Protection Spells

An Enchanting Spell Book to Clear Negative Energy Aurora Kane ... Spells for the Home Ancestral Protection Oil 50 Angel Protection Charm 30 Banish Unwanted Pests 21 Bid Evil Spirits Adieu 13 Bless This Home Ritual 40 Breathe Easy 33 ...


Author: Aurora Kane

Publisher: Wellfleet

ISBN: 9781577153122

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 160

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Protection Spells is a pocket-size volume of charms, rituals, and spells to protect you from heartbreak, physical danger, and illness.

Protection Spells

See also Protection spells definition of, 12 explanation of, 11–13 introduction to, 11–30 types of, 25–29 Sphere, protective, 35. See also Circles, casting Stone garden spell, 128–29 Stone protection spell, 105–6 Stones, 21, 80, ...


Author: Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781507208335

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 224

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Banish bad energy, ward off unpleasant people, and defend your belongings, your spirit and your space with this spellbook focused specifically on protection. In our modern world there is a lot to worry about, from the global-scale—climate change, political uncertainty—to the personal—a toxic ex, cyber bulling. Spellcrafting can help you find comfort in a stressful world. This book will give you the tools to take charge of defending yourself in both energy and physicality. With over 100 spells for protection and defense, and a glossary of protective symbols, stones, and other objects to keep on hand, this book can help you cleanse your room and cast out old negative energies, put a protective and peace-preserving bubble around yourself as you ride the bus, deflect grumpiness and negativity from people you work with—and so much more!

Protection Spells

Table of Contents Title Page Copyright The Humble Monk Page Things to Keep In Mind Child Protection Spell Lilith Protection Spell Protection from People Spell Protection from Spiritual Entities Spell Child Protection Spell 6 Table of ...


Author: Shari A. Malin

Publisher: Astral Plane Publishing


Category: Religion


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A collection of protection spells and rituals for you and your family. You'll receive a pdf file of this book. Contains: Child Protection Spell Lilith Protection Spell Protection from People Spell Protection from Spiritual Entities Spell

Silver s Spells for Protection

Although most often used for potions of passion and love, sugar (especially brown sugar) works extremely well in protection spells. Although most magickal people scatter salt around their homes as a protective device, one could use ...


Author: Silver RavenWolf

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738723969

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 208

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What do you do when you discover that your best friend at work sabotaged your promotion? Or if a neighbor suddenly decides that you don't belong in his town? What if a group of teens sets out to make your life a living hell? Silver's Spells for Protection contains tips for dealing with all these situations, and more. This book covers how to handle stalkers, abusers, and other nasties with practical information as well as magickal techniques. It also discusses some of the other irritants in life-like protecting yourself from your mother-in-law's caustic tongue and how to avoid that guy who's out to take your job.

Moon Spells for Witchcraft A Guide to Using the Lunar Phases for Magic and Rituals

The full moon's energy is ideal for protection spells, banishing spells, and cleansing rituals. If you have a strong need for protection, this is a good time to cast a spell that will protect you, your home, and your loved ones.


Author: Sebastian Berg

Publisher: Creek Ridge Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 97

View: 608

Many people are drawn to the moon, and it’s not surprising why. The moon is a powerful symbol of healing, transformation, mystery, and magic. It’s been a vital force in human life for thousands of years, and it’s no secret that the moon has always played an important role in witchcraft. The moon has long been thought to strongly influence our minds and bodies. Many cultures look to the phases of the moon to determine their practices, from sacred rituals to everyday activities like farming. Today we still see evidence of the moon’s influence in modern culture - consider how many aspects of our lives are ruled by “lunar calendars.” There is no doubt that the moon is steeped in magic, but how can you tap into this power yourself? This guide will show you the basics of Moon Spells for Witchcraft. It’s an introduction to harnessing the lunar phases for magical purposes. The information in this book will lead you along a path of discovery and empowerment. As you learn about the moon, you will begin to see it as your ally and friend.

The Big Book of Practical Spells

The primary purpose of protection spells is psychic self-defense: The removal and repelling of any malevolent energy attached to you or directed toward you. If you're afraid, if you possess that uneasy feeling that something is just not ...


Author: Judika Illes

Publisher: Weiser Books

ISBN: 9781633410282

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 304

View: 636

Practical, inspirational, and comprehensive, The Big Book of Practical Spells is a useful tool and resource for beginners and experienced devotees of the magical arts. Here in one majestic volume is a basic introduction to magic; a psychic glossary; a primer on the four elements, colors, and magical supplies (including minerals and botanicals); and a compendium of spells for any situation you may face. With Judika Illes as your guide, you will learn how to enhance your psychic power, cleanse your aura, protect yourself from malevolent powers, and create and use a wide variety of spells. There are spells for marriage, fertility, pregnancy prevention, babies and children, money, healing, and transitioning to the next life. These are spells that will help make life easier, more productive, and stress free. *Previously published at Pure Magic

The Thrifty Witch s Book of Simple Spells

spells are exactly what they sound like: spells to protect you, your energy, your loved ones, and the like. Deflection spells, also known as “return to sender” spells, are a specific form of protection spell that deflect negative energy ...


Author: Wren Maple

Publisher: Fair Winds Press

ISBN: 9781631599392

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 176

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From Wren Maple, the Thrifty Witch, comes an introduction to witchcraft with a variety of spells, tips, and tricks to get the most out of your practice. There’s nothing wrong with simple and straightforward. Easy spells are not less worthy spells. These ideas are central to the practice of the Thrifty Witch. Sick of not being able to easily source (or afford) what she needed for spells, Wren Maple dedicated herself to collecting and optimizing spells that could work for all witches—no matter where they were on their journey and no matter their personal resources. Now The Thrifty Witch is sharing her research and bringing her collection to the page for the first time. The Thrifty Witch’s Book of Simple Spells is part primer, part spellbook. It includes: Getting started/witch basics: Witchcraft as self-care, how to establish a practice, and a handful of super-easy spells to get casting today. Key ingredients for spells: Starter stones and herbs, how to source, what to buy first, and more questions answered! Simple spells for every witch: Just like the spells Wren is known for online, nearly every spell in the book requires five items or fewer, and all ingredients are easy to source. Specific spells: Organized by purpose (e.g. love spells, protection spells), these spells are sure to cover what you're looking to cast. Tips and Tricks for Casting: When to cast for best results, where to cast and why it matters...make your spells count! The beauty of these spells is that they are easy enough and affordable enough to practice daily. Since practice and process are so important, this book provides an invaluable resource—unlocking the ability to try new spells and refine casting methods multiple times per week—even daily.

Firewolf s Book of Spells Book One

Protection. Spells. The need for a sense of physical and spiritual protection has been sought out from the very beginning of time. My ancestors knew this, and when most people are introduced to the art of magick and witchcraft it is the ...


Author: Kyle Brandon Leite


ISBN: 9781365441660



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The Old Girls Book of Spells

Protection. Spells: The. Witch's. Stock. in. Trade. No. matter how well armed we are against the vicissitudes of providence there are situations and people that can enter the picture and do a number on any one of us.


Author: Cal Garrison

Publisher: Red Wheel

ISBN: 9781590030189

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 185

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This warm and witty book offers advice and spells for finding everything from a lover to car keys.

The Witches Book of Spells

Protection Spells #7 – Book of Shadows Stay Out of Prying Eyes Protection Spell Items needed to perform this spell: Athame. Salt. Your Book of Shadows. Say the following chant: My Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, keep my book of ...


Author: Roc Marten

Publisher: PDP Publications

ISBN: 9781463517328

Category: Education

Page: 68

View: 923

The Witches Book of Spells, written by Roc Marten, provides essential magic spells for the modern witch. Whether your an experienced practitioner of the magical arts or a beginner 'The Witches Book of Spells' you will be able to benefit from the contents within this book. Whether your looking for Love, Financial Luck, Healing, Protection, Diet, Confidence and Energy, you'll have no problem finding a spell on such topics. Not only does 'The Witches Book of Spells' provide you with over 70 spells, you'll also discover a variety of informative information that will help guide you through your spell work. Topics covered include How Spells Came to Be, Features and Characteristics of a spell, How to Prepare a Spell, Do Spells Really Work, Common Myths about Spells and much more! 'The Witches Book of Spells' will not only educate you on spell work but would also make a fine addition to your spellbook collection.