titters rang out, but they were muffled when the fae lord swept an annoyed emerald green gaze over them. “You insisted that we needed to make the ...


Author: J.C. Diem

Publisher: Seize The Night Publishing Agency


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This bundle contains books 1 – 4 of the Nox: Night Cursed Series. Hexed On Halloween: On Halloween, a powerful spell is cast and black magic sweeps across the US. Everyone wearing a costume is turned into the person or creature they're pretending to be. Evil clowns, pirates, shifters, zombies and many other monsters run amok, preying on the weak. Xiara Evora was just a normal girl with a normal name before the curse struck. Now she is a hunter of evil monsters and bad guys. She has a trusty staff called Wrath who can kill anything, whether it’s alive, dead or undead. Xiara and the rest of the cursed are drawn to Nox, the City of Night where the Immortal Triumvirate rule. The unholy trinity created the Night Cursed, but it’s unclear why, or what their intentions are. The only thing Xiara is sure of is that they are all trapped in this city with no way out. Tricks And Treats: Xiara’s job as the Guardian of Nox is more complex than she’d ever anticipated. Nox is a hodgepodge of human magic users, vampires, shifters, fae beings and various other types of monsters. The city is divided into five different Districts. Xiara patrols them all in her effort to keep the peace, except for the Demon District in the catacombs beneath Nox. Only someone with a death wish would enter their domain without an invitation. When a new type of being enters Nox, things soon begin to change. Although there are a lot of Night Cursed deities, they aren’t real. They’re just pale imitations with little power. Xiara has a feeling that the minor god is going to become far more of a pest than he first appears. The delicate balance between the Districts is already unstable. The last thing the City of Night needs is for a trickster to shake things up. If he breaks too many laws, the Immortal Triumvirate will order her to use her trusty staff to end his existence. Not even a true deity can survive Wrath’s deathly power. All Hallows’ Apocalypse: As time wears on in Nox, the Night Cursed beings are becoming shunned by the uncursed population. Mistrust is rising in all of the Districts and Xiara is right in the middle of it. It’s her job to keep the peace, but her task is getting harder with each passing year. Crowmon, the trickster god, and Raum, the leader of the demons, have gained a lot of power over the years. Xiara suspects they are searching for a way to increase their standing even more, but she isn’t sure what their plans are. They’ll do anything to increase their influence and they don’t care who will get hurt in the process. Xiara and her team make new friends and allies who will help them with their quest to save the Night Cursed from the Immortal Triumvirate. The unholy trinity fears treachery and they’re aware that someone will eventually try to topple them from their reign. Their solution to avoid their unwanted fate will have consequences that no one could have foreseen. Trickster’s Treachery: Xiara is asked to look for a missing witch who just happens to be one of Crowmon’s priestesses. It’s news to Xiara that the trickster god has holy folk worshipping him, but she has little choice but to help. During her search, she uncovers a conspiracy that goes deeper than she’d realized. The unrest in Nox has grown worse and all of the Districts are becoming unstable. It won’t take much to tip the balance and for an all-out war to begin. Xiara and her team know that rebels will rise to stand against the Immortal Triumvirate. Quilla has foreseen that their hated rulers can be beaten, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll fall. Any chance is better than none, so the motley team of Night Cursed beings vow to assist these insurgents any way they can. Paranormal romance, urban fantasy, dark fantasy, shifters, shapeshifters, werewolves, vampires, witches, wizards, warlocks, magic, fae, fairies

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