Rachel and Aleks

In the midst of the bombing of Warsaw, Rachel and Aleks flee the approaching Nazi invasion in a harrowing journey that takes them to Russia, Japan, and finally to America.


Author: Sylvia Smoller

Publisher: Sylvia Smoller

ISBN: 9780595417278

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Holding love in the balance is hard enough. What happens to the most profound relationships when historical events shatter the world and your place in it? This sweeping, historically-accurate novel tells the story of people caught in the momentous upheavals of World War II, their destinies driven by the force of their characters and the courage of a Japanese diplomat. Set in the period from 1918 to 1945, Rachel and Aleks juxtaposes the impact of historical and political events on individual lives, on friendship, family ties and love. Against the backdrop of London, Moscow, Japan and America, consumed by her opposing desires to be independent yet be taken care of by a man Rachel must find her own answer to Freud's famous question: What do women want?

The Complete Book of 2010s Broadway Musicals

... Rachel Potter (Mistress), Maya Jade Frank or Isabela Moner (Child); Ensemble
: Ashley Amber, George Lee Andrews, ... Sydney Morton, Jessica Lea Patty,
Aleks Pevec, Rachel Potter, Kristie Dale Sanders, Timothy Shew, Johnny Stellard
, ...


Author: Dan Dietz

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 9781538126332

Category: Musicals


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"This volume contains detailed information about every musical that opened on Broadway from 2010 through the end of 2019. This book discusses the decade's major successes, notorious failures, and musicals that closed during their pre-Broadway tryouts"--

Changing Contours of Work

Aleks, Rachel. 2015. “Estimating the Effect of 'Change to Win' on Union
Organizing.” ILR Review 68(3):584–605. Alperovitz, Gar. 2011. “The New-
Economy Movement.” The Nation, June 13, 2011, 20–24. Altonji, Joseph and
Jennifer Oldham.


Author: Stephen Sweet

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781544305684

Category: Social Science

Page: 368

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The authors are proud sponsors of the 2020 SAGE Keith Roberts Teaching Innovations Award—enabling graduate students and early career faculty to attend the annual ASA pre-conference teaching and learning workshop. Changing Contours of Work is an exploration of the American workplace in the larger context of an integrated global economy. Presented with engaging vignettes and rich data, this Fourth Edition shows the reader how the "old economy" is now operating within the "new economy" and how that integration shapes the development of work opportunities. Authors Stephen Sweet and Peter Meiksins use an international comparative perspective, revealing the historical transformations of work and identifying the profound effects that these changes have had on lives, jobs, and life chances. This text supports the reader′s understanding of the origins of current problems confronting working people in the new economy, and contributes to a much-needed dialogue about the strategies for liberating workers from poverty, drudgery, discrimination, stress, and exploitation.

Archaeological Review from Cambridge

... Serpa Miranda Semple Aleks Pluskowski Dave Barrowclough , Pip Patrick
Aleks Pluskowski , Mary - Cate Garden , Pip Patrick , Susanne Hakenbeck , Katy
Serpa , Sandy Pullen , Kevin Lane , Rachel Giraudo , David Beresford - Jones
Aleks ...




ISBN: IND:30000092482920

Category: Archaeology


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Contemporary English Plays

Eden's Empire; Alaska; Shades; A Day at the Racists; The Westbridge James
Graham, DC Moore, Anders Lustgarten, Alia Bano, Rachel De-lahay Aleks Sierz.
Contents. Chronology vi Introduction by Aleks Sierz xi Eden's Empire by James ...


Author: James Graham

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472587992

Category: Drama

Page: 472

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Edited and introduced by leading cultural and theatre critic Aleks Sierz, this bold and urgent collection of contemporary plays by England's newest and most relevant young writers explores the various cultures and identities of a nation that is at once traditional, nationalistic and multicultural. Eden's Empire, by James Graham is an uncompromising political thriller exploring the events of the Suez Crisis, and the tragic story of its flawed hero – Churchill's golden boy and heir apparent, Anthony Eden. Alaska, by D. C. Moore features Frank, an ordinary bloke who likes smoking, history and playing House of the Dead 3. He can put up with his job on a cinema kiosk until a new supervisor arrives who is younger than him. And Asian. A Day at the Racists, by Anders Lustgarten is a timely examination of the rise of the BNP which attempts to understand why people might be drawn to the BNP and diagnoses the deeper cause of that attraction. Shades, by Alia Bano shows Sabrina, a single girl-about-town, who is seeking Mr Right in a world where traditional and liberal values sit side-by-side, but rarely see eye-to-eye. The Westbridge, by Rachel De-lahay begins with the accusation of a black teenager which sparks riots on South London streets. Among it all, a couple from very different backgrounds navigate the minefield between them and their disparate but coexisting neighbourhood.

Industrial and Labor Relations Review

Daniel Aaronson John T. Addison Paul S. Adler Randall Akee Rachel Aleks Phil
Almond Kate Ambler Matthew Amengual Patricia M. Anderson Martyn J. Andrews
Kate L. Antonovics Jeff Arthur Patrick Aubert Ariel C. Avgar Abdurrahman ...




ISBN: MINN:31951P01174015P

Category: Industrial relations


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Scrapbook of a Taos Hippie

George Robinson , Robbie Goodman , Alex Robinson , Michael Reich , Denise
Lassaw , Chris Robinson , Dave Robinson , Dave Gordon , Jessie Hinton ,
Rachel , Beatle , Beverly , Aleks Hinton , Jenna Hinton , Justin Case , Bill Berlin ,
Carol ...


Author: Iris Keltz


ISBN: UOM:39015050312308

Category: Social Science

Page: 238

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The '60s--the music, the clothes, the political and sexual idealism, the experimentation with drugs, the hunger for peace, creativity, and sharing--were a watershed in the way America sees itself. Hippie culture was at the very zenith of that watershed, and Taos was its beating heart, a Mecca that beckoned young pilgrims from all over the country. Iris Keltz was one of those pilgrims who came to Taos in the '60s. She stayed to become a folk historian of the tribe.

The Clarinet

HIGH NOTE by Rachel Yoder and Aleks Karjaka , MSU Clarinet Students OHIO




ISBN: UOM:39015057455555

Category: Clarinet


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Wayne Garden City Inkster City Directories

... gardner Electro 36343 Ford Rd . 8 Blocks West of Wayne Rd . Mach ( GC )
h33017 Warren rd ( GC ) Wayne - - Rachel B ... Andover - - Willie jr r30237 Julius
blvd ( I ) Allair Jack H ( Rachel ) insp Timken Axle Aleks Lois studt r1536 Harvey (
W ) ...




ISBN: UOM:39015071809524

Category: Garden City (Mich.)


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Rewriting the Nation

Interview with Aleks Sierz, London, 23 February 2003; see also Robert Butler,
Humble Beginnings, and Sierz, 'There's a Suicidal Astrophysicist at the National.
... Rachel Halliburton, Evening Standard, 18 August 2001; Theatre Record, vol.


Author: Aleks Sierz

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781408145708

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 288

View: 130

In recent years British theatre has seen a renaissance in playwriting that has been accompanied by a proliferation of writing awards, new writing groups and a ceaseless quest for fresh, authentic voices that will ensure the vitality and relevance of theatre in the twenty-first century. Rewriting the Nation is a perfect companion to Britain's burgeoning theatre writing scene that will prove invaluable to anyone wanting a better appreciation of why British theatre - at its best - remains one of the most celebrated and vigorous throughout the world. The books opens by defining what is meant by 'new writing' and providing a study of the system in which it is produced. It considers the work of the leading 'new writing' theatres, such as the Royal Court, the Traverse, the Bush, the Hampstead and the National theatres, together with the London fringe and the work of touring companies. In the second part, Sierz provides a fascinating survey of the main preoccupations and issues that have characterised new plays in the first decade of the twenty-first century. It argues that while under New Labour economic, political and social change continued apace, generating anxiety and uncertainty in the population, theatre has been able to articulate not only those anxieties and uncertainties but also to offer powerful images of the nation. At a time when the idea of a national identity is hotly debated, British theatre has made its own contribution to the debate by offering highly individual and distinctive visions of who we are and what we might want to become. In examining the work of many of the acclaimed and emerging British playwrights the book serves to provide a narrative of contemporary British playwriting. Just as their work has at times reflected disturbing truths about our national identity, Sierz shows how British playwrights are deeply involved in the project of rewriting the nation.

Theatre Record

The last few Imogen Knight Rachel an anti - stand - up comedy show rooms are
the stuff of troubling David Sibley Mr ... is bussed from the centre couple Aleks (
Joseph Traynor ) of Brighton to the Grand Ocean and Rachel ( Imogen Knight ) .




ISBN: STANFORD:36105122356889

Category: Theater


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Popular Forms for a Radical Theatre

... Susan Painter 364 Dramaturgy : A Revolution in Theatre by Mary Luckhurst
Robert Shaughnessy 366 backpages Subversive Cultures in Thatcher ' s Decade
Jatinder Verma Looking for Rachel Corrie Caridad Svich New Writing 2006 Aleks


Author: Caridad Svich


ISBN: STANFORD:36105029565806

Category: Motion pictures and theater

Page: 380

View: 278

Sharing Feelings Giving and Seeking Advice and Perceived Support in African American Men and Women s Same and Cross sex Friendships

Jeff Kaas and Bob Banks , and all of the wonderful creative artists who have
helped me to express my artistic side ; Melnee and Rachel & “ the brothers ”
Dorian and Darion , Aleks & Melena ( our adopted daughter ) , Sharon Vaughters
, Ms.


Author: Yohance F. Murray


ISBN: UOM:39015060044941



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Benjamin and Vladka Meed Registry of Jewish Holocaust Survivors 2000

... Izak Wolman , ( Rachel Wolman ) , Regina Wolman , David Wolnerman , Yetta
Wolnikow , ( Alicja Woloszczuk ) , Helen ... Wasseralfingen ( Aleks Beynenson ) ,
Aleksandr Beynenson , Stefan Gajewski , ( Peska Goldman ) , Rosa Neuman ...




ISBN: UOM:39015056229803

Category: Holocaust survivors


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Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association

IV - K Sat AM 2 ZARNITSYN , Aleks ( University of Illinois - Chicago ) . . . IV - J Sat
AM ZUCKERT , Rachel E . ( Northwestern University ) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I
- H Thu PM ZWART , Megan Halteman ( University of Notre Dame ) .


Author: American Philosophical Association


ISBN: STANFORD:36105132672325

Category: Electronic journals


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List of members in v. 1- .

Biological Nomenclature

Paul Connell Robert Cook Ian Dee Jon Harris Lyn Haynes Aleks Jedrosz John
Leftley William Marshall Ashby Merson - Davies Neil Millar ... Neil Roscoe ,
Rachel Forsyth and the Education Team at the loB The Biotutor Newsgroup at
www .


Author: Barry Meatyard


ISBN: UOM:39015080866398

Category: Biology

Page: 66

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Heroism Bravery in Lithuania 1941 1945

Aleks Faitelson. In an attempt to cross the Nemunas river in boats , the unit was
suddenly attacked by fighters of the ... Michael Gelbtrunk ( Itzchaki ) , Mendl
Deitch , Zoja Tint , Israel Joels , Itzchak Lifshitz , Rachel Lifshitz , Peretz Kliatchko


Author: Aleks Faitelson


ISBN: 9652291552

Category: History

Page: 432

View: 830

The English edition includes a list of 22 Nazi criminals who were directly responsible for the extermination of the Jews of Lithuania (pp. 413-415), giving their dates of birth and death, rank, and fate.

Saving Monticello

( top ) Rachel Phillips Levy ( 1769 – 1839 ) , Uriah Levy ' s mother , had ten
children who survived infancy . ... uh dared his unde Unal ' s admiration for
Jefferson , gained dear latie to me When and bes t ban rented as Aleks a ne lord
from the ...


Author: Marc Leepson


ISBN: UOM:39015053115187

Category: Architecture

Page: 303

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Recounts the story of Jefferson's beloved estate after his heirs sold it in order to repay his debts, narrating the attempts by the Levy family to renovate the property before a foundation was established for its upkeep.

The AusIMM Bulletin

Murdoch University Mineral Science : Chris Agnew , Lawrie Davidson , Luke
Fitzgerald , Aleks Nikoloski , Ken Seymour ... Rachel Day , Bev Ferdinands ;
Louanne Munz ( WMC Nickel Refinery ) lluka Resources Capel Operation : Todd
Colton ...




ISBN: STANFORD:36105112153122

Category: Metallurgy


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