Low speed Free flight Stability and Drag Characteristics of Radially Vented Parachutes

tend to prevent the parachutes from settling on and covering the payload , which is a very important consideration in many practical operations . In order to determine whether the long risers affected the stability of the parachutes ...


Author: Sanger M. Burk


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A drop-test investigation has been conducted to determine the stability and drag characteristics of radially vented (duplex) parachutes. Parachutes of two different designs were tested: a large parachute with high geometric porosity and a small parachute with low geometric porosity designed for the same descent velocity with the same load. The results of the tests show that the large high-porosity duplex parachute was very stable in descent, oscillations averaging about [plus-or-minus]3.40; and the average drag coefficient based on the total canopy area and based on the fabric area alone were approximately 0.38 and 0.55, respectively. The small, low-porosity duplex parachute was also very stable in descent, oscillations averaging about [plus-or-minus]4.50; and the average drag coefficients based on the total canopy area and based on the fabric area alone were approximately 0.62 and 0.79, respectively. The oscillations for the cluster of three solid flat circular parachutes, tested for comparison purposes, were [plus-or-minus]7.10. The average drag coefficients based on the total canopy area and the fabric area alone were approximately 0.64 and 0.65, respectively.

Parachutes Aircraft Fabrics and Clothing

44-46 PARACHUTES , AIRCRAFT FABRICS , AND CLOTHING suspension lines . The harness and pack must be replaced , and disposition made of the removed parts . Such parachutes are carefully inspected before repacking and at each subsequent ...


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Wind tunnel Investigation of Drag and Stabili Ty of Parachutes at Supersonic Speeds

twisting . of the l- and 2 - parachute - diameter shroud - line lengths tested , the parachute with the longer shroud lines was the more stable configuration . For a given Mach number the stability of the parachutes appeared to be a ...


Author: Nickolai Charczenko


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Drag Coefficients for Partially Inflated Flat Circular Parachutes

DRAG COEFFICIENTS FOR PARTIALLY INFLATED FLAT CIRCULAR PARACHUTES By Stanley H. Scher and Irene G. Young Langley Research Center SUMMARY An experimental investigation has been conducted to determine the drag coefficients of parachutes ...


Author: Stanley H. Scher


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Free-body tests were made in the Langley spin tunnel to determine drag coefficients for 1.07-meter-diameter (3.5-foot) flat circular parachutes when restrained by wire frames in a series of shapes representing those that parachutes assume during the inflation process. Both high-porosity (stable) and low-porosity (unstable) parachutes were investigated. The results obtained should be applicable to inflation analyses for flat circular parachutes.

Aerodynamic Characteristics of Parachutes at Mach Numbers from 1 6 to 3

Instead of violent oscillations from side to side and up and down , the parachute alternately inflates and collapses in a " breathing " motion . Further increase in porosity to 83 percent ( parachute 7 ) eliminates this breathing ...


Author: Julian D. Maynard


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How Do Parachutes Work

6 A parachute has many important parts. This is a skydiver's pack. It has a parachute inside. The It parachute parachute parachute parachute parachute parachute parachute parachute.


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Parachutes can be used for emergency landings. But they can also be used for flying fun! Who packs a parachute? And how does its light fabric keep you afloat? Discover the answers inside this book!


Attached Type Parachute—An automatic type parachute attached and carried on the aircraft. Attaching Rope—A rope which attaches a parachute pack to an a craft. Automatic Parachute—A parachute which is released and opens aut matically.


Author: James Floyd Smith


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Parachute Rigger 3 2

CHAPTER 8 PACKING AND RIGGING THE MARTIN - BAKER PARACHUTE The Martin - Baker parachute is designed to be used with the ... The complete ejection system consists of an ejection seat , ejection gun , drogue gun , two drogue parachutes ...


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