Performing the Art of Language Learning

This volume's unique focus yields many valuable insights for language professionals interested in exploring theatre's potential to enhance their students' language learning experience and their program's curriculum offerings.


Author: Kelly Kingsbury Brunetto


ISBN: 1939755158

Category: Education

Page: 291

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Performing the Art of Language Learning: Deepening the Language Learning Experience through Theatre and Drama is a work of narrative nonfiction that reveals college students' experiences of participating in foreign language plays, telling their stories in their own words. This volume gathers the voices of eight undergraduates from a range of backgrounds, from complete novices to seasoned performers, and relates their experiences of auditioning, rehearsing, designing, performing, and working backstage in theatre productions put on as part of their college Spanish and French courses. The students describe how rehearsing and performing in a second language helped them move from intimidation about their proficiency to confidence rooted in the strength of the group's social bonds. They report how finding creative solutions to production challenges helped deepen their learning and drive their progress. They also recount how liberating it was to memorize existing dialogue and experiment with it while "in role," as opposed to speaking the target language "as themselves." Additionally, this book examines how theatre infuses carnivalesque elements into the learning environment: disruption of hierarchy, a greater focus on embodiment, humor, and playfulness, and the use of costumes and disguises. The students vividly express how this more relaxed atmosphere allowed them to lower their inhibitions and enter more fully into their roles, the world of the play and the target language. This volume's unique focus yields many valuable insights for language professionals interested in exploring theatre's potential to enhance their students' language learning experience and their program's curriculum offerings.

Teaching Literature in Modern Foreign Languages

Community in the Making: Lincoln Center Institute, the Arts, and Teacher
Education. New York: ... In Their Own Words: Drama with Young English
Language Learners. Charlottesville, VA: New Plays. Kingsbury-Brunetto, K. (
2015). Performing ...


Author: Fotini Diamantidaki

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350063037

Category: Education

Page: 176

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From plays to poetry, Le Petit Nicolas to the Association for Language Learning (ALL) Literature wiki, this book shows trainee teachers of MFL, teachers in schools, teacher educators, how literature can be an essential tool for developing students' cultural awareness as well as language skills. With contributions from Ruth Heilbronn, Jane Jones and other leading scholars, it covers a wide range of approaches including looking at how to support students to develop the skills they need to read and discuss texts, and how to use stories as a pedagogic tool, rather than just a way to develop reading skills. Examples of teaching French, German, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish are used throughout, but the book draws together resources and strategies for use in teaching all modern foreign languages. Supporting students to develop into creative, reflective teachers, this book offers support for readers to develop their own tasks for their pupils and questions throughout to keep them engaged and encouraging them to critically engage with the content. Seemingly daunting articles are made much more approachable for readers with windows on research which provide a summary of relevant research papers, with full reference details for follow up.

Performing Arts as High Impact Practice

Sara Jane Bailes, Performance Theatre and the Poetics of Failure. 47. Bailes,
Performance Theatre, 2. 48. Kelly Kingsbury Brunetto, Performing the Art of
Language Learning: Deepening the Language Learning Experience through
Theatre ...


Author: Michelle Hayford

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319729442

Category: Education

Page: 312

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This book investigates how the performing arts in higher education nationally contribute to the “high impact practices,” as identified by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU). Using the well-known map of the HIPs for illustrating the centrality of performing arts practices in higher education, the editors and authors of this volume call for increased participation by performing arts programs in general education and campus initiatives, with specific case studies as a guide. Performing arts contribute to the efforts of their institution in delivering a strong liberal arts education that uniquely serves students to meet the careers of the future. This is the first book to explicitly link the performing arts to the HIPs, and will result in the implementation of best practices to better meet the educational needs of students. At stake is the viability of performing arts programs to continue to serve students in their pursuit of a liberal arts education.

The Art of Teaching Spanish

Second Language Acquisition from Research to Praxis Rafael Salaberry,
Barbara A. Lafford. 1. ... 320-21) described how learners could be asked to
reconstruct retrospectively (while viewing their own videotaped speech act
performance) the ...


Author: Rafael Salaberry

Publisher: Georgetown University Press

ISBN: 1589014243

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 256

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The Art of Teaching Spanish explores in-depth the findings of research in second language acquisition (SLA) and other language-related fields and translates those findings into practical pedagogical tools for current—and future—Spanish-language instructors. This volume addresses how theoretical frameworks affect the application of research findings to the teaching of Spanish, how logistical factors affect the way research findings can be applied to teach Spanish, and how findings from Spanish SLA research would be applicable to Spanish second language teaching and represented in Spanish curricula through objectives and goals (as evidenced in pedagogical materials such as textbooks and computer-assisted language learning software). Top SLA researchers and applied linguists lend their expertise on matters such as foreign language across curriculum programs, testing, online learning, the incorporation of linguistic variation into the classroom, heritage language learners, the teaching of translation, the effects of study abroad and classroom contexts on learning, and other pedagogical issues. Other common themes of The Art of Teaching Spanish include the rejection of the concept of a monolithic language competence, the importance of language as social practice and cultural competence, the psycholinguistic component of SLA, and the need for more cross-fertilization from related fields.

English Language Teaching through the Lens of Experience

T. TanaNa. (2007). ExperienceYdependent Plasticity of Conceptual
Representations in Human SensoryYMotor Areas. Journal of Cognitive
Neuroscience, 19(3), 525-542. Kingsbury Brunetto, K. (2015). Performing the art
of language learning ...


Author: Christoph Haase

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527538078

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 333

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The focus of this volume in our ongoing series has shifted from the technological advances that were the topic of numerous papers in the previous book to more rigorous and empirical research, especially in the linguistics and methodology section. While the former is represented by the majority of papers, methodology still manages to surprise with new findings in often-overlooked areas, such as how to address students with impairments in English Language Teaching (ELT), the use of gesture, and the development of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). The linguistics section starts out with a look at academic English as a lingua franca (ELF) practices, native and non-native English varieties and ELT, pragmatic markers and hedging, and corpora. The compact literary section correlates with the diversity inherent in the field and concerns ethnic writing, indigenous storytelling, animality and elaborations on postmodernist fiction. As such, this collection of research papers will bring topics and approaches to the attention of a wide spectrum of practitioners as both an impetus and inspiration.

The Art of Foreign Language Teaching

Thus, this work views the fields of language teacher education and foreign language learning within a common conceptual framework.


Author: Peter Lutzker

Publisher: Narr Francke Attempto Verlag

ISBN: 9783772052439

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 486

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This study explores and develops the idea that foreign language teaching can be an art. This encompasses both considering the meaning of artistry in language teaching as well as the possibilities which artistic processes offer pupils in language learning. The first part focuses on the in-service education of language teachers in theatre and improvisation workshops, the second part examines pupils rehearsing and performing a full length play in a foreign language. Thus, this work views the fields of language teacher education and foreign language learning within a common conceptual framework.

Learning in the Early Years

Presently he is Associate Professor in the Division of Visual and Performing Arts ,
National Institute of Education ... the Institute of Education in 1986 , Jeni Riley has
focused her research energies on the teaching and learning of language and ...


Author: Jeni Riley

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0761941061

Category: Education

Page: 225

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This book will help early years educators understand the nature, form, and content of the curriculum for children aged 3 to 7 and the most appropriate ways of presenting it.

Teaching English Language Learners Through the Arts

Lately he has been playing with words when the muses fly in the vicinity. Merryl
Goldberg is a professor of visual and performing arts at California State
University San Marcos, where she teaches courses on arts and learning, and


Author: Merryl Ruth Goldberg

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon

ISBN: UCSC:32106016641075

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 149

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This text describes successful ways in which English language learners have excelled in an arts-based methods program. Based on the workings of an award winning, and well-researched program called SUAVE (Socios Unidos para Artes Via Educacion - United Community for Arts in Education), this text delves into all aspects of classroom practice, as well as the professional development practices that support students' learning through the arts-based methods. A perfect supplement for any ESL course, this text focuses on ongoing practice by demonstrating real examples from real classrooms through the voices of teachers, researchers, artists, administrators, and students "This is an inspiring and encouraging book for all teachers, not just those teaching ESL and/or elementary...This is an excellent asset for practicing teachers, student teachers, parents and administrators...This is the kind of book readers would not want to put down until they have reached the end. " Professor Karima Benremouga, "University of Houston." Teaching ESL through the Arts "is an excellent manuscript and will make a wonderful contribution to the field." Professor Sharon H. Ulanoff, "California State University, Los Angeles" Merryl Goldberg is an Associate Professor of Visual and Performing Arts at California State University San Marcos. A professional saxophonist and recording artist who toured internationally for thirteen years with the Klezmer Conservatory Band, Goldberg has published widely on the importance of arts in education including Arts and Learning: An Integrated Approach to Teaching and Learning in Multicultural and Multilingual Settings (2nd ed.) (2001) Addison Wesley/Longman. She is the recipient of Spencer, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur, and Fulbright-Hays Foundations grants relating to her work with arts in the schools.

Teaching Foreign Languages in the Primary School

... Design and Technology, PSHCE) and Humanities subjects (History, R.E.
Philosophy, Literature, Languages, Music, Performing Arts), or whether it should
be considered as a 'core' subject. For too long we have failed to value language
skills ...


Author: Sally Maynard

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136645198

Category: Education

Page: 144

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&Quot;Teaching Modern Foreign Languages in the Primary School" supports student and practising teachers - whether generalist or specialist - to have the confidence and skills to successfully incorporate modern foreign languages into teaching. Based on the author's extensive experience of both teaching across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and delivering initial teacher education, this book provides comprehensive guidance on the essential theory and pedagogy that underpins language teaching, together with strategies and tools that can be easily implemented in the classroom.This title covers e.

The Science and Psychology of Music Performance

Creative Strategies for Teaching and Learning Richard Parncutt, Gary
McPherson. In A. Gabrielsson (Ed.), ... The psychology of language and
communication. London: ... The role of deliberate practice in the acquisition of
expert performance.


Author: Richard Parncutt

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0195350170

Category: Music

Page: 400

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What type of practice makes a musician perfect? What sort of child is most likely to succeed on a musical instrument? What practice strategies yield the fastest improvement in skills such as sight-reading, memorization, and intonation? Scientific and psychological research can offer answers to these and other questions that musicians face every day. In The Science and Psychology of Music Performance, Richard Parncutt and Gary McPherson assemble relevant current research findings and make them accessible to musicians and music educators. This book describes new approaches to teaching music, learning music, and making music at all educational and skill levels. Each chapter represents the collaboration between a music researcher (usually a music psychologist) and a performer or music educator. This combination of expertise results in excellent practical advice. Readers will learn, for example, that they are in the majority (57%) if they experience rapid heartbeat before performances; the chapter devoted to performance anxiety will help them decide whether beta-blocker medication, hypnotherapy, or the Alexander Technique of relaxation might alleviate their stage fright. Another chapter outlines a step-by-step method for introducing children to musical notation, firmly based on research in cognitive development. Altogether, the 21 chapters cover the personal, environmental, and acoustical influences that shape the learning and performance of music.

The Art and Zen of Learning Golf

How the student perceives the skill is the first step in performing a motor skill.
Learning and improving a motor skill can become more successful when thought
of as modifying behavior rather than correcting errors, or exchanging an
unnecessary habit for a ... an image-rich language of familiar pictures that should
be used.


Author: Michael Hebron

Publisher: Learning Golf Inc.

ISBN: 9780962021466

Category: Golf

Page: 115

View: 571

Literature Based Teaching in the Content Areas

Research from the report showed that students with high involvement in the arts
performed better in general in school than ... For example, in a classroom of
students learning English as a second language, students explored the theme of


Author: Carole Cox

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781452237619

Category: Education

Page: 352

View: 817

Grounded in theory and best-practices research, this practical text provides teachers with 40 strategies for using fiction and non-fiction trade books to teach in five key content areas: language arts and reading, social studies, mathematics, science, and the arts. Each strategy provides everything a teacher needs to get started: a classroom example that models the strategy, a research-based rationale, relevant content standards, suggested books, reader-response questions and prompts, assessment ideas, examples of how to adapt the strategy for different grade levels (K–2, 3–5, and 6–8), and ideas for differentiating instruction for English language learners and struggling students. Throughout the book, student work samples and classroom vignettes bring the content to life.

Shakespeare Shorts Gr 2 4 Performance Arts

I remember a teacher telling us that learning Shakespeare was "good for us", but
I don't ever remember hearing why. ... much earlier in your school career, letting
you experiment with his language, perform as his characters, learn about his ...



Publisher: On The Mark Press

ISBN: 9781770723542

Category: Education


View: 893

The use of indigenous techniques of communication in language learning

The teacher who succeeds in using this technique finds that his classes get more
and more lively and interesting and his ... That way, storytelling is elevated to the
height of performing art. ... Transfer this situation to the language class, and the
teacher may not need another technique with which to win over his students.


Author: Balbina Ebong

Publisher: Cuvillier Verlag

ISBN: 9783865372475

Category: Communication in foreign language education

Page: 222

View: 212

Dramatic Interactions in Education

Vera John-Steiner is Regents' Professor Emerita of Language, Literacy and
Sociocultural Studies and Linguistics at the ... aspects of play, the arts and
especially the performing arts, and where experiences of the drama in education
studies ...


Author: Susan Davis

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472576903

Category: Education

Page: 288

View: 616

Dramatic Interactions in Education draws together contemporary sociocultural research across drama and educational contents to draw out implications for researchers and practitioners both within and outside the field. Drama is a field for which human interactions, experience, emotional expression, and attitude are central, with those in non-arts fields discovering that understandings emerging from drama education can provide models and means for examining the affective and relational domains which are essential for understanding learning processes. In addition to this, those in the realm of drama education and applied theatre are realising that sociocultural and historical-cultural approaches can usefully inform their research and practice. Leading international theorists and researchers from across the UK, Europe, USA and Australia combine theoretical discussions, research methodologies, accounts of research and applications in classroom and learning contexts, as they explore concepts from Vygotsky's foundational work and interrogate key concepts such as perezhivanie (or the emotional, lived experience), development of self, zone of proximal development.

California Preschool Curriculum Framework Visual and performing arts Physical development Health

... his section describes general principles for preschool teaching and learning in
the visual and performing arts. ... solving and critical thinking; the arts bring
parallel opportunities for the development of language/communication,
mathematics, ...


Author: California. Child Development Division

Publisher: Hippocrene Books

ISBN: UCSD:31822039343413

Category: Art


View: 194

State of the Art TESOL Essays

... language teaching often starts with a determination of the purposes or
objectives that the learner has . This is followed by an examination of the content
the learner must understand and the tasks the learner will need to perform as
well as the ...


Author: James E. Alatis

Publisher: Teachers of English to

ISBN: PSU:000043937677

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 414

View: 752

A collection of essays for the 25th anniversary of the Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) addresses both theory and practice in the field of English-as-a-Second-Language teaching. Articles include: "Internationalism and Our 'Strenuous Family'"; "TESOL at Twenty-Five: What Are the Issues?"; "Communicative Language Teaching: State of the Art"; "Communicative Tasks and the Language Curriculum"; "Whole Language in TESOL"; "From Kindergarten to High School: Teaching and Learning English as a Second Language in the U.S."; "English for Specific Purposes: International in Scope, Specific in Purpose"; "Second Language Acquisition Research: Staking Out the Territory"; "What Does Language Testing Have To Offer?"; "Current Developments in Second Language Reading Research"; "Out of the Woods: Emerging Traditions in the Teaching of Writing"; "Listening in the Second/Foreign Language: Toward an Integration of Research and Practice"; "Grammar Pedagogy in Second and Foreign Language Teaching"; "The Pronunciation Component in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages"; "Twenty-Five Years of Contrastive Rhetoric: Text Analysis and Writing Pedagogies"; "TESOL and Applied Linguistics in North America"; and "Building an Association: TESOL's First Quarter Century." (MSE)

The Arts and Education

DEVELOPMENT We share the concerns of those ... in symbolic form , and so is
appropriately applied to visual and performing art forms ( Boyer , 1995 ; Eisner ,
2002 ) .




ISBN: PSU:000062946025

Category: Art

Page: 34

View: 356

Visual and Performing Arts

Arts partnerships exist in varying degrees in each of the arts and affect arts
education curriculums differently in each of the states . Although state ... To
understand a culture may require knowledge of the language , history , religion ,
and more .


Author: Richard Colwell


ISBN: UVA:X004013528

Category: Arts

Page: 93

View: 621

University of Michigan Official Publication

The Residential College views a liberal arts education as an experience lived
both publicly and privately in ... intensive foreign language study , experience in
written and verbal expression , performing and fine arts experiences , field
studies ...


Author: University of Michigan

Publisher: UM Libraries

ISBN: UOM:39015078739912

Category: Education, Higher


View: 170

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