Remembered Childhoods

A Childhood Remembered (2006); Meredith Hall's Without a Map (2007); Patricia
Hampl's The Florist's Daughter (2007); Marjorie Hart's Summer at Tiffany (2007);
Monica Holloway's Driving with Dead People (2007); Madhur Jaffrey's Climbing ...


Author: Jeffrey E. Long

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited

ISBN: 1591581745

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Presents a guide to more than 2,800 autobiographies published between 1725 and 2007 arranged in categories that reflect shared themes and characteristics.

Remembering Childhood in the Middle East

Is this because we believe that childhood has no effect on adulthood? Not at all. It
is rather because, as these accounts so well reveal, the experience of childhood
in the same culture can be so different from one family to another, from one ...


Author: Elizabeth Warnock Fernea

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9780292782013

Category: Social Science

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Growing up is a universal experience, but the particularities of homeland, culture, ethnicity, religion, family, and so on make every childhood unique. To give Western readers insight into what growing up in the Middle East was like in the twentieth century, this book gathers thirty-six original memoirs written by Middle Eastern men and women about their own childhoods. Elizabeth Warnock Fernea, a well-known writer of books and documentary films about women and the family in the Middle East, has collected stories of childhoods spent in Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, and Turkey. The accounts span the entire twentieth century, a full range of ethnicities and religions, and the social spectrum from aristocracy to peasantry. They are grouped by eras, for which Fernea provides a concise historical sketch, and include a brief biography of each contributor. The introduction by anthropologist Robert A. Fernea sets the memoirs in the larger context of Middle Eastern life and culture. As a collection, the memoirs offer an unprecedented opportunity to look at the same period in history in the same region of the world from a variety of very different remembered experiences. At times dramatic, humorous, or tragic, and always deeply felt, the memoirs document the diversity and richness of people's lives in the modern Middle East.

Remembering Our Childhood

Years later, she then recited C to me (which may have been identical to B, or may
not), which I now remember as D (which may be identical to C, or may not).
Between each 'recitation', time, context, interference, and new associations had ...


Author: Karl Sabbagh

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199218417

Category: Law

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In a number of highly-charged child abuse cases, teachers and parents have been wrongfully arrested because of claims of 'recovered memory'. But brain science is now discovering how memories can alter, or even be planted by leading questions. Sabbagh explains the latest findings, and argues that courts must be guided by them.

Existential Phenomenological Perspectives in Psychology

We can reopen ourselves to our remembered childhoods but only to “the child of
the remembering adult,” not the original child, which “remains lost to us forever” (
p. 56). So if we try somehow to “bracket” or “suspend” our adult awareness in ...


Author: Ronald S. Valle

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461569893

Category: Psychology

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When I began to study psychology a half century ago, it was defined as "the study of behavior and experience." By the time I completed my doctorate, shortly after the end of World War II, the last two words were fading rapidly. In one of my first graduate classes, a course in statistics, the professor announced on the first day, "Whatever exists, exists in some number." We dutifully wrote that into our notes and did not pause to recognize that thereby all that makes life meaningful was being consigned to oblivion. This bland restructuring-perhaps more accurately, destruction-of the world was typical of its time, 1940. The influence of a narrow scientistic attitude was already spreading throughout the learned disciplines. In the next two decades it would invade and tyrannize the "social sciences," education, and even philosophy. To be sure, quantification is a powerful tool, selectively employed, but too often it has been made into an executioner's axe to deny actuality to all that does not yield to its procrustean demands.

Remembering and Forgetting Early Childhood

Infantile amnesia: A critical period of learning to learn and remember. The
Journal of Neuroscience, 37, 5783-5795. Bauer, P.J. (2015). A complementary
processes account of the development of childhood amnesia and a personal past


Author: Qi Wang

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000064513

Category: Psychology

Page: 124

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This book brings together scholarship that contributes diverse and new perspectives on childhood amnesia – the scarcity of memories for very early life events. The topics of the studies reported in the book range from memories of infants and young children for recent and distant life events, to mother–child conversations about memories for extended lifetime periods, and to retrospective recollections of early childhood in adolescents and adults. The methodological approaches are diverse and theoretical insights rich. The findings together show that childhood amnesia is a complex and malleable phenomenon and that the waning of childhood amnesia and the development of autobiographical memory are shaped by a variety of interactive social and cognitive factors. This book will facilitate discussion and deepen an understanding of the dynamics that influence the accessibility, content, accuracy, and phenomenological qualities of memories from early childhood. This book was originally published as a special issue of Memory.

Remembering the Cultural Geographies of a Childhood Home

Childhood. Lovely weather ... On this day we had the news that the fighting has
ceased in the falklands. We have been ... the cultural geographies of a 1970s
childhood home are equally viscous. as Remembering the Cultural Geographies
of a ...


Author: Dr Peter Hughes Jachimiak

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781409471691

Category: Architecture

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Using an innovative auto-ethnographic approach to investigate the otherness of the places that make up the childhood home and its neighbourhood in relation to memory-derived and memory-imbued cultural geographies, Remembering the Cultural Geographies of a Childhood Home is concerned with childhood spaces and children's perspectives of those spaces and, consequentially, with the personalised locations that make up the childhood family home and its immediate surroundings (such as the garden, the street, etc.). Whilst this book is primarily structured by the author's memories of living in his own Welsh childhood home during the 1970s - that is, the auto-ethnographic framework - it is as much about living anywhere amid the remembered cultural remnants of the past as it is immersing oneself in cultural geographies of the here-and-now. As a result, Remembering the Cultural Geographies of a Childhood Home is part of the ongoing pursuit by cultural geographers to provide a personal exploration of the pluralities of shared landscapes, whereby such an engagement with space and place aid our construction of cognitive maps of meaning that, in turn, manifest themselves as both individual and collective cultural experiences. Furthermore, touching upon our co-habiting of ghost topologies, Remembering the Cultural Geographies of a Childhood Home also encourages a critical exploration of children’s spirituality amid the haunted cultural and geographical spaces and places of a house and its neighbourhood: the cellar, hallway, parlour, stairs, bedroom, attic, shops, cemeteries, and so on.

Small Feet on the Run

These stories also talk about overwhelming fear, bottomless sadness, the heartwarming kindness of strangers and enemy soldiers, as well as childhood joys. At the end you may agree with the motto of the last chapter "Never Again War."


Author: Sieglinde Martin

Publisher: Resource Publications (CA)

ISBN: 1498296157

Category: History

Page: 252

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You may know much about World War II, but did you ever wonder how children lived through this man-made disaster that killed twenty-nine million civilians in Europe? Read about eighteen ordinary children whose childhood changed due to extraordinary events not of their making. How did they make sense of their world? They collected and traded bomb shrapnel instead of baseball cards; instead of watching cartoons, they ran out in the morning to see what last night's bombs had destroyed; and boys played with live ammunition like your sons do with Fourth of July firecrackers. Read these true stories and share them with a friend. Ponder the bravery of the ten-year old girl traveling alone to her faraway home. Worry about the three-year-old watching her house burn. Cheer for the fearless boy who provides food for his family or wonder how it was possible that, in the middle of a large bombed-out city, a four-year-old brings a live chicken to her mother. These stories also talk about overwhelming fear, bottomless sadness, the heartwarming kindness of strangers and enemy soldiers, as well as childhood joys. At the end you may agree with the motto of the last chapter ""Never Again War."" ""In Small Feet on the Run, Sieglinde Martin gives a voice to the youngest victims of World War II, helping each of her storytellers describe the perils of growing up in the midst of war: displacement, hunger, loss of home and family, worry about beloved fathers and brothers on the front.Children then and now experience all these and more when their homelands are at war.Ms. Martin's narrative urges us all to redouble our efforts to beat the weapons of war into plowshares."" --Melonie Buller, President, Central Ohioans for Peace Born at the beginning of WWII and educated in post-war Germany, Sieglinde Martin came to the U.S. in 1964. A pediatric physical therapist by profession, she previously published the book Teaching Motor Skills to Children with Cerebral Palsy and Similar Movement Disorders: A Guide for Parents and Professionals that has been translated into several languages. Now retired, she has lived in Columbus, Ohio, for over fifty years. She is the mother and grandmother of four children and grandchildren, and is a member of Central Ohioans for Peace."

Childhood Trauma Remembered

False memories of childhood experiences . Applied Cognitive Psychology , 9 , pp
. 181 - 197 . This paper provides evidence that individuals can be made to
believe that they had unusual childhood experiences that did not actually occur .


Author: Susan Roth


ISBN: STANFORD:36105020399304


Page: 24

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Remembered Childhood

Andrâe Bâeteille, Indian sociologist and ethnologist; contributed articles honoring his childhood.


Author: Malavika Karlekar

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0198064357

Category: Social Science

Page: 219

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Andrâe Bâeteille, Indian sociologist and ethnologist; contributed articles honoring his childhood.

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Childhood Cognitive Development

Changes in temporal extent The length of time over which events are
remembered increases dramatically over the first two years of life. Importantly,
because like any complex behavior, the length of time an episode is remembered
is multiply ...


Author: Usha Goswami

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781444351736

Category: Psychology

Page: 816

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This definitive volume is the result of collaboration by top scholars in the field of children's cognition. New edition offers an up-to-date overview of all the major areas of importance in the field, and includes new data from cognitive neuroscience and new chapters on social cognitive development and language Provides state-of-the-art summaries of current research by international specialists in different areas of cognitive development Spans aspects of cognitive development from infancy to the onset of adolescence Includes chapters on symbolic reasoning, pretend play, spatial development, abnormal cognitive development and current theoretical perspectives

Remembered Self

Yet, this woman firmly believes that her childhood was characterized by physical
and mental abuse by virtually all of the members of her family. Although we
cannot evaluate the veracity of her claims (and we in no way want to minimize
either ...


Author: Jefferson A. Singer

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781451602258

Category: Psychology

Page: 257

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A theory for psychologists on the role of memory in personality psychology. In The Remembered Self, Jefferson A. Singer and Peter Salovey persuasively argue that memories are an important window into one's life story, revealing characteristic moods, motives, and thinking patterns. Through experimental evidence, clinical case material, and examples from literature, the authors offer a fresh perspective on the role of memory in personality and clinical psychology. Unlike the conventional psychoanalytic approach to memory, which concentrates on what is forgotten, Singer and Salovey treat memory in a new and different way with an emphasis on what is remembered. Theirs is a bold new theory of memory and self that is both comprehensive and accessible.

Between Past and Future

Feelings remembered, childhoods (andparenting) relived, mysteries back then
unraveledyears later—all threeare hindsights directed inward and personal. With
other hindsights, directed outward, Ihave tried to reflect the socialcontext of ...


Author: Rolf P. Lynton

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469104782

Category: Business & Economics


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Director, teamleader, dean, large-system consultant, from decades in several South Asian countries and organisational settings this father distills key episodes in having and bringing up three children in new places: births and an adoption, schools, making and leaving friends, crises, building a house to anchor the family, culture shock in reverse when moving ?back? West. All while father is absorbed in work and ensuring career and income long-term. A Danish cross-cultural psychologist long practicing in China confirmed that these issues commonly trouble expatriate fathers. The children?s comments throughout- a most unusual feature ? add inter-generational depths to this actual up-down story of a father managing intriguing work along with family life which ends with special guidelines for fathers on the move.

Barefoot Through the Bindies

These pleasurable recollections make a satisfying conclusion to the story of a life
exemplifying success through hard work. Few remembered childhoods can have
been as deprived of basic comforts.The family moved around the lonely valleys ...


Author: Marion Houldsworth

Publisher: Boolarong Press

ISBN: 9781921920615

Category: Children

Page: 235

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A collection of stories drawn from the North Queensland Oral History Collection, to illustrate the life of children in North Queensland in the Federation era, 1890-1914.

Chinese Women and the Global Village

Women reflect on their remembered childhoods and how their Chinese ethnicity
and gender were evaluated within the family context . Third , how are these
imagined identities sustained and reinforced ? I will argue that Chinese create
their ...


Author: Jan Ryan

Publisher: Univ. of Queensland Press

ISBN: 0702234214

Category: Social Science

Page: 209

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This, the first major study of Chinese women in Australia, is all about global journeys and perspectives. It is also a story of the various stories that connect Australia to the pathways of women of Chinese ancestory. Ryan interrogates issues of ethnicity, gender and identity to present the diversity of the women's lives.


Childhood places an irrevocable stamp on our identity , on our dreams and on
our expectations . But childhood is elusive and recalling it is a complex process .
Memory is unreliable . Images grow dim . We remember things which we think ...


Author: Adrian Hadland


ISBN: STANFORD:36105115117553

Category: Children

Page: 256

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Offers a perspective of childhood in South Africa. This book showcases the writing of the country's finest authors and personalities, all peering back through the mists of time, in an attempt to recall their own youth. There are recollections of profound historic moments as well as memories of everyday life.

Children Remembered

While he is remembered most for the latter, his contribution to the new history of
childhood has proved remarkably influential in both France and the English-
speaking world. For historical demographers there is a special interest in his '
parental ...


Author: Robert Woods

Publisher: Liverpool University Press

ISBN: 9781846310218

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 288

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Children Remembered discusses the relationship between parents and children in the past. It focuses on the ways in which adults responded to the untimely deaths of children, whether and how they expressed their grief. The study engages with the hypothesis of ‘parental indifference’ associated with the French cultural historian Philippe Ariès by analysing the changing risk of mortality since the sixteenth century and assessing its consequences. It uses paintings and poems to describe feelings and emotions in ways that are not only highly original, but also challenge traditional disciplinary conventions. The circumstances of infant and child mortality are considered for France and England, while example portraits and poems are selected from England and America. While the work is firmly grounded in demography, it is especially concerned with current debates in social and cultural history, with the history of childhood, the way pictorial images can be ‘read’, and the use as historical evidence to which literature may be put. This is a wide- ranging and ambitions multi-disciplinary study that will add significantly to our understanding of demographic structures; the ways in which they have conditioned attitudes and behaviour in the past.

The sunbeam story book the Golden childhood vol for Christmas 1879

I cried as if my heart things which now disturb your tender mind would break
when I had the last sight of were remembered with delight by your uncle ; him
through a little opening among the trees , he was telling me in our last walk , just
peras ...


Author: Golden childhood


ISBN: OXFORD:590423560



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The Global History of Childhood Reader

remodern Chinese childhood is that of source material. In spite of the massive ...


Author: Heidi Morrison

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135764876

Category: History

Page: 496

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The Global History of Childhood Reader provides an essential collection of chapters and articles on the global history of childhood. The Reader is structured thematically so as to provide both a representative sampling of the historiography as well as an overview of the key issues of the field, such as childhood as a social construct, commonalities and differences globally, and why the twentieth century was not the "century of the child" for most of the world’s children. The Reader is divided into four parts: Theories and methodologies of the history of childhood Constructions of childhood in different times and places Children’s experiences in different times and places Usage of the past to articulate solutions to problems facing children today. Topics covered include theories and methodologies in the global history of childhood, sources for writing a global history of childhood, education, gender, disability, race, class and religion, the individual in history and emotions, violence, labour and illiteracy. With introductions that contextualize each of the four parts and the articles, further reading sections and questions; this is the perfect guide for all students of the history of childhood.