Pride and Pudding

Regula tells the story of each one, sharing the original recipe alongside her own version, while paying homage to the cooks, writers and moments in history that helped shape them.


Author: Regula Ysewijn

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781952533372

Category: Cooking

Page: 368

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Jamie Oliver says of Pride and Pudding 'A truly wonderful thing of beauty, a very tasty masterpiece!' BLESSED BE HE THAT INVENTED PUDDING The great British pudding, versatile and wonderful in all its guises, has been a source of nourishment and delight since the days of the Roman occupation, and probably even before then. By faithfully recreating recipes from historical cookery texts and updating them for today’s kitchens and ingredients, Regula Ysewijn has revived over 80 beautiful puddings for the modern home cook. There are ancient savoury dishes such as the Scottish haggis or humble beef pudding, traditional sweet and savoury pies, pastries, jellies, ices, flummeries, junkets, jam roly-poly and, of course, the iconic Christmas pudding. Regula tells the story of each one, sharing the original recipe alongside her own version, while paying homage to the cooks, writers and moments in history that helped shape them.

The National Trust Book of Puddings

In the latest book in this bestselling series, food historian and cook Regula Ysewijn brings together 50 deliciously indulgent pudding recipes, from childhood favourites such as jam roly-poly and cornflake tart, to traditional British ...


Author: Regula Ysewijn

Publisher: National Trust

ISBN: 1911358588

Category: Cooking

Page: 112

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In the latest book in this bestselling series, food historian and cook Regula Ysewijn brings together 50 deliciously indulgent pudding recipes, from childhood favourites such as jam roly-poly and cornflake tart, to traditional British classics such as sticky toffee pudding and sherry trifle. There are recipes sourced from National Trust properties, such as St George's pudding, made for Churchill at Chartwell, or Waddesdon Christmas pudding, served to the Rothchild family during WWII. Other sweet treats include possets, steamed puddings, syllabubs and blancmange, as well the delightfully named Wet Nelly, Bedfordshire Clanger, Apple Dappy, Whim Wham and, of course, Spotted Dick. The book also includes recipes for the perfect sauces and custard to accompany your crumbles and tarts, making this the perfect book for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Cooking from the Commonwealth

Nowadays served at the end of Christmas dinner with triumphal ceremony ,
Christmas pudding began its career as plum ... rapidly encroaching on the
kitchen , Christmas puddings are still made at home and are a matter of
housewifely pride .


Author: Robin Howe


ISBN: NYPL:33433045481458

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National Pride Things Volume 3

Desserts: Christmas fruitcake, rum cake, sweet potato pudding with 'hell' on top '
hallelujah' in the middle and fire a bottom, cassava pudding, bread pudding,
dukunoo or blue draws (tie-a-leaf), corn pone, carrot cake, chocolate cake, hot
cross ...


Author: Indiana Robinson


ISBN: 9781387129300



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Oats in the North Wheat from the South

Oats in the North, Wheat from the South is a guided tour of Great Britain's baking heritage.


Author: Regula Ysewijn

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781760873929

Category: Cooking

Page: 264

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Oats in the North, Wheat from the South is a guided tour of Great Britain's baking heritage. Each of the timeless recipes is accompanied by stories of the landscape, legends and traditions of Great Britain, from Saffron cake, Cornish pasties, Welsh Bara brith, Shrewsbury cakes and Isle of Wight doughnuts to tarts, oatcakes, gingerbreads, traditional loaves, buns and bread rolls such as Aberdeen butteries and Kentish huffkins. Regula shows us how the diverse climate of the British Isles influenced the growth of cereal crops and the development of a rich regional baking identity. She explains how imports of spices, sugar, treacle, fortified wines and citrus added flavour, colour and warmth to a baking culture much adored and replicated all over the world.

Englisch deutsches und deutsch englisches W rterbuch

Pudding - Bag ( půd ' ding båg s . , der Puddingbeutel , Pudor ( péu'dor ) s . , ( lat .
) ... to be -ed welches durch ein fieseliges Bindemittel verbunden ist ) . up with
pride , durch Stolz aufgebläht sein ; to away , Pudding - Time ( -4 - tim ) s . , ( vulg
. ) ...


Author: Newton Ivory Lucas



Category: English language


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Pride and Pumpernickel

Ethan had never heard Mr . Grady like this before . He actually sounded angry .
Dana looked absolutely flabbergasted , and Ethan wanted to jump in and smooth
things out , but he didn ' t . If he let Dana have her way now , the bread pudding ...


Author: Aisha Ford

Publisher: Barbour Publishing

ISBN: 1586604724

Category: Fiction

Page: 170

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Englisch Deutsches und Deutsch Englisches W rterbuch0

der Schein , die Sceinhaftigkeit , Pudding - Cloths pid ' ding kldth / das
Puddingtuch , die Puds , s . pl . , v . ... to be -ed welches durch ein fiejeliges
Bindemittel verbunden ist ) . up with pride , durdy Stolz aufgebläht sein ; to away ,
Pudding ...




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Pride s Harvest

The waitress brought Malone his bread-and-butter pudding; it looked and tasted
as good as Dircks had claimed. Dircks watched him eat, seemed undecided
whether to say anything further, then went ahead, “If you have to arrest someone
for ...


Author: Jon Cleary

Publisher: Blackstone Publishing

ISBN: 9781620647974

Category: Fiction

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In the town of Collamundra, Australia, the corpse of Japanese farm manager Kenji Sagawa is found in one of his cotton mill's threshing machines. The prosperity that his company had brought to the small town had also engendered racial tension, and Detective Inspector Scobie Malone of the Sydney Police Department is called in to investigate-hardly a vacation. The local corrupt government and law enforcement resent him, and the Aborigine population gets ever more restless. When the only Aboriginal police officer becomes the target of everyone's frustration, Scobie becomes increasingly sympathetic-as well as increasingly involved with the cold murder case of the wife of Collamundra's most famous citizen seventeen years prior. As more and more people flock to this dry town for its annual horse race, the list of suspects becomes longer and longer. Can Malone, the visitor, crack the case?

The Pride and The Shame of a Coalminer s Bairns

Instead we wouldwait untilwe got back to Grandma and Granda'sfor Hamand
Pease Puddin sandwiches, this savoury pudding ismade from split peas
flavoured withham and eatenhot or cold, originally this being an industrial North
Eastern ...


Author: Poppy Whitfield

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781496998064

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At the age of almost 47 years old I find myself travelling South on the M6 Motorway heading towards the village that I grew up in, almost 37 years have passed since I was wrenched overnight from everything I knew … On May 16th this year my Parents would have celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary that is, if things had been different … The journey is a strange one as I find my mind racing through my memory recalling so many different events both good and bad, I’m not scared, it’s taken me all these years to conquer my fears but I have finally managed it. Firstly I stop at Corley Services on the motorway, the very same motorway that over three decades ago I was trying to rescue my cat Kitty from. I buy coffee and stand in the midday sun chatting with three of my closest friends as we eat our freshly prepared picnic, they are 100% behind me with the book and are all excited about reading the final draft. On we go and before long I am turning the car right into Shakespeare Avenue where I pull the car over to the side of the road so that I can take a photograph of the street name, I then coast the car slowly down the road with my eyes darting in every direction trying to absorb everything until they come to rest upon the house where my story began when I was only 2 years old. Further on down the road past Bonnie’s old house, my Great Auntie Penny’s and Great Uncle Edwin’s old place and then Cleggy’s old house until I reach the place where my little friend Maddie breathed her last breath …

A Christmas pudding for young eaters

This was bad for Milly , for it encouraged pride in her , and she was rather given
to be proud naturally . After her visit to Fairyland , Milly used often to think of the
crown of roses , and sometimes she remembered the yellow rose , just in time to


Author: L C. Skey


ISBN: OXFORD:600064529



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The Horse of Pride

Twice or three times a year , and always on the eve of a pardon , my mother
made a bowl of an especially solid rice pudding , which she brought to the
baker's to be cooked . All the other women did the same . When the whole batch
was taken ...


Author: Pierre Jakez Hélias

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300025998

Category: History

Page: 351

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A portrait of a Breton village during the author's childhood reveals a timeless world, isolated by a unique culture and language, where life is a continuous struggle and tradition is paramount

Printers Pride the House of Yelf at Newport Isle of Wight 1816 1966

... Turkey Haunch of Mutton Geese Stewed Beef Ducks Boiled Leg of Lamb
Boiled Fowls Tongues GAME Pheasants Hares Partridges SWEETS Gateau
Neapolitaine Apple Charlotte Sir W. Wynn's Pudding Plum Pudding Mince Pics
Pudding a ...


Author: Alfred Newman Daish


ISBN: UCAL:B3952154

Category: Newport (Isle of Wight, England)

Page: 92

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Towne Pride Pineapple TOPPING Here's a Hot Idea ! You'll always make a hit
when you serve hot fudge topping . M'm ... it's scrumptious on sundaes , parfaits ,
cakes , eclairs , puddings . Toune Pride Chocolate Fudge Topping has that ...




ISBN: UCR:31210017203272

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The Cameron Pride

... Phillips , she excused herself for a moment and descended to the kitchen ,
where she was not long in hearing about Katy's “ queer ways , coming where she
was not needed , and making country puddings after some heathenish aunt's rule


Author: Mary Jane Holmes


ISBN: PSU:000005582877


Page: 415

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The Pride

'We should not be serving Yorkshire pudding to a strictly Jewish party, because
Tina tells me that it's made with milk, but for tonight we bend the rules a little.'
They ate the food to the accompaniment of chatter from the children about their ...


Author: Judith Saxton

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781448136674

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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Book One in the compelling Neyler Quartet, following the triumphs and tragedies of a wealthy family through the first fifty tumultuous years of the twentieth century Book One in the compelling Neyler Quartet 1901 Tina Rose is the beloved daughter of a wealthy Jewish family, while Edward grew up with an abusive father in the wilds of New Zealand. Despite their differences, the two fall madly in love when Edward arrives in England, looking for a better future. However, the consequences of their love affair are terrible for Tina as she is shamed by the father she adores, and Edward is sent away. Against all the odds, Tina and Edward find each other again, and despite great hardship and tragedy, together they build a dynasty strong enough to withstand some of the worst catastrophes Britain has ever known. The Pride is a magnificent start to a stunning family saga.

Proof of the Pudding

Brother Pride was unlike Brother M. in some respects . He never got angry with
his pastor , refused to support him , or quit hearing him preach . His hobby was
pride . He never seemed to tire of that subject , though he tired many others .


Author: John Harmon Nichols


ISBN: UVA:X030809447

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The Wounded Pride

I will cook the pudding . The rivals withdrew from the competition in deference to
his foreign qualifications . But alas , we did not have an American kitchen or a
cooking range . We just had a small dark cell full of smoke where one could only


Author: Ṣiddīq Sālik


ISBN: UVA:X001464623

Category: India-Pakistan Conflict, 1971

Page: 186

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