Personality Matters

The Translator's Personality in the Process of Self-Revision Olha Lehka-Paul. Among the conceptual issues discussed by the great minds were the nature of human beings, temperament, character and the other aspects of the modern concept ...


Author: Olha Lehka-Paul

Publisher: Leuven University Press

ISBN: 9789462702394

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 272

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The analysis of translated texts and investigations into the cognitive mechanisms involved in the process of translation are burgeoning areas of research in translation studies. Personality Matters ventures into a previously uncharted territory in its exploration of the psychological and cognitive characteristics of a translator. Combining psychology and translation process research, this groundbreaking study identifies personality traits that distinguish translators from non-translators, and shows that the translator’s personality matters in translation, especially in the process of self-revision. The individual translator thus stands central in Personality Matters – making this book a topical contribution to translation studies as it continues to evolve in taking account of the people behind the ubiquity of translation in the modern globalized world.

Personality Issues In Assessments And The Projective Inventory Approach

The manual for PRF mentions that the high or low scores on the desirability scale may imply important personality traits besides dissimulation . Eysenck and Eysenck ( 1975 ) also accept ... But faking and lying are different matters .


Author: P.K. Rath

Publisher: Concept Publishing Company

ISBN: 8170229278

Category: Personality

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Cross Cultural Brand Personality and Brand Desirability

When Brand Personality Matters: The Moderating Role of Attachment Styles. Journal of Consumer Research, 35(6), 985–1002. Sweeney, J. C., & Brandon, C. (2006). Brand personality: Exploring the potential to move from factor analytical to ...


Author: Corinna Colette Vellnagel

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783658311780

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 251

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This research proposes and empirically tests the impact of brand personality dimensions on brand desirability in a cross-cultural context. Further, the concept of brand-self-congruity is tested on its mediating role between brand personality dimensions and brand desirability. The results reveal that certain brand personality dimensions can have a direct and/ or indirect impact on brand desirability. Yet, this effect mechanism has not only been found to be brand-dependent but also culture-dependent. In this context, the mediating role of brand-self-congruity was confirmed across all cultures and brands investigated. Important implications are derived for research and brand management. In different countries, different brand personality dimensions lead to brand desirability. Therefore, brand managers should know their markets, understand cultural differences and adjust their brand strategy accordingly in order to attain brand desirability.


D oes your personality affect life outcomes? In a recent comprehensive review of research on the Big Five personality model, researchers found that the answer seems to be a resounding ... to their Hot Trend: Personality Matters “yes.


Author: Debra L. Nelson

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781305437005

Category: Business & Economics

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"When employees have more autonomy on the job, personality matters more," says Ann Rickman, DiscoverMe's vice president of candidate recruiting. The process begins when DiscoverMe, based near Kansas City, Kan., creates a model based on ...






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A discourse of matters pertaining to religion

If thereby we only deny that he has the limitations of unconscious matter , no wrong is done . But our conception of personality is that of finite personality , limited by human imperfections ; hemmed in by time and space ; restricted ...


Author: Theodore Parker


ISBN: CUB:U183039110816

Category: Unitarianism


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Consumer The Boss Essentials on Consumer Behaviour and marketing Strategies

Now, besides the fact that brand personality is imperative to differentiate the product in the market, here are other important factors why brand personality matters: • Develops Brand Image: Brand identity and brand personality are two ...


Author: Dr A Madeswaran

Publisher: Archers & Elevators Publishing House

ISBN: 9788194706571

Category: Antiques & Collectibles


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The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Death

All these things would be people(p) but not people(b). But this psychological concept of personality is different in even deeper ways from the biological concept of personality. a. The Intrinsicality of Personality(p).


Author: Fred Feldman

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190271459

Category: Death

Page: 528

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Death has long been a pre-occupation of philosophers, and this is especially so today. The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Death collects 21 newly commissioned essays that cover current philosophical thinking of death-related topics across the entire range of the discipline. These include metaphysical topics--such as the nature of death, the possibility of an afterlife, the nature of persons, and how our thinking about time affects what we think about death--as well as axiological topics, such as whether death is bad for its victim, what makes it bad to die, what attitude it is fitting to take towards death, the possibility of posthumous harm, and the desirability of immortality. The contributors also explore the views of ancient philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato and Epicurus on topics related to the philosophy of death, and questions in normative ethics, such as what makes killing wrong when it is wrong, and whether it is wrong to kill fetuses, non-human animals, combatants in war, and convicted murderers. With chapters written by a wide range of experts in metaphysics, ethics, and conceptual analysis, and designed to give the reader a comprehensive view of recent developments in the philosophical study of death, this Handbook will appeal to a broad audience in philosophy, particularly in ethics and metaphysics.

The Practical

Third , even where a borrowed theory is adequate to its own subject matter , it begs or ignores questions about other subject matters . Theories of personality , for example , beg or ignore problems of social structure and ethics or ...


Author: Joseph Jackson Schwab


ISBN: STANFORD:36105032382223

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Abstracts of Theses

Six main categories; Student Relations and Campus Activities, Personality, Religion, Education, Social-Economic-Political Issues, and Book Reviews, with divisions and sub-divisions, grew out of this reading. The crude space of published ...


Author: Vanderbilt University


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