Romancing the Stove



Author: Margie Lapanja

Publisher: Conari Press

ISBN: 1573248584

Category: Cooking

Page: 290

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Recipes blending attitude, sensuality, and appetite for life include fare for picnics, holiday feasts, and intimate snacking.

Romancing the Stove

Amy Reiley—master of gastronomy and the leading American authority on sensual foods—defines and demystifies aphrodisiac foods, from the scent of red wine as seduction tool to watermelon doubling as a little blue pill.


Author: Amy Reiley


ISBN: 098468980X

Category: Cooking

Page: 144

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The sequel to the critically acclaimed Fork Me, Spoon Me, this spicy cookbook is a manual to romance whether it is in the kitchen or the bedroom. Amy Reiley—master of gastronomy and the leading American authority on sensual foods—defines and demystifies aphrodisiac foods, from the scent of red wine as seduction tool to watermelon doubling as a little blue pill. The simple and satisfying recipes include strawberries and cream buttermilk pancakes, fresh corn soup, lobster pasta in champagne sauce, hot chocolate martinis, and chipotle bacon chocolate chip cookies.

A History of European Housing in Australia

But it was not sufficient for the cooking stove to simply do the job : it must also look the part , and thus this pre - eminently industrial object needed to be domesticated . ' Romancing ' the stove was achieved , first , by the ...


Author: Patrick Troy

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 052177733X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 344

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This collection of essays, first published in 2000, was the first systematic attempt to explain the social, administrative, technical and cultural history of 'European' housing in Australia. Written by a collaborative team of scholars from a wide range of disciplines, it explains how Australian housing has evolved from the ideas brought by the first settlers, and what makes Australian housing distinctive in social terms. This book covers a broad range of topics including the ways in which houses reflect social values and aspirations, the relationship between houses and gardens, the home as a site of domestic production and consumption, and an exploration of how housing provides the basis for developing a sense of community. The book will be invaluable for students of urban affairs and those engaged in housing and the design professions, as well as policy-makers and analysts in the public and private sectors.

Eat Live Love Die

Romancing. the. Stove. WRITERS ARE A hungry lot—hungry for fame, love, sex, money, and sometimes even food. “Man's real best friend,” John Updike wrote in a poem called “Food,” is food: “It never bites back; / it is already dead.


Author: Betty Fussell

Publisher: Catapult

ISBN: 9781619028616

Category: Literary Collections

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Betty Fussell is an inspiring badass. She's not just the award–winning author of numerous books ranging from biography and memoir to cookbooks and food history; not just a winner of the James Beard Foundation's Journalism Award who was inducted into their "Who's Who of American Food and Beverage" in 2009; and not just an extraordinary person whose fifty years' worth of essays on food, travel, and the arts have appeared in scholarly journals, popular magazines and newspapers as varied as The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Los Angeles Times, Saveur, and Vogue. This is a woman who at eighty–two years old (and despite being half–blind) went deer hunting for the very first time in the Montana foothills with her son, Sam (as described in her 2010 essay for the New York Times Magazine.) She got her deer. This is a woman who declared in a 2005 essay for Vogue that she had to teach herself Latin and German from scratch (on top of teaching herself how to cook) as a young twenty–one year old bride, because "housewifery wasn't enough." Indeed, for Fussell one subject is never enough. Counterpoint is thrilled to be publishing this selected anthology of her diverse essays.

The Mother Daughter Cookbook

... 120 pictures to put in, 121 possibilities for, 120 recipes to put in, 122 visuals to add to, 122 ribbons pink pretzel, 38 symbolism of one-looped, 38, 41 Rites of Spring Chocolate Nests, 102–105 Romancing the Stove (Lapanja), 71 ...


Author: Lynette R. Shirk

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780977266067

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 132

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Offers twenty-four recipes with cooking instructions divided equally between mother and daughter for party snacks, birthday treats, holiday desserts, and everyday fare.

The Frugal Foodie Cookbook

The perfect gift for any foodie, this will be a staple in kitchens for years to come.” —Margie Lapanja, author of Romancing the Stove, Food That Rocks and Food Men Love THE Frugal Foodie COOKBOOK {WasteNot Recipes for the Wise Cook}


Author: Lynette Shirk

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781573446051

Category: Cooking

Page: 208

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The recession has put a lot of strain on the grocery bill, especially for those with families or friends to feed. But that doesn't mean having to skip gourmet food and a balanced diet. Noted chef and "four-star frugal gourmet" Lynette Shirk shows readers how to creatively and cleverly use ingredients and leftovers to produce wonderful inexpensive meals for any occasion. This book has everything, from roasting coffee at home to concocting inexpensive crave-worthy casseroles to whipping up snacks on a shoestring. Chapters include "Bankable Breakfasts," "Lunch for Less," and "Dinner on a Dime," and feature irresistible recipes from Shaved Shrimp Rolls and Gourmet PBJ to an "Exponential Chicken" that stretches the bird over five different courses. With hundreds of delicious dishes and expert advice (including fun ideas for serving), The Frugal Foodie Cookbook keeps hungry readers living well and eating better.

Making the Most of Bed Rest

—Margie Lapanja, author of The Goddess' Guide to Love and cookbooks, including Romancing the Stove and Food Men Love Copyright © 2012 by Barbara Edelston Peterson. All rights reserved.


Author: Barbara Peterson

Publisher: Cleis Press

ISBN: 9781936740161

Category: Reference

Page: 163

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For the more than one million people who face an extended period of bed rest every year, this practical and reassuring guide turns recuperation into a productive and rewarding experience. Forced to spend months in bed during her first pregnancy, author Barbara Edelston Peterson knows what it takes to triumph over a drawn-out confinement. Find out how to transform a bed into "Command Central" — beat loneliness by staying connected to the world via family, friends, and the Internet; plan weekly and daily schedules of tasks and events; start personal projects like reading, learning a craft, or volunteering; create special quality time in bed with your children; and maintain a warm relationship with your partner. With firsthand accounts of people who have successfully come through a long-term confinement, plus helpful appendices offering sources for more information and support, Making the Most of Bed Rest transforms confinement into productive and fulfilling contentment.

Spooning Leads to Forking

There will be a third book in this series called Romancing the Stove. To keep tabs on the release date for my next small town culinary romance, please join my newsletter. Also...if you loved Kendrick, he factors into a couple more of my ...


Author: Kilby Blades

Publisher: Luxe Press

ISBN: 9781733867498

Category: Fiction

Page: 338

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From USA Today best selling author Kilby Blades, the next installment of the Hot in the Kitchen series.. Leaving her name—and her job as a top food critic—behind in New York, Shea Summers seeks respite in Sapling. Her borrowed mountain getaway seems perfect for writing her opus. It’s also perfect for riding out a messy divorce and hiding the roomful of cash she kind-of-sort-of stole from her ex. Too bad Sapling is a remote, three-restaurant town with food that leaves much to be desired. Sexy grocer, Dev Kingston, may be Shea’s saving grace. The way he looks at her with his aspen-green eyes shows her everything her marriage was missing, and he can special-order every delicacy she craves. But Shea’s not the only one who isn’t what she seems. Dev moonlights as a sheriff’s deputy, a fact she finds out too late; a string of suspicious crimes finds newcomers under scrutiny; and her ex is going to extremes to find out where she is. Taking the money and living under an assumed name might be on the right side of wrong, but dating Dev is a dangerous game. She's still running and he's still the law.

Twentysomething Girl

According to Amy Reiley, author of Romancing the Stove, the answer's in peanut butter and fluff. Here's a sure-fire recipe that's both sinful and sweet (and maybe a little sexy, too). Ingredients 1 tablespoon chocolate-flavored peanut ...


Author: Melissa Fiorenza

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781611459135

Category: Self-Help

Page: 288

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Did you know that spritzing vodka on your clothes can kill musty odors? That airline tickets are the cheapest on Tuesdays? And that is a reputable place to peddle old baubles from your ex? These are just a few of the 1,001 bite-sized pieces of wisdom that fill the pages of the fun, friendly, and practical Twentysomething Girl. As anyone who has survived their twenties knows, it can be both an exciting and chaotic time as one makes the transition from college co-ed to young professional. This go-to guide covers categories including everything from finance and fashion to careers and entertaining, with quick tips that will aid any twentysomething girl in mastering the balance between work and play. The authors, veteran magazine editors and current freelance writers, have tapped every applicable outlet—professionals, print publications, web resources, celebrities, and real twentysomethings—to fashion the most indispensable book for the twentysomething girl. Whether it’s nabbing that dream job, finding time for Mr. Right, or managing your wardrobe budget, this guide reveals the secrets to keeping your sanity while having it all!

Sugar Sisters

Margie Lapanga , Romancing the Stove . Boston , MA : Conari Press , an imprint of Red Wheel / Weiser , 2003 . On pages 26-29 , 50-51 , 54-55 . Susannah Seton , Simple Pleasures . Boston , MA : Conari Press , an imprint of Red Wheel ...


Author: Kate Hart

Publisher: Conari Press

ISBN: 1573242608

Category: Cooking

Page: 76

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Sugar Sisters is the only all-in-one dessert guide any chick in the kitchen will ever need. Stay in your pajamas all day and warm up your taste buds with the sinful Bad Girl Brownies or don your sophisticated apron and wow your friends with a decadent Red Velvet Cake. The delicious sweets may look, taste, and smell complicated, but the recipes are easy to follow and fun to create. Brimming with both classic confections and current creations, the Sugar Sisters bakery includes: "Let Them Eat Cake," "Fruity Favorites," "Calling All Chocoholics," and "One Smart Cookie." And they won't keep you overtime in the kitchen!