Rocking Horses

How to select, restore, and exhibit vintage and new rocking horses is shown in vivid color.


Author: Tony Stevenson

Publisher: Knickerbocker Press

ISBN: 1577150767

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 80

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How to select, restore, and exhibit vintage and new rocking horses is shown in vivid color. More than one hundred intricately-carved and painted varieties are showcased from around the world. These exquisite creatures are as much fun to collect as they were to ride.

Designing and Making Rocking Horses

Rocking horses conjure up a world of fields and dreams, and have enchanted children for generations. Now in paperback, this guide introduces the reader to the fascinating tradition of crafting these beautiful toys.


Author: Margaret Spencer

Publisher: Crowood Press

ISBN: 1847971083

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 159

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Rocking horses conjure up a world of fields and dreams, and have enchanted children for generations. Now in paperback, this guide introduces the reader to the fascinating tradition of crafting these beautiful toys. Anyone with woodworking skills can follow the step-by-step instructions and clear plans, diagrams, and patterns to make a wonderful children's gift that is sure to become a family heirloom. Topics include instructions for eight horses ranging from traditional medium standard to the push-me, pull-me rocking horse; carving and design—making plinths and unicorns; wood and tools required; and tips from the author to give your horse a professional finish and delight the younger generation with the most precious and rewarding of gifts.

Rocking Horses


Author: Tony Stevenson (craftsman.)


ISBN: 185348489X

Category: Rocking horses

Page: 80

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Making Rocking Horses

Offers detailed plans and instructions for building simple and carved rocking horses, and provides advice on tools, restoration techniques, and finishes


Author: Anthony Dew

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company Incorporated

ISBN: 080697916X

Category: Art

Page: 128

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Offers detailed plans and instructions for building simple and carved rocking horses, and provides advice on tools, restoration techniques, and finishes


At craftsmen and women in Stevthis stage the saddle block is enson Brothers '
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are cut . Real horse horses , but six years ago , when hair is used . Then the
horse ...




ISBN: UCLA:L0051038784

Category: Accounting


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Dad s Best Memories and Recollections

When the idea surfaced that there was an antique rocking horse somewhere in ... and very unfortunately, after restoring the rocking horse, Joe passed on.


Author: Charles J. Humber

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781460283370

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 228

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DAD'S BEST MEMORIES AND RECOLLECTIONS is Chazzz Humber's epithaph casting a very long and sentimental shadow across North America and beyond. This 230-page volume is his granite monument, well-polished! It lavishly records 125 of his best memories over a life-span of nearly eighty years. The vignettes are serenaded with more than 400 illustrations. Those discovering this volume likely will find themselves wanting to record, in their own sunset years, their personal memories and recollections. And when they do, they are apt to recall what it was like to live in their fluctuating world dominated by a variety of personalities and cascading events. Mr. Humber vividly describes what it was like, in 1945, to travel in a 1930 Model A Ford from Toronto to Boston. With lively enthusiasm, he reports what it was like to live in post-World War II Boston, to cook a lobster for a former President of the United States or to sell a pair of elevator shoes to one of Hollywood's shortest celebrities or to shine the shoes of a Derby-hatted father of a future President of the United States. It is not a remarkable achievement to reflect, to recall or to have memories that are treasured. But to tell them with literary aplomb, to recall the events that happened nearly seventy-five years ago with utmost clarity is definitely an admirable achievement and should be cherished not only by the kin who follow Mr. Humber but by those who might like to imitate what he has monumentally achieved in Dad's Best Memories and Recollections.

Restoration of Ford s Theatre Washington D C

Jacques , " " Camille ” and “ Mazeppa , Same or An Untamed Rocking Horse ” “ Rip Van Winkle , or A Legend of the Cat . Same skills ” and “ Mazeppa , or An ...


Author: George J. Olszewski


ISBN: UOM:39015032049374


Page: 138

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High Country Confessions

Charlie could perfect almost anything that he turned his had to when it came to woodwork, with a special interest and talent in restoring rocking horses.


Author: Dirk Ring

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781984506689

Category: Fiction

Page: 292

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Back and forwards, the fly skimmed across the top of the water, before freely drifting. “It is a common belief William, that everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. Even the simple things in life bring pleasure to people like ourselves.” United by grief, a lifelong drover and small child, debilitated by a chronic illness, form the most remarkable bond, whilst sharing the common interest of fly fishing. During a journey of mateship and self-acceptance, they both soon come to the realisation of people closest to them are facing demons of their own. With an inquisitive nature and shared plethora of knowledge, the many hidden secrets that are buried deep within the High Country town of Eagle Brook begin to surface, causing unrest for the townsfolk below. Not only challenged by their own emotions of sadness, grief, excitement, self -belief and determination, the ever fluctuating High Country environment presents further extreme difficulties for the pair as they embark on an adventure against all odds.

Restoring the Broken Walls of Past Generations

She went to a very heavy wooden rocking horse and picked it up and threw it across the room. It was superhuman strength that caused her to do that.


Author: Eleanor Butkiewicz

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 9781617396656

Category: Religion

Page: 268

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Deliverance is about setting the captives free. It's about bringing liberty to the oppressed and freedom to those who are bound by chains of addiction, destructive cycles of behavior and patterns of oppression coming through childhood woundings. It is bringing mankind into the wholeness that God originally intended for him.In Restoring the Broken Walls, you will discover how Satan and his hordes of hell never stop plotting and strategizing against God's beloved creation. Discover the spiritual combat that is forever going on in the invisible realm between two forces—the powers of darkness and God's army of angels over your soul and destiny. Eleanor Butkiewicz will help you understand the two invisible Kingdoms locked in mortal combat over your life. You will begin to comprehend the fullness of Christ's triumph over Satan and move into the authority given to you through that triumph. Learn how to stop being a victim and become a victor. Find God's strategy for Restoring the Broken Walls of our lives through the breaking of generational curses. Enter into the abundant life.

Don t Start Me Talking

... curtain rods, an array of wooden gargoyles for a restoration scheme, antique wooden fairground rides, also being restored, new rocking horses made with ...


Author: Charles Radcliffe

Publisher: Bread and Circuses Publishing

ISBN: 9781495639463

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 1386

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In his seminal socio history of Punk, “England’s Dreaming”, Jon Savage makes the bald assertion that “Charles Radcliffe laid the foundation for the next twenty years of sub-cultural theory”, referring in particular to his 1966 piece “the Seeds of Social Destruction’ that appeared in the first of two issues of Radcliffe’s co authored, insurrectionary street-zine, ‘Heatwave’ . Teddy Boys, Ton Up Kids, Mods and Rockers, Beats, Ban the Bombers,The Ravers ( jazz heads) : Radcliffe argued that the bank holiday bust ups, the demos, the riots, the sex drugs n rock n’ roll, these were all part of a “youth revolt... (that ) has left a permanent mark on this society, has challenged assumptions and status, and been prepared to vomit its’ disgust in the streets. The youth revolt has not always been comfortable, valid, to the point or helpful. It has however made its first stumbling political gestures with an immediacy that revolutionaries should not deny, but envy.” Radcliffe joined the International Situationists within the year, alongside (English founder ) Chris Gray, but by the time 1968 had ended, and youthful revolt had fed into wide pockets of political turmoil globally, Radcliffe had started to drift towards other poles of late 60s’s counterculture. He ended the 60’s in long hair and loon pants, banged up in a Belgian prison on hash smuggling charges. This epic ( 900 + pages) book follows Radcliffes’ trials and tribulations from public school beginnings, into the 60’s underground and the Mr Nice style large scale hash smuggling years (his friend, Howard Marks, pops up throughout) , on to prison, divorce, remarriage and beyond. It offers up important first hand perspectives on 60’s / 70’s counterculture, and an intimate portrait of a man who seemed to face the slings and arrows that fortune threw at him with a never ending supply of equanimity. And high grade hash.

Rocking Horse

Grooming was never easy when the horse had rolled in mud, and Carole had never seen an animal more thoroughly coated than Danny. Restoring him to his usual ...


Author: Bonnie Bryant

Publisher: Skylark

ISBN: 9780307825780

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 144

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It's time for the annual Willow Creek Junior High spring dance. Since the dance is open to everyone, the Saddle Club will be there and so will Stevie's boyfriend, Phil. Unfortunately, this also means that Veronica diAngelo will be there. The Saddle Club is determined not to let Veronica ruin their fun. But Veronica has her own plans. She arranges for the Saddle Club to be stuck at Pine Hollow the night of the dance--taking care of her horse, Danny. But when the Saddle Club decides to go to the dance after all, Veronica is the one in for a surprise. They bring Danny with them, proving once and for all that he's a horse with a rock-and-roll soul.

Kovel s Guide to Selling Buying and Fixing Your Antiques and Collectibles


Author: Ralph M. Kovel

Publisher: Crown Pub

ISBN: 0517883139

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 324

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The hard-to-find information, sources, and addresses that collectors need for repairing, caring for, and finding buyers for antiques and collectibles are all in this book. To gather the information for this book, Ralph and Terry Kovel contacted more than 3,000 suppliers, clubs, auctions, services, and other industry sources around the country, making this the most up-to-date and complete reference of its kind.

The Hidden Places of the Lake District

Special services include Lowther advice on restoring rocking horses and a 4 miles S of Penrith off the A6 repair service for ailing and worn old Lowther ...


Author: Peter Long

Publisher: Travel Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 190200793X

Category: Travel

Page: 244

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This is the 6th edition of Hidden Places exploring one of the U.K's most popular regions for visitors and will be printed in full colour The Lake District is famous for its grand, austere mountain scenery intersected by fast flowing rivers and languid lakes but it also offers visitors much more - isolated hamlets and picturesque villages, quiet lanes and a deep literary and industrial heritage. The ideal subject for the Hidden Places, the book is packed with information and coloured photographs on the more secluded and little known venues for food, accommodation and places of interest as well as the more enduring attractions of the region. This edition incorporates the redesigned covers for regional titles and features eye-catching photographs of the Whislatter Pass, Whitehaven and Wastwater.

Rocking Horse Ranch

Mr. and Mrs. Bellham, you truly make my heart proud, and also congratulations to each one who works for you. Thank you for restoring my hope in humankind.


Author: Marie Claire Peck

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 9781617395345

Category: Fiction

Page: 248

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After a new love walked into her life and the relationship with her half sister was rekindled in Before the Music, Marie Claire thought life would slow down enough to start Rocking Horse Ranch, a dude ranch for handicapped children. But when her brother-in-law's agency gets too involved in a murder case, the perpetrators hone in on his family. Determined to protect her family and bring justice to those wounded, Marie Claire dives headfirst into another life-threatening situation. Will she be able to protect her loved ones and the innocent children who have become her responsibility? Or will she too become a victim of senseless destruction? As she fights for everything they've worked toward, the bond between Marie Claire and her husband grows ever stronger, and as Rocking Horse Ranch experiences both joy and heartache, the love between Marie Claire and her sister deepens. Join author Marie Claire Peck in the last installment of this trilogy, Rocking Horse Ranch—a heart-wrenching thriller loosely based on her life experiences.

I Am a Town

... woman riding shotgun, the woman who endlessly chatted about her hobbies of restoring rocking horses and researching Navajo Indian weaving techniques.


Author: Shari Smith

Publisher: River's Edge Media, LLC

ISBN: 9781940595115

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 268

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Shari Smith's roots reach into the Midwest and spread under the Mason-Dixon line into the heart of Dixie. She draws on both in this collection of heartwarming stories that originated on her blog, Gunpowder, Cowboy Boots, and Mascara. With the compassion of an old soul, irreverent wit, her North Carolina vernacular, and more than a few cuss words, Shari takes the reader into "her country," the small town of Claremont, North Carolina and a mystical land in Alabama called Waterhole Branch. Holding nothing back, she explores the sensitive issues of a rural community, creative minds of the music and literary world, and how a small town's tragedy affects an entire nation. Smith introduces the reader to real war heroes and a Bronze Star recipient author who told their story in graphic detail in We Were Soldiers Once and Young. She allows us to listen in on a telephone conversation with a handsome cowboy actor who had called that hard-nosed reporter to thank him for his work, and without a word of introduction, the reporter passed the phone to Shari, telling the movie star to "say hello." Shari Smith writes with insight into the ordinary folks who meet each morning at the Claremont Café, the Boys at the Back Table, and with equanimity of prize-winning writers, songwriters, and musicians who gather on the deck of her hundred-year-old farm house. Her world is populated with beloved dogs, horses, children, neighbors, and a bunch of crazy artist-types. All are "her people" - people you want to know.

Rocking Horse Hill

'Do you think we should get a second opinion?' 'No. I've had quite enough of these doctors as it is. And none of them will restore the vision I've lost.


Author: Cathryn Hein

Publisher: Cathryn Hein

ISBN: 9780648000518

Category: Fiction

Page: 292

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Who do you trust when a stranger threatens to tear your family apart? When Emily Wallace-Jones’s brother Digby arrives home with a secretive new fiancée, no one knows how to react. The Wallace-Jones are old-money rural aristocracy and Felicity Townsend is from a very different side of the tracks. But Em is determined not to treat Felicity with the same teenage snobbery that tore apart her relationship with her first love, Josh Sinclair. A man who has now sauntered sexily back into Em's life and given her a chance for redemption. As Felicity settles in, suspicions are raised about her intentions toward Em’s beloved Rocking Horse Hill, the historic family property that Digby owns but has promised will be Em’s home for as long as she wishes. Though worried for her future, Em sides with her brother and Felicity, until a near tragedy sets in motion a chain of events that will change the family forever. An emotional story of family turmoil and second-chance love played out against the dramatic landscape of rural South Australia.

A Rocking Horse Catholic

... yet our sacramental life could restore them to their primal innocence. But we have watered down and whittled away the power of our deepest instincts; ...


Author: Marie Anne Mayeski

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1556124015

Category: Religion

Page: 189

View: 995

A Rocking-Horse Catholic: A Caryll Houselander Reader is a selection of the writings of a modern Catholic laywomen and mystic, with a biographical introduction by the editor, Marie Anne Mayeski.

Grammardog Guide to The Rocking Horse Winner

A literary movement during the Restoration and 18th century (1660-1798) characterized by Greek and Roman literary forms, reason, harmony, restraint, ...


Author: Mary Jane McKinney

Publisher: Grammardog LLC

ISBN: 9781608570027

Category: Education

Page: 57

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Grammardog Teacher's Guide contains 16 quizzes for this short story. All sentences are from the story. Figurative language includes: "She married for love, and the love turned to dust." "She felt the center of her heart go hard." "Bassett was serious as a church" "The house whispers." Alliteration includes: "His mother had sudden strange seizures." "There must be more money!" "Then suddenly she switched on the light and saw her son."

Milton in the Long Restoration

... blank verse 'floats up and down as if it had itself wings', while Pope's predictable to-and-fro sway converts Milton's 'Pegasus into a rocking-horse'.


Author: Blair Hoxby

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780191082399

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 550

View: 867

Milton criticism often treats the poet as if he were the last of the Renaissance poets or a visionary prophet who remained misunderstood until he was read by the Romantics. At the same time, literary histories of the period often invoke a Long Eighteenth Century that reaches its climax with the French Revolution or the Reform Bill of 1832. What gets overlooked in such accounts is the rich story of Milton's relationship to his contemporaries and early eighteenth-century heirs. The essays in this collection demonstrate that some of Milton's earliest readers were more perceptive than Romantic and twentieth-century interpreters. The translations, editions, and commentaries produced by early eighteenth century men of letters emerge as the seedbed of modern criticism and the term 'neoclassical' is itself unmasked as an inadequate characterization of the literary criticism and poetry of the period—a period that could brilliantly define a Miltonic sublime, even as it supported and described all the varieties of parody and domestication found in the mock epic and the novel. These essays, which are written by a team of leading Miltonists and scholars of the Restoration and eighteenth century, cover a range of topics—from Milton's early editors and translators to his first theatrical producers; from Miltonic similes in Pope's Iliad to Miltonic echoes in Austen's Pride and Prejudice; from marriage, to slavery, to republicanism, to the heresy of Arianism. What they share in common is a conviction that the early eighteenth century understood Milton and that the Long Restoration cannot be understood without him.