Final Neolithic Crete and the Southeast Aegean

Kalymnos is in an intermediate position between the northernmost group of the Dodecanese and Kos, close enough to the Bodrum Peninsula to be affected by the situation there. The southernmost group of the islands (Karpathos and Kasos) ...


Author: Krzysztof Nowicki

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This book presents an archaeological study of Crete in transition from the Neolithic to the Early Bronze Age (c. 4000 to 3000 BC) within the broader South Aegean context. The study, based on the author’s own fieldwork, contains a gazetteer ofover 170sites. The material from these sites will prompt archaeologists in Greece, Turkey, and the Middle East to reconsider their understanding of the foundation of Bronze Age civilization in the Aegean.

The Dodecanese Rough Guides Snapshot Greece includes Rhodes Kastellorizo Halki Kassos Karpathos Symi Tilos Nissyros Kos Pserimos Astypalea Kalymnos Leros Patmos Lipsi Arki Agathonissi

The drab outskirts ofYENNÁDHI, 13km south of Lárdhos and the only sizeablesettlement on the southeast coast, mask the attractive ... however, anda paved8km spurroadwill bring youto Prassoníssi,a twohour, 90kmdrivesouth of RhodesTown.



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The Rough Guide Snapshot to the Dodecanese is the ultimate travel guide to this spectacular region of Greece. It guides you through each island in the group with reliable information and comprehensive coverage of all the sights and attractions from Rhodes' magnificent Old Town and the gorgeous harbour of Symi to tiny, beach-fringed Telendhos and the active volcano of Nissyros. Detailed maps and up-to-date listings pinpoint the best cafés, restaurants, hotels, shops, bars and nightlife, ensuring you have the best trip possible. Also included is the Basics section from the Rough Guide to Greece, with all the practical information you need from food and accommodation costs to ferry timetables, plus the lowdown on festivals and activities. Also published as part of the Rough Guide to Greece. Full coverage: Rhodes, Kastellorizo, Halki, Kassos, Karpathos, Symi, Tilos, Nissyros, Kos, Pserimos, Astypalea, Kalymnos, Leros, Patmos, Lipsi, Arki, Agathonissi. (Equivalent printed page extent 84 pages).

Kos in the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age

The Marmara bay just south of this mountain was also replete with marble and granite that could be easily collected. ... Cave of the Cyclops.227 It was also used in the southern Dodecanese, dominating at Karpathos, Rhodes, and Alimnia, ...


Author: Mercourios Georgiadis

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This volume is based on material from an intensive and systematic field survey of Halasarna (modern Kardamaina), located on a coastal plain in the southern part of the Dodecanesian island of Kos, and a study of settlement patterns across the Aegean. It provides a new corpus of data on the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age periods, presents a material sequence based on stylistic analysis, and develops a diachronic understanding of settlement dynamics within a wider regional context.

The Dodecanese and the East Aegean Islands

1 RHODES Travel details 145 2 The southern Dodecanese THE SOUTHERN DODECANESE mo N AEGEAN. Agathoníssi , Hálki , or Karpathos and is unlikely to in the future , though there are rumours that from 2002 on there will be occasional ...


Author: Marc Dubin

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A comprehensive handbook to the two scenic archipelagos of the Dodecanese and East Aegean, this guide contains a full-colour section introducing the islands' highlights, plus critical reviews of the best places to stay, eat and drink. The book also provides detailed coverage of the best hikes, unspoilt beaches and historic monuments and practical guidance on local transport and inter-island ferries. Boat and bus schedules are included."

War in the Balkans An Encyclopedic History from the Fall of the Ottoman Empire to the Breakup of Yugoslavia

Dodecanese. Campaign,. 1944. The islands of the southern Aegean Sea off the southwest coast of Anatolia were known through much of their history as the Eastern or Southern Sporades (“scattered”). The islands include Rhodes, Karpathos, ...


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This authoritative reference follows the history of conflicts in the Balkan Peninsula from the 19th century through the present day. • Places the conflicts, battles, and wars in perspective through informative "Causes and Consequences" essays • Features introductions to primary source documents written by a top scholar • Offers topic finders and a detailed bibliography that will help students conduct research • Defines important military terms unfamiliar to most audiences

World War II The Definitive Encyclopedia and Document Collection 5 volumes

Dodecanese. Islands. Campaign. (September–November. 1943). The islands of the southern Aegean Sea off the southwest coast ... The islands include Rhodes, Karpathos, Kassos, Haliki, Kastellorizo (Castlerosso), Alimia, Tilos, Symi (Simi), ...


Author: Spencer C. Tucker

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With more than 1,700 cross-referenced entries covering every aspect of World War II, the events and developments of the era, and myriad related subjects as well as a documents volume, this is the most comprehensive reference work available on the war. • Provides a clear understanding of the causes of World War II, reaching back to World War I and the role of the Western democracies in its origin • Examines home front developments in major countries during the war, such as race and gender relations in the United States • Recognizes the important roles played by women in the war and describes how the United States mobilized its economy and citizenry for total war • Discusses the Holocaust and establishes responsibility for this genocide • Details the changing attitudes toward the war as expressed in film and literature

Greek Islands

THE DODECANESE Rhodes , Kárpathos , Kássos , Hálki , Kastellórizo , Alimiá , Tilos , Sými , Níssyros , Kós ... that these far - flung islands were ruled by the Ottomans , they were known , incongruously , as the southern Sporades .


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A travel series unlike any other, Insight Guides go beyond the sights and into reality. Their incomparable photojournalistic approach captures the uniqueness of each culture they cover: their traditions, their arts, their history, their lives. The stunning photography is married to compelling text, written by local writers; the people most qualified to convey their culture's secrets.Yes, Insight Guides will tell you which attractions to visit, but they'll also tell you a whole lot more. From the most popular resort cities to the world's most remote and exotic villages, Insight Guides will give you the insider's perspective you need to truly experience any destination you visit.Insight Guides serve many purposes. They are ideal for planning a trip. And, they're wonderful souvenirs to treasure for years after. Even the armchair traveler can be swept away by their magnificent content and experience the world from the comfort of home.Many international and domestic and domestic destinations also offer companion FlexiMaps, an innovative laminated folding map specially designed for the discriminating traveler.

The Foods of the Greek Islands

Well-known wealthy places like Rhodes and Kos, which have been exploited by tourists, belong to this group, along with smaller, ... The southernmost island of the Dodecanese, Karpathos, located between Rhodes and Crete, affords a rare ...


Author: Aglaia Kremezi

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This New York Times Notable Book is “a real working guide to preparing the traditional dishes found all over Greece” (Newsweek). Stretching from the shores of Turkey to the Ionian Sea east of Italy, the Greek islands have been the crossroads of the Mediterranean since the time of Homer. Over the centuries, Phoenicians, Athenians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, Ottoman Turks, and Italians have ruled the islands, putting their distinctive stamp on the food. Aglaia Kremezi, a frequent contributor to Gourmet and an international authority on Greek food, spent eight years collecting the fresh, uncomplicated recipes of the local women, fishermen, bakers, and farmers. Like all Mediterranean food, these dishes are light and healthful, simple but never plain, and make extensive use of seasonal produce, fresh herbs, and fish. Passed from generation to generation by word of mouth, most have never before been written down. All translate easily to the American home kitchen: Tomato Patties from Santorini; Spaghetti with Lobster from Kithira; Braised Lamb with Artichokes from Chios; Greens and Potato Stew from Crete; Spinach, Leek, and Fennel Pie from Skopelos; Rolled Baklava from Kos. Illustrated throughout with color photographs of the islanders preparing their specialties, and filled with stories of island history and customs, The Foods of the Greek Islands is for all cooks and travelers who want to experience this diverse and deeply rooted cuisine firsthand. “The author has combined her reportorial skills, scholarly interests and superb instincts as a cook who knows both American and Greek kitchens to produce recipes that are simple, direct yet exciting.” —The New York Times Book Review

Myth and Memory in the Mediterranean

The largest island is Rhodes (1412 sq. km), which constitutes over half the combined area of the Dodecanese (2681 sq. km), followed by Karpathos (306) and Kos (288). The average size of the other inhabited islands is sixty square ...


Author: N. Doumanis

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This book examines the relationship between coloniser and colonised among the Italian-held Dodecanese Islands between 1912 and 1943, and is based on an oral history project conducted between 1990 and 1995. Italian power is described as having been negotiated, resisted and modified by locals, who admired many aspects of Italian rule without according the regime any legitimacy. This ethnographic history challenges standard views on Italian colonialism and Greek nationalism, and reflects on contemporary questions regarding historical memory, political culture and social identity.