Guilty Till Proven Innocent Because They Can

It has been said that "Innocent until proven guilty" is the bedrock principle of the nation's legal system. Yes, innocent until proven innocent is a bedrock legal concept, I have to say it is not the only bedrock concept upon which the ...


Author: Salvatore J. Manfredonia

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781449053147

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 108

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This is a "TELL ALL" book about what an official of a government office in Broward County, Florida did to us, Guilty Till Proven Innocent. I am telling you about what they "can do" so that you will be able to prevent this from happening to you. Don't let them do this to you "Because They Can." The book in part is an autobiography telling you of compelling events that happened to my wife Eileen and myself and how we made it through those difficult times. I have removed the blindfold from Lady Justice so that she can see what a government agency, has done, "BECAUSE THEY CAN," what everyone should know so that they can make sure this never happens to them. For me to address the issue I did research in the areas of Burden of Proof as well as The Rule of Law for me to have a better understanding of the way the law was written. The dialog and documentation written was taken from law journals therefore the section of Guilty Till Proven Innocent Because They Can is a true and correct statement.

Until Proven Innocent

“Brutally honest, unflinching, exhaustively researched, and compulsively readable, Until Proven Innocent excoriates those who led the stampede—the prosecutor, the cops, the media—but it also exposes the cowardice of Duke's ...


Author: Stuart Taylor, Jr.

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1429961090

Category: True Crime

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What began that night shocked Duke University and Durham, North Carolina. And it continues to captivate the nation: the Duke lacrosse team members‘ alleged rape of an African-American stripper and the unraveling of the case against them. In this ever-deepening American tragedy, Stuart Taylor Jr. and KC Johnson argue, law enforcement, a campaigning prosecutor, biased journalists, and left-leaning academics repeatedly refused to pursue the truth while scapegoats were made of these young men, recklessly tarnishing their lives. The story harbors multiple dramas, including the actions of a DA running for office; the inappropriate charges that should have been apparent to academics at Duke many months ago; the local and national media, who were so slow to take account of the publicly available evidence; and the appalling reactions of law enforcement, academia, and many black leaders. Until Proven Innocent is the only book that covers all five aspects of the case (personal, legal, academic, political, and media) in a comprehensive fashion. Based on interviews with key members of the defense team, many of the unindicted lacrosse players, and Duke officials, it is also the only book to include interviews with all three of the defendants, their families, and their legal teams. Taylor and Johnson‘s coverage of the Duke case was the earliest, most honest, and most comprehensive in the country, and here they take the idiocies and dishonesty of right- and left-wingers alike head on, shedding new light on the dangers of rogue prosecutors and police and a cultural tendency toward media-fueled travesties of justice. The context of the Duke case has vast import and contains likable heroes, unfortunate victims, and memorable villains—and in its full telling, it is captivating nonfiction with broad political, racial, and cultural relevance to our times.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

I will go to anywhere to prove my innocent. But wait, why on the earth do I have to prove my innocent? To the school, to my parents? Is it the fundamental idea of this country that everyone is innocent until proven guilty?


Author: Chumeng Li

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1475927223

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Maybe he expected too much out of his school administrators. Maybe he expected them to be professionals and honor the school policy and state education law. Maybe he believed them when they said that what happened in the office would stay in that office. Maybe a seventeen year old who has made a mistake should be treated like one. Or maybe that is just too much to ask for. Daniel Liu is a seventeen year old high school student who got caught in an attempt by the school to suspend him. To him it seemed like the administrators were trying whatever they could to prove him guilty and he had to do whatever he could to prove himself innocent.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent a True life

It has been stated over time that a person is innocent until proven guilty. ... How then can we as a society believe in the innocence ofa person when the presumption of guilt has already been established by a prosecuting body?


Author: D. Corbett Everidge

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595434480

Category: Law

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Innocent until proven guilty or guilty until proven innocent? D. Corbett Everidge cannot vote, own a firearm, or hold public office: he is a convicted felon. But did he actually commit the crime? In this true-life legal drama, former magistrate D. Corbett Everidge chronicles the events of the summer of 2005 and the ensuing criminal trial that led to a felony conviction and the end of his criminal justice career. He then asks you to assess the evidence and make your own reasonable decision about whether he is, indeed, innocent or guilty as charged. Everidge gives personal insight into his career and background to illustrate that guilt in a complex society is not always a matter of black and white. He also challenges many beliefs regarding the modern criminal justice system in the United States, effectively drawing a line between the theoretical and the actual. Ultimately, Guilty Until Proven Innocent is an intriguing literary criminal trial in which you decide the outcome. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, what is your verdict?

Guilty Til Proven Innocent

Significantly, the images were the result of either spam or a virus, but this took quite some time to prove. ... (including CNN) sensationalize my arrest, thus creating in the minds of many people that I was guilty 'til proven innocent.


Author: James C. Reynolds

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781606478325

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"The true story of a man who was unjustly accused of owning a child pornography website. After he and his family suffered the embarrassment and humiliation of the media frenzy that followed his arrest, the ordeal ended over two years later when the case was dismissed. The story tells how God delivered the man, helped him retain his integrity and restore his reputation ... "-- Publisher's description.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

You can prove you were somewhere else at the time of the crime . No one will listen . ... “ Guilty Until Proven Innocent ” details the events between April 5th , 2006 and January 17th , 2007. The nightmare of false arrest and ...


Author: Richard Retelle

Publisher: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

ISBN: 0980020301

Category: Judicial error

Page: 154

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On April 5th, 2006, my son Chris was arrested in Hazel Park Michigan andcharged with 2nd Degree Home Invasion. He didn't match the descriptionof the suspects, wasn't wearing what the suspects were described aswearing and wasn't the height or weight of the suspects.He had an alibi, but the Hazel Park Police weren't interested. They had to arrest someone for the crime and Chris was the onlyperson they found out walking that night.Guilty Until Proven Innocent, details the events from April 5th, 2006,through January 17th, 2007. From uncooperative police officers, tounscrupulous lawyers, to the prosecutor that had a video surveillancetape in her possession, proving my son was shopping at the time ofthe reported break-in and simply ignored it.The book describes the non-investigation by the Hazel Park Policeand how they fabricated a case against my son. Calling in a K9 cop andhis dog Nikko, from the Madison Hts. Michigan Police to help with a fakeK9 tracking report.Guilty Until Proven Innocent, details my own investigation into theman claiming he'd seen my son in his house. With Internet backgroundchecks, State Police Criminal checks, searching court records andFreedom of Information requests.The book describes our feelings of frustration, anger and stress,until an attorney named Sid Suo came into our lives. He gave ushope and confidence, believed in us and gave us the will to beatthis false charge.Last but not least, Guilty Until Proven Innocent describes a promisemade, and a promise kept.Told in an honest, straight forward style,Guilty Until Proven Innocent is a true story,THAT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

I want to prove my innocence.' Somehow it came up that I would have to stay in jail about a year or so before I go to trial. Then the lawyer explained, 'You could be out on the streets right now. All you got to do is sign this paper.


Author: Ronald J. Eubanks

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781647010430

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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A black man, a white woman, and twenty-five years. The unbelievable true story of Ronald Eubanks’s life. A young boy from the streets of Dallas grows up to become a wrongly convicted sex offender. Do the decisions we make as we’re younger delineate the outcome of our future? Perhaps, if he had gone to school and listened to his mother, he wouldn’t have been in the position he was. Convicted guilty of rape, he was sentenced to over a decade in prison. Not to mention, walking around Dallas for ten years, classified as a registered sex offender. In America, we tend to make everything better: cars, houses, and so much more. Ironically, our justice system remains similar to a third world country. Could this chain of events be caused by his negligence, a crooked justice system, or pure racism?

Guilty Unless Proven Innocent The Vendetta

Under the Constitution for the united States, the accused is not required to prove his innocence; he is presumed innocent. In this United States District Court the judge deviously instructs the jury that the defendant is "innocent until ...


Author: Stephan Botes


ISBN: 9780994653406



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Logic A Complete Introduction Teach Yourself

In the common law system, defendants are presumed innocent until they are proven guilty. Other legal systems presume otherwise and take defendants to be guilty until proven innocent. In either case, can we say the court has committed ...


Author: Siu-Fan Lee

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781473608443

Category: Philosophy

Page: 384

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Understand Logic is a comprehensive introduction to this fascinating though sometimes challenging subject. As well as looking at logic in theoretical terms the book considers its everyday uses and demonstrates how it has genuine practical applications. It will take you step by step through the most difficult concepts and is packed with exercises to help you consolidate your learning at every stage. Covering everything from syllogistic logic to logical paradoxes and even looking at logic in Alice in Wonderland, this is the only guide you will ever need.

The Gospel of Inclusion

Innocent Until Proven Guilty Unlike the Napoleonic codes of justice in many other nations, in which the accused is presumed guilty until proven innocent, we are fortunate enough to have a different jurisprudence in the United States.


Author: Carlton Pearson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416585036

Category: Religion

Page: 256

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Fourth-generation fundamentalist Carlton Pearson, a Christian megastar and host, takes a courageous and controversial stand on religion that proposes a hell-less Christianity and a gospel of inclusion that calls for an end to local and worldwide conflicts and divisions along religious lines. The Gospel of Inclusion explores the exclusionary doctrines in mainstream religion and concludes that according to the evidence of the Bible and irrefutable logic, they cannot be true. Bishop Pearson argues that the controlling dogmas of religion are the source of much of the world's ills and that we should turn our backs on proselytizing and holy wars and focus on the real good news: that we are all bound for glory, everybody is saved, and if we believe God loves all mankind, then we have no choice but to have the same attitude ourselves. The Gospel of Inclusion also tells the story of a powerful religious figure who watched everything he had crumble due to a scandal. Why? He didn't steal money nor did he have inappropriate sexual relationships. Following a revelation from God, he began to preach that a loving God would not condemn most of the human race to hell because they are not Christian. Hepreaches that God belongs to no religion. The Gospel of Inclusion is the journey of one man's quest to preach a new truth.