Popular Music Scenes and Cultural Memory

This volume explores the ways in which music scenes are not merely physical spaces for the practice of collective musical life but are also inscribed with and enacted through the articulation of cultural memory and emotional geography.


Author: Andy Bennett

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137402042

Category: Social Science

Page: 206

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This volume explores the ways in which music scenes are not merely physical spaces for the practice of collective musical life but are also inscribed with and enacted through the articulation of cultural memory and emotional geography. The book draws on empirical data collected in cites throughout Australia. In terms of understanding the relationship between music scenes and participants, much of the existing popular music literature tends to avoid one key aspect of scene: its predominant past-tense and memory-based nature. Nascent music scenes may be emergent and on-going but their articulation in the present is often based on past events, ideas and histories. There is a noticeable gap between the literature concerning popular music ethnography and the growing body of work on cultural memory and emotional geography. This book is a study of the conceptual formation and use of music scenes by participants. It is also an investigation of the structures underpinning music scenes more generally.

The Bloomsbury Handbook of Popular Music Space and Place

The Pub Rock Scene as a Resource for the Consumption of Popular Music', Popular Music, 16 (1): 97–108. ... Bennett, A. and Rogers, I. (2016a), Popular Music Scenes and Cultural Memory, London: Palgrave Macmillan Bennett, A. and Rogers, ...


Author: Geoff Stahl

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781501336300

Category: Music

Page: 480

View: 745

Popular music scholars have long been interested in the connection between place and music. This collection brings together a number of key scholars in order to introduce readers to concepts and theories used to explore the relationships between place and music. An interdisciplinary volume, drawing from sociology, geography, ethnomusicology, media, cultural, and communication studies, this book covers a wide-range of topics germane to the production and consumption of place in popular music. Through considerations of changes in technology and the mediascape that have shaped the experience of popular music (vinyl, iPods, social media), the role of social difference and how it shapes sociomusical encounters (queer spaces, gendered and racialised spaces), as well as the construction and representations of place (musical tourism, city branding, urban mythologies), this is an up-to-the-moment overview of central discussions about place and music. The contributors explore a range of contexts, moving from the studio to the stage, the city to the suburb, the bedroom to festival, from nightclub to museum, with each entry highlighting the diverse and complex ways in which music and place are mutually constitutive.

Popular Music Cultural Memory and Heritage

Introduction Only recently have scholars addressed the idea of popular music as heritage (e.g. Kong; Frost; ... actors use their own knowledge of popular music scenes as well as individual and collective memories to preserve, archive, ...


Author: Andy Bennett

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351790017

Category: Social Science

Page: 130

View: 269

Popular music is increasingly being represented and celebrated as an aspect of contemporary cultural history and heritage. In many places across the world, popular music heritage sites – including museums, archives, commemorative plaques adorning buildings, and what could be referred to as DIY music heritage initiatives – constitute some of the key ways in which popular music artists, scenes and events are being remembered. Bringing together a selection of wide-ranging contributions, the purpose of this book is to present a number of case studies from Europe and Australia that demonstrate the variety of ways in which popular music is being cast as cultural heritage and as a medium that invokes the collective memory of successive generations whose identity and sense of cultural belonging have often been indelibly inscribed by the musical soundscapes of their teen and early adult years. This book was originally published as a special issue of Popular Music and Society.

Music Collective Memory Trauma and Nostalgia in European Cinema after the Second World War

Sonata for Jukebox: Pop Music, Memory, and the Imagined Life. Counterpoint, 2004; Andy Bennett and Ian Rogers. Popular Music Scenes and Cultural Memory. Palgrave Macmillan, 2016; and Sara Cohen, Robert Knifton, Marion Leonard, ...


Author: Michael Baumgartner

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781315298436

Category: Music

Page: 314

View: 353

In the wake of World War II, the arts and culture of Europe became a site where the devastating events of the 20th century were remembered and understood. Exploring one of the most integral elements of the cinematic experience—music—the essays in this volume consider the numerous ways in which post-war European cinema dealt with memory, trauma and nostalgia, showing how the music of these films shaped the representation of the past. The contributors consider films from the United Kingdom, Poland, the Soviet Union, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Austria, and the Netherlands, providing a diverse and well-rounded understanding of film music in the context of historical memory. Memory is often underrepresented within scholarly musical studies, with most of these applications found in the disciplines of ethnomusicology, popular music studies, music cognition, and psychology and music therapy. Likewise, trauma has mainly been studied in relation to music in only a few historical contexts, while nostalgia has attracted even less academic attention. In three parts, this volume addresses each area of study as it relates to the music of European cinema from 1945 to 1989, applying an interdisciplinary approach to investigate how films use music to negotiate the precarious relationships we maintain with the past. Music, Collective Memory, Trauma, and Nostalgia in European Cinema after the Second World War offers compelling arguments as to what makes music such a powerful medium for memory, trauma and nostalgia.

The Routledge Companion to Popular Music History and Heritage

Popular Music and Society, special issue on 'Popular music, cultural memory, and heritage', 39 (1). Bennett, A. and Rogers, I., 2016. Popular music scenes and cultural memory. New York: Palgrave. Bly, L. and Wooten, K., eds., 2012.


Author: Sarah Baker

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781315299297

Category: Social Science

Page: 416

View: 405

The Routledge Companion to Popular Music History and Heritage examines the social, cultural, political and economic value of popular music as history and heritage. Taking a cross-disciplinary approach, the volume explores the relationship between popular music and the past, and how interpretations of the changing nature of the past in post-industrial societies play out in the field of popular music. In-depth chapters cover key themes around historiography, heritage, memory and institutions, alongside case studies from around the world, including the UK, Australia, South Africa and India, exploring popular music’s connection to culture both past and present. Wide-ranging in scope, the book is an excellent introduction for students and scholars working in musicology, ethnomusicology, popular music studies, critical heritage studies, cultural studies, memory studies and other related fields.

Popular Music Technology and the Changing Media Ecosystem

“The Perfect Guide in a Crowded Musical Landscape: Online Music Platforms and Curatorship. ... “The New Shape of Online Community: The Example of Swedish Independent Music Fandom”. ... Popular Music Scenes and Cultural Memory.


Author: Tamas Tofalvy

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030446598

Category: Social Science

Page: 258

View: 289

This book explores the relationships between popular music, technology, and the changing media ecosystem. More precisely, it looks at infrastructures and practices of music making and consuming primarily in the post-Napster era of digitization – with some chapters looking back on the technological precursors to digital culture – marked by the emergence of digital tools and platforms such as YouTube or Spotify. The first section provides a critical overview of theories addressing popular music and digital technology, while the second section offers an analysis of the relationship between musical cultures, taste, constructions of authenticity, and technology. The third section offers case studies on the materialities of music consumption from outside the western core of popular music production. The final section reflects on music scenes and the uses and discourses of social media.

Journal of Cultural Management and Cultural Policy Zeitschrift f r Kulturmanagement und Kulturpolitik

BENNETT, Andy/ROGERS, Ian (2016): Popular Music Scenes and Cultural Memory. UK: Palgrave Macmillan. BUTLER, Judith (1990): Gender Trouble: Feminism and the subversion of identity. London: Routledge. CAMPBELL, Miranda (2015): Creative ...


Author: Constance DeVereaux

Publisher: transcript Verlag

ISBN: 9783839449578

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 234

View: 414

The Journal of Cultural Management and Cultural Policy offers international perspectives on a wide range of issues in cultural management and cultural policy research and practice. Revisiting the conceptual and theoretical foundations that have informed discourses, research, and cultural policy development on creative cities to date, this issue offers perspectives on creativity off the beaten path. The contributions provide critical reflections on different notions and narratives of creativity, examine the potential and downsides of creativity as a development tool, and integrate perspectives from cities and regions that are often overlooked in the Anglo-Saxon-dominated creativity discourse. Researchers and policymakers who are new to the field of creative cities will gain useful insights into theories and methods on creative city discourse, and those who are already knowledgeable in the field will be provided with fresh ideas and voices that pose the potential to reframe and rethink the role of creativity in theory and practice.

Trans Global Punk Scenes

References Bennett, Andy (2001), Cultures of Popular Music, Issues in Cultural and Media Studies, Buckingham: Open ... Bennett, Andy and Rogers, Ian (2016), Popular Music Scenes and Cultural Memory, London: Palgrave Macmillan.


Author: Russ Bestley

Publisher: Intellect Books

ISBN: 9781789383393

Category: Music

Page: 285

View: 785

This new collection is the second in the Global Punk series. Following the publication of the first volume the series editors invited proposals for a second volume, and selected contributions from a range of interdisciplinary areas, including cultural studies, musicology, ethnography, art and design, history and the social sciences. This collection extends the theme into new territories, with a particular emphasis on contemporary global punk scenes, post-2000, reflecting upon the notion of origin, music(s), identity, careers, membership and circulation. This area of subcultural studies is far less documented than more ‘historical’ work related to earlier punk scenes and subcultures of the late 1970s and early 1980s. This new volume covers countries and regions including New Zealand, Indonesia, Cuba, Ireland, South Africa, Siberia and the Philippines, alongside thematic discussions relating to trans-global scenes, the evolution of subcultural styles, punk demographics and the notion of punk identity across cultural and geographic boundaries. The book series adopts an essentially analytical perspective, raising questions over the dissemination of punk scenes and their form, structure and contemporary cultural significance in the daily lives of an increasing number of people around the world. This book has a genuine crossover market, being designed in such a way that it can be adopted as an undergraduate student textbook while at the same time having important currency as a key resource for established academics, postdoctoral researchers and PhD students. In terms of the undergraduate market for the book, it is likely that it will be adopted by convenors of courses on popular music, youth culture and in discipline areas such as sociology, popular music studies, urban/cultural geography, political history, heritage studies, media and cultural studies.

Zeitschrift f r Kulturmanagement Kunst Politik Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft

Erist Mitglied im KISMIF Netzwerk sowie Mitinitiator des Urban Music Studies Scholars ́ Network. ... BENNET, Andy/ROGERS, Ian (2016): Popular Music Scenes and Cultural Memory. London: Palgrave Macmillan. BENNETT, Andy/PETERSON, Richard ...


Author: Steffen Höhne

Publisher: transcript Verlag

ISBN: 9783839444641

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 238

View: 685

Die jährlich in zwei Heften erscheinende, referierte »Zeitschrift für Kulturmanagement« initiiert und fördert eine wissenschaftliche Auseinandersetzung mit Kulturmanagement im Hinblick auf eine methodologische und theoretische Fundierung des Faches. Das international orientierte Periodikum nimmt nicht nur ökonomische Fragestellungen, sondern ebenso sehr die historischen, politischen, sozialen und wirtschaftlichen Bedingungen und Verflechtungen im Bereich Kultur in den Blick. Explizit sind daher auch Fachvertreterinnen und -vertreter akademischer Nachbardisziplinen wie der Kultursoziologie und -politologie, der Kunst-, Musik- und Theaterwissenschaft, der Kunst- und Kulturpädagogik, der Wirtschaftswissenschaft etc. angesprochen, mit ihren Beiträgen den Kulturmanagementdiskurs kritisch zu bereichern. Die Herbstausgabe 2018 versammelt Beiträge mit dem Schwerpunkt »Wirtschaftsäthetik«.

Sites of Popular Music Heritage

This volume examines the location of memories and histories of popular music and its multiple pasts, exploring the different ‘places’ in which popular music can be situated, including the local physical site, the museum storeroom and ...


Author: Sara Cohen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134103188

Category: Music

Page: 268

View: 135

This volume examines the location of memories and histories of popular music and its multiple pasts, exploring the different ‘places’ in which popular music can be situated, including the local physical site, the museum storeroom and exhibition space, and the digitized archive and display space made possible by the internet. Contributors from a broad range of disciplines such as archive studies, popular music studies, media and cultural studies, leisure and tourism, sociology, museum studies, communication studies, cultural geography, and social anthropology visit the specialized locus of popular music histories and heritage, offering diverse set of approaches. Popular music studies has increasingly engaged with popular music histories, exploring memory processes and considering identity, collective and cultural memory, and notions of popular culture’s heritage values, yet few accounts have spatially located such trends to focus on the spaces and places where we encounter and engender our relationship with popular music’s history and legacies. This book offers a timely re-evaluation of such sites, reinserting them into the narratives of popular music and offering new perspectives on their function and significance within the production of popular music heritage. Bringing together recent research based on extensive fieldwork from scholars of popular music studies, cultural sociology, and museum studies, alongside the new insights of practice-based considerations of current practitioners within the field of popular music heritage, this is the first collection to address the interdisciplinary interest in situating popular music histories, heritages, and pasts. The book will therefore appeal to a wide and growing academic readership focused on issues of heritage, cultural memory, and popular music, and provide a timely intervention in a field of study that is engaging scholars from across a broad spectrum of disciplinary backgrounds and theoretical perspectives.