Out of the Fringe

Major new collection of Latina/o contemporary work for the stage.


Author: Caridad Svich


ISBN: UOM:39015047431120

Category: Drama

Page: 461

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Major new collection of Latina/o contemporary work for the stage.

Not Completely Human Living on the Fringe of Humanity

He then walked out into the winter sunshine and was gone. I sat there for a moment or two staring out the door at the spot where the old man had walked into ...


Author: Linda Trimarche Siciliano

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781452597232

Category: Religion


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For as long as I can remember, I have been entrenched in the spirit world. Then something I thought would not be possible happened: I stopped believing! Before we begin this journey on Earth, our souls, along with God the Creator and the elders of records, decide the lessons we need to learn or teach for the life we will be leading. Each of us has the ability to connect with our angels and the spirit world, but as our innocence fades and we adapt to the life we have chosen, we forget how to see those beautiful, celestial beings and receive messages from the other side. When this happens, we become, as I like to put it, “completely human.” There are individuals who remain on the fringe, still able to see angels and communicate with those on the other side of the veil and in different realms. These individuals remain partially human while on this Earth. Follow me down the road I traveled to becoming almost “completely human” and return through the maze that brought me to where I am today: living on the fringe of humanity and loving every minute.

The Fringe Series

Sixx and Maddox slid the door open and jumped out of the way as several prisoners toppled through. When the escapees climbed to their feet, their wide gazes ...


Author: Rachel Aukes

Publisher: Waypoint Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 900

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The first five thrilling novels in the Fringe Series are now available in a convenient ebook bundle! Featuring galactic conspiracies, epic interstellar missions, and three rebel captains at the front of an interplanetary war, this explosive collection includes the following titles: FRINGE RUNNER FRINGE STATION FRINGE CAMPAIGN FRINGE WAR FRINGE LEGACY And the bonus short story, “The Teardrop that became a Torrent” War looms on the horizon… After the colonization of Mars and Europa, it took us fewer than five generations to reach beyond our solar system and discover new planets capable of supporting human life. Too far away to be governed under Earth law, the Collective was formed. Several hundred years later, the Collective has expanded to a system of six worlds. Power struggles and unequal rights have made interplanetary war all but inevitable. With rebellions arising across the Collective, three captains launch near-suicidal missions to free the oppressed fringe and reset equality across the stars. A galactic war is coming, and only an old mail runner, a space pirate, and their ragtag crews can prevent it.

Man on the Fringe

Their crew was too busy trying to scramble out of the control room to take time to fire, but four streaks shot toward the New Freedom from midship, ...


Author: Susan Eschbach

Publisher: Oghma Creative Media

ISBN: 9781633734142

Category: Fiction

Page: 302

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On the Fringe, what you find may not be what you seek. Interstellar pilot Dahvin Tave leaves behind his routine life and true love, Tessiana d’Tieri, to return to The Fringe, the lawless region of space at the edge of the Milky Way. He has a new ship, a new crew, and a secret goal—to hunt down the aliens who enslaved him as a child and annihilate them. There’s only one problem... he has to reach his destination first. From the moment they begin their voyage, Dahvin and his shipmates deal with assassins, pirates, radiation storms, a crash landing, and a load of mysteriously exploding cargo. But not all the dangers on The Fringe come from space. One of his crew has a secret that puts New Freedom squarely in the midst of a vicious planetary civil war. Worse yet, Tess’s ship has been ensnared, as well, and faces destruction in a space battle of epic proportions. As Dahvin races across the cosmos in this hour of crisis, he’ll have to make a gutwrenching decision—save his ship and his crew, or rescue the love of his life from certain death.

The Folk of the Fringe

You travel thousands of miles on horseback, tired all the time, people looking to kill you if they get a chance, out in the bad weather every day, ...


Author: Orson Scott Card

Publisher: Orb Books

ISBN: 142996653X

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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In Orson Scott Card's classic apocalyptic science fiction novel The Folk of the Fringe, only a few nuclear weapons fell in America--the weapons that destroyed the nation were biological and, ultimately, cultural. But in the chaos, the famine, the plague, there existed a few pockets of order. The strongest of them was the state of Deseret, formed from the vestiges of Utah, Colorado, and Idaho. The climate has changed. The Great Salt Lake has filled up to prehistoric levels. But there, on the fringes, brave, hardworking pioneers are making the desert bloom again. A civilization cannot be reclaimed by powerful organizations, or even by great men alone. It must be renewed by individual men and women, one by one, working together to make a community, a nation, a new America. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Chatter Beyond the Fringe

So we packed up the mothers and children we had and drove off. I had a sinking feeling inside as I looked back in the rearview mirror to see the images of ...


Author: Robert Ing

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595455898

Category: Social Science

Page: 248

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Welcome to the world of forensic intelligence. Based on the case files of Dr. Robert Ing, Chatter beyond the Fringe takes you into a world of terrorists, slave traders, spies, gunrunners, drug traffickers, and computer hackers. This is the secret world of technology that is used by contemporary terrorists and spies, and seldom seen on the evening news. In our high-tech world of Internet-savvy criminals, forensic intelligence professionals like Dr. Ing are the first line of defense. As he travels around the globe to track down offenders and felons, Dr. Ing walks you through each case, explaining highly technical concepts in a way that any layperson can understand. He strips away the bells and whistles and tells it like it is. Chatter beyond the Fringe reads like a diary that is filled with dashes of conspiracy theories, technology, forensics, and action. By reading these accounts, you'll become more aware of how technology, in the wrong hands, could impact your very life.

Fringe Scarves

(Suri with the fringe on top): How to Knit a Fringe Scarf Using Various Yarns (But Alpaca Yarn as Well) Sarah Cross McCaskill. and slip one off the right ...


Author: Sarah Cross McCaskill

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781098032159

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 52

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The title reference of Suri with the Fringe on Top is actually from a musical play called Oklahoma!. Although our Suri refers to a type of alpaca, the Surrey from the hit show, Oklahoma!, refers to a buggy, both with the same pronounced sound but different spellings and meanings. The Surrey with the Fringe on Top is a show tune from the 1943 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, Oklahoma!. While the Suri deals with fiber from an alpaca that is spun into yarn for knitting. The fringe-knitting techniques used in this book are surprisingly easy to master but provide a very professional-looking scarf product. These techniques can also be used to add fringe to collars, glove hems, or almost any knit project. The fringe can be braided or beads can be added to the fringe to fancy up its look. Uses and looks are limitless. So let your imagination go wild.

The Fringe

You wanted to hang out where they did. ... My point is this, for those of us in The Fringe Society we are on the outside looking in.


Author: Renee Crosby

Publisher: Energion Publications

ISBN: 9781631991301

Category: Fiction

Page: 106

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One woman comes to break the silence and mystery of a secret society which she joined at age 23, The Fringe. Her life in The Fringe was unexpectedly one of being judged, caged into a stereotype and shamefully condemned. Once an opera singer, her life seemed to spiral into an inescapable pit. Her stories will surprise and intrigue you as she introduces you to people she met. "I cannot continue to live with the shame, judgment and persecution from my life in The Fringe. I am tired of carrying the

Physics on the Fringe

In the little house on Catalina, the pair of them sat around their kitchen table and tried things out, and over a couple of years, as Jim recounts the story ...


Author: Margaret Wertheim

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9780802778734

Category: Science

Page: 336

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For the past fifteen years, acclaimed science writer Margaret Wertheim has been collecting the works of "outsider physicists," many without formal training and all convinced that they have found true alternative theories of the universe. Jim Carter, the Einstein of outsiders, has developed his own complete theory of matter and energy and gravity that he demonstrates with experiments in his backyard,-with garbage cans and a disco fog machine he makes smoke rings to test his ideas about atoms. Captivated by the imaginative power of his theories and his resolutely DIY attitude, Wertheim has been following Carter's progress for the past decade. Centuries ago, natural philosophers puzzled out the laws of nature using the tools of observation and experimentation. Today, theoretical physics has become mathematically inscrutable, accessible only to an elite few. In rejecting this abstraction, outsider theorists insist that nature speaks a language we can all understand. Through a profoundly human profile of Jim Carter, Wertheim's exploration of the bizarre world of fringe physics challenges our conception of what science is, how it works, and who it is for.

Limos Lattes and My Life on the Fringe Enhanced Edition

but I suggest you stay out of Claire's. ... I curled my fingers around Candace's nowwilted arm and pulled her off the bench and down the mall. “I'm sorry!


Author: Nancy N. Rue

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310727941

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 240

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From bestselling author Nancy Rue comes a YA contemporary novel where prom season takes on a deeper meaning, as a girl nominated for prom queen as a joke decides to use the opportunity as a way to empower her fellow classmates. And ends up questioning her self-perceptions in the process. For Tyler Bonning, not caring what others think is her super power. As is her ability to find the perfect, cutting response. All she needs to be happy is her group of equally smart and quirky friends and high grades to get into a good college. Then she’s nominated for prom queen as a joke. Deciding to make the most of the opportunity—and mask her pain—Tyler starts a Prom for Everyone campaign intended help make the event more affordable. In the process, she discovers the way she’s perceived by her classmates—as well as her supposedly close friends—may actually be more important than she thought. And she doesn’t like the person they perceive her to be. With her parents pressuring her to focus on the racial issues at school instead of a frivolous cause, and a growing closeness to a boy who represents everything she once mocked, Tyler questions who she really wants to be. And as prom approaches, she faces her biggest challenge yet. One she can’t handle on her own. Limos, Lattes & My Life on the Fringe: features a diverse main protagonist focuses on the ideas of self and identity, and what we let define and divide us provides an inspirational message for those dealing with tough circumstances is the final book in the Real Life series, but can also be read as a stand-alone novel

Municipal Fringe Area Problem in Alabama

Outside Street Works in Practice Of the cities responding in the present survey ,
only four reported providing public works of the kinds in question in the fringe
area . Decatur and Piedmont maintain a few street lights outside the city limits .


Author: Robert T. Daland


ISBN: UOM:39015062789147

Category: Municipal powers and services beyond corporate limits

Page: 66

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Life on the Fringe

Mary and I were given the task of beheading them and slicing them open to clean out their guts. As it turned out, the only thing I was ever allergic to was ...


Author: Allison O’connor

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781543420562

Category: Fiction

Page: 314

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Life on the Fringe is the tale of a woman plagued by the effects of manic depression and seasonal affective disorder whose condition is greatly aggravated by the birth of her sixth child, which leads to poor living conditions and isolation for the family. The woman resents the child from her birth, and a struggle between the two escalates out of proportion, resulting in the torture of the girl that she must endure in order to keep the family together. The girl adores her father and competes with her mother for his love and attention. Although the father takes a special interest in the girl and a strong bond forms between them, his unwavering love for his wife is no match for the girl. When the father contracts tuberculosis and is sent to a sanatorium for over two years, the young girl is left vulnerable to the vicious attacks from her mother, and the hatred they feel for one another fuels their struggle, causing the girl to rebel, which leads to even greater abuse by her mother. By the time the father returns to the home, the mother has sunk into a deep despair, never to recover. Her death is greeted with relief by the young girl, but also the loss of her fathers attention, whose life has become meaningless without his wife. The girl does find love outside the home and is finally able to look forward to a brighter future.

Life on the Fringe

And the entire operations are in charge of a skilled worker who distinguishes the
stone and points it out to the labourers , and of those who are assigned to this
unfortunate task the physically strongest break the quartz - rock with iron
hammers ...


Author: Olaf E. Kaper


ISBN: UOM:39015048850757

Category: Deserts

Page: 314

View: 391

Urban Fringe Land Markets

locations outside the urban area . ... The competition between agricultural and urban uses for fringe land leads to emergence of a land market different and ...


Author: Kiran Wadhva

Publisher: Concept Publishing Company


Category: Immobilier - Pays en voie de développement

Page: 212

View: 286

Case study of Ahmedabad City.

Fiction on the Fringe

But a wicked prefect spies her and carries her off (Rebecca manages to escape). Polyxena prays that her virginity not be corrupted (35); when he summons her ...


Author: Grammatiki A. Karla

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004175471

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 194

View: 874

This collection of essays offers a comprehensive examination of texts that traditionally have been excluded from the main corpus of the ancient Greek novel and confined to the margins of the genre, such as the Life of Aesop, the Life of Alexander the Great, and the Acts of the Christian Martyrs. Through comparison and contrast, intertextual analysis and close examination, the boundaries of the dichotomy between the fringe vs. the canonical or erotic novel are explored, and so the generic identity of the texts in each group is more clearly outlined. The collective outcome brings the fringe from the periphery of scholarly research to the centre of critical attention, and provides methodological tools for the exploration of other fringe texts.

On the Fringe

It is a standard designed to specifically rule out ESP research , and therefore it is not surprising that it does so . In the same fashion , Popper built ...


Author: Michael D. Gordin

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780197555781

Category: History


View: 763

Everyone has heard of the term "pseudoscience", typically used to describe something that looks like science, but is somehow false, misleading, or unproven. Many would be able to agree on a list of things that fall under its umbrella-- astrology, phrenology, UFOlogy, creationism, and eugenics might come to mind. But defining what makes these fields "pseudo" is a far more complex issue. It has proved impossible to come up with a simple criterion that enables us to differentiate pseudoscience from genuine science. Given the virulence of contemporary disputes over the denial of climate change and anti-vaccination movements--both of which display allegations of "pseudoscience" on all sides-- there is a clear need to better understand issues of scientific demarcation. On the Fringe explores the philosophical and historical attempts to address this problem of demarcation. This book argues that by understanding doctrines that are often seen as antithetical to science, we can learn a great deal about how science operated in the past and does today. This exploration raises several questions: How does a doctrine become demonized as pseudoscientific? Who has the authority to make these pronouncements? How is the status of science shaped by political or cultural contexts? How does pseudoscience differ from scientific fraud? Michael D. Gordin both answers these questions and guides readers along a bewildering array of marginalized doctrines, looking at parapsychology (ESP), Lysenkoism, scientific racism, and alchemy, among others, to better understand the struggle to define what science is and is not, and how the controversies have shifted over the centuries. On the Fringe provides a historical tour through many of these fringe fields in order to provide tools to think deeply about scientific controversies both in the past and in our present.

Cult Pop Culture How the Fringe Became Mainstream 3 volumes

Rick Rubin wrote, When Johnny and June were staying at my house, before dinner he got out a big old Bible and had everyone hold hands and did a prayer.


Author: Bob Batchelor

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313357817

Category: Social Science

Page: 736

View: 494

This three-volume collection of original essays examines cult pop culture, the often-seedy underbelly of American popular culture. • 60 essays examine cult topics based on linked subject matter • Organization by subject enables readers to quickly find what interests them most • A "Further Reading" section, including websites, films, and multimedia sources, helps readers to delve into cult pop culture topics in greater depth

Costumes Characters Adventures on the fringe of success

One morning, Olech, who day dreamed a lot in Greek class, was dreamily looking out the window. When Dashky caught him he said, “Mister, go to de vindow.


Author: Tom Nicholas Yowarski

Publisher: America Star Books

ISBN: 9781462670376

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 264

View: 519

Tom Nicholas has been a professional actor since 1974. He has worked in Televison, Film and live theatre. This book details the steps in his life that led him into the Biz. It is also a cautionary tale; told with candor and humor. For any aspiring performer it may be a wakeup call. Here is a look at his triumphs, failures, and his continuing search for lasting success.

On the Fringe

A number of Capitol Hill insiders have called public opinion a major problem for politicians sorting out the issue of the ban, and a source of much of the ...


Author: David M. Rayside

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9781501729638

Category: Social Science

Page: 384

View: 949

Does the idea of equality for sexual minorities have as strong an influence as the media suggest? How often do politicians come out forthrightly in support of gay rights? Drawing on more than three hundred interviews with activists, politicians, officials, legislative aides, and journalists, David Rayside shows that gays, lesbians, and their political issues are still on the fringe of the political mainstream. His landmark study of political access demonstrates that, despite the overall tempering of anti-gay rhetoric in the 1990s, opponents of equality are formidable, and standing up for sexual minorities is still widely thought to be politically risky. Rayside documents a high-profile controversy in each of three countries: gays and lesbians in the military in the United States, sexual orientation and human rights legislation in Canada, and the age-of-consent battle in the United Kingdom. In addition, in-depth interviews of openly gay elected officials from three countries—U.S. Congressman Barney Frank, Canadian Member of Parliament Svend Robinson, and British M.P. Chris Smith—provide an inside look at the political process: the negotiation of gay and lesbian policy issues on a daily basis, the attitudes of colleagues in various political parties, and the tensions created when grassroots and mainstream activism intersect with each other. The only major book to look at gay and lesbian politics in three culturally similar but politically disparate countries, On the Fringe explores the political workings and impact of a modern social movement.