Satiric TV in the Americas

Satiric TV in the Americas is the first book to focus on Latin American TV satire in order to understand their critical role in challenging the status quo, traditional journalism, and the prevalent local media culture.


Author: Paul Alonso

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190636500

Category: Political Science

Page: 176

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Satiric TV in the Americas is the first book to focus on Latin American TV satire in order to understand their critical role in challenging the status quo, traditional journalism, and the prevalent local media culture. It introduces the notion of "critical metatainment" as negotiated dissent, a key concept for the study of postmodern satire.

The Simpsons Satire and American Culture

Enlightened Racism:The CosbyShow, Audiences, andthe Myth ofthe American
Dream. ... Jones, Jeffrey P. Entertaining Politics: Satiric Television ... “A Dialog on
Satire News and the Crisis of Truth in Postmodern Political Television.”Journal of


Author: M. Henry

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137027795

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 296

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How is The Simpsons a satirical artwork engaged with important social, political, and cultural issues? In time for the twenty-fifth anniversary, Henry offers the first comprehensive understanding of the show as a satire and explores the ways in which The Simpsons participates in the so-called "culture war" debates taking place in American society.

Humor and Satire on Contemporary Television

This is not to argue that animated television shows are superior simply because
more people see them or that the novel has lost its satirical power or relevance in
the landscape of American humor, but rather to emphasize the tremendous ...


Author: Silas Kaine Ezell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317119418

Category: Social Science

Page: 168

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This book examines contemporary American animated humor, focusing on popular animated television shows in order to explore the ways in which they engage with American culture and history, employing a peculiarly American way of using humor to discuss important cultural issues. With attention to the work of American humorists, such as the Southwest humorists, Mark Twain, Dorothy Parker, and Kurt Vonnegut, and the question of the extent to which modern animated satire shares the qualities of earlier humor, particularly the use of setting, the carnivalesque, collective memory, racial humor, and irony, Humor and Satire on Contemporary Television concentrates on a particular strand of American humor: the use of satire to expose the gap between the American ideal and the American experience. Taking up the notion of ’The Great American Joke’, the author examines the discursive humor of programmes such as The Simpsons, South Park , Family Guy , King of the Hill, Daria, American Dad!, The Boondocks, The PJs and Futurama . A study of how animated television programmes offer a new discourse on a very traditional strain of American humor, this book will appeal to scholars and students of popular culture, television and media studies, American literature and visual studies, and contemporary humor and satire.

Congressional Quarterly s Politics in America

Many of the newest arrivals are the eastern half of rural Fresno County and the
Central Americans and Southeast Asians ... place to live in America ( and a
satirical TV miniseries named for the city added insult to 1990 Population :
573,043 .


Author: Christine C. Lawrence

Publisher: CQ-Roll Call Group Books

ISBN: 0871879174

Category: Election districts

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The best and first available guide to the members of the newly elected Congress is "Politics in America". Readers will discover "who's who" on Capitol Hill, thanks to profiles of the newly elected as well as incumbents. Key facts are highlighted--biographical data, committee assignments, election results, votes on key issues, and more. The CD-ROM includes all member information, photos, and maps from the book. 600 photos. 75 illustrations.

Revel with a Cause

Revel with a Cause is their story. Stephen Kercher here provides the first comprehensive look at the satiric humor that flourished in the United States during the 1950s and early 1960s.


Author: Stephen E. Kercher

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226431659

Category: Humor

Page: 572

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We live in a time much like the postwar era. A time of arch political conservatism and vast social conformity. A time in which our nation’s leaders question and challenge the patriotism of those who oppose their policies. But before there was Jon Stewart, Al Franken, or Bill Maher, there were Mort Sahl, Stan Freberg, and Lenny Bruce—liberal satirists who, through their wry and scabrous comedic routines, waged war against the political ironies, contradictions, and hypocrisies of their times. Revel with a Cause is their story. Stephen Kercher here provides the first comprehensive look at the satiric humor that flourished in the United States during the 1950s and early 1960s. Focusing on an impressive range of comedy—not just standup comedians of the day but also satirical publications like MAD magazine, improvisational theater groups such asSecond City, the motion picture Dr. Strangelove, and TV shows like That Was the Week That Was—Kercher reminds us that the postwar era saw varieties of comic expression that were more challenging and nonconformist than we commonly remember. His history of these comedic luminaries shows that for a sizeable audience of educated, middle-class Americans who shared such liberal views, the period’s satire was a crucial mode of cultural dissent. For such individuals, satire was a vehicle through which concerns over the suppression of civil liberties, Cold War foreign policies, blind social conformity, and our heated racial crisis could be productively addressed. A vibrant and probing look at some of the most influential comedy of mid-twentieth-century America, Revel with a Cause belongs on the short list of essential books for anyone interested in the relationship between American politics and popular culture.

Australian Movies and the American Dream

Cagan and Dray describe The Godfather as “ Hollywood ' s requiem for the
American Dream . ... Ray emphasizes the growing influence of television on
Hollywood film forms , especially via the development of satirical TV series , like
Maverick ...


Author: Glen Lewis

Publisher: Praeger Pub Text

ISBN: UOM:39015032113386

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 215

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This book is thorough, well organized, and useful. It establishes background on the Australian understanding of the American dream, Austalian photography, image, and subject matter, and American influence on Australian cinema. Brief chapters summarize film theory, applicable mass communication theory, and financial practices of the Australian motion picture industry. Choice . . . presents an examination of major movies made in Australia in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The author argues that part of the reason for the success of Australian cinema in recent years may lie with America's identification with a simpler culture, an almost `wild west' atmosphere. To explore his thesis the author first offers a short history of the Australian cinema, and then a theory of film as mass communication. Communication Booknotes Lewis introduces Australian films from the 1920's and 30's and then focuses on thirty films produced between 1975 and 1987. He suggests that part of the reason for Australia's film success may lie in America's identification with a simpler culture and the portrayal of wild west type territory which is often found in Australian films. He also points out that various aspects of American culture have seeped into Australian culture and now appear in their films, making them more appealing to an American audience. He concludes this insightful study with a projection analysis for the future of Australian cinema. With its up-to-date content and analytical approach, this book will be valuable to anyone concerned with mass communication and society, cinema studies, media, or U.S.-Australian relations.

An Instructional Utility Analysis of 319 National Educational Television Programs

In Sinclair Lewis : American Satirist , he describes Lewis ' s background and
techniques of direct social satire . In Jonathan Swift : English Satirist , he outlines
the circumstances underlying the writing of Gulliver ' s Travels and the techniques
of ...


Author: Indiana University. School of Education


ISBN: UOM:39015079968031

Category: Television in education

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Art in America

... not a communion among politicians like the famous dinner for the 15 , 200
mayors of France for the centennial ; and especially - given the fact that
Mitterrand was recently dubbed " God " on a satirical television program - not the
lay mass to ...




ISBN: UOM:39015014101847

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From Fringe to Flying Circus

The success of The Establishment led to an offer from Ed Sullivan ; Bird and
Cook were to write and appear in a satirical television show , with some
American actors also appearing , and Jonathan Miller was to direct . They
approached the ...


Author: Roger Wilmut

Publisher: London : Eyre Methuen

ISBN: UOM:39015035339566

Category: Comedians

Page: 264

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The Journal of the Producers Guild of America

What today ' s generation finds refreshing , challenging , and irreverent these
days on television , an older one sometimes finds ... We had biting political
cartoons long before the days of television and radio ; the stinging journalistic
satire of a ...




ISBN: STANFORD:36105111535428

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Studies in American Humor

saying and more importantly , this is key , what they could say if satire were
wielded more frequently and effectively by these popular television icons . One
simply has to look to live comic performance like Zaloom's puppet theatre , a
genre of ...




ISBN: IND:30000126789423

Category: American literature


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Conspiracy Theories in American History

Before long, the black helicopter became synonymous with crackpot conspiracy
beliefs, and sightings were familiar enough to be parodied in satirical TV shows
such as South Park and King of the Hill. However, to understand the
phenomenon ...


Author: Peter Knight

Publisher: Abc-clio

ISBN: UOM:39076002443740

Category: History

Page: 925

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The first comprehensive history of conspiracies and conspiracy theories in the United States.

Watching TV

Britain ' s pioneer of television rock ' n ' roll , Jack Good , shows America how it ' s
done . His fast ... The writers developed satirical approaches to topical issues and
events while also poking fun at television itself , especially its commercials .


Author: Harry Castleman


ISBN: UCSC:32106017309045

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 460

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Watching TV remains the only book about television to go beyond mere alphabetical listings and limited reminiscences about the medium's most popular programs. Harry Castleman and Walter J. Podrazik present a sweeping season-by-season survey capturing the essence of television from its inception to the present. anecdotes and the complicated network strategies that have made television a multi-billion-dollar industry. By presenting every prime-time schedule season by season, from the fall of 1944, Watching TV provides a fascinating reading of how the personalities, popular shows and coverage of key event shave evolved during the past six decades. photographs, Watching TV is a valuable history of American television, now updated to include the most recent programming and industry developments.

Bibliographic Index




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Congressional Districts in the 1990s

A Portrait of America CQ Press, Congressional Quarterly, Inc. Staff ... symphony
Orchestra and 10 - block downtown mall , one mid - 1980s survey called Fresno
the least desirable place to live in America ( and a satirical TV miniseries named


Author: CQ Press

Publisher: CQ Press

ISBN: UOM:39015058108252

Category: Political Science

Page: 1016

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Gathers information on voting districts, population, voting groups, income, occupations, education, race, ancestry, industry, business, and media in each region

Focus on Film

They also earned him an Academy Award in 1955 for his screen adaptation of his
most successful TV drama , “ Marty " . ... for a Grand Guignol satire that batters the
big business of America ' s commercial television industry to hell and back .




ISBN: UOM:39015067493612

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TV Guide

(PPV) Bowling for Columbine *** ('02) R. Michael Moore's provocative, Oscar-
winning documentary about America's culture of violence and love affair with
guns is satirical, horrifying. biased and undeniably powertu (2:00)— Tue. 7ptTjgl
A ...




ISBN: IND:30000093094146

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Situation comedy has remained a staple of American and British television
because of its popularity . Many early American sitcoms ... The other comedic
form which emerged on television during the important formative 1960s was
satire .


Author: Anthony Smith

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: UOM:39015047055168

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 294

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From its earliest beginnings, television was destined to become one of the great new forces at work in the twentieth century. This new edition (which includes six completely new chapters) greatly expands the original and unique historical coverage of this most influential cultural phenomenon.Written by a distinguished international team of specialists, the book describes the history of television from its technical conception in the nineteenth century right through to the bewildering multi-media developments of the present. Alongside this historical account, chapters provide importantdiscussion of the central debates affecting television world-wide, from America, Canada, and Britain to Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, China, South Asia, the Arab world, Australia, Africa, and the Third World. All genres of programme making--news, sport, drama, comedy--are examined in the light of keyquestions: how viewing practices affect particular societies; how standards of taste and decency are arrived at; the influence of television of government power; the role of public service broadcasting; and the relationship of television to terrorism and violence. A thought-provoking Epilogueponders the likely impact and influence of television in the coming years.This book is accessibly written and is a major exploration of the world's most dominant medium.QUOTES FROM THE FIRST EDITION`Those who wish to take a close look at the way television has affected the lives of people in other countries as well as their own will find all the information they need here . . . a work which will earn its keep in the reference libraries, but also merits a place on the bookshelves ofindividuals.' THES`For those desiring to fully understand the medium that has dominated the later twentieth century.' The Business of Film`What a terrific assembly of contributors to document an international story of television . . . so many outstanding features in this book . . . an important addition to documenting the global story of television in a single volume.' Journalism History

The New Republic

TELEVISION CHOOSE British and American Satire ANY 3 for $ 3.33 ( in a one -
year trial C.A.S. membership ) To introduce you to the CONTEMPORARY
AFFAIRS SOCIETY - tho book club of the 60sYou may take your pick of any three
of the ...


Author: Herbert David Croly


ISBN: UCSD:31822029235132

Category: Political science


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The American Record Guide

AZACHERLEY , research discloses , is a favorite with teen - age TV - watchers
who like to see him kid old horror mnovies ... to a close " in Balham , even Abe
Burroughs ' satirical foray's into this sphere of contemporary culture are left
trailing .




ISBN: UCR:31210018292266

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