Philomena Begley

Here Philomena Begley takes us from her happy beginnings as a bread-man’s daughter in Pomeroy through the devastating loss of her brother Patsy and the risks of touring Ireland at the height of the Troubles, right up to her fiftieth ...


Author: Philomena Begley

Publisher: The O'Brien Press Ltd

ISBN: 9781847179876

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

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She recorded and performed with stars like Billie Jo Spears, Ray Lynam, Foster and Allen, Charley Pride, Big Tom and Brian Coll, shared festival line-ups with Tammy Wynette, Glen Campbell, Don Williams, Hank Locklin and many more and was awarded gold, silver and platinum discs. Yet, throughout her extraordinary career, she has never forgotten where she came from, and it is the love and inspiration of her husband, Tom, her close family and her worldwide fan base that have made her the warm and generous star we know and love. Here Philomena Begley takes us from her happy beginnings as a bread-man’s daughter in Pomeroy through the devastating loss of her brother Patsy and the risks of touring Ireland at the height of the Troubles, right up to her fiftieth anniversary in show business in 2012 – her ‘gold and silver days’.

A Happy Type of Sadness

Philomena Begley is thus far the only star of the Irish country music scene to be inducted into the British Country Music Hall of Fame.


Author: Kevin Martin

Publisher: Mercier Press Ltd

ISBN: 9781781175835

Category: Music

Page: 320

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Country music fandom is at an all-time high in Ireland; social dancing has never been as popular. New artists, bands and venues proliferate; it seems each week ‘Ireland’s latest country sensation’ is brought to the public’s attention through the ever-widening media outlets populated by the genre. This book provides a comprehensive history of the genre looking at the artists and their music and seeking to contextualise the genre within the wider context of Irish culture. It demonstrates the significant role Ireland has played in the history and development of American country music and how, as an old classic country song says, the circle has remained unbroken. It also analyses the associated media, dance and social cultures. Irish country music is now a significant industry on a continuous upward curve. It earns a lot of money for a lot of people. It deserves a work of record. This book is the first of its kind. It is written in an easy to understand language to appeal to the widest possible demographic. It is also written from a neutral point of view but in a way that appeals to the fans of country and Irish music. Artists covered include Big Tom, Daniel O'Donnell, Nathan Carter, Philomena Begley, Susan McCann and Robert Mizell. The author is an established writer with extensive media experience including RTÉ Radio 1, TV3, Irish Independent, The Irish Times, New York Times, The Irish Post and a plethora of local and regional radio stations.


... Patrice & Stagecoach Patricia and The River Boys Paul Hanrahan and The Sahara Pauric Browne & Misty Philomena Begley & Country Flavour Philomena Begley ...




ISBN: 9781447618881



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The Little Book of Westmeath

He recorded with Philomena Begley in the 1970s – being voted top European duo by the British Country Music Association in 1974.


Author: Ruth Illingworth

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 9780750981552

Category: History

Page: 144

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The Little Book of Westmeath is a compendium of fascinating, obscure, strange and entertaining facts about County Westmeath. Here you will find out about Westmeath’s history and archaeology, its buildings and architecture, its culture and sport and its famous (and occasionally infamous) men and women. Through quaint villages and bustling towns, this book takes the reader on a journey through County Westmeatj and its vibrant past. A reliable reference book and a quirky guide, this can be dipped into time and time again to reveal something new about the people, the heritage and the secrets of this fascinating county.

On Tuesdays I m a Buddhist

Tapes of Philomena Begley and Ray Lynam. I bought them in Mullan Mart, an outdoor Sunday-morning event on the border between Cavan and Fermanagh.


Author: Michael Harding

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781473623521

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

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'Searingly honest, funny, self-deprecating, Harding's narrative seems to rest on the pulse of Ireland' Irish Times One day in the summer of 2016, Michael Harding's wife brought an unusual gift home from Warsaw. All of a sudden, he found himself falling back into the old religious devotions of an earlier time. The meaning he had found through years of engagement with therapy began to dissolve. Here, in On Tuesdays I'm a Buddhist, Harding examines the search for meaning in life which keeps him fastened to the idea of god. After many therapy sessions focused on an effort to uncover personal truth, and long solitary months on the road with a one man show, Harding is finally led to an artists' retreat in the shadow of Skellig Michael. Mixing stories from the road with dispatches from his Irish Times columns, On Tuesdays I'm a Buddhist is a spell-binding and powerful book about the human condition, the narratives we weave around the self, and the ultimate bliss of living in the present moment. 'What happens between one story and the next? That's the really interesting part. That's the space where we find bliss; where we float sometimes, suspended, and only for a brief moment. Perhaps only for a few scarce moments in an entire life.'

Big Tom

recalls Philomena Begley in her book Philomena Begley: My Life, My Music, My Memories (O'Brien Press). Big Tom's memories are very similar and equally ...


Author: Tom Gilmore

Publisher: The O'Brien Press Ltd

ISBN: 9781788490764

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

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A tribute to Big Tom McBride, ‘the Johnny Cash of Irish country music’. From labourer to music star, the journey of the singer who brought so much joy to fans at home and to emigrants abroad over five decades. Featuring never-before-published interviews with Big Tom and the country stars who loved him, as well as exclusive family photographs, this book is full of the characteristic wit and warmth of Ireland’s greatest country music legend, Big Tom. Big Tom McBride was the original Irish country music star, who paved the way for today’s new wave of artists. His unique voice and sincere delivery earned him the title The King of Irish Country. He was held in huge affection by many thousands of devoted fans, and was greatly loved and respected by his fellow musicians. Throughout Big Tom’s music career, spanning five decades, he packed ballrooms and marquees the length and breadth of Ireland and Britain, with his band The Mainliners and later with The Travellers. His records sold by the tens of thousands, and he had numerous Top Ten hits. Legions of fans were transported by his beautiful singing, evoking an Ireland of a more innocent age. Many made the pilgrimage to the McBrides’ home outside Castleblayney, County Monaghan, where they were greeted with genuine, warm-hearted hospitality. Tom Gilmore has interviewed family, friends and fans, as well as unearthing previously unpublished interviews with Big Tom himself. This book also features tributes to the music legend from luminaries of music, sport and politics.

Living the Dream

Irish country star Philomena Begley ... If I was putting favourite country singers in order, I would place Philomena next to Loretta Lynn.


Author: Daniel O'Donnell

Publisher: The O'Brien Press Ltd

ISBN: 9781847179869

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

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In Ireland, Daniel O’Donnell is more than just a singing star: he has reached the status of 'national treasure'. It has been a long journey for the boy from Kincasslagh, County Donegal, and in Living the Dream he tells his story with his customary sense of humour and down-to-earth charm. Much has happened in Daniel O’Donnell’s life since his first autobiography, Follow Your Dream, and in this new book he reflects on the range of experiences and emotions that accompanied his wife Majella’s battle with cancer; the death of his beloved mother, Julia; his part in the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing TV show; and his B&B Road Trip adventures with Majella. And he delves into the relentless touring and recording that took him to the brink of burnout and forced him to reassess his priorities. Daniel O’Donnell is an international phenomenon – ‘a real star’. His fans will love this latest instalment of his extraordinary life story.

Born for the Road

One of perhaps my most memorable moments on television came about on the night of the country special when I was sharing the sofa with Philomena Begley.


Author: Nathan Carter

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9781844884483

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

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Nathan Carter has become Ireland's biggest country music star. He is heralded by many as reviving the country music genre and bringing it into the mainstream. He has sold out venues across the UK and Ireland, has landed his own primetime show, and is loved and respected by legions of fans across Ireland. But how did a lad from Liverpool accomplish all this before the age of 27? In his revealing and inspirational autobiography, Nathan reminisces about his music filled childhood, and growing up in Merseyside with his Liverpool-Irish family. From his first taste of showbiz at the tender age of four, to his success on the north of England club circuit and his subsequent relocation to Donegal, Nathan explores the twists of fate that took him to chart success and to become Ireland's adopted poster boy for country music.

I Didn t See That Coming

Initially that would have been people that my parents listened to such as Mary Black and Frances Black, but also of course my aunt, Philomena Begley.


Author: Andrea Begley

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781446417911

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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Andrea Begley stunned the nation with her unique voice and was the brilliant winner of series two of The Voice UK. This is the exclusive story of her journey to the top. From her childhood in Ireland, coming to terms with the loss of 90% of her vision, to her university days and her passion for politics and above all, music. The Voice was the opportunity Andrea had been waiting for and she made sure nothing would hold her back. In this book, Andrea reveals the moments of terror and triumph, the pressure and euphoria, what it’s really like to work with Danny O’Donoghue and what it feels like to have finally achieved her dream against all odds. An incredible voice, an incredible woman. This is her story.

The Skelper and Me

... as Kim Wilde had intended, but maybe something that Big Tom or Philomena Begley could be proud of. Badger talked of Philomena as if she were his aunt.


Author: Tony Doherty

Publisher: Mercier Press Ltd

ISBN: 9781781176740

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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'As I grew older I often asked myself whether history has made me who I am, and will I, in turn, make history with that?’ Tony Doherty has lived in the shadow of his father’s execution on Bloody Sunday. At 18 he found himself facing long-term imprisonment, yet the soldier who shot his father was a free man. The Skelper and Me is no ordinary memoir. It is a triumph of working class resolve and resilience over the last bastion of Empire. Epitomising the old adage that ‘if you didn’t laugh you’d cry,’ it sallies forth as a fascinating and compelling story of prison life, making a willing inmate of the reader, weaving a tapestry of the lives of his young cellmates, who never deserved such a life, but whose very existence played out, often hilariously, sometimes painfully, and at close quarter behind the steel door of Cell 5, Crumlin Road. Upon returning to a war-torn Derry in 1985, freedom had a more liberating effect on him and others than he had anticipated. As his family saw qualities in him that he hadn’t realised, he began to pick up the pieces of his battered but unbroken home town, locked in bitter stalemate. At his father’s cross on Creggan Hill, he promised to make right out of the wrong. The epic struggle that followed changed the course of history.

Days of Heaven Italia 90 and the Charlton Years

But first I had to interview Philomena Begley, an oddly poignant occasion in the circumstances. Philomena was one of those legends of Irish entertainment ...


Author: Declan Lynch

Publisher: Gill & Macmillan Ltd

ISBN: 9780717151622

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 225

View: 169

The best of Irish Soccer. The kickstart the country needed. The men, the excitement, the places, the stories, the goals and above all, the journey. They were the best days of our lives. This is how so many of the Irish remember Italia 90 and all that came with it – the atmosphere of wild celebration, the scenes of chaos, the fine madness. Declan Lynch recalls the great moments – Packie’s save and his leap into immortality; Pavarotti’s Nessun Dorma and U2’s Put ’Em Under Pressure; Kevin Sheedy’s sweet strike; and all that drinking. Days of Heaven is full of hilarious accounts of how the Irish abandoned reality in that glorious time called Italia 90.

Notes from a Lost Tribe

... schemes' coming and going, when in truth all they are looking for is the sort of 'pilot scheme' which has Philomena Begley on the telly now and again.


Author: Declan Lynch

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781473687318

Category: Humor

Page: 288

View: 170

Combining the razor-sharp wit of writer Declan Lynch with illustrations and contributions from Father Ted co-creator Arthur Mathews. Since Declan Lynch and Arthur Mathews first shone a light into this darkest corner of the darkest living room in all of Ireland over a decade ago, things have actually got worse for that almost-forgotten species we call the Poor Ould Fellas - impossible though it seems. Further confined to their unhappy dwelling places by the drink-driving laws, a new range of challenges have emerged to torment them in a baffling post-analog world, where emails seek to release them from the few remaining shillings that weren't stolen by bankers during the crash. Now they must negotiate a universe full of new words (falafel, bitcoin, Spotify) and concepts (texting, sexting, going away for the weekend, composing a tweet, growing a beard, online banking) that mean absolutely nothing to them. Notes from a Lost Tribe is a hilarious road map through a world of forgotten men and their equally forgotten dogs, who ask for so little - yet it is denied them. And still ... somehow ... inexplicably ... they go on.


Famous name Irish country singer from Pomeroy, County Tyrone Philomena Begley Phyllis Greek, 'leafy'. An ancient name which became popular in England at ...


Author: Fragrance O'Boyle

Publisher: Irish Baby Names

ISBN: 9780955805707

Category: Names, Personal

Page: 228

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The Kaleidoscope British Christmas Television Guide 1937 2013

Pete Sayers, Ginny Brown, Raymond Froggatt, Philomena Begley, The Minting Sisters, George Hamilton IV. Holding / Source 23.12.1980 DB-D3/2" THE COUNTRYMAN ...


Author: Chris Perry


ISBN: 9781900203609

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 624

View: 965

A Guide to British television programmes shown at Christmas time, throughout the years.

Breakfast on Pluto

Then they'd start crying when Philomena Begley or Larry Cunningham came on the jukebox telling stories about orphans and teddy bears.


Author: Patrick McCabe

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781447230878

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

View: 496

‘Dysfunctional Ireland in all its glories is here, with humour of the blackest hue, madness and violence, hopelessly randy priests, dodgy politicians, a grand gallery of misfits culminating in McCabe’s hero in Breakfast on Pluto, Patrick “Pussy” Braden, the transvestite prostitute from the village of Tyreelin . . . Wild, hilarious, merciless and fiendishly clever’ Ronan Farren, Sunday Independent ‘He is the fortunate possessor of a savage and unfettered imagination; his books . . . dissect life’s miseries with a gleaming comedic scalpel’ Erica Wagner, The Times ‘It finds humour in places that other writers are afraid to look for it’ David Robson, Sunday Telegraph ‘This is a savagely funny and authentically tragic novel of an Ireland in unhappy transition and beneath McCabe’s perfectly delivered black comedy lies an angry heart’ GQ Magazine ‘Without drawing breath, McCabe mixes camp comedy with brutality, making Breakfast on Pluto both funny and deeply shocking’ Maxim ‘Told with irresistible zest, brio and gaiety . . . McCabe’s brilliant, startling talent is to make enchantingly dashing narratives out of the most ghastly states of mind imaginable, and to induce compassion for lives which seem least to invite it . . . He is a dark genius of incongruity and the grotesque’ Hermione Lee, Observer

Margo Queen of Country Irish

Porter Wagoner gave Philomena Begley and myself our first spot together on the Opry when we went with the late Tony Loughman to record our duet album in ...


Author: Margaret O'Donnell

Publisher: The O'Brien Press

ISBN: 9781847177025

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 192

View: 403

The official memoir of Margo O'Donnell, legendary Irish Country Music singer For fifty years now the name 'Margo' has been synonymous with everything that is positive and enriching in Country and Irish music. Blessed with an instantly recognisable voice, a voice unlike any other in the music business, the Donegal-born singer, despite the ever changing musical trends, has remained a star attraction, much loved by her fans, not only in Ireland and Britain, but also in the USA, Canada, Australia and other far destinations. She still possesses an infectious enthusiasm for performing and recording that she had in those very early days with The Keynotes. This is the story of her life, the successes and difficult times, in her own words.

Bridie Gallagher

... her fellow professionals at that time who had actually achieved such accolades, like Brendan Bowyer, Dickie Rock, Daniel O'Donnell and Philomena Begley.


Author: Jim Livingstone

Publisher: Gill & Macmillan Ltd

ISBN: 9781848895072

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 261

View: 362

Foreword by Daniel O'Donnell Known as ‘the Girl from Donegal’, Bridie Gallagher was Ireland’s first truly international pop star. Over a fifty-year career she sang at sell-out concerts from small halls across Ireland to leading venues such as the London Palladium, Royal Albert Hall, the Lincoln Centre in New York and the Sydney Opera House. She brought glamour to show business in Ireland, and gave new life to forgotten Irish ballads. Her rise to fame began in the mid-1950s and was marked by enormous crowds wherever she appeared, as she won the hearts of legions of fans loyal ever since. But as well as phenomenal success, her life was marked by tragedy and loss. This biography by her son, Jim Livingstone, draws upon Bridie’s own handwritten memoir, interviews with friends, fans and colleagues, and Jim’s own personal insights, having worked closely with her as manager and musical director for twenty-five years. This is the story of a young, beautiful and talented girl from humble beginnings in Donegal who established a career in show business that was to endure for half a century.

Danny O Donoghue The Biography

Andrea – a niece of Irish country music star Philomena Begley – said: 'In the past, when I've entered competitions, the feedback was always that I could ...


Author: David O'Dornan

Publisher: Kings Road Publishing

ISBN: 9781784180607

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 300

View: 488

Danny O'Donoghue is loved by millions around the world as the frontman of The Script.The Irish charmer is blessed with rugged good looks and a uniquely soulful voice. But success did not come quickly for the Dubliner - it took years of grafting to hit the big time.Danny was born to be a rock star. With no interest in education, his long path to stardom began after meeting would-be guitar hero Mark Sheehan. Little did the two youngsters know that they would ultimately find fame together. But Danny would spent a decade in musical purgatory in the US, stealing bags of ice just to fill his bath and making tea in recording studios for Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, before the two triumphantly struck out on their own.With years of learning from the best, they knew the recipe for success.The Script exploded onto the scene in style, with Paul McCartney, Take That and U2 all clamouring for their support. And in 2012, Danny's career reached new heights as a judge on hit show The Voice. His journey from tea boy to TV star, music hero and household name was complete.In this first-ever biography of the star, David O'Dornan reveals the amazing highs and lows of Danny's personal and professional life and speaks to music industry experts and artists to find out more about the man behind the music. This is a must-read book for any fan or, as Danny likes to call them, 'The Script Family'.

Here Comes Everybody

The debate continued on the theme of Irish music – its sanctity and otherwise its versatility – taking in Foster and Allen, Ray Lynam and Philomena Begley, ...


Author: James Fearnley

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 9780571255405

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 416

View: 514

October 1982: ABC, Culture Club, Shalamar and Survivor dominate the top twenty when the Pogues barrel out from the backstreets of King's Cross, a furious, pioneering mix of punk energy, traditional melodies and the powerfully poetic songwriting of Shane MacGowan. Reviled by traditionalists for their frequently fast, often riotous interpretations of Irish folk songs, the Pogues rose from the sweaty chaos of backroom gigs in Camden pubs to world tours with the likes of Elvis Costello, U2 and Bob Dylan, and had huge commercial success with everyone's favourite Christmas song, 'Fairytale of New York'. Yet, the exuberance of their live performances coupled with relentless touring spiralled into years of hard drinking and excess which eventually took their toll - most famously on Shane, but also on the rest of the band - causing them to part ways seven years later. Here, their story is told with beauty, lyricism and great candour by James Fearnley, founding member and accordion player. He brings to life the youthful friendships, the bust-ups, the amazing gigs, the terrible gigs, the fantastic highs and the dramatic lows in a hugely compelling, humorous, moving and honest account of life in one of our most treasured and original bands.

Past It Notes

Her last six weeks were spent at a Kentish Town Irish dance hall, whirling madly to the music of Philomena Begley and the Allstars.


Author: Maureen Lipman

Publisher: JR Books Limited

ISBN: 9781907532603

Category: Humor

Page: 480

View: 740

Life the Lipman way is always unexpected, and the hilarious and witty way in which she recalls her adventures and misadventures has made her a bestselling author and national treasure. Past-it Notes is the ultimate Maureen Lipman collection, drawing on choice material from her six previous books (re-visited and re-worked) laced with a heady dose of extremely funny new autobiographical material. Past-it Notes is packed with beguiling showbiz anecdotes, wonderful stories, eccentric characters, bizarre situations and memorable encounters Ð recalled and recorded with gusto and relish, including affectionate recollections of her late husband, the playwright Jack Rosenthal, and of her mother and Muse, the inimitable Zelma. From entertaining the neighbours at the age of four with impressions of Alma Cogan to entertaining the nation on TV, from struggling with her laptop to film-roles and award-winning stage triumphs as diverse as The Pianist and Oklahoma Ð and not forgetting her iconic creation Beattie, star of thirty five British Telecom commercials Ð Maureen combines stories of her whirlwind professional life, and confessions of the chaos that often threatens to engulf her personal life, with a style and wit that is utterly and uniquely her own. Ô Thank the Lord for Maureen LipmanÉ she is fast becoming a national treasure. She has a lightness of touch that glides over the poignant and the hilarious with elegance and gives voice to a generation that is increasingly and lamentably overlooked.Õ Sunday Express Born in Hull, actress Maureen Lipman has written six best-selling books, the most recent being Lip Reading. She has won numerous awards for her television and theatrical work including the Laurence Olivier and Variety Club of Great Britain Awards.