Quantum Chance

Quantum physics, which offers an explanation of the world on the smallest scale, has fundamental implications that pose a serious challenge to ordinary logic.


Author: Nicolas Gisin

Publisher: Springer

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Quantum physics, which offers an explanation of the world on the smallest scale, has fundamental implications that pose a serious challenge to ordinary logic. Particularly counterintuitive is the notion of entanglement, which has been explored for the past 30 years and posits an ubiquitous randomness capable of manifesting itself simultaneously in more than one place. This amazing 'non-locality' is more than just an abstract curiosity or paradox: it has entirely down-to-earth applications in cryptography, serving for example to protect financial information; it also has enabled the demonstration of 'quantum teleportation', whose infinite possibilities even science-fiction writers can scarcely imagine. This delightful and concise exposition does not avoid the deep logical difficulties of quantum physics, but gives the reader the insights needed to appreciate them. From 'Bell's Theorem' to experiments in quantum entanglement, the reader will gain a solid understanding of one of the most fascinating areas of contemporary physics.

The Nature of Contingency

the cup involve some kind of quantum miracle or other: my body is in a state that
makes dropping close to inevitable, but ... alternative approach to counterfactual
semantics given directly in terms of the global quantum chance measure. On this


Author: Alastair Wilson

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780198846215

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This book defends a radical new theory of contingency as a physical phenomenon. Drawing on the many-worlds approach to quantum theory and cutting-edge metaphysics and philosophy of science, it argues that quantum theories are best understood as telling us about the space of genuine possibilities, rather than as telling us solely about actuality. When quantum physics is taken seriously in the way first proposed by Hugh Everett III, it provides the resources for a new systematic metaphysical framework encompassing possibility, necessity, actuality, chance, counterfactuals, and a host of related modal notions. Rationalist metaphysicians argue that the metaphysics of modality is strictly prior to any scientific investigation; metaphysics establishes which worlds are possible, and physics merely checks which of these worlds is actual. Naturalistic metaphysicians respond that science may discover new possibilities and new impossibilities. This book's quantum theory of contingency takes naturalistic metaphysics one step further, allowing that science may discover what it is to be possible. As electromagnetism revealed the nature of light, as acoustics revealed the nature of sound, as statistical mechanics revealed the nature of heat, so quantum physics reveals the nature of contingency.

Lectures on Quantum Mechanics

the impact that quantum computing is having on the conceptual basis of the
theory. It is not an ... Dickson (1998) Quantum Chance and Non-locality:
Probability and Non-locality in the Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics gives a
very careful ...


Author: Philip L. Bowers

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108670791

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Quantum mechanics is one of the principle pillars of modern physics. It also remains a topic of great interest to mathematicians. Since its discovery it has inspired and been inspired by many topics within modern mathematics, including functional analysis and operator algebras, Lie groups, Lie algebras and their representations, principle bundles, distribution theory, and much more. Written with beginning graduate students in mathematics in mind, this book provides a thorough treatment of (nonrelativistic) quantum mechanics in a style that is leisurely, without the usual theorem-proof grammar of pure mathematics, while remaining mathematically honest. The author takes the time to fully develop the required mathematics and employs a consistent mathematical presentation to clarify the often-confusing notation of physics texts. Along the way the reader encounters several topics requiring more advanced mathematics than found in many discussions of the subject, making for a fascinating course in how mathematics and physics interact.

Chance in the World

primitive chance. For example, suppose that the actual frequency behind Emery's
(6) is 97%, but the quantum chance is supposed to be only 89%. If that frequency
is built up over many thousands of silver atoms, then standard statistical ...


Author: Carl Hoefer

Publisher: Oxford Studies in Philosophy o

ISBN: 9780190907419

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Whether something happens randomly, by chance; or from a series of events.

Mind Value and Cosmos

The operations of probability and chance already presuppose lush realities
rendering a universe such as ours possible. Alex Vilenkin is quite confident that
the universe could be produced out of the “nothing” of quantum chance and
quantum ...


Author: Andrew M. Davis

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781793636409

Category: Philosophy

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Mind, Value, and Cosmos: On the Relational Nature of Ultimacy is an investigation into the nature of ultimacy and explanation, particularly as it relates to the status of, and relationship among Mind, Value, and the Cosmos. It draws its stimulus from longstanding “axianoetic” convictions as to the ultimate status of Mind and Value in the western tradition of philosophical theology, and chiefly from the influential modern proposals of A.N. Whitehead, Keith Ward, and John Leslie. What emerges is a relational theory of ultimacy wherein Mind and Value, Possibility and Actuality, God and the World are revealed as “ultimate” only in virtue of their relationality. The ultimacy of relationality—what Whitehead calls “mutual immanence”—uniquely illuminates enduring mysteries surrounding: any and all existence, necessary divine existence, the nature of the possible, and the world as actual. As such, it casts fresh light upon the whence and why of God, the World, and their ultimate presuppositions.

Quantum Chance and Non locality

This is a detailed examination of the fundamental questions raised by quantum mechanics.


Author: William Michael Dickson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521581273

Category: Science

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This is a detailed examination of the fundamental questions raised by quantum mechanics. First, is the world indeterministic? Second, are there connections between spatially separated objects? In the first part, the author examines several interpretations, focusing on how each proposes to solve the measurement problem and on how each treats probability. In the second part, the relationship between probability (specifically determinism and indeterminism) and nonlocality are examined, and it is argued that there is a nontrivial relationship between probability and nonlocality. The author then reexamines some of the interpretations in Part One in the light of this argument, and considers how they fare with regard to locality and Lorentz invariance. The book will appeal to anyone with an interest in the interpretation of quantum mechanics, including researchers in the philosophy of physics and theoretical physics, as well as graduate students in those fields.

Reasoned Faith


Author: Frank T. Birtel

Publisher: Crossroad Publishing Company

ISBN: UOM:39015034931025

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What comes across ringingly in the essays by Robert John Russell, Philip Hefner, and Arthur Peacocke is not the threat that science poses to religion but rather the invitation it offers to expand our horizons vastly.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Indeed , when eo is an integral number of quanta , then mhy = 60 , and the two
chances become identical . This gives us the very important result : In a group of
oscillators , some of which are classical and some quantum , all the quantum ...


Author: National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)


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The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) publishes research reports, commentaries, reviews, colloquium papers, and actions of the Academy. PNAS is a multidisciplinary journal that covers the biological, physical, and social sciences.

Fifty Years in Science and Religion

16 According to this interpretation , quantum chance is entirely different from
chance in classical physics , where unpredictability is due merely to our
epistemic ignorance of underlying deterministic natural processes . Instead
quantum chance ...


Author: Ian G. Barbour

Publisher: Ashgate Pub Limited

ISBN: UOM:39015060620575

Category: Religion

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Ian G. Barbour is the internationally acknowledged pioneer in the field of 'science and religion'. Although public opinion is often swayed by strident voices which attempt to place science and religion in conflict or keep them totally isolated, Barbour's voluminous contributions over the past fifty years have carved out a trusted pathway to constructive dialogue and creative mutual interaction between science and religion.Fifty Years in Science and Religion brings together nineteen leading scholars in the field to offer an appreciative yet critical assessment of the impact of Barbour's work on science and religion and to point ahead towards future critical areas, goals and tasks that await new research and visionary exploration. This book includes a unique autobiography by Barbour in which for the first time he shares and reflects on his life and work, and a detailed bibliography of Barbour's works. Together, the authors demonstrate how Barbour's writings and the hundreds of scholars who have now become part of the field have changed the course of intellectual history in the West by making possible and necessary a truly constructive engagement between science and religion in the context of inter-religious dialogue and the global human and environmental challenges of our time.

Theoria Et Historia Scientiarum

Basing on a specific character of quantum chance , Russell develops a metaphor
of God Creator working through chance : „ Hence from a theological perspective
we can understand God not only creating the universe through the mixture of ...




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Understanding Quantum Mechanics

4.8 Chance and probability in quantum mechanics 4.8.1 Chance in Quantum
Mechanics Quantum mechanics is a statistical theory and it is natural to compare
it with other statistical theories , for example gas kinetics . At one level the
similarity ...


Author: Lars-Göran Johansson

Publisher: Coronet Books Incorporated

ISBN: NWU:35556026071001

Category: Philosophy

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Quantum Mechanics

( There is a remarkable similarity between the concept of chance in classical
statistical physics and that in modern mathematics . ) In contrast to the more or
less uniform attitude to chance in classical physics , in quantum mechanics two
basic ...


Author: Antal Müller

Publisher: Pergamon

ISBN: UCAL:B4564356

Category: Physics

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Property Definiteness in Quantum Mechanics Modal Interpretations

On the propensity interpretation of probabilities , the claim that a particular coin
has a fifty - percent chance of landing heads - up is understood as a claim about
a certain type of property -- a propensity -- of that individual coin , rather than as a


Author: Nicholas Lee Reeder


ISBN: MINN:31951P005034223


Page: 450

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Quantum Probability

The most interesting aspect of Kmeson physics is that the hypothesis of a non -
standard dissipative quantum mechanical evolution and its supposedly
completely positive character have a chance to be submitted to experimental
tests . Before ...


Author: Robert Alicki


ISBN: UOM:39015042090426

Category: Markov processes

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The Physics of Chance

This shows that the probability for a photon to emerge from A ( polarized along
Ox ' ) is cosa d , which is indeed Malus ' s law . The approach followed in
quantum mechanics stresses the role of the experimental apparatus : • the
polarizer P ...


Author: Charles Ruhla

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: UOM:39015020870211

Category: Games of chance (Mathematics).

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This is an introduction to the ideas of randomness that are central to much of modern physics and have overthrown the 'clock-work universe' conceptions of earlier centuries. The author shows how the laws of probability and statistics were developed by such mathematicians as Fermat, Pascal, and Gauss, and how they received their first major application in physics in the kinetic theory of gases developed by Maxwell and Boltzmann.

The Metaphysics of Quantum Theory

single - case objective chance . ... It uses a time - dependent objective single -
case probability , unlike the previous argument which used an objective single -
case probability P ( E has R at t ' ) which is only apparently time - dependent .


Author: Henry Krips

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: UVA:X002533112

Category: Mathematics

Page: 257

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The interplay between non-relativistic quantum theory and metaphysics has generated radically opposed interpretations for quantum theory: Niels Bohr's "orthodox" interpretation, and Einstein's "realist" approach. This debate in turn fostered the classical first-generation paradoxes of quantum theory: Schrodinger's Cat and the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradoxes. More recently, a range of new paradoxes has emerged from the work of J.S. Bell. This book outlines the contours of these debates and presents an interpretation of quantum theory which, while metaphysically realist, resolves most of the paradoxes."

Buddhist Christian Dialogue in an Age of Science

Quantum indeterminism and chance suggest that the structures of the Kingdom of
God are constrained by the random flow of ordinary processes and that hidden
patterns seem to correlate , if not direct , all that happens . In a similar way , the ...


Author: Paul O. Ingram

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated

ISBN: UVA:X030256497

Category: Religion

Page: 155

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Buddhist-Christian Dialogue in an Age of Science offers a fresh and exciting view on the ideas, themes, and people engaged in the three-way dialogue between Christianity, Buddhism and the natural sciences. Ingram's comprehensive yet accessible scholarship is uniquely solid in both religion and science, and has the gift of making complex theories understandable.

Chance in Nature

Coming back to the topic of this symposium , were our ideas on probability also
transmogrified by the quantum theory ? The answer is certainly “ yes ” .
Everything about the idea of waves of probability is queer by conventional
standards .


Author: Patrick Alfred Pierce Moran


ISBN: CORNELL:31924001862212

Category: Chance

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The role of probability in the mathematical sciences; Statistical mechanics; Does god play dice? Statistics in mining; Statistical inference in medicine; Probability theory in population genetics; Probability and traffic problems; Gambling; Distributions of earthquakes in space and time.

The Sciences

ABSOLUTE , UNFELT CHANCE CAT UP A TREE Carrying the quantum to its
mathematically logical conclusion implies a cosmology that , to say the least , is
astonishing . " The universe is constantly splitting into a stupendous number of (
co ...




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