Revival The New Psychology and Religious Experience 1933

Collected Papers on Analytical Psychology 1920. Contributions to Analytical Psychology. 1928. The Psychology of the Unconscious. 1922. Psychological Types. 1924. ADLER. Individual Psychology. 1924. Problem of Neuroses. 1930. TANSLEY.


Author: Thomas Hywel Hughes

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Explores the crossover between the newly emerging field of psychology and the established doctrine of theology.

Yarnall Library of Theology of St Clement s Church Philadelphia

Psychology and mystical experience . London , Paul , 1920. 275 p . Maréchal , Joseph . Studies in the psychology of the mystics : tr . with an introductory foreword by Algar Thorold . London , Burns , Oates , 1927. vii - 344 p .


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Psychology and Mystical Experience

This Is A New Release Of The Original 1920 Edition.


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This Is A New Release Of The Original 1920 Edition.

Hermeneutical Approaches in Psychology of Religion

Religious experience and its induction . In : L.B. Brown ( ed . ) . Advances in the psychology of religion . Oxford : Pergamon Press . Idel , M. ( 1988a ) . ... Pratt , J.B. ( 1920 ) . The religious consciousness : a psychological study ...


Author: J. A. Belzen

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Contemporary psychology is reviving with new vigor an interest in hermeneutics, or the human science of interpretation. After a period in which positivistic and statistical approaches have been dominant, new methods are being explored. Most of these focus on narrative, cultural analysis, embodiment and interdisciplinarity. Because of its specific object of study, psychology of religion has never been without an hermeneutical emphasis. In this field of psychology scholarship, these new directions are especially welcomed as they offer perspectives for research which attempts to interpret religion as a human phenomenon. This volume presents hermeneutical psychological studies on religion which rely on both classical and contemporary approaches. Dealing with topics like mysticism, religious symbols, life stories and mental health, contributions to the volume draw on a variety of perspectives. These range from psychoanalysis, narrative psychology and feminism to perspectives drawn deep from the wellspring of interdisciplinary collaboration with anthropology and history.

Fits Trances and Visions

In response to Coe, he writes (1920): “Yet I for one cannot feel that the danger of our becoming too emotional or too contemplative is ... Edward Scribner Ames, The Psychology of Religious Experience (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1910), ...


Author: Ann Taves

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Fits, trances, visions, speaking in tongues, clairvoyance, out-of-body experiences, possession. Believers have long viewed these and similar involuntary experiences as religious--as manifestations of God, the spirits, or the Christ within. Skeptics, on the other hand, have understood them as symptoms of physical disease, mental disorder, group dynamics, or other natural causes. In this sweeping work of religious and psychological history, Ann Taves explores the myriad ways in which believers and detractors interpreted these complex experiences in Anglo-American culture between the mid-eighteenth and early-twentieth centuries. Taves divides the book into three sections. In the first, ranging from 1740 to 1820, she examines the debate over trances, visions, and other involuntary experiences against the politically charged backdrop of Anglo-American evangelicalism, established churches, Enlightenment thought, and a legacy of religious warfare. In the second part, covering 1820 to 1890, she highlights the interplay between popular psychology--particularly the ideas of "animal magnetism" and mesmerism--and movements in popular religion: the disestablishment of churches, the decline of Calvinist orthodoxy, the expansion of Methodism, and the birth of new religious movements. In the third section, Taves traces the emergence of professional psychology between 1890 and 1910 and explores the implications of new ideas about the subconscious mind, hypnosis, hysteria, and dissociation for the understanding of religious experience. Throughout, Taves follows evolving debates about whether fits, trances, and visions are natural (and therefore not religious) or supernatural (and therefore religious). She pays particular attention to a third interpretation, proposed by such "mediators" as William James, according to which these experiences are natural and religious. Taves shows that ordinary people as well as educated elites debated the meaning of these experiences and reveals the importance of interactions between popular and elite culture in accounting for how people experienced religion and explained experience. Combining rich detail with clear and rigorous argument, this is a major contribution to our understanding of Protestant revivalism and the historical interplay between religion and psychology.

Psychology and Theology in Western Thought 1672 1965

religious apprehension and its object , at all its levels , from the first dim stirrings to the most exalted forms of spiritual experience . ... [ 1920 ] 417. Howley , John F. Whittington . Psychology and Mystical Experience .


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1047 entries to monographic literature that treats Judeo-Christian religious thought in relation to psychology. Also contains foreign-language works that have been translated into English. Topical arrangement into 7 parts. Entries give bibliographical information and annotation. Name, institution, title, subject indexes.

The Blackwell Companion to Christian Spirituality

Advances in the Psychology of Religion, pp. 135–50. Oxford: Pergamon Press. ——1987: Exploring Inner Space: Scientists and Religious Experience, 2nd edn. London: Mowbrays. —— 1988: Asking questions about religious experience.


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The Blackwell Companion to Christian Spirituality is a comprehensive single-volume introduction to Christian spirituality, and represents the most significant recent developments in the field. Offers a thoroughly interdisciplinary, broadly ecumenical, and representative overview of the most significant recent developments in the field Comprises essays combining rigorous academic scholarship with accessible and elegant writing Reflects an understanding of the field as the study of the lived experience of Christian faith and discipleship Provides material on biblical, historical, and theological foundations, along with treatment of contemporary issues

Turning Points in Religious Studies

London, 1910) paid as much attention to the psychological details of religious experience as did secular studies like J. B. Pratt's The Religious Consciousness (New York, 1920) or J.H. Leuba's The Psychology of Religious Mysticism ...


Author: Ursula King

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Religious Studies was first introduced as a new discipline in universities and colleges around the world in the 1960s. This discipline brought about a reorientation of the study of religion, created new perspectives and influenced all sectors of education. The essays presented in this volume provide a clear and comprehensive overview of the history of Religious Studies as an academic discipline, the turning points it faces and the directions it might take in the future. The work is organised in three sections. The first presents a succinct case study of the historical development of Religious Studies in Britain. The second considers the development of Religious Studies throughout the world in its major constituents, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, 'traditional' African religions, Christianity, Islam and new religious movements in Africa, the study of truth and dialogue in religion, science and the rediscovery of religious experience, mysticism. The third section looks to developments in Religious Studies, in particular at religion in relation to the arts, gender, information technology and to Religious Studies in a global perspective.

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Mystics and mysticism - continued . HEILER ( F. ) . * Das Gebet in der Mystik , eine religionspsychologische Untersuchung . 8o . München , 1918 . HOWLEY ( J. F. W. ) . Psychology and mystical experience . 8 ° . London , 1920 .


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The Cambridge Companion to Religious Experience

Psychology. of. Religion. Approaches. to. the. Study. of. Religious. Experience. ann. taves. introduction ... These shifts reflected changes in psychology as it shifted from studying consciousness to behavior in the 1920s and from ...


Author: Paul K. Moser

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Offers a state-of-the-art contribution by providing critical analyses of and creative insights to the nature of religious experience.