Oriental and Linguistic Studies

the Veda; the Avesta; the science of language. ... AND COMPARATIVE
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Author: William Dwight Whitney


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Linguistic and oriental studies in honour of Fabrizio A Pennacchietti

From the table of contents: (73 contributions)E. Albrile, Il silenzio degli dei. Ermetismo, etnobotanica e altri mitiM. G. Amadasi Guzzo, Un'iscrizione fenicia da IbizaW. Arnold, Uber die Herstellung von Seide in Antiochien.


Author: Pier Giorgio Borbone

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From the table of contents: (73 contributions)E. Albrile, Il silenzio degli dei. Ermetismo, etnobotanica e altri mitiM. G. Amadasi Guzzo, Un'iscrizione fenicia da IbizaW. Arnold, Uber die Herstellung von Seide in Antiochien. Ein Text im arabischen Dialekt der Nus.ayrier von Yaqt.uA. Avanzini, To accompany a recently published Sabaic text: Historical and grammatical remarksS. Baldi, L'esperanto e la lingua hausaV. Barandovska-Frank, Internaciaj lingvoj en interretoF. Bellino, David Morkos frate della Custodia di Terra Santa e professore di arabo nella Torino dell'OttocentoJ. Blau, Some reflections on the disappearance of cases in ArabicP. Giorgio Borbone, L'autore della "Storia di Mar Yahballaha e di Rabban Sauma"R. Borghero, Some features of the North Eastern Neo-Aramaic dialect of AshithaA. Boucherit, De esperanto a espoir: remarques lexicalesE. Braida - S. Destefanis, L'alchermes: liquore cremisi o vermiglio? Divagazioni storico-etimologiche sull' origine di un coloreF. B. Chatonnet - A. Desreumaux - A. Binggeli, Un cas tres ancien de garshouni ? Quelques re. exions sur lemanuscrit BL Add. 14644V. Brugnatelli, Come si concludeva il poema di Aqhat


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History of the Language Sciences Geschichte der Sprachwissenschaften Histoire des sciences du langage 2 Teilband

Müller achieved an enormous success in popularizing linguistic studies in
general and Oriental studies in particular. The Sacred Books were only one
instrument in this lifelong endeavor of global proportions, though a very important


Author: Sylvain Auroux

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Der 2. Teilband behandelt detailliert und oft unter neuen Blickwinkeln die einzelnen Entwicklungsstufen des Sprachstudiums als autonome Disziplin, von der wachsenden Erkenntnis von genetischen Beziehungen zwischen Sprachfamilien im 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts bis zur Etablierung der komparativ-historisch ausgerichteten Indo-Germanistik im 19. Jahrhundert, von der Generation der Schlegels, Bopp, Rask und Grimm bis hin zu den Junggrammatikern und der Anwendung vergleichender Methoden für Nicht-Indo-Europäische Sprachen dieser Erde.

Language and History in Africa


Author: University of London. School of Oriental and African Studies. Language and History in Africa Seminar

Publisher: Frank Cass & Company

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The Imperial and Asiatic Quarterly Review and Oriental and Colonial Record

I may here mention , as an instance of unconscious superciliousness , due to
want of sympathy with linguistic research , that when Her Majesty was to be
proclaimed “ Kaisar - i - Hind , ” at the Delhi Imperial Assemblage to the Chiefs
and the ...




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Beginning Apr. 1895, includes the Proceedings of the East India Association.

Soviet Oriental Studies Today

The First International Symposium of scholars from socialist countries on the
theoretical problems of Oriental linguistics ( Moscow , 1977 ) was an important
landmark in the development of Eastern studies . The work of Soviet Orientalists
in ...




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The Oxford Guide to the Transeurasian Languages

The importance of a Korean source on the Ryukyuan language', in Bjarke
Frellesvig and Roy Starrs (eds.), Japan ... On Proto-Ainu Numerals', Chicago
Linguistic Society Meeting 5:337–42. Hamp ... Studies in General and Oriental


Author: Martine Robbeets

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780198804628

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The Oxford Guide to the Transeurasian Languages provides a comprehensive account of the Transeurasian languages, and is the first major reference work in the field since 1965. The term 'Transeurasian' refers to a large group of geographically adjacent languages that includes five uncontroversial linguistic families: Japonic, Koreanic, Tungusic, Mongolic, and Turkic. The historical connection between these languages, however, constitutes one of the most debated issues in historical comparative linguistics. In the present book, a team of leading international scholars in the field take a balanced approach to this controversy, integrating different theoretical frameworks, combining both functional and formal linguistics, and showing that genealogical and areal approaches are in fact compatible with one another. The volume is divided into five parts. Part I deals with the historical sources and periodization of the Transeurasian languages and their classification and typology. In Part II, chapters provide individual structural overviews of the Transeurasian languages and the linguistic subgroups that they belong to, while Part III explores Transeurasian phonology, morphology, syntax, lexis, and semantics from a comparative perspective. Part IV offers a range of areal and genealogical explanations for the correlations observed in the preceding parts. Finally, Part V combines archaeological, genetic, and anthropological perspectives on the identity of speakers of Transeurasian languages. The Oxford Guide to the Transeurasian Languages will be an indispensable resource for specialists in Japonic, Koreanic, Tungusic, Mongolic, and Turkic languages and for anyone with an interest in Transeurasian and comparative linguistics more broadly.

A concise grammar of the Malagasy language

Edited with Introduction, Notes, Tables, 820., and an Index, by the Rev. B. Morris,
M.A., LL.D. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, pp. xxii. and 318, cloth. 1880. 5a.
WHERE—Oriental and Linguistic Studies. By W. D. Whitney. First Series. Crown
8vo pp ...


Author: G. W. Parker

Publisher: Рипол Классик

ISBN: 9785879392517

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Linguistic Convergence and Areal Diffusion

Case Studies from Iranian, Semitic and Turkic Éva Ágnes Csató, Bo Isaksson,
Carina Jahani. List. of. Contributors. Hendrik Boeschoten, Department of Oriental
Studies, Mainz University, Germany.


Author: Éva Ágnes Csató

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134396306

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The authors are outstanding scholars engaged in the study of language varieties spoken in 'convergence areas' in which speakers are multilingual in languages of at least two but sometimes all three language families. Many of the contributions present new data collected in fieldwork. The geographic area covered is Western and Central Asia where varieties of Iranian, Semitic and Turkic languages have entered into many different types of contact. The intricate linguistic contact situations demonstrate highly interesting convergence phenomena.

Linguistic Oriental and Ethiopian Studies in Memory of Paolo Marrassini

Entitled to the memory of Paolo Marrassini (Florence, 1942-2013), Professor for Ethiopian and Semitic Studies in Pisa, Florence, Naples and Addis Ababa, this volume reflects the wide spectrum of interests of its dedicatee.


Author: Alessandro Bausi

Publisher: Otto Harrassowitz

ISBN: 3447103175

Category: History

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Entitled to the memory of Paolo Marrassini (Florence, 1942-2013), Professor for Ethiopian and Semitic Studies in Pisa, Florence, Naples and Addis Ababa, this volume reflects the wide spectrum of interests of its dedicatee. While the majority of the contributions included deal with Semitic, Arabic and Jewish Studies, Assyriology and most of all classical Ethiopian Studies, also included are Egyptology, Ancient Near Eastern, Biblical, Medieval and African Studies, Linguistics and Classical Archaeology, not without a look into contemporary issues of migration and globalization. Contributed by colleagues, friends and pupils of Marrassini from several European countries, the USA and Ethiopia, the volume consists of 36 papers in English, French and Italian, ranging from research notes to comprehensive essays and extensive text editions with translation and commentary. It also includes short notices on the dedicatee by the editors and Riccardo Contini, along with his complete bibliography.

Annotated Bibliography of Southern American English

Reading about language, 296–98. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. 1.372
Kurath, Hans. 1970. The sociocultural interpretation of dialect areas [Upper South
]. Studies in general and oriental linguistics, presented to Shiro Hattori on the ...


Author: James B. McMillan

Publisher: University Alabama Press

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A collection of the total range of scholarly and popular writing on English as spoken from Maryland to Texas and from Kentucky to Florida The only book-length bibliography on the speech of the American South, this volume focuses on the pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, naming practices, word play, and other aspects of language that have interested researchers and writers for two centuries. Compiled here are the works of linguists, historians, anthropologists, sociologists, and educators, as well as popular commentators. With over 3,800 entries, this invaluable resource is a testament to the significance of Southern speech, long recognized as a distinguishing feature of the South, and the abiding interest of Southerners in their speech as a mark of their identity. The entries encompass Southern dialects in all their distinctive varieties—from Appalachian to African American, and sea islander to urbanite.

Linguistic and Oriental Essays

He remarked that all the Members of this Congress were either Orientalists , or
promoters of Oriental Studies , and that the Social element did not ... Comparative
Language , under the Presidency of Prince Lucien Bonaparte and Prof .


Author: Robert Needham Cust


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Computer Processing of Oriental Languages Beyond the Orient The Research Challenges Ahead

... and Shiwen Yu Institute of Computational Linguistics, Peking University Beijing
, China, 100871 {wuyf, jandp, yszhang, ... Chinese corpus annotated with word
senses both for word sense disambiguation (WSD) and linguistic research.


Author: Yuji Matsumoto

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540496670

Category: Computers

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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Computer Processing of Oriental Languages, ICCPOL 2006, held in Singapore in December 2006, co-located with ISCSLP 2006, the 5th International Symposium on Chinese Spoken Language Processing. Coverage includes information retrieval, machine translation, word segmentation, abbreviation expansion, writing-system issues, semantics, and lexical resources.