Rethinking Hand Safety Myths Truths and Proven Practices

This book is a must-read for safety managers, or anyone who wants to create a safer, better workplace.


Author: Joe Geng

Publisher: Lioncrest Publishing

ISBN: 1544506252

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 322

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Around the globe, hand injuries are the number one preventable industrial accident--in manufacturing, construction, oil & gas, you name it. But what actually works to protect workers' hands? What kind of training actually gets through? What causes a worker to act safely (or not) in the moment? Which stats are meaningful and which are useless? What infrastructure changes and PPE (personal protective equipment) decisions actually pay off? How do cultural issues play in? How have others reduced hand injuries by 50, even 90 percent? In Rethinking Hand Safety, author Joe Geng takes the tough questions to major companies, leading safety experts, veteran safety managers, industrial psychologists, independent trainers, glove designers, and on-the-line workers. The result is an eye-opening, perspective-shifting, hard-hitting manual for changing a company culture, altering worker attitudes, and finally doing hand safety right. This book is a must-read for safety managers, or anyone who wants to create a safer, better workplace.

Rethinking Hand Safety

Around the globe, hand injuries are the number one preventable industrial accident-in manufacturing, construction, oil & gas, you name it.


Author: Geng Joe


ISBN: 1544506260


Page: 199

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Around the globe, hand injuries are the number one preventable industrial accident-in manufacturing, construction, oil & gas, you name it. But what actually works to protect workers' hands? What kind of training actually gets through? What causes a worker to act safely (or not) in the moment? Which stats are meaningful and which are useless? What i.

Rethinking Consumer Protection

On the other hand, the fact that Uber drivers own their vehicles may in itself lead
them to better maintain their vehicles than cab drivers who typically are driving
company cars. Also, Uber requires that drivers use relatively new cars while taxi ...


Author: Thomas Tacker

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781498577427

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 188

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This book explains how revamped consumer protection regulations, allowing greater individual choice, along with the government partially shifting to more of an advisory role, can save many thousands of lives annually, and make medicines and other products radically cheaper. Major case studies include the FDA, TSA passenger screening, and Uber versus taxis.

Rethinking Patient Safety

Individual countries have set up national bodies and national databases to
collect incidents, and there has been international guidance such as the WHO
surgical checklist referred to earlier and other global campaigns such as
improving hand ...


Author: Suzette Woodward

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781351651066

Category: Medical

Page: 186

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The vast majority of healthcare is provided safely and effectively. However, just like any high-risk industry, things can and do go wrong. There is a world of advice about how to keep people safe but this delivers little in terms of changed practice. Written by a leading expert in the field with over two decades of experience, Rethinking Patient Safety provides readers with a critical reflection upon what it might take to narrow the implementation gap between the evidence base about patient safety and actual practice. This book provides important examples for the many professionals who work in patient safety but are struggling to narrow the gap and make a difference in their current situation. It provides insights on practical actions that can be immediately implemented to improve the safety of patient care in healthcare and provides readers with a different way of thinking in terms of changing behavior and practices as well as processes and systems. Suzette Woodward shares lessons from the science of implementation, campaigning and social movement methods and offers the reader the story of a discovery. Her team has explored an approach which could profoundly affect the safety culture in healthcare; a methodology to help people talk to each other and their patients and to listen through facilitated safety conversations. This is their story.

Rethinking Darkness

success, and links it to the campaign for public hygiene that underpinned the
recommendations for theatre safety design ... attention to the safe conduct of
audiences and theatre workers alike went hand in hand with creative


Author: Nick Dunn

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429521836

Category: Science

Page: 280

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This book examines the concept of darkness through a range of cultures, histories, practices and experiences. It engages with darkness beyond its binary positioning against light to advance a critical understanding of the ways in which darkness can be experienced, practised and conceptualised. Humans have fundamental relationships with light and dark that shape their regular social patterns and rhythms, enabling them to make sense of the world. This book ‘throws light’ on the neglect of these social patterns to emphasize how the diverse values, meanings and influences of darkness have been rarely considered. It also examines the history of our relationship with the dark and highlights how normative attitudes towards it have emerged, while also emphasising its cultural complexity by considering a contemporary range of alternative experiences and practices. Challenging notions of darkness as negative, as the antithesis of illumination and enlightenment, this book explores the rich potential of darkness to stimulate our senses and deepen our understandings of different spaces, cultural experiences and creative engagements. Offering a rich exploration of an emergent field of study across the social sciences and humanities, this book will be useful for academics and students of cultural and media studies, design, geography, history, sociology and theatre who seek to investigate the creative, cultural and social dimensions of darkness.

Rethinking the New World Order

In other words, this was not anarchy and the security dilemma in action because
the preconditions of, on one hand, domestic order, protection and safety and, on
the other hand, international anarchy and mortal danger from the outside were ...


Author: Georg Sørensen

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 9781137483263

Category: Political Science

Page: 264

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Attempts to analyse the post-Cold War world order have been many and various. This important new text assesses the main approaches and offers its own analysis of the security, economic, institutional and value challenges in a world where reduced inter-state conflict goes hand in hand with unequal globalization and state fragility.

Rethinking Trauma Treatment Attachment Memory Reconsolidation and Resilience

Physical gestures that evoke safety Nurturing gestures and containment postures
can help clients feel safe and protected. Inviting clients to place a hand over their
heart area in the center of their chest as they slow their breathing and imagine ...


Author: Courtney Armstrong

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393712568

Category: Psychology

Page: 288

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Creating safety, hope, and secure attachment to transform traumatic memories. What makes trauma therapy effective? The answers might surprise you. While therapists have been bombarded with brain science, hundreds of new models, and pressure to use evidence-based techniques, research has demonstrated that the therapeutic relationship ultimately predicts therapy outcomes. This is especially true for traumatized clients. But, what kind of therapeutic relationship? Forming a secure therapeutic alliance with traumatized clients is tricky. How do you help clients trust you after they’ve been abused, betrayed, or exploited? How do you instill hope and convince clients who’ve been devastated by loss to believe that a better life is possible? In this accessible guide, Courtney Armstrong distills discoveries from attachment theory, brain science, and post-traumatic growth into practical strategies you can use to: 1) build trust and a secure therapeutic relationship; 2) transform traumatic memories into stories of triumph and courage; and 3) help clients cultivate resilience and a positive post-trauma identity. Packed with dozens of scripts, step-by-step worksheets, and inspiring client stories, this book gives you tools for each phase of the trauma therapy process and shows you how to: Engage and motivate clients based on their attachment style Manage trauma-related dissociation, anxiety, and anger Transform traumatic memories so they no longer haunt your client Work with different types of trauma, from sexual abuse to traumatic grief Evoke inner resources for healing and positive emotional states Counter compassion fatigue and burnout so youcan thrive as a therapist Merely talking about a traumatic event is not enough because the parts of the brain where traumatic, implicit memories are stored don’t understand words. Heartfelt, relational experiences catalyze brain change and buffer the impact of trauma. In this book, Armstrong demonstrates that neuroscience is validating what therapists have suspected all along: the brain changes through the heart.

Rethinking Europe s Constitution

A federal state , on the other hand , will , because of its strength , ' put and keep (
the American people ) in such a situation ... Safety is assured , first and foremost ,
by being big and strong enough to command the respect of the outside world .


Author: A. A. M. Kinneging


ISBN: STANFORD:36105134405567

Category: Civil rights

Page: 254

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Rethinking Rural Poverty

... courts and other regulatory organs of the state on the one hand and
strengthening community organisations and local ... The use of government
owned khas land for housing such families may be seen as a necessary second
safety net for ...


Author: Hossain Zillur Rahman


ISBN: UOM:39015034415862

Category: Rural poor

Page: 307

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This Book Starts With An Exploration Of The Processes That Led Up To The Construction Of The Farakka Barrage---The Initial Cause Of Dispute---And Rebuts The Widely Held View That Its Construction Was Intended To Undermine The Economy Of Bangladesh. It Suggests, Nevertheless, That The Indian Government Overlooked Forseeable Adverse Consequences In East Pakistan, And Delayed Substantive Negotiations With Pakistan To Allow Construction Of The Barrage.

Rethinking Young Drivers

... Corporation of British Columbia. Traffic Safety Planning and Research
Department ... irreconcilable ways . On the one hand , it can be regarded as an
informationbased decision . On the other hand , the decision can be seen as the
record of ...


Author: John Peter Rothe

Publisher: [North Vancouver] : Traffic Safety, Planning and Research

ISBN: UCBK:C100951249

Category: Accidents de la route - Colombie-Britannique

Page: 291

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Rethinking Issues in Islam

The Muslims , on the other hand , maintain that the Islamic state is an ideological
state and insist that if the real import of ... bodied Muslim has to take up arms in
jihād whenever the freedom of his faith or the safety of his community or country
is ...


Author: Asghar Ali Engineer

Publisher: UN

ISBN: UOM:39015041637573

Category: Islam

Page: 151

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The book considers some of the stereotypes regarding Islamic and Quranic injunctions and re-examines them in the light of verses from the Quran and the Sharia. Some of these are Islamic views on non-muslim communities, tolerance, family planning, etc.

Rethinking Regulatory Democracy

... Mashaw & David L. Harfst , Regulation and Legal Culture : The Case of Motor
Vehicle Safety , 4 YALE J. ON REG . 257 , 282 ( 1987 ) ( agencies must respond
to all serious dimensions of the problem raised in comments ) . On the other hand


Author: Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar


ISBN: STANFORD:36105063820489

Category: Administrative procedure

Page: 90

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Rethinking Rationality

Signals of Safety . 1 . Signals of Subject ' s Plans or Behavior resulting in failure .
2 . Signals of failure ... Decreased motivation to engage in the behavior at hand .
2 . Passivity 1 . Ability to focus on the ongoing behavior . 2 . Ability to introspect ...


Author: Michael X. Delli Carpini

Publisher: Jai Press

ISBN: PSU:000026518848

Category: Decision making

Page: 250

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This is an explanation of why people make the decisions they make at the ballot box and how numerous factors interact in the decision process. Issues around rationality are explored in terms of communication, and psychological factors are also discussed.

Rethinking Pension Provision for India 2003

Sound pension systems form a social safety net for reducing poverty during old
age . ... ( b ) On the other hand , 28 percent ( 13 million ) of the salaried workforce
, and approximately 268 million workers in the unorganised sector ( including ...


Author: Anand Bordia

Publisher: TATA McGraw-Hill Publishing Company

ISBN: UOM:39015061554088

Category: Old age pensions

Page: 362

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Contributed articles.

Rethinking Global Security

... are beset with heightened social problems , especially rising crime and a
breakdown of the traditional social safety net . ... The end of the Cold War in the
1990s saw a new thinking where democracy and economic development went
hand in ...


Author: Makũmi Mwagiru


ISBN: STANFORD:36105123517596

Category: Africa

Page: 293

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Rethinking College Education

... as an important instrument of critique by means of which society expects
continually to purge itself of inefficiencies and provide a safety valve for dissent .
... If it does not get out of hand , the benefits for the community are substantial .
But you ...


Author: George Allan

Publisher: Studies in Government and Publ

ISBN: UOM:39015040561964

Category: Education

Page: 228

View: 757

Not a method of turning your degree back in and having your loans forgiven, but an argument that by becoming vocational schools measured by reduced cost and efficient production, colleges and universities are neglecting their essential purpose. The reason for college education, says Allan, is to provide an environment within which students can absorb the moral practices that determine how they can acquire and evaluate knowledge, best conduct their lives, and become responsible adults. He maintains that such learning requires imagination, dialogue, conversation, and cultured intercourse. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Rethinking Systems Analysis Design

... or organization to bear . We sneer at the hobbyist for living on the left - hand
slope of this curve . ... What better safety valve for the pressure of having to write
programs that play the game according to the rules ? R. Performance . Region of


Author: Gerald M. Weinberg

Publisher: Dorset House Publishing Company, Incorporated

ISBN: 0932633080

Category: Science

Page: 193

View: 631

An Eye-Opening, Intuitive Approach to the More Subtle Problems of Analysis and Design Systems analysis and design have solved many problems, but they have also created many problems. This unique book tackles crucial analysis and design issues that are glossed over in conventional texts. It recognizes that while many problems are solved with systems analysis and design, many problems are also created. Using a short, highly readable essay format, Rethinking Systems Analysis & Design presents readers with both the logical and the more intuitive aspects of the analysis/design process. The book is not intended as an alternative to structured analysis and design, but rather as a supplement for those who must deal with the less structured processes of analysis and design. A witty and illustrative fable concludes each of this engaging book's seven parts. Among the informative topics are - mastering complexity - general systems thinking - observing and interviewing - trading off quality versus cost - understanding the designer's mind - design philosophy.

Rethinking Indian Culture

Of the ten hands of five - faced ( panchamukhi ) Mahadeva or S'iva the one of the
est - facing Sadyojata holds an ... that of the left hand as that assurance ,
protection or safety ( abhaya ) , in the preface to Rupamandana edited by Dr.
Balram ...




ISBN: UOM:39015056795001

Category: India

Page: 540

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Contributed articles presented at the International Seminar on "Rethinking Indian Culture: Challenges and Responses" held in 1999 at Cuttack, Orissa.

Rethinking Good Governance in Developing Economies

These shortcomings are clearly the outcome of protection , which in turn are the
result of rent - seeking and clientilism . ... But on the other hand , with a highly
unorganized business community , neither can states realistically set out
pathways ...


Author: André Ufer

Publisher: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft Mbh & Company

ISBN: STANFORD:36105134504625

Category: Political Science

Page: 206

View: 141

Is "Good Governance" the key for sustainable development and poverty eradication? Careful analysis of economic history in Europe and East Asia shows that its theoretical foundations and explanations do not meet reality: While Good Governance might prepare poor countries to integrate themselves into global markets, they will not experience substantial growth and poverty reduction. Political realities in developing countries are complex, including diverse factions of competing patron-client networks. Hence, reform, instead of cutting states towards a perceived mirror image of Western democracies, should aim to build institutions that enable leaders to introduce changes that transform failing states into "developmental states".

Rethinking Alzheimer s Care

If safety is considered to be the maintenance of physical well - being and the
prevention of dangerous or self - destructive actions , then we can easily ... rather
than lead him by his hand or forearm so that he does not walk away from the
group .


Author: Sam Fazio


ISBN: UVA:X004406143

Category: Medical

Page: 174

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"Appropriate for any setting, including long-term care, adult day services, or assisted living, this fresh and humanistic approach to Alzheimer's care helps pave the way for profound changes in the way we care."--BOOK JACKET.