Our Late Night and A Thought in Three Parts

judy: Am I your wife, darling? tom: Of course, my angel. You remember that. judy: I know, Tom. tom: I've brought some ... (Silence)I ran into Baby Naylor last night. He's playing trumpet with Leiku Kanefian. judy: Really, darling?


Author: Wallace Shawn

Publisher: Theatre Communications Group

ISBN: 9781559366632

Category: Drama

Page: 120

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Two early plays by the noted writer and actor Wallace Shawn.

Our Last Carnival

On one of those evenings we dined at Rules, a restaurant in Covent Garden, full of old world charm. In fact, it was the oldest restaurant in London, having been established in 1798. For our last night together, in an effort to give me ...


Author: Yocasta Fareri

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781462072712

Category: Fiction

Page: 292

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Life changes drastically for Lyana Lagos and her family on Carnival Day - February 27, 1952 - when her father, Luis, a prominent lawyer, along with other dissidents, plan the assassination of Dominican Republic dictator Rafael Trujillo. When their plan is discovered, Luis Lagos rushes to his home just in time to rescue his wife and two children from Trujillo's militia. Speeding away from their home as gunshots permeate their family car, they flee to Haiti. With the help of a good friend, the Lagos family travels to New York City and moves into a tiny apartment in Hell's Kitchen, a neighborhood riddled with gang violence. Upon their arrival in the Big Apple, Lyana's father takes a job as a lowly dishwasher while the family tries to adapt to their new lives. Lyana eloquently narrates how her father quickly moves up the ranks in the restaurant business, and how she grows up and embraces the tempations of the Beat Generation, carefree hippie movement, Vietnam War, and the Women's Liberation Movement. But the influences of these dynamic times threaten to rip apart the Lagos family fabric. Throughout their American journey, the Lagos family experiences alienation, not only as people living in a new country, but also within the confines of their own clan. Lyana helps her brother keep his darkest secret from their parents and stands by him when it is finally exposed. Through it all - the unrealistic and antiquated family expectations and unanticipated loss of a great love - Lyana defies all the odds and remains true to herself. Yocasta Fareri, born in the Dominican Republic, is an internationally known interior designer and freelance writer. She grew up in the United States and Canada and now resides in Switzerland.

Our Saturday Nights

Let no Saturday Night come that the one you love is not in heart dearer to you ; let no new Sunday volume of days be opened till the errors of the last be told and forgiven ; then will you be happy . And you , brothers , who toil ...


Author: Mark Mills Pomeroy




Page: 288

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Last Night s Moon

She never noticed me in one of the checkout lines on her way out, but when I received my change back from the clerk, ... It was important to me to let her know that I was no longer angry at her for the past. ... LAST NIGHT'S MOON 291.


Author: Lynne Zarek

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781479745951

Category: Fiction

Page: 291

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After growing up in a small town in Missouri, Lynsey decided to venture west to try to unravel an enigma that she has known about since she was five. After settling to Idaho, Lynsey saw herself struggling with her sexuality and with the religious beliefs that she grew up with. Coupled by abusive relationships, the unimaginable happened on a hot August night in 1990. A deep knife wound to the back placed Lynsey on the witness stand with an unusual case for a jury to deliberate in Boise. A trial that not only was a first for Idaho, but was also historic in nature nationwide.

Captive in Iran

Every night, we wondered whether this would be our last night in Evin Prison. Our last night in these crowded, smelly rooms. Our last night in triple-bunk beds, lying awake looking at the ceiling or our cellmates who were already asleep ...


Author: Maryam Rostampour

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: 9781414371207

Category: Religion

Page: 305

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The authors describe their harrowing experience being imprisoned for over two hundred days in Iran for sharing their Christian beliefs, a sentence that is usually punishable by death.

The Complete Concordance to Shakspeare

LAST - on Good - Friday last one of his company , last night scarce wiped since thou drunk'st last he held me , but last night ... 1 be my last breathing in this and thus , I fear , at last , Hume's we'll weed them all at last last time ...


Author: Mary Cowden- Clarke


ISBN: BSB:BSB10749964


Page: 878

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Our Last Hope

Well...in any case, last night after climbing into bed, I couldn't sleep, and went out to the garden. After a few minutes, he appeared before me, in real life. It was the first time I saw him in person. He discussed Joe's presidency and ...


Author: Peter Cacciolfi

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781365895883

Category: Fiction

Page: 149

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The Country is nearing its end, and if something isn't done in the very near future there will be very little left to salvage. Then, as if in a thought, a young child in distress appears to a passerby who comes to her aide only to discover that this child is not what she appears to be. This event leads to a fascinating series of events resulting in a businessman encouraged to run for the Presdency, and hopefully the restoration of the United States from its rapid downfall.

Frozen Tears of Heaven

I stare into your lovely brown eyes, Knowing that our love is coming to an end, My heart is full of warm tears, I realize that this is the last night for us, Our last night to spend together, Revealing our deepest secrets to each other, ...


Author: Ricky Jones Jr.

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781463404703

Category: Poetry

Page: 126

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Frozen Tears of Heaven is about living and surviving in a world that can be so cold and lonely sometimes. I talk about my loneliness and my conversations with God that bring me true peace and understanding. I also talk about my past and my future as one day I will become an angel of God. A beautiful rainbow has been found at the end of this journey. Frozen Tears of Heaven fall down on my face and I become immortal. I am eternally blessed. A memoir of survival and freedom.

At Last in Laguna

Forget that this was our last night together...” He leveled his gaze to hers. Finally. “Our last night? Are you serious?” Her pulse thrummed in her temples. “Nick returns tomorrow, so yeah, our last night.” His voice matched the frost ...


Author: Claire Marti

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc

ISBN: 9781509216727

Category: Fiction

Page: 210

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Alyssa Morgan has secretly been in love with her older brother Nick’s best friend, Brandt Dempsey, since she was an awkward, lonely teenager. When she catches the bouquet at Nick’s wedding, she throws caution to the wind and propositions Brandt to a two-week fling. He’s tried to ignore how Alyssa has blossomed into a strong, talented, gorgeous woman because as his best friend’s baby sister, she’s off limits. After they share a mind-blowing kiss, Brandt struggles to fight their undeniable chemistry. His tragic childhood scarred him, but he pushes it deep inside, only allowing the world to see a wealthy, carefree entrepreneur. Forced to work together on Brandt’s latest charitable venture, Brandt and Alyssa’s passion cannot be denied. Alyssa knows he’s the one. Can she convince him they belong together?

The 70 Moments of Life

This next one was written on the last night I spent with the woman I lost my virginity to. I remember it fondly, and it was a very sad night. I wrote this during the time I was missing her very much, but long story short, ...


Author: Taylor Anthony Dutcher

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781984545275

Category: Poetry

Page: 150

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I am a college grad, college football player, ex-MMA fighter, black belter, and law enforcement officer. And here is my manuscript of my life between the ages of eighteen to twenty-six. It includes what I experienced as a young man/adult, and I hope it helps each one of you with something you may be going through in life. Each moment is a bit of my life condensed into only a few lines, but each line is filled with the pure emotion I put myself into in order to write it on paper.