Rathcroghan a Journey

This is the Rathcroghan Royal Complex, in County Roscommon - home of Queen Medb and the Goddess Mórrígan. Over 25 years of exploring Irish Spirituality, Lora O'Brien has learned to connect, and to find the story.


Author: Lora O'Brien

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1722600535


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Authentic Connection to the Sacred Sites of IrelandThe author's work as an Irish Heritage Professional is about connection; to Ireland's history, mythology, ancestry, sacred and everyday sites - all of this is communicated and passed on through Ireland's stories. This book is an expression of O'Brien's connection to 13 sites of the Rathcroghan Royal Complex, in County Roscommon - home of Queen Medb and the ancient Goddess Mórrígan - and the creative and intuitional inspiration that tells a story from each of those sites. Over 20 years of exploring Irish Spirituality, Lora O'Brien has learned to connect, and to find the story. Here she shares those stories with you - so join her, on a Rathcroghan Journey...

The Court of Rath Croghan Or Dead But Not Forgotten

“ I forewarned thee , mo cara , of our bootless journey ; old Murrough is the duplex of his grandson , the Archbishop ; trained also , in the school of that ...


Author: M. L. O'Byrne


ISBN: STANFORD:36105213335347

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years ago, triggers the journey from Connacht to Ulster to capture the brown ... Roscommon, the royal site of Cruachain, or Rathcroghan, is one of the great ...


Author: Dermot Somers

Publisher: The O'Brien Press

ISBN: 9781847175205

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Kidnap, jailbreak, power, faith, murder, betrayal, scholarship, survival and above all, sheer endurance -- all are themes in Dermot Somers' stories of heroic and historic travels from the mythic legends of prehistory to the dawn of modern Ireland. With the aid of maps and photographs, Dermot Somers -- mountaineer, Gaelic scholar, TV presenter, and writer -- follows in the footsteps of these epic journeys, revealing the people, the cultures, the times, the places and the echoes surviving in our landscape -- from Art O'Neill's icy grave in the Wicklow mountains to the ringfort-hiding place of the brown bull in the secret valley of the Cooley Mountains.

Legendary Ireland

Long-faced Maeve had begun her journey back to her palace of Cruachain at Rathcroghan in the west, defeated by the ...


Author: Eithne Massey

Publisher: The O'Brien Press

ISBN: 9781847175755

Category: Social Science

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This beautiful book visits twenty-eight richly atmospheric sites and tells the mythological stories associated with them. Woven into these landscapes are tales of love and betrayal, greed and courage, passion and revenge, featuring the famous characters of Celtic lore, such as Cú Chulainn, the children of Lír and Queen Maeve. The historical and archaeological facts and the folk traditions of each ancient site are explored. Some are famous, such as Tara and Newgrange; others are less well known but equally captivating such as the Béara Peninsula in Cork. In a world where many have lost touch with the land and their past, the legendary Irish landscape still survives and the stories are never quite over as long as there are people to tell them.

Journeys in Ireland

So Bulfin muses as he looks from Rath Croghan over miles of grassland, which if divided into family farms would afford room for 'all the emigrants that ever ...


Author: Martin Ryle

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351924795

Category: History

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This volume offers a reasoned critical account of a wide range of travel writing about rural Ireland. The focus is on work by English travellers who visited Ireland for pleasure, from the ’scenic tourists’ of the post-Romantic period to Eric Newby in the 1980s. Ryle also discusses accounts by American and English anthropologists, as well as writing by Irish authors including J.M. Synge, George Moore, Sean O’Faolain and Colm Tóibín. The materials reviewed and discussed here, including many books which are now difficult to find, offer illuminating and sometimes entertaining evidence about the development of tourism. Ryle also shows how the discourses and practices of pleasurable travel have intersected with and been marked by the dimensions of power and proprietorship, hegemony, and resistance, which have characterised Anglo-Irish and Hiberno-English cultural relations over the last two centuries. Journeys in Ireland will interest all those concerned with the literature and history of those relations, and will be an invaluable resource for scholars, teachers and students concerned with travel writing and tourism with and beyond these islands.

That Place We Call Home

A Journey Through the Place Names of Ireland John Creedon ... Rathcroghan, where Oweynagat is located, is actually credited as the site where Samhain ...


Author: John Creedon

Publisher: Gill & Macmillan Ltd

ISBN: 9780717189861

Category: History

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John Creedon has always been fascinated by place names, from growing up in Cork City as a young boy to travelling around Ireland making his popular television show. In this brilliant new book, he peels back the layers of meaning of familiar place names to reveal stories about the land of Erin and the people who walked it before us. Travel the highways, byways and boreens of Ireland with John and become absorbed in the place names, such as ‘The Cave of the Cats’, ‘Artichoke Road’, ‘The Eagle’s Nest’ and ‘Crazy Corner’. All hold clues that help to uncover our past and make sense of that place we call home, feeding both mind and soul along the way.

Ireland a Journey Into Lost Time

The Cave of Cruachan , Uaimh Cruachain - present day Rathcroghan gained the epithet of The Hell's Gate of Ireland , a place of woe and desolation and ...


Author: P. A. Ó Síocháin

Publisher: Marion Boyars

ISBN: UOM:39015034657315

Category: History

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An Atlas of Irish History

... for example royal seats such as Rathcroghan , Ailech , Tara and Cashel ... and enabled journeys to be made across the bogland of the centre of Ireland .


Author: Ruth Dudley Edwards

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415278597

Category: History

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Fully revised and updated with over 100 beautiful maps, charts and graphs, and a narrative packed with facts this outstanding book examines the main changes that have occurred in Ireland and among the Irish abroad over the past two millennia.

The Little Book of Irish Landmarks

... www.rathcroghan.ie www.roundtowers.org www.saintsandstones.net/saints-killala-journey.htm www.shannonheritage.com www.ststephensgreenpark.ie www.tcd.ie.


Author: Cathal Coyle

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 9780750985208

Category: History

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THE LITTLE BOOK OF IRISH LANDMARKS is a compendium of fascinating, obscure, strange and entertaining facts about some of Ireland’s most iconic landmarks and popular tourist attractions. Here you will find out about the Giant’s Causeway, Bunratty Castle, Blarney Castle, Newgrange, Cliffs of Moher, GPO Dublin, Tory Island, Skellig Michael, Hill of Tara and much more. A reliable reference book and a quirky guide, this can be dipped into time and time again to reveal something new about the people, the heritage and the secrets of the Emerald Isle.

Dove of White Flame

Perhaps I may study the Psalter a small bit on the journey with you? ... whom Columba knew well from his visits to Connaught at Rathcroghan.


Author: Stella Durand

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781725264564

Category: Fiction

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Dove of White Flame: A Historical Novel About Saint Columba aims to enter the sixth-century world of Saint Columba--also known as Colmcille--as vividly as possible while maintaining historical accuracy. It aims to give the reader a taste of sixth-century Ireland and Scotland, known then as Eriu and Alba, with their sights and sounds and smells, and a feel for Saint Columba's character, growth, and inner spirit. The reader will meet his parents, his family, his friends, his teachers, his fellow monks, and his inspirers, as well as his enemies--all of them people who really lived. The reader will follow the saint through miracles, sea voyages, successes and humiliations, confrontations, plague, pirates, angels, a monster, and even the famous "Battle of the Books," and will see something of his great love for nature, for God, for his fellow humans, and for the Psalms of David which were his spiritual daily bread. Apart from a very short prologue, which gives a description of the appearance of the saint in adulthood, the book starts with his mother's pregnancy and ends with his remarkable and beautiful death.


A Sacred Journey Michael Dames ... taking its place in the national scene alongside Emain Macha and Rathcroghan , ” according to A. P. Smyth , the sacred ...


Author: Michael Dames

Publisher: Element Books Limited

ISBN: STANFORD:36105025189858

Category: History

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Follow the Old Road

... from Rathcroghan, royal seat of Connacht, to Cruachain Aille, a sacred mountain. Did Maeve journey here in the Iron Age to seek advice on her forays?


Author: Jo Kerrigan

Publisher: The O'Brien Press Ltd

ISBN: 9781788490320

Category: History

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By turning off the main highway and discovering old routes, some of which have been travelled for thousands of years, you will see Ireland in an entirely different way. Follow the Old Road will take you on a tour of a variety of pathways from great river roads to lost railways. Long before records began, travellers arriving on our shores found safe havens, natural harbours, the estuaries of rivers, and settled there, in sight of the ocean that had brought them to this land. Gradually they moved inland to more fertile soil, usually along the course of a river that provided both guidance and essential water supplies. In later centuries, great lords built their castles and monks their abbeys upriver, at the tidal limit. Some of the routes are still used today while others lie ignored and overgrown. Villages, and, later on, towns grew up around these castles and abbeys to serve their needs; towns that still prosper today.

Myth and Materiality

... worlds at Samhain when journeys between the two are both easy and frequent. ... we learn that Nera, on returning to Rathcroghan finds that an Otherworld ...


Author: John Wadell


ISBN: 9781785709784

Category: History

Page: 192

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The aim of this book is to promote the thesis that myth may illuminate archaeology and that on occasion archaeology may shed light on myth. Medieval Irish literature is rich in mythic themes and some of these are used as a starting point. Some myths are of great antiquity and some were invented by contemporary authors. It is a challenging source, first explored in the author's earlier work Archaeology and Celtic Myth and this work will elaborate on some of the themes pursued there and introduce some new ones. Combining literary and archaeological evidence, chapters deal with the construction of the past, illustrating how the Irish medieval world invented aspects of the past; the abuses of myth presented in later literature; the evidence for the survival of pagan beliefs and practices well into medieval times in Ireland; evidence to illustrate the key elements of the institution of sacral kingship, a consideration of sacred trees; mythology of the underworld and its archaeological expressions; and the equine aspects of the myths attached to the Irish goddess Macha (linked to Navan Fort) and her Welsh counterpart Rhiannon. John Waddell brings a lifetime's experience of studying Irish history, Bronze Age archaeology and Celtic mythology in this personal and lively exploration of mythology and its archaeological expression.

The Epistles and Hymn of St Patrick

he underwent in such journeys are alluded to in the following passage from the ... This incident took place near Cruachan , now Rathcroghan in the county of ...


Author: Saint Patrick


ISBN: UOM:39015028728668

Category: Christian saints

Page: 119

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The Atlantic

My most recent journey there was made in pursuit of Maeve . ... Pointing to a glossary I'd somehow missed , he said , “ Cruachan Ai is Rathcroghan .




ISBN: STANFORD:36105111268665

Category: Arts


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It gives a late seventh - century view of St Patrick's journey and missionary ... stone as described in Rathcroghan , but the place might also be Carnfree .


Author: Christina Fredengren

Publisher: Wordwell Limited

ISBN: STANFORD:36105113069988

Category: Excavations (Archaeology)

Page: 332

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The term crannog' is an ambiguous one, but essentially crannogs are small man-made islands found across Ireland, with examples also in Scotland and one identified in Wales. These islands have been attributed with many different functions from defensive enclaves, to high status residences, to links with fishing and central production areas. Based on field survey, excavations, literary study and interviews, Fredengren presents a detailed study of the people who created, lived on and exploited crannogs from the Mesolithic to the present day. Focusing especially on the region of Lough Gara in northwest Ireland, she explores the ideas behind crannog-building, how the islands were perceived, used and re-used and includes a tight classification and dating scheme for crannogs in this area. Details on the sites surveyed and excavation are provided on a CD.

Medieval Ireland

... early Irish tale type that tells of the hero's journey to another world. ... the hero leaves the court of Ailill and Medb at Cruachain (Rathcroghan in ...


Author: Seán Duffy

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135948238

Category: History

Page: 580

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Medieval Ireland: An Encyclopedia brings together in one authoritative resource the multiple facets of life in Ireland before and after the Anglo-Norman invasion of 1169, from the sixth to sixteenth century. Multidisciplinary in coverage, this A–Z reference work provides information on historical events, economics, politics, the arts, religion, intellectual history, and many other aspects of the period. With over 345 essays ranging from 250 to 2,500 words, Medieval Ireland paints a lively and colorful portrait of the time. For a full list of entries, contributors, and more, visit the Routledge Encyclopedias of the Middle Ages website.

Gateways to the Otherworld

The Secrets Beyond the Final Journey, from the Egyptian Underworld to the ... Oweynagat, Cave of Cruachain Located at Rathcroghan in County Roscommon, 201.


Author: Philip Gardiner

Publisher: ReadHowYouWant.com

ISBN: 9781442961326

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 364

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Last of the Donkey Pilgrims

A Man's Journey Through Ireland Kevin O'Hara ... though I remember Headmaster D'Alton arguing she was interred at Rathcroghan, “the ancient palace of the ...


Author: Kevin O'Hara

Publisher: Forge Books

ISBN: 1429931507

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 432

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Kevin O'Hara's journey of self-discovery begins as a mad lark: who in their right mind would try to circle the entire coastline of Ireland on foot—and with a donkey and cart no less? But Kevin had promised his homesick Irish mother that he would explore the whole of the Old Country and bring back the sights and the stories to their home in Massachusetts. Determined to reach his grandmother's village by Christmas Eve, Kevin and his stubborn but endearing donkey, Missie, set off on 1800-mile trek along the entire jagged coast of a divided Ireland. Their rollicking adventure takes them over mountains and dales, through smoky cities and sleepy villages, and into the farmhouses and hearts of Ireland's greatest resource—its people. Along the way, Kevin would meet incredible characters, experience Ireland in all of its glory, and explore not only his Irish past, but find his future self. “One of the finest books about contemporary Ireland ever written...In a style evocative of Steinbeck's Travels with Charley, O'Hara writes memorably of his most unusual way of touring his ancestral home of Ireland.” —Library Journal At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race

But on her journey back she saw suddenly standing before her chariot-pole a ... drove homewards to Rathcroghan wondering at what she had seen and heard.


Author: T. W. Rolleston

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783749433728

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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The Past may be forgotten, but it never dies. The elements which in the most remote times have entered into a nation's composition endure through all its history, and help to mould that history, and to stamp the character and genius of the people. The examination, therefore, of these elements, and the recognition, as far as possible, of the part they have actually contributed to the warp and weft of a nation's life, must be a matter of no small interest and importance to those who realise that the present is the child of the past, and the future of the present; who will not regard themselves, their kinsfolk, and their fellow-citizens as mere transitory phantoms, hurrying from darkness into darkness, but who know that, in them, a vast historic stream of national life is passing from its distant and mysterious origin towards a future which is largely conditioned by all the past wanderings of that human stream, but which is also, in no small degree, what they, by their courage, their patriotism, their knowledge, and their understanding, choose to make it.