Scripture as Communication

In this guide to the theory and practice of biblical hermeneutics, Brown emphasizes the communicative nature of Scripture, proposing a communication model as an effective approach to interpreting the Bible.


Author: Jeannine K. Brown

Publisher: Baker Academic

ISBN: 9781493430659

Category: Religion

Page: 352

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Jeannine Brown, a seasoned teacher of biblical interpretation, believes that communication is at the heart of what happens when we open the Bible. We are actively engaging God in a conversation that can be life changing. In this guide to the theory and practice of biblical hermeneutics, Brown emphasizes the communicative nature of Scripture, proposing a communication model as an effective approach to interpreting the Bible. The new edition of this successful textbook has been revised and updated to interact with recent advances in interpretive theory and practice.

Marriage Counseling

must be addressed by the counselor who tries to change a couple's communication . I state my preferences for answers to the questions ... Scripture does not describe precisely how people should communicate . Neither should counselors .


Author: Everett L. Worthington Jr.

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 0830876294

Category: Religion


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Marriages are in trouble today. That is clear. Effective mothods of combating this trend are less evident. Counselors, pastors and social workers need more than mere theories or mere moralizing. They need a practical and comprehensive model for understanding couples and their problems. They need a throughly Christian perspective that is biblical, compassionate and human. Everett Worthington provides this in an integrated, biblically based theory of marriage and marriage therapy with analysis at three levels: the individual, the couple and the family. The model he has constructed, with techniques drawn from the major psychological schools, is standard enough to guide counselors in actual interventions and powerful enough to produce change. A thoroughgoing overview of the assessment process includes practical, workable guidelines for: creating realistic, mutually-agreeable goals for counselor and clients; estimating the number of sessions needed to reach those goals; and planning the actual assessment, intervention and termination sessions. Next Worthington offers specific techniques for enhancing cooperative change, intimacy, communication, conflict resolution and forgiveness within the marriage. But keeping couples from slipping back into old patterns is one of the counselor's most difficult tasks. So Worthington concludes with suggestions for solidifying change and effectively concluding the counseling relationship. Here is a text that will be a standard for counselors, pastors and mental health professionals in the years to come.

Reading Scripture to Hear God

Kevin Vanhoozer and Henri de Lubac on God's Use of Scripture in the Economy of Redemption Kevin Storer. self-communication (primarily revealed in Scripture) in its attempt to make revelation relevant to contemporary human beings.


Author: Kevin Storer

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781625645432

Category: Religion

Page: 186

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Recent theological discussions between Catholics and Evangelicals have generated a renewed appreciation for God's ongoing use of Scripture for self-mediation to the Church. Noting the significant influence of Henri de Lubac (one of the drafters of Dei Verbum and proponent of a renewal of the Patristic and Medieval emphasis on a spiritual sense of Scripture), and Kevin Vanhoozer (the leading Evangelical proponent of a theological interpretation of Scripture), Kevin Storer seeks to draw Evangelical and Catholic theologians into dialogue about God's ongoing use of Scripture in the economy of redemption. Storer suggests that a number of traditional tensions between Catholics and Evangelicals, such as the literal or spiritual sense of Scripture, a sacramental or a covenantal model of God's self-mediation, and an emphasis on the authority of Scripture or the authority of the Church, can be eased by shifting greater focus upon God's ongoing use of creaturely realities for the building of the Church in union with Christ. This project seeks to enable Evangelicals to appropriate the insights of de Lubac's Catholic Ressourcement project, while also encouraging Catholic theologians to appreciate Vanhoozer's Evangelical emphasis on God's use of the literal sense of Scripture to build the Church.

The Doctrine of Sacred Scripture

And here we return once more to the fundamental truth , that a morally pure and energetic life can be enjoyed by man only as the result of a divine self - communication . But when this communication of himself by God is made complete in ...


Author: George Trumbull Ladd


ISBN: UOM:39015067302003

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Old Testament Cosmology and Divine Accommodation

He introduced the notion of inference alongside his “cooperative principles” of communication that guide ... Unfortunately, his use of speech-act categories is less clear in another work (Walton and Sandy, e Lost World of Scripture, ).


Author: John W. Hilber

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781532676215

Category: Religion

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In order to reconcile the discrepancies between ancient and modern cosmology, confessional scholars from every viewpoint on the interpretation of the early chapters of Genesis agree that God accommodated language to finite human understanding. But in the history of interpretation, no consensus has emerged regarding what accommodation entails at the linguistic level. More precise consideration of how the ancient cognitive environment functions in the informative intention of the divine and human authors is necessary. Not only does relevance theory validate interpretative options that are inherently most probable within the primary communication situation, but the application of relevance theory can also help disentangle the complexities of dual authorship inherent in any model of accommodation. The results also make a salutary contribution to the theological reading of Scripture.


According to the Scriptures, there can be no real separation between the written words and the personal Word. In our own communication with another person, his or her words are the way we get to know that person's thoughts and feelings.


Author: Robert Saucy

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781418557478

Category: Religion

Page: 320

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In a society saturated by the doctrine of tolerance and an air of post-modernism, one might wonder about the role and significance of the once almighty Scripture. Despite what some would consider a time of revival in the church, confidence in the Scripture is consistently being undermined by cynical attitudes and critical thinking. Saucy's commentary is relevant for the times and speaks to the questioning heart and mind. He confirms not only our need for Scripture, but also its authority, its inerrancy, and its impact.

The Soul and Spirit of Scripture within Origen s Exegesis

While all three senses contribute to Scripture's salvation story , the pneumatic sense somehow completes or fulfills this story . IV . The Process of Scripture's Communication Having established Origen's understanding of the purpose and ...


Author: Elizabeth Dively Lauro

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789047414971

Category: Religion


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Lauro discusses the theologian Origen’s employment of three distinct senses of scriptural meaning (pertaining to the body, soul, and spirit) within his exegetical theory and practice and demonstrates how they interrelate to facilitate his audience’s spiritual transformation.

Translating Scripture for Sound and Performance

This volume is an invitation for others to join us in researching more intensely this intersection of sound, performance, and translation in a contemporary communication of the Word.


Author: James A. Maxey

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781725247611

Category: Religion

Page: 228

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The various studies presented in this anthology underscore the foundational matter of translation in biblical studies as understood from the specific perspective of Biblical Performance Criticism. If the assumption for the biblical messages being received is not individual silent reading, then the question becomes, how does this public performative mode of communication affect the translation of this biblical material? Rather than respond to this in general theoretical terms, most in this collection of articles offer specific applications to particular Hebrew and Greek passages of Scripture. Almost all the authors have firsthand experience with the translation of biblical materials into non-European languages in communities who maintain a vibrant oral tradition. The premise is that the original Scriptures, which were composed in and for performance, are being prepared again for live audiences who will receive these sacred texts, not primarily in printed form, but first and foremost in community by means of oral and visual media. This volume is an invitation for others to join us in researching more intensely this intersection of sound, performance, and translation in a contemporary communication of the Word.