Aston Martin

Le. Mans. It. was. 40. years. ago. today. With. the end of the V8 cars drawing near, Aston Martin devised a ... 'At the same time, Shaun Rush was styling a car celebrating our Le Mans win in 1959 and the two grew into each other.


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For nearly a century now the Aston Martin name has been synonymous with performance, style and sophistication. Perhaps more than any other luxury car it possesses a mystique and charisma that have established it as a cultural icon And The pinnacle of aut

My Days of Adventure The Fall of France 1870 71

We werenowin thedepartment ofthe Sarthe, and, cutting across country in thedirection of the Huisne, we at last reached the ancient little bourgof Connerré, on the high road running (left of the river) towards Le Mans.


Author: Ernest Alfred Vizetelly

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Cycle World Magazine

le. Mans. Hi nanny ll'BB willl sulHh-Hi Even the most dedicated family. tecting the rear brake's master cylinder kicks your ... Power is virtually identical, our Le Mans and the last Sport we tested both making 77 horsepower and 62 ...






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Aussie Grit My Formula One Journey

We started the long drive home in the motor-home we had used as our Le Mans base and every time it swayed I got nervous, that's how bad a state I was in. Bob Copp navigated us back to Paris. He told us later that people in the team had ...


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In his trademark straight-talking, no-nonsense style Mark Webber reveals his amazing life on and off the Formula One race track in Aussie Grit. Mark Webber was at the centre of one of the most captivating chapters in the history of Formula One. In 2010, while racing for Red Bull, he and his team mate Sebastian Vettel went head to head for the World Championship. There could only be one winner. Since retiring from Formula One Mark has concentrated on endurance racing, including the legendary Le Mans 24 Hour race. He hit the front pages of newspapers around the world in December 2014 when he slammed into the barricades in the final round of the FIA World Endurance Championship in South America, and was lucky to escape with his life. But the controversy of his relationship on and off the track with Vettel, who went on to win multiple world titles, has never been far beneath the surface. Here, for the first time, Webber tells the inside story of one of Formula One's most intriguing battles – it is a story that goes to the heart of why the sport is loved by millions of fans around the world. From his first taste of karting to his F1 debut in 2002, scoring Minardi's first points in three years at the Australian Grand Prix, through to his first win with Red Bull at the 2009 German Grand Prix and the year he should have been crowned World Champion. Mark Webber's journey to the top of Formula One was every bit as determined and committed as his racing. Aussie Grit is his searingly honest story. Includes a foreword by Formula One legend Sir Jackie Stewart.

A General s Life An Autobiography

Following the conquest of Brittany, we would draw the First and Third armies up to a line Caen-Le Mans and build up ... miles) would encircle and destroy the German Fifteenth Army, leaving nothing to block our path into Germany itself.


Author: Omar Bradley

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In this autobiography, Omar N. Bradley (1893-1981) recounts his youth in Missouri, his years at the US Military Academy at West Point (he graduated in 1915 alongside Dwight D. Eisenhower), his assignments on the US-Mexico border and in Montana guarding copper mines during World War I, his tours teaching mathematics at West Point and in 1941, commanding of the US Army Infantry School at Fort Benning, his active duty during World War II in North Africa, Sicily, Normandy and eventually commanding 43 divisions and 1.3 million Americans in Europe, linking up with Soviet forces on the Elbe in April 1945, sealing the defeat of Nazi forces. Bradley provides vivid descriptions of key figures in the liberation of Europe, including Marshall, Eisenhower, Patton, Churchill and Montgomery. Back in Washington, Bradley describes his years heading the Veterans Administration, his tenure as Army Chief of Staff and as first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff starting in 1949. After being promoted to the rank of General of the Army (five stars) in 1950, Bradley was the senior military commander when the Korean War started; he supported President Truman’s wartime policy of containment and was instrumental in persuading Truman to dismiss General MacArthur in 1951 after MacArthur resisted administration attempts to scale back the war’s strategic objectives. “The narrative deals skillfully with the planning and execution of campaigns that changed history... an unmatched panorama of 40 years of American military history... A great many writers have taken a crack at describing the 1944 Allied landings in Normandy [but] no overall description of that long, bitter battle on the American beaches, Utah and Omaha, is better than the one in this book.” — Drew Middleton,The New York Times “The most unassuming of the WW II military chiefs has (in recompense?) the last, stinging word... a vigorous, accomplished, exceptionally unconstrained narrative... Explosive yet likable.” — Kirkus Reviews “[A] surprisingly candid account from a man long reputed to be mild-mannered, discreet, and uncritical of the figures of his time... General Bradley has given us a very informative autobiography. Especially interesting are the sections on American military participation in the North African and Sicilian campaigns, and Eisenhower’s role there; the Normandy landings and subsequent breakout; the Battle of the Bulge; and President Truman’s removal of General MacArthur from command in Korea... He is very frank in his comments on Eisenhower’s weaknesses as Allied commander in North Africa and Sicily, and of Patton’s ill-advised behavior and remarks during that period and later. He is also harshly critical of Montgomery’s “prima donna”-like behavior and his continual efforts to push Eisenhower into giving him the supreme command of all Allied ground troops... With the loss of General Bradley, there are unlikely to be any more top-rank firsthand accounts of this period in US military history. Bradley’s book, therefore, may have the last word, but he hasn’t abused that privilege. He was too fair a man for that.” — Howard C. Thomas, The Christian Science Monitor “[A] superb book... a remarkably smooth-flowing account of the life of one of this country’s most distinguished military leaders... Bradley’s candid appraisals of his superiors, subordinates and peers, notably Patton, Montgomery, Eisenhower, Simpson and Hodges, make fascinating reading... this is a first-rate addition to the growing number of biographies of prominent World War II military personalities. Besides being eminently enjoyable reading for casual consumption, it is of significant value to the student of military history.” — Lieutenant Colonel William A. de Palo, Jr., Infantry Magazine

After Action Report 1 August 1944 9 May 1945 Volume II

Our continued developusert of the LE MANS - ALENCN - SKES front wowa eliminate this threat . ( b ) The enery is capable of attempting breakthrough to the SW in the ST HILA IPE - LAVAL - LE MANS arou , ( d ) The enemy is capable of ...


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Military Review

My G2 nearly went crazy trying to identify information relevant to us at the time . My major concerns during the planning phase for the attack on Le Mans were speed of movement and a desire not to be tied up indefinitely at the ...




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Ford GT

We did not win, we did not finish, we fell flat on our face. We lost the ball game. We got what we deserved. We failed to attain our objective at Le Mans because we took our eye off the ball. Our object all year long had been to finish, ...


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Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ford's iconic 1966 victory and get the detailed back story leading to that historic win--including the parts played by Enzo Ferrari, Henry Ford II, and Carroll Shelby.

Retrospections Social and Archaeological

Our new acquaintances were most agreeable and inquiring, and seemed highly pleased in our company. We accepted their offer to conduct us a shorter and pleasanter way back to Le Mans. They soon brought us to a most picturesque mill and ...


Author: Charles Roach Smith

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This three-volume work, published 1883-91, reviews Charles Roach Smith's activities as an archaeological excavator and collector.

Voices of My Comrades

And so, they "just kept going" — on the way to Le Mans — until they reached the town of St. Suzanne, where the ist Battalion "had been attacked from the rear by about 500 fanatical, screaming paratroopers. . . . When our battalion ...


Author: Carol Adele Kelly

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Over the course of five years, the Reserve Officers Association of the United States-the nation's oldest such professional military organization-invited its members to write about their experiences in World War II. The response was an impressive outpouring of memories, now compiled here in an extraordinary record of courage, sacrifice, and commitment.Stories from 240 veterans-representing all theaters, ranks, and services-track the years of World War II month by month. From the young ensign's letter to his fiance, describing his escape from the USS Cassin minutes before it explodes at Pearl Harbor, to the battle-seasoned colonel's account of his flyover at the peace-treaty signing aboard the USS Missouri, the stories give a human face to the moments of war, written by men and women who intimately lived those history-making days, on bombing missions and invasion duty, on front lines and the home front.Readers will meet a survivor of the USS Reuben James, sunk by a German U-boat before December 7, 1941, and eight D-Day invaders of Normandy, including Lieutenant Colonel J. Strom Thurmond, paratrooper. They will also meet a bodyguard to General Douglas MacArthur and the nurses who healed the fallen in huts on Bataan, the hospital ship Shamrock in the Mediterranean, and field hospitals in France.Here, too, are personal accounts by Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) and the battlehardened engineers of the Seabees in the Pacific. Other veterans tell of surviving the sinking of the troopship Leopoldville, when 750 Americans died in the English Channel on Christmas Eve, 1944; the horrific discovery of the Nazi extermination camps; and the tragic bombings near war's end of unmarked Japanese ships transporting U.S. POWs from the Philippines.Featuring photographs, a chronology, and historical introductions, this book-thanks to these stories by ordinary soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and nurses-is destined to become an enduring testimony to the American experience in World War II.