Mystifying Russian soul

In my mind's eye I seem to see a Captain of Rural Police challenging you for being without a passport; whereupon you stake your all upon a single throw. 'To whom do you belong?' asks the Captain, probably adding to his question a ...


Author: Nikolai Gogol

Publisher: Strelbytskyy Multimedia Publishing

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Why is the name of this composite book “Mystifying Russian soul”? Let’s apply to Wikipedia: “The concept arouse in the second part of the 19th century due to a philosophy of the leading Russian writers such as Dostoevsky and Tolstoy. In their popular in Europe books not ethic, but aesthetic principles as well as not entertaining, but moral needs are playing the dominant role. “Spirit” of such writings turned into “Soul” and lead to a concept “Mystifying Russian soul” popular abroad. Except Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy almost all the writers who became classics of Russian and world literature took part in this process. The composite book “Mystifying Russian soul” contains more than twenty their novels, tales, plays and poems.

Transcendental Leadership

The Ego is just a passport but it is not our Soul. The Soul needs the passport to navigate this world. When our Ego is synchronous, our passport gives us a world level credential for sanctuary...we can travel anywhere.


Author: Robert D. Waterman EdD

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781982267025

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As we strive for good, through our fear and sense of lack, we inadvertently give power to a coalition that infuses cultures in a philosophy of eternal conflict and domination as a means of preserving civic order, that is controlled by promises of greater good while guiding policies and actions protect and produces a world of haves and have-nots. The deeper impulse of the Soul to thrive and transform itself into loving is an eternal force and is unstoppable in the long run. Though ominous, these times embody a great opportunity for humanity to change the narrative. To do so we need to rise above the inversion layer of shadows into transcendent realms and resources. Prophecy portends a “new day and new dawn.” We are that promise. We live in a time that invites a vision for humanity and leadership based on integrity and spiritual awakening. Remember. As we incarnate into the human condition, the most essential and most forgotten element of life for each of us is that we are the ones that bring love. In our first breath, we encounter an overwhelming challenge to identify with the world in which we find ourselves and forget the world of love from whence we came. I invite you to engage in an exploration of Self that is continuous and reveals the truth of life without fear, inspired by Soul and guided by love. Consider perhaps that the promise of a “new day and new dawn” refers simply to a change of heart. Transcendental Leadership occurs when we connect to our visionary nature, awaken to an integral perspective, and apply our greater virtue and spiritual depth in response to the challenges and callings of life.

The Shadow Girls

I blew my soul into the passport and helped the soul of the old man to free itself. I will never forget the moment the passport changed. It was one of the most important turns my life has taken. I found Sweden on an old and torn map ...


Author: Henning Mankell

Publisher: The New Press

ISBN: 9781595581921

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Ordered by his editor to write a crime novel to reignite his stalled career, poet Jesper Humlin reluctantly travels to Gothenburg, where three unlikely pupils of an impromptu writing workshop draw him into their culturally driven, compelling worlds. By the award-winning author of the Kurt Wallander series. 30,000 first printing.

The Reforms of Peter the Great Progress Through Violence in Russia

beyond landowners' peasants to all of the population that had been included in the soul-tax assessment. ... Neither in the seventeenth century nor in the course of the Northern War had there existed the strict passport regime that ...


Author: Evgenii V. Anisimov

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317454885

Category: Social Science

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This psychologically penetrating revisionist account of the life and rule of Rusia's 18th-century Tsar-reformer develops an important theme - that is, what happens when the drive for "progress" is linked to an autocratic, expansionist impulse rather than to a larger goal of human emancipation? And, what has been the price of power - both for Peter and for Russia?

The Fortnightly

... night without first informing the police of your intentions ard sending them your guest's passport ;? whether you ... have not inappropriately defined a man as an animal composed of three parts — a body , a soul , and a passport .




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The Fortnightly Review

3 Nay , whether you are a Russian subject or a foreigner you cannot possibly subsist a week without a passport , which ... have not inappropriately defined a man as an animal composed of three parts — a body , a soul , and a passport .




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Israel Yearbook on Human Rights 1975

The obligation to have a passport or exit visa A Russian proverb says : " A man without a passport is a man without a soul . " 47 According to the statutes of all socialist countries , every citizen or resident who wishes to cross the ...


Author: Yoram Dinstein

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 0792303555

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The "Israel Yearbook on Human Rights- an annual published under the auspices of the Faculty of Law of Tel Aviv University since 1971- is devoted to publishing studies by distinguished scholars in Israel and other countries on human rights in peace and war, with particular emphasis on problems relevant to the State of Israel and the Jewish people. The" Yearbook also incorporates documentary materials relating to Israel and the Administered Areas which are not otherwise available in English (including summaries of judicial decisions, compilations of legislative enactments and military proclamations). The Articles section of Volume 33 contains articles on Legal Aspects of Emergency Regimes.

Soviet and Post Soviet Identities

It is no accident that it was at this point that an ironic saying came into use: 'Every respectable Russian consists of three parts: soul, body and passport.' With more and more Soviet citizens being granted a passport, and the ritual ...


Author: Mark Bassin

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107011175

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A fresh look at post-Soviet Russia and Eurasia and at the Soviet historical background that shaped the present.

The Living Age

And yet his papers were in order , his conduct irreproachable , and his right to have his passport renewed was not even called in question . These obstacles and irritations make one's soul weary of life ; and explain why it is that in ...






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Dead Souls

Was it on the highway that you surrendered your soul to God, or did your friends first marry you to some fat, red-faced soldier's ... In my mind's eye I seem to see a Captain of Rural Police challenging you for being without a passport; ...


Author: Nikolai Gogol



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Dead Souls is a book by Nikolai Gogol, chronicling the travels and adventures of Pavel Ivanovich Chichikov and the people whom he encounters. Chichikov combs the back country, looking for 'dead souls'- deceased serfs who still represent money to anyone sharp enough to trade in them. Dead Souls The reader is introduced to a Dickensian cast of peasants, landowners, and conniving petty officials, few of whom can resist the seductive illogic of Chichikov's proposition. Note: Although the novel ends in mid-sentence, it is usually regarded as complete in the extant form.