Prairie Avenue Cookbook

Recipes and Recollections from Prominent 19th-century Chicago Families Carol Callahan. Prairie Avenue Children In contrast to the formal social extravaganzas of Prairie Avenue's adult residents are the simpler joys of its children ...


Author: Carol Callahan

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 0809318148

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This enchanting cookbook by Carol Callahan allows us to reverse time and transcend space in order to enter a period and place in American history when confidence abounded and all things seemed possible and some Chicago families were able to live in a manner never to be equaled. Judge for yourself. The thirty-five illustrations that accompany the text document what a grand life-style it was. "If you want to see the richest half-dozen blocks in Chicago. . . drive down Prairie Avenue from Sixteenth Street to Twenty-second. Right there is a cluster of millionaires not to be matched for numbers anywhere else in the country." --Chicago Herald, 1887 And the Herald wasn’t guilty of braggadocio. Prairie Avenue was home to such august individuals as Marshall Field, George Pullman, Philip Armour, Gustavus Swift, William Kimball, Samuel Allerton, Joseph Sears, and John Glessner. Among the delights they enjoyed were the joys of the table--the recipes for which, preserved by family members, are shared here for the first time. Carol Callahan makes it possible to taste the flavors of that opulent era with a collection of more than two hundred historic recipes from the prominent nineteenth-century families of Prairie Avenue. All of the recipes have been tested and modernized for today’s cook. They range from everything you might like for breakfast to however you’d like your oysters to snacks, soups, salads, entr�es, preserves, desserts, and some power-packed Prairie Avenue party punches. To place these dishes in their proper context, Callahan includes family anecdotes gathered through oral history interviews that encompass food, meals, health, and entertainment as well as other aspects of nineteenth-century Chicago life. Callahan devotes part of the book to discussions of the foods available to Prairie Avenue residents, the impact of the rapidly changing technology on cooking, the fine art of dining, the ritual of calling, the problems and pleasures of servants in the household, the children of Prairie Avenue, and the effect of the 1893 World’s Colombian Exposition on Chicago. Whether you elect to prepare these Victorian delights or simply savor them in your imagination, the Prairie Avenue Cookbook is sumptuous fare.


The home recipes of a variety of prominent families living on upscale Prairie Avenue during the late 1800s and early 1900s were collected and studied by Carol Callahan and incorporated into The Prairie Avenue Cookbook, which is a social ...


Author: Daniel R. Block

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442227279

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Chicago began as a frontier town on the edge of white settlement and as the product of removal of culturally rich and diverse indigenous populations. The town grew into a place of speculation with the planned building of the Illinois and Michigan canal, a boomtown, and finally a mature city of immigrants from both overseas and elsewhere in the US. In this environment, cultures mixed, first at the taverns around Wolf Point, where the forks of the Chicago River join, and later at the jazz and other clubs along the “Stroll” in the black belt, and in the storefront ethnic restaurants of today. Chicago was the place where the transcontinental railroads from the West and the “trunk” roads from the East met. Many downtown restaurants catered specifically to passengers transferring from train to train between one of the five major downtown railroad stations. This also led to “destination” restaurants, where Hollywood stars and their onlookers would dine during overnight layovers between trains. At the same time, Chicago became the candy capital of the US and a leading city for national conventions, catering to the many participants looking for a great steak and atmosphere. Beyond hosting conventions and commerce, Chicagoans also simply needed to eat—safely and relatively cheaply. Chicago grew amazingly fast, becoming the second largest city in the US in 1890. Chicago itself and its immediate surrounding area was also the site of agriculture, both producing food for the city and for shipment elsewhere. Within the city, industrial food manufacturers prospered, highlighted by the meat processors at the Chicago stockyards, but also including candy makers such as Brach’s and Curtiss, and companies such as Kraft Foods. At the same time, large markets for local consumption emerged. The food biography of Chicago is a story of not just culture, economics, and innovation, but also a history of regulation and regulators, as they protected Chicago’s food supply and built Chicago into a city where people not only come to eat, but where locals rely on the availability of safe food and water. With vivid details and stories of local restaurants and food, Block and Rosing reveal Chicago to be one of the foremost eating destinations in the country.

Midwest Sweet Baking His

Illinois territory was a prairie state except to the south, where the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers joined. The Illinois tribes—Illini, Kickapoo, Sauk, Fox, Iroquois, ... Prairie Avenue Cookbook: Recipes and Recollections from 19th-Century.


Author: Lewis

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781625842220

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Recipes and stories of the bakers of the heartland—from family kitchens to county fairs to iconic businesses. Discover how the Midwest refined the nation’s sweet tooth through a delicious mix of immigrant traditions and American ingenuity. Chef Jenny Lewis dips a spoon into generations of homemade desserts, and examines the cogs and wheels of some of the biggest brands of the baking industry—taking us on a journey that evokes nineteenth-century flour mills, state-fair baking competitions, and roadside pie stands as well as the twenty-first century treats being made in the Great Lakes region. In this history Midwest beet sugar, vanilla cream, and evaporated milk are mixed into a narrative of wars, social shifts and politics, including many first-person interviews. Along the way you’ll learn how to make Pumpkin Whoopie Pies, witness the rise of Red Star Yeast, plumb the secrets of the Kraft Oil Method, and encounter a rich medley of other true stories and irresistible recipes from Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.

Chocolate Strawberry and Vanilla

Prairie Avenue Cookbook : Recipes and Recollections from Prominent 19th - Century Chicago Families . Carbondale , Ill .: Southern Illinois University Press , 1993 . Carson , Barbara G. Ambitious Appetites : Dining , Behavior , and ...


Author: Anne Cooper Funderburg

Publisher: Popular Press

ISBN: 087972692X

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Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla traces the evolution of ice cream from a rarity to an everyday indulgence. It covers the genesis of ice cream in America, the invention of the hand-cranked ice cream freezer, the natural ice industry, the beginnings of wholesale ice cream manufacturing, and the origins of the ice cream soda, sundae, cone, sandwich, and bar. It also recounts the histories of many brands, including Dairy Queen, Good Humor, Eskimo Pie, Ben and Jerry's, Baskin-Robbins, and Haagen-Dazs. In short, this history of ice cream describes how a borrowed European elite consumable evolved through entrepreneurialism and demand in America into a democratized treat for all classes. It simultaneously reflects and reveals changes in social customs, diet and nutrition, class distinctions, leisure activities, and everyday life.

Katharine Dexter McCormick

Callahan , C. Prairie Avenue Cookbook . Carbondale : Southern Illinois University Press , 1993 . Chesler , E. Woman of Valor : Margaret Sanger and the Birth Control Movement in America . New York : Simon & Schuster , 1992 .


Author: Armond Fields

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0275980049

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Tells the story of a formidable crusader for women's equality, McCormick was a driving force in the battle for the women's vote, the birth control movement, and Planned Parenthood.

The Woman Behind the New Deal

Carol Callahan, Prairie Avenue Cookbook (Chicago: Chicago Architecture Foundation, 1993), pp. 2-7. Catherine Bruck, archivist, Illinois Institute of Technology, March 26, 2001, regarding Paul Wilson yearbook item 1899; ...


Author: Kirstin Downey

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 9780385529501

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“Kirstin Downey’s lively, substantive and—dare I say—inspiring new biography of Perkins . . . not only illuminates Perkins’ career but also deepens the known contradictions of Roosevelt’s character.” —Maureen Corrigan, NPR Fresh Air One of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s closest friends and the first female secretary of labor, Perkins capitalized on the president’s political savvy and popularity to enact most of the Depression-era programs that are today considered essential parts of the country’s social safety network.

The Prairie Homestead Cookbook

THE PRAIRIE HOMESTEAD COOKBOOK. Copyright © 2019 by Jill Winger. Foreword copyright © 2019 by Joel Salatin. All rights reserved. Printed in China. For information, address Flatiron Books, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, ...


Author: Jill Winger

Publisher: Flatiron Books

ISBN: 9781250305947

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Jill Winger, creator of the award-winning blog The Prairie Homestead, introduces her debut The Prairie Homestead Cookbook, including 100+ delicious, wholesome recipes made with fresh ingredients to bring the flavors and spirit of homestead cooking to any kitchen table. With a foreword by bestselling author Joel Salatin The Pioneer Woman Cooks meets 100 Days of Real Food, on the Wyoming prairie. While Jill produces much of her own food on her Wyoming ranch, you don’t have to grow all—or even any—of your own food to cook and eat like a homesteader. Jill teaches people how to make delicious traditional American comfort food recipes with whole ingredients and shows that you don’t have to use obscure items to enjoy this lifestyle. And as a busy mother of three, Jill knows how to make recipes easy and delicious for all ages. "Jill takes you on an insightful and delicious journey of becoming a homesteader. This book is packed with so much easy to follow, practical, hands-on information about steps you can take towards integrating homesteading into your life. It is packed full of exciting and mouth-watering recipes and heartwarming stories of her unique adventure into homesteading. These recipes are ones I know I will be using regularly in my kitchen." - Eve Kilcher These 109 recipes include her family’s favorites, with maple-glazed pork chops, butternut Alfredo pasta, and browned butter skillet corn. Jill also shares 17 bonus recipes for homemade sauces, salt rubs, sour cream, and the like—staples that many people are surprised to learn you can make yourself. Beyond these recipes, The Prairie Homestead Cookbook shares the tools and tips Jill has learned from life on the homestead, like how to churn your own butter, feed a family on a budget, and experience all the fulfilling satisfaction of a DIY lifestyle.

American Cities

Prairie Avenue cookbook : recipes and recollections from prominent 19th - century Chicago families / [ compiled by ] Carol Callahan . Carbondale : Southern Illinois University Press , c1993 . Editor : Callahan , Carol .


Author: N. O. Kura

Publisher: Nova Science Pub Incorporated

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For nonfiction books alphabetically listed on eight US cities: Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, and Miami, annotations consist mainly of the publication data, table of contents, Library of Congress classification, and Dewey class number. The books on Baltimore span the typical range of 1880-1999. Perhaps v.1 contains an introduction explaining the authors' purpose, backgrounds, and city selection criteria. Indexed by author and title. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR.

The Chicago Homegrown Cookbook

Local Food, Local Restaurants, Local Recipes Heather Lalley ... IL 60661 312-382-8300 Prairie Grass Cafe 601 Skokie Boulevard Northbrook, IL 60062 847-205-4433 Province 161 North ...


Author: Heather Lalley

Publisher: Voyageur Press (MN)

ISBN: 9780760338209

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This book celebrates the best homegrown food in and around the windy city, profiling 30 chefs who work together with local farms to bring the freshest, locally grown, sustainable foods to their menus.