Policing Trends and Issues in America

The overarching purpose of this book is to provide the reader with an examination of some of the most cutting edge issues impacting American Police.


Author: Michael L. Birzer


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The overarching purpose of this book is to provide the reader with an examination of some of the most cutting edge issues impacting American Police. It examines both the present state of policing and what's promising in the future. In essence, the book considers the trends, issues, technologies, and challenges that define policing in the present and the impact they will have on policing in the future. It is written for an upper-level college policing course.

Current Issues in American Law Enforcement

FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, 63 (3), 15–20. Brown, L. P. (1989). Community
policing: A practical guide for police officials. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department
of Justice, 1–7. Brown, L. P. (1991). Policing in the “90s, trends, issues and ...


Author: Harry W. More

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The Past Present and Future of American Criminal Justice

Instead, policing is a job activity that needs to be especially sensitive to societal
changes, trends, and preferences. The author highlightsfour topical issues of
policing that affect and are affected by what is at present taking place in American


Author: Brendan Maguire

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Today's criminal justice system is the product of adjustments and reappraisals of policies and practices of the past. The Past Present, and Future of American Criminal Justice highlights how criminal justice has changed and how it continues to change. It brings together three sections: on police, courts, and corrections. Each section contains a historical case study chapter, a chapter on the contemporary patterns, and a chapter of informed speculations on future trends. Altogether The Past, Present and Future gives an excellent overview the everchanging U.S. criminal justice system.

Trends in Policing

in Northern Ireland or the U.S. Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan, soldiers make
poor police officers. ... police must be concerned about quality-of-life issues,
community engagement, proactive crime prevention, victim and counseling
services, ...


Author: Bruce F. Baker

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Trends in Policing: Interviews with Police Leaders Across the Globe, Volume Four, is the latest installment in a series of insightful interviews with senior police executives worldwide. The book offers readers an unparalleled insider‘s perspective on police goals, practices, and management in nationwide, regional, and city environments. Conducted b

Contemporary Issues in Public Disorder

This overview , culminating in a recent case study of American police practices ,
offers a reasonable basis for predicting future British trends . A second section
then analyses the corresponding drift towards a more repressive style of policing
in ...


Author: David P. Waddington

Publisher: Psychology Press

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Proposes that public disorder is most likely to occur where a group perceives that its rights are being violated or denied. The model is demonstrated in a selection of vivid case studies which are both international and historical in scope.

Voting and Political Representation in America Issues and Trends 2 volumes

Originally called the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, the BPP initially
formed in response to accusations of police brutality by Bay Area residents.
When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Miranda v. Arizona during the summer of
1966 that ...


Author: Mark P. Jones

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Examines voting trends and political representation in the United States today, with a special focus on debates over voting rights, voter fraud, and voter suppression; and election rules and regulations, including those related to gerrymandering, campaign fundraising, and other controversies. Does the average American have a voice in Washington? Are they well-represented, or are they marginalized? Do elections reflect fundamental democratic institutions and values, or are they tarnished by voter suppression, voter fraud, gerrymandering, or other factors? To what extent do America's elected officials reflect the diversity of race, religion, gender, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, and political views of the wider American population? This encyclopedia explores all these questions and more. It examines important mechanisms and laws shaping political representation in America in the 21st century, such as term limits, gerrymandering, the Electoral College, and "direct democracy" (ballot initiatives and referendums); and the degree to which various demographic groups are represented in state and federal legislatures, from Latinos and senior citizens to atheists and residents of rural states. It also explains the basis for escalating concerns about both voter fraud and voter suppression. Sets voting trends and political representation in context through a historical overview of their evolution in America. Provides authoritative coverage of important terms, laws, trends, and controversies ranging from racially based voter suppression efforts to gerrymandering in an encyclopedia section. Coverage of structural elements of elections and political representation. Chronology of events that have shaped the modern world of voting and political representation in America.

Organized Crime in the United States

Trends and Issues for Congress Kristin M. Finklea ... Within the Department of
Justice, the U.S. National Central Bureau (USNCB) of the International Criminal
Police Organization (INTERPOL)41 is the point of contact for INTERPOL matters
in ...


Author: Kristin M. Finklea

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Contents: (1) Intro.; (2) Definitions of Organized Crime (OC); (3)Background: Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act; OC Control Act and RICO; Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Statutes; More Recent Fed. Attention to OC; (4) Fed. Law Enforcement Efforts to Combat OC; (5) Federal Investigations and Prosecutions of OC; (6) Current OC Trends: OC Groups Operating in the U.S.: Eurasian/Russian; Asian; Italian; Balkan; Other OC Groups; (7) Domestic Impact of OC: Impact of OC on the Economy; Money Laundering; Cigarette Trafficking; Piracy and Counterfeiting; OC and Terrorists; (8) Potential Issues for Congress: Fed. OC Resources; Multilateral Crime Fighting; Potential OC Nexus with Terrorism; (9) Legis. in the 111th Cong.

Law Enforcement in the United States

This chapter's focus is twofold: (1) to identify many of the future issues that will
affect law enforcement in the United States by reviewing past events and current
trends, and (2) to make recommendations about improving law enforcement ...


Author: James A. Conser

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Law Enforcement, Policing, & Security

Policing America

Chapter Eleven ISSUES AND TRENDS Debate on public issues should be
uninhibited , robust , and wide open . - Justice William Brennan History has many
cunning passages , contrived corridors , and issues . - T . S . Eliot


Author: Kenneth J. Peak

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This book provides readers with a comprehensive view of the often obscure world of policing, with in-depth coverage of today's major topics. It explores the methods and issues, personality and problems, and attitudes and beliefs of those persons who enforce federal, state, and local laws. Chapter topics include the rights of police officers, women and minorities in policing, private policing, unionization, contract and consolidated policing, civilianization, accreditation, higher education, and stress. A “real-world” focus gives insight to one of the most difficult and challenging occupations in America. Career overviews highlight information on the various fields of police work for those considering making it their future. Given their prominence and authority in our society, “consumers” of police services will also find this a provocative read.

Policing America

Chapter 12 Issues and Trends OUTLINE Introduction Contemporary Policing
Trends Labor Relations: Officers' Rights, Unionization, Collective Bargaining
Women Who Wear the Badge Minorities As Police Officers On Guard: The Private


Author: Peak


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An Introduction to American Policing

In his latest examination of these issues, An Introduction to American Policing, Dr.
Dennis J. Stevens delves into just those questions. Dr. Stevens' in-depth study of
policing history includes current trends and practices. This text takes a ...


Author: Dennis J. Stevens

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 9781449647247

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Introduction to American Policing: An Applied Approach connect criminal justice, criminology, and law enforcement knowledge to the progress of the police community. Case studies, narratives from violators, and current research coverage help students recognize the central theories and practical (documented) realities of American law enforcement. Students are encouraged to consider the way some believe policing should be while examining evidence about the way it is. This text will also provide a current description of local and state police organization partnerships with federal organizations and of the efforts accomplished by federal law enforcement agencies including the Department of Homeland Securities (DHS).

Police in Urban America 1860 1920

( 1888 ) Previous studies of arrest and crime trends By establishing a new
national data series for arrest rates and police strength , this chapter answers
some of the questions and clarifies some of the issues , definitions , and
problems involved ...


Author: Eric H. Monkkonen

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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This book examines the rapid spread of uniformed police forces throughout late nineteenth-century urban America. It suggests that, initially, the new kind of police in industrial cities served primarily as agents of class control, dispensing and administering welfare services as an unintentioned consequence of their uniformed presence on the streets.

Policing in America

The activities and practices of American police officers are expanding into areas
of social life that far exceed the ... The 1970s and 1980s saw the federal
government almost totally neglect our nation's cities and the many social
problems that contribute to crime and other police problems. During ... These
trends and the new language of policing, politics, and crime control contributed to
the complexity and ...


Author: Larry K. Gaines

Publisher: Routledge

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This comprehensive text provides an overview of law enforcement topics, integrating major empirical findings and theory-based research findings in the field with a thorough analysis of contemporary policing problems. The issues-oriented discussion focuses on critical concerns facing American police, including personnel systems, organization and management, operations, discretion, use of force, culture and behavior, ethics and deviance, civil liability and police-community relations. A critical assessment of police history and the role politics played in the development of American police institutions is offered. Globalization, terrorism and homeland security are addressed. Video and Internet links provide additional coverage of topics discussed in the text. Companion mobile app, Policing In America: Exam Cram, won the 2012 PROSE Award for Best eProduct in Social Sciences from the Association of American Publishers Video links provide additional coverage of topics discussed in the text Key concepts, Internet links, charts and tables support the text throughout Equipped with a superior ancillary package, which includes 30 minutes of streaming video

Policing in America

This book maps the development of modern policing—both theory and practice—from humans' first efforts at social control, through the British roots of modern policing, to the unique institution of American policing today.


Author: Leonard A. Steverson

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

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This book maps the development of modern policing—both theory and practice—from humans' first efforts at social control, through the British roots of modern policing, to the unique institution of American policing today. * A glossary of standard policing terms, such as "blue curtain," "police subculture," "stakeout," and "forensics," allows the reader to better acquaint themselves with the law enforcement world * A detailed list of associations and organizations in the field points readers to sources of further information

Policing Gangs in America

Police Chief William Bratton, Los Angeles Police Department (Arizona Republic
2002) We examined the gang problems of the four study sites by analyzing
official police gang data collected by the police departments. In particular, we
focus on recent trends in the numbers of gangs, gang members, and gang crimes
in each city. This data serves as a common reference point to which we can
observe the ...


Author: Charles M. Katz

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139448277

Category: Social Science


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Policing Gangs in America describes the assumptions, issues, problems, and events that characterize, shape, and define the police response to gangs in America today. The focus of this 2006 book is on the gang unit officers themselves and the environment in which they work. A discussion of research, statistical facts, theory, and policy with regard to gangs, gang members, and gang activity is used as a backdrop. The book is broadly focused on describing how gang units respond to community gang problems, and answers such questions as: why do police agencies organize their responses to gangs in certain ways? Who are the people who elect to police gangs? How do they make sense of gang members - individuals who spark fear in most citizens? What are their jobs really like? What characterizes their working environment? How do their responses to the gang problem fit with other policing strategies, such as community policing?

The American System of Criminal Justice

Summary In this chapter attention has been focused on a number of the trends
and issues that confront law enforcement today . These topics make us realize
that the police exist not only as a part of the criminal justice system but also as
part of ...


Author: George F. Cole

Publisher: Duxbury Resource Center

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Page: 510

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Critical Issues in Policing

Civilian Oversight of the Police Complaints Process in the United States :
Concerns , Developments , and More Concerns . ” In A . J . Goldsmith , ed . ,
Complaints Against the Police : The Trend Toward External Review . Oxford :
Clarendon .


Author: Roger G. Dunham

Publisher: Waveland PressInc

ISBN: 157766177X

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A collection of articles & essays by various authorities, many new or updated for this edtion.

Future Survey Annual 1992

A. General Trends and Issues 11305 Domestic Violence: The Criminal Justice
Response. ... But police have had little motivation to intervene in domestic
violence cases: most police officers do not believe that this is an appropriate
police responsibility. ... Each year, about 1 in 4 US households is victimized by at
least one crime of violence or theft, amounting to over 35 million victimizations at
an estimated ...


Author: Michael Marien

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 0930242432

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American Volunteer Police Mobilizing for Security

However, there has been a fascinating trend with respect to the use of police
volunteers. ... youth workers, educators, public officials, organizations, institutions
, or private individuals concerned about contemporary public safety issues.


Author: Martin Alan Greenberg

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781482232554

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Today, it is estimated there are over 200,000 volunteers in police work throughout the United States. Although the need for such volunteers has never been greater, there is a lack of published materials regarding the nature of volunteer police work and how qualified citizens may augment police services. American Volunteer Police: Mobilizing for Sec

Global Environment of Policing

Bangladesh police: Existing problems and some reform proposals, the law and
our rights. The Daily Star, no: ... Civilian oversight ofpolice in Australia: Trends
and issues in crime and criminaljustice. Canberra: Australian ... Police
accountability and civilian oversight of policing: An American perspective. In A. J.
Goldsmith ...


Author: Darren Palmer

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781466567924

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Police organizations across the globe are experiencing major changes. Many nations cope with funding constraints as pressures within their societies, terrorism and transnational crime, and social and political transformations necessitate a more democratic form of policing. Drawn from the proceedings at the International Police Executive Symposium i