Pulse and Fourier Transform NMR

This book evaluates the practical application of pulse methods and the necessary instrumentation. Organized into seven chapters, this book begins with an overview of the NMR fundamentals and the basic pulse methods.


Author: Thomas C. Farrar

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Pulse and Fourier Transform NMR: Introduction to Theory and Methods presents the different types of pulse experiments that are commonly used and provides the theoretical background necessary for understanding these techniques. This book evaluates the practical application of pulse methods and the necessary instrumentation. Organized into seven chapters, this book begins with an overview of the NMR fundamentals and the basic pulse methods. This text then summarizes the important features of pulse spectrometers. Other chapters consider the rationale, the advantages, and the limitations of Fourier transform NMR methods. This book discusses as well how the idea of the rotating frame can be utilized to understand certain experiments that extend the range of application of pulse methods. The final chapter deals with a few significant special uses of pulse techniques. This book is a valuable resource for chemists and readers who are familiar with high resolution NMR but with no background in pulse methods.

Instrumentation in Analytical Chemistry

This is an important requirement because if the pulse widths are too long , say
much greater than 3 or 4 usec for 13C - nmr , the assumption that pulsed nmr and
cw - nmr form a Fourier - transform pair begins to break down . Of course , it is ...


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Introduction to Fourier Transform NMR

However conventional NMR receivers are not normally designed for fast recovery
after a radiofrequency pulse , and if such a receiver is used for Fourier transform
work it will remain " saturated " for some finite period after the pulse .


Author: Howard D. W. Hill


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Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

SCAN Stephen J. Riederer , and Hope W. ... the steps comprising : MAGNETIC
RESONANCE IMAGING APPARATUS performing an NMR pulse sequence in an
NMR ...


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Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Opportunities

Raman spectroscopy ; infrared Fourier transform ; membrane dynamics ; lipid -
lipid interaction ; protein - lipid interactions Harmon P et al . ... Our purpose is also
to analyze their dynamic properties using multidimensional nuclear magnetic
resonance spectroscopy , and to correlate these ... Pulse and fourier transform


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Biomedical Research Technology Resources

Resource : Regional NMR Resource for Biomedical Research Coinvestigators :
Robert E. Santini , Ph.D. ( Director of ... Modes of operation : pulse Fourier
transform ; high - power or low - power ( Gueron or Redfield “ 2,1,4 " ) ; rapid scan




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Directory of resources that serve the national biomedical community with new technologies and procedures. Arrangement according to category of resources service, i.e., Biochemical materials resources, Biological structure and function resources, Biomedical engineering resources, and Computer resources. Each entry gives title of resource, principal investigator, services available, and research emphasis or application. Geographical index.

Encyclopedia of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Volume 1

FT methods also permitted NMR to be carried out with much smaller amounts of
material , thus facilitating the study of ... Farrar and Becker's Pulse and Fourier
Transform NMR : Introduction to Theory and Methods ? was published in 1971
and ...



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The content of this volume has been added to the online reference work Encyclopedia of Magnetic Resonance. For further information see Encyclopedia of Magnetic Resonance. This volume contains a historical article covering the development of NMR and ESR from the early beginnings, to the development of protein NMR and the development of MRI. This is followed by 200 historical articles arranged alphabetically by author, describing developments during the first 50 years of NMR and MRI techniques and applications.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Solvent and Polymer Dynamics in Polystyrene Solutions

1978 – 79 , * 13 , 26 – 28 Nuclear Spin - Echo Experiments on Standard Fourier
Transform NMR Spectrometers ... The The possibility of using standard pulsed FT
nmr spectrometers for multicomponent self - diffusion studies has been ...


Author: Michael Eugene Moseley


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Special Applications

For 13C - NMR studies we use 10 - mm tubes for the majority of our work and
where either temperatures above 80 ° C are required to dissolve the polymer or
... In the following discussion the instruments are assumed to be in pulsed mode
operation . ... numerous examples of the use of NMR in analysis ; a practical
approach in the use of Fourier transform NMR spectrometers is considered by
Müllén and ...


Author: H. Pfeifer

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1. D. Freude, J. Haase, Leipzig, FRG Quadrupole Effects in Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 2. N.J. Clayden, Middlesborough, UK Solid State NMR of Synthetic Polymers 3. A. Bunn, Middlesborough, UK Solution NMR of Synthetic Polymers

NMR at Very High Field

An early patent disclosure [ 17 ] suggested that a similar advantage could be
derived from pulse - Fourier transform NMR . One could imagine a continuous -
wave NMR spectrometer where the excitation was achieved by a set of N
modulation ...


Author: J.B. Robert

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In recent years several improvements have been made in the manufacturing of resistive, superconducting and hybrid mag nets. Condensed matter physicists are nowadays doing ex periments in steady magnetic fields of up to 30 Tesla. But the field homogenity {/B}, required in a volume of the order of a 3 few cm is usually several orders of magnitude less severe than the one which is needed for high resolution NMR. Over the last 30 years, with each generation of new high resolution NMR spectrometers, from 100 MHz up to 600 MHz, taking advan tage of the increase in sensitivity and resolution, new areas of research have been opened in chemistry, physical chemistry and biochemistry. The generation of the 20 Tesla supercon ducting magnets is coming. Thus one may seriously start to consider high resolution NMR at 1 GHz. The purpose of this volume is to examine some of the advantages which can be obtained at such high frequencies and some of the problems we shall be facing. An important aspect of NMR at high field which is not presented in this volume concerns the design of the magnet. The building of a superconducting magnet, producing a field 10 3 higher than 20 T, with a field homogeneity IlB/B 10- , in a cm volume still remains today in 1990 a major challenge. Grenoble, France J. B. Robert Guest-Editor Professor J. B. Robert Service National des Champs Intenses B. P.

Carbon 13 NMR Spectroscopy

24 Champaney , D . C . ( 1973 ) , Fourier Transforms and their Physical
Applications , Academic Press , New York , London . 25 Farrar , T . C . , and
Becker , E . D . ( 1971 ) , Pulse and Fourier Transform NMR , Introduction and
Methods ...


Author: Hans-Otto Kalinowski

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13C NMR spectroscopy has not only become an established and well documented technique, but is about to yield even more detailed information on increasingly complex organic and biological systems, through the possibilities opened by pulse techniques. This work describes these techniques.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

These changes either enable the spectrometer locking frequency to be changed
extensively , 15 , 17 hence permitting the observation of a large range of 14 T . C
. Farrar and E . D . Becker ' Pulse and Fourier Transform NMR ' , Academic ...




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Carbon 13 NMR Spectroscopy

Accordingly , an rf pulse of 250 us simultaneously rotates the M , vectors of all
Larmor frequencies within a range of at least 1 = 1 kHz . It simulates at least 1000
simultaneously stimulating transmitters , the resolution in the Fourier transform ...


Author: Eberhard Breitmaier

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E. Breitmaier, W. Voelter Carbon-13 NMR Spectroscopy High-Resolution Methods and Applications in Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry Third, completely revised edition New techniques and increased use of computers have led to rapid development in 13C NMR spectroscopy with enhanced instrumental sensitivity and improved quality of the spectra. This necessitated a complete revision when the third edition of this successful monograph was prepared. The new methods described include those for multiplicity analysis and two-dimensional homo- or hetero-nuclear shift correlations. As in the second edition, the authors survey the large number of 13C NMR applications to organic molecules and natural products in a representative and systematic rather than an exhaustive way. New sections about coupling constants, organophosphorus and organometallic compounds as well as synthetic polymers have been added. The scope remains limited to high-resolution methods and molecular systems.

NMR and Its Applications to Living Systems

Therefore , using Av = 1 / t , the duration of the pulse must be less than 200 us .
Thus in Fourier - transform NMR the radiofrequency field is applied in the form of
short pulses of sufficient power to ensure that during this short time the ...


Author: David G. Gadian

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

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Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is a technique that is extensively used as a means of obtaining clinical images. In the form of magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS), the technique can also be used to study tissue chemistry. In this revised and updated second edition, the technique of NMR isintroduced, and the ways in which MRI and MRS can be used to study living systems are discussed, with an emphasis on applications in man.There are chapters which illustrate applications of magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) and imaging (MRI), including the new methods of functional imaging. Chapters also cover the basic principles of the techniques, the parameters that characterize NMR signals, instrumentation, and pulsesequences.

NMR Data Handbook for Biomedical Applications

Mullen , K. , and Pregosin , P.S. Fourier Transform NMR Techniques : A Practical
Approach . Academic Press , London , 1976 . 4.5 . REFERENCES 1. Farrar , T.C.
, and Becker , E.D. Pulse and Fourier Transform NMR . Academic Press , New ...


Author: Paula T. Beall

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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Nuclei Other Than Protons

See , for example , T . C . Farrar and E . D . Becker , Pulse and Fourier Transform
NMR , Academic Press , New York , 1971 . See , for example , ( a ) H . D . W . Hill
and R . Freeman , Introduction to Fourier Transform NMR , Varian , Palo Alto ...


Author: T. Axenrod


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Chemica Scripta

PI is the timing interval between the rf pulses and pulsed field gradient (
homospoil pulse ) , whose duration is denoted S , where ... measurements by the
pulsed - gradient spin - echo method on standard Fourier transform NMR
spectrometers .




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Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Edelstein WA , Hutchison JMS , Johnson G , et al : Spin warp NMR imaging and
applications to human whole body imaging , Phys Med Biol 25 : 751 , 1980 . 12.
Farrar TC , and Becker ED : Pulse and Fourier transform nuclear magnetic ...


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CD-ROM contains the text of Magnetic resonance imaging including over 270 images, zoom functions and searching capabilities.