The Jewish Daughter Diaries

Frishman Beach is the Tel Aviv shore my mom grew up on. I have a set of photos of her, back when she was twentytwo, then a wellknown Israeli folk dancer with a ponytail that freely grazed the small of her back. She is wearing a bikini.


Author: Rachel Ament

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Moms who impersonate their daughters on JDate. Moms who try to set their daughters up with celebrities. Moms who can't stop taking selfies with their dogs. Moms who make their daughters' beds while their daughters are still sleeping in the other half. This collection of 28 essays is a heartfelt, hilarious tribute to mom and daughterhood, exploring the often complex, colorful and (at times) claustrophobic relationship. The Jewish Daughter Diaries features stories from some of the most compelling Jewish female voices today, who sound off on what it is like to be loved and adored by a modern-day Jewish mom. Mayim Bialik: "My mother met my bewilderment with a sympathetic glance and a modest recounting of my assets as she saw them.... if Barbra Streisand could be so famous and amazing and wonderful with her nose, why should mine be any problem?" lliza Shlesinger: "I knew my mom was special because once I asked her, "If a witch turned me into a bug, what would you do? Without missing a beat, she said, "I'd put you in my pocket to keep you with me always." Also featuring: Lauren Greenberg, Sari Botton, Abby Sher, Kerry Cohen, Meredith Hoffa, Anna Breslaw, Chaya Kurtz, Iris Bahr, Jena Friedman, Rachel Shukert, Leonara Ariella Nonni Epstein, Jenny Jaffe, Lauren Yapalater, Rebecca Drysdale, Emmy Blotnik, Arianna Stern, Almie Rose, Nadine Friedman, Deb Margolin, Gaby Dunn, Wendy Liebman, Mireille Silcoff, Dylan Joffe, and Mara Altman. The stories in this collection will make you laugh, cry, panic-and finally, pick up the phone. For anyone who has ever been overloved, overprotected or overmothered, this collection will feel like home.

A Companion to British Jewish Theatre Since the 1950s

Fraser, A. (2017), Our Israeli Diary, 1978, London: Oneworld. Gale, S. H. (2003), Sharp Cut: Harold Pinter's Screenplays and the Artistic Process, Lexington: University of Kentucky Press. Gilliat, P. (1959), 'Vital Theatre: A ...


Author: Jeanette R. Malkin

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The first of its kind, this companion to British-Jewish theatre brings a neglected dimension in the work of many prominent British theatre-makers to the fore. Its structure reflects the historical development of British-Jewish theatre from the 1950s onwards, beginning with an analysis of the first generation of writers that now forms the core of post-war British drama (including Tom Stoppard, Harold Pinter and Arnold Wesker) and moving on to significant thematic force-fields and faultlines such as the Holocaust, antisemitism and Israel/Palestine. The book also covers the new generation of British-Jewish playwrights, with a special emphasis on the contribution of women writers and the role of particular theatres in the development of British-Jewish theatre, as well as TV drama. Included in the book are fascinating interviews with a set of significant theatre practitioners working today, including Ryan Craig, Patrick Marber, John Nathan, Julia Pascal and Nicholas Hytner. The companion addresses, not only aesthetic and ideological concerns, but also recent transformations with regard to institutional contexts and frameworks of cultural policies.

Jerusalem Diaries II

At the checkpoint into Ramallah, an Israeli soldier cursorily asks if everyone in the van is a journalist and waves us through to the other side. As we get out of our Israeli vehicle to wait for the Arab taxi and our Palestinian police ...


Author: Judy Lash Balint

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The author takes readers to hot-spots in eastern and western parts of the city; to Jerusalem neighborhoods under fire; to the homes of victims of Arab terror; to northern Israel during last summer's Second Lebanon War and to cultural and religious events that go on despite the tensions. "Jerusalem Diaries II" also covers events in Gaza, Hebron, and Bethlehem--places in the headlines over the past few years. (Social Issues)

Pinter s World

“Desert Island Discs,” 69; Diaries, ix; “For My Partner,” 63; The Gunpowder Plot, 88, 129; Jemina Shore Series, 130; ... 209, 213, 218, 219; My History: A Memoir of Growing Up, 129, 131; Our Israeli Diary, 131, 164; Perilous Question, ...


Author: William Baker

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Pinter’s World presents an analysis based on recently published biographies and reminiscences and extensive consultation of Pinter’s archive at the British Library, of his friendships, and obsessions. Topics extend beyond the subject’s drama and screen plays, to his prose, journalism, poetry, letters, and artistic endeavors.

Harold Pinter

Playwrights of Jewish origin such as Arnold Wesker, Peter Shaffer, Arthur Miller and Harold Pinter made substantial ... Fraser's Our Israeli Diary records how he remembers his Bar Mitzvah and learning Hebrew.7 On this visit, ...


Author: Basil Chiasson

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This important book offers a thematic collection of critical essays, ideal for undergraduate courses on modern British theatre, on Harold Pinter's theatrical works, alongside new interviews with contemporary theatre practitioners. The life and works of Harold Pinter (1930–2008), a pivotal figure in British theatre, have been widely discussed, debated and celebrated internationally. For over five decades, Pinter's work traversed and redefined various forms and genres, constantly in dialogue with, and often impacting the work of, other writers, artists and activists. Combining a reconsideration of key Pinter scholarship with new contexts, voices and theoretical approaches, this book opens up fresh insights into the author's work, politics, collaborations and his enduring status as one of the world's foremost dramatists. Three sections re-contextualize Pinter as a cultural figure; explore and interrogate his influence on contemporary British playwriting; and offer a series of original interviews with theatre-makers engaging in the staging of Pinter's work today. Reconsiderations of Pinter's relationship to literary and theatrical movements such as Modernism and the Theatre of the Absurd; interrogations of the role of class, elitism and religious and cultural identity sit alongside chapters on Pinter's personal politics, specifically in relation to the Middle East.

Occupation Diaries

He was of course an Israeli, a member of the superior race. It is always when I'm on my way back to Israel that I feel most acutely how the Israelis are invaders who have taken over my country and closed its borders to the original ...


Author: Raja Shehadeh

Publisher: Profile Books

ISBN: 9781847658524

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It is often the smallest details of daily life that tell us the most. And so it is under occupation in Palestine. What most of us take for granted has to be carefully thought about and planned for: When will the post be allowed to get through? Will there be enough water for the bath tonight? How shall I get rid of the rubbish collecting outside? How much time should I allow for the journey to visit my cousin, going through checkpoints? And big questions too: Is working with left-wing Israelis collaborating or not? What affect will the Arab Spring have on the future of Palestine? What can anyone do to bring about change? Are any of life's pleasures untouched by politics?

Jerusalem Diaries

We were shocked to discover that there are Israeli voters who support the goals of Hamas and Islamic Jihad . ... Israelis of all political beliefs were likewise stunned to discover that our defense forces , among the best - trained and ...


Author: Judy Lash Balint

Publisher: Gefen Publishing House Ltd

ISBN: 9652292710

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Balint, a Jerusalem-based journalist, offers 55 diary-like commentaries on life in Israel between November 1998 and May 2001, as Israelis struggled to keep functioning under the intense pressures of terrorism inflicted on their citizenry. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR.

The Hain Diaries

I said that whatever my actions had been in the past, my role now was to pursue the Labour government's policy of promoting reconciliation between Palestinians and Israelis. It was a relatively straightforward task to accomplish because ...


Author: Peter Hain

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A selection of fascinating extracts from notes and digital recordings made by Peter Hain during his twelve years serving in government, The Hain Diaries offers an invaluable insight into the workings and workers of the New Labour Cabinet. Providing a unique record of the ups and downs of ministerial life, informed and enhanced by Peter's experiences before and outside politics, the diaries form a compilation of candid and thoughtful reflections on parliament, power and problem-solving. Peter's career in government was marked by daily struggles to reconcile rival interests and individuals in bold attempts to resolve some of the most historically sensitive political issues of the time - from Iraq to Northern Ireland to Europe - and it is these events that provide the backdrop to his writings. However, although he was a figure who achieved senior office and was directly involved in key Cabinet decisions, Hain fell into neither the Blair nor Brown camps and is therefore perfectly placed to offer a rare non-sectarian perspective of New Labour in power. Serving as a brilliant complement to his memoir Outside In (Biteback Publishing), this collection documents Peter's successes and failures - as well as the lessons learned from them - and makes absorbing reading for anybody interested in a genuinely personal account of government life.

My War Diary

At the same time , articles about My War Diary began to appear in all of the Israeli papers , as well as in many foreign papers and journals : In Ha'aretz , Gidon Levy wrote : Many heralded generals have written and published war ...


Author: Dov Irmiya

Publisher: South End Press

ISBN: 0896082008

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The author, assigned to civilian relief in the aftermath of the Israeli intervention in Lebanon, describes the suffering of the Lebanese and the attitudes of Israeli soldiers

Representing Italy Through Food

IsraeliItalian restaurants serve mainly diary dishes but are exceptional in the Israeli culinary arena in that the ... A nonJewish Italian restaurant owner told me during our conversation that Israelis have a distorted view of Italian ...


Author: Peter Naccarato

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

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Italy has long been romanticized as an idyllic place. Italian food and foodways play an important part in this romanticization – from bountiful bowls of fresh pasta to bottles of Tuscan wine. While such images oversimplify the complex reality of modern Italy, they are central to how Italy is imagined by Italians and non-Italians alike. Representing Italy through Food is the first book to examine how these perceptions are constructed, sustained, promoted, and challenged. Recognizing the power of representations to construct reality, the book explores how Italian food and foodways are represented across the media – from literature to film and television, from cookbooks to social media, and from marketing campaigns to advertisements. Bringing together established scholars such as Massimo Montanari and Ken Albala with emerging scholars in the field, the thirteen chapters offer new perspectives on Italian food and culture. Featuring both local and global perspectives – which examine Italian food in the United States, Australia and Israel – the book reveals the power of representations across historical, geographic, socio-economic, and cultural boundaries and asks if there is anything that makes Italy unique. An important contribution to our understanding of the enduring power of Italy, Italian culture and Italian food – both in Italy and beyond. Essential reading for students and scholars in food studies, Italian studies, media studies, and cultural studies.