Reflexions on the Actor s Art

This Is A New Release Of The Original 1915 Edition.


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This Is A New Release Of The Original 1915 Edition.

On Actors and the Art of Acting

sense . than by mere vehemence of voice , is of all the master 1 strokes of an
actor the most difficult to reach . ... As Lessing says , an actor cannot have too
much fire , but he may easily have too little Vehemence without real emotion is
rant ; vehemence with real emotion , but without art , is turbulence . ... and the
tameness of a few who are reflective , but not passionate , brings discredit on
reflection .


Author: George Henry Lewes


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Art and Culture in the Eighteenth Century

His digression on music comes full circle and rejoins his earlier argument about
the public's natural sensibility in the closing pages of the Reflexions critiques.
Whereas performers need rules, spectators can do without them. In fact. Du Bos ...


Author: Elise Goodman

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This study joins the resurgent scholarship presently redressing the neglect of eighteenth-century visual culture since the beginning of the twentieth century. This volume offers nine contextual and cross-disciplinary essays that engage with a rich panoply of discourses ranging from art criticism to biography, to collecting and the art market, to art theory and practice and the institutions that shaped them, to beauty and fashion, sociopolitical and philosophical issues, gender studies, patronage, iconography, and print culture.

The Actor s Art

He says : “ Oui , nous devons être sensibles , nous devons éprouver l ' émotion ;
mais pour mieux l ' imiter , pour mieux en saisir les caractères par l ' étude et la
réflexion . Notre art en exige de profonds . Point d ' improvisation possible sur la ...


Author: Sir John Alexander Hammerton

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Mime Music and Drama on the Eighteenth Century Stage

The importance of 'character' makes the ballet d'action quite unlike the art of
oratory, and much more akin to acting in ... The earliest surviving report is
Dubos's brief account in Réflexions Critiques sur la Poésie et sur la Peinture, in
which he ...


Author: Edward Nye

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The 'ballet d'action' was one of the most successful and controversial forms of theatre in the early modern period. A curious hybrid of dance, mime and music, its overall and overriding intention was to create drama. It was danced drama rather than dramatic dance, musical drama rather than dramatic music. Most modern critical studies of the ballet d'action treat it more narrowly as stage dance and very few view it as part of the history of mime. Little use has previously been made of the most revealing musical evidence. This innovative book does justice to the distinctive hybrid nature of the ballet d'action by taking a comparative approach, using contemporary literature and literary criticism, music, mime and dance from a wide range of English and European sources. Edward Nye presents a fascinating study of this important and influential part of eighteenth-century European theatre.

Mechanics Magazine and Journal of Science Arts and Manufactures

The chamber opposite , or facing The peculiar features of the optical ar the actors
, is in reality a second stage for ... of the spectators being aware that one or more
of them bears can only be seen by reflexion , and the a visionary character .




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The New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature Volume 2 1660 1800

The actor , or a treatise on the art of playing : a new work , written by the author of
the former . 1755 . An essay on the stage , or the art of acting : a poem . Ed [
Francis Stamper ) , Edinburgh 1754 . [ Pickering , Roger ) . Reflexions upon ...


Author: George Watson

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More than fifty specialists have contributed to this new edition of volume 2 of The Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature. The design of the original work has established itself so firmly as a workable solution to the immense problems of analysis, articulation and coordination that it has been retained in all its essentials for the new edition. The task of the new contributors has been to revise and integrate the lists of 1940 and 1957, to add materials of the following decade, to correct and refine the bibliographical details already available, and to re-shape the whole according to a new series of conventions devised to give greater clarity and consistency to the entries.

A Critical Bibliography of French Literature

11902 B. reviews, ten years after his Reflections on the theatre, the accumulated
experience of his career, centered especially on his own ... The actor's art
consists of fashioning a disciplined instrument from an undisciplined human


Author: Douglas W. Alden

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The Art of the Actor

The Essential History of Acting from Classical Times to the Present Day Jean
Benedetti. When Iphigenia ask ... We must make ourselves capable of playing
through reflexion and know the true principles of art. How is one to learn them
since no ...


Author: Jean Benedetti

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136556197

Category: Performing Arts

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How did acting begin? What is its history, and what have the great thinkers on acting said about the art and craft of performance? In this single-volume survey of the history of acting, Jean Benedetti traces the evolution of the theories of the actor's craft drawing extensively on extracts from key texts, many of which are unavailable for the student today. Beginning with the classical conceptions of acting as rhetoric and oratory, as exemplified in the writing of Aristotle, Cicero and others, The Art of the Actor progresses to examine ideas of acting in Shakespeare's time right through to the present day. Along the way, Benedetti considers the contribution and theories of key figures such as Diderot, Stanislavski, Meyerhold, Brecht, Artaud and Grotowski, providing a clear and concise explanation of their work illustrated by extracts and summaries of their writings. Some source materials appear in the volume for the first time in English. The Art of the Actor will be the essential history of acting for all students and actors interested in the great tradition of performance, both as craft and as art.

The Sentimental Theater of the French Revolution

Talma's formal training marks a bridge between the two currents of theory: one
which focused on the art of acting (“donne tout à l'art” of Diderot, Riccoboni fils,
Servandoni d'Hannetaire) and one that focused on the actor's natural sensibility (
Riccoboni père, SaintAlbine). For Talma, it ... 84 Talma, Réflexions sur Lekain, p.


Author: Cecilia Feilla

Publisher: Routledge

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Category: Performing Arts

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Smoothly blending performance theory, literary analysis, and historical insights, Cecilia Feilla explores the mutually dependent discourses of feeling and politics and their impact on the theatre and theatre audiences during the French Revolution. Remarkably, the most frequently performed and popular plays from 1789 to 1799 were not the political action pieces that have been the subject of much literary and historical criticism, but rather sentimental dramas and comedies, many of which originated on the stages of the Old Regime. Feilla suggests that theatre provided an important bridge from affective communities of sentimentality to active political communities of the nation, arguing that the performance of virtue on stage served to foster the passage from private emotion to public virtue and allowed groups such as women, children, and the poor who were excluded from direct political participation to imagine a new and inclusive social and political structure. Providing close readings of texts by, among others, Denis Diderot, Collot d'Herbois, and Voltaire, Feilla maps the ways in which continuities and innovations in the theatre from 1760 to 1800 set the stage for the nineteenth century. Her book revitalizes and enriches our understanding of the significance of sentimental drama, showing that it was central to the way that drama both shaped and was shaped by political culture.

Jean Jacques Rousseau Politics art and autobiography

What is at stake in both of Rousseau's claims about reflection is the moment of
comparison that appears to constitute ... If the oppositions between actor and
spectator , amour - propre and sympathy , society and state of nature all appear
to ...


Author: John T. Scott

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

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Bringing together critical assessments of the broad range of Rousseau's thought, with a particular emphasis on his political theory, this systematic collection is an essential resource for both student and scholar.

Reading Aloud

Does he not merely re-present what another artist has already created? His text
is ... gesture, creates or re-creates a new and different art product. ... 55. *
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