Theory and Practice in Child Psychoanalysis

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During her lifetime Francoise Dolto revolutionized the psychoanalytic understanding of childhood. As an early pioneer, she emphasized that the child is to be recognized from birth as a person. As a gifted and innovative clinician, Dolto developed her ideas about the unconscious image of the body. An image that is unique to each individual and linked to both a person's history and narcissism, rather then their physicality. It is the symbolic incarnation of a person's desires. Dolto began her career as a member of the IPA, was admired by Winnicott, close to Lacan and influenced by Morgenstern. Her life witnessed an extraordinary evolution from the conservatism of her parents, through the second World War, to the turbulence of Paris in the 1950s and 60s. In the succeeding years, Dolto made a number of original contributions to the understanding of psychosis, neonatology, female sexuality, education, and religion. Although controversial, she was able to write both for the general public and for professional colleagues.

Discovering Fran oise Dolto

Psychanalyse et pédiatrie: les grandes notions de la psychanalyse, seize observations d'enfants (quatrième édition). Paris: Éditions du Seuil. ... Françoise Dolto: séminaire de la psychanalyse d'enfants, Tome 2. Paris: Éditions du Seuil ...


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This psychobiographical study of the renowned French pediatrician and psychoanalyst Françoise Dolto introduces both her theories of child development and her unique insights into language and identity. A friend of Jacques Lacan’s, Dolto believed that we are all humanized through language, and that the words we use carry unconscious traces of our early histories of love, suffering and desire. Suggesting that infants unconsciously symbolize and that a continuous circulation of unconscious affects—the transference—prevails in all language-based relations, her findings challenge assumptions about autism, autobiography, linguistics, literacy, pedagogy and therapy. Dolto’s own corpus—a rich archive blending the personal and professional—demonstrates this, with echoes between Dolto’s constructs about the child and her own challenging childhood. This fascinating book will not only introduce the work of Françoise Dolto to many readers, but will be a valuable resource for all psychoanalytic researchers and theorists interested in childhood, language and identity.

Jacques Lacan and the Other Side of Psychoanalysis

Notes 1 Jacques Lacan , Le séminaire , livre XVII : L'envers de la psychanalyse , ed . J.-A. Miller ( Paris : Seuil , 1991 ) , 90. All further references to this volume will appear in the body of the text . 2 Jacques Lacan , Le ...


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DIVArticles by noted Lacanian psychoanalysts and scholars discussing issues that emerge in Lacan's Seminar XVII (newly translated) that import fields of psychoanalysis, philosophy, political theory, cultural studies and literary studies./div

Violent States and Creative States 2 Volume Set

Dolto, F. (1982) Séminaire de Psychanalyse d'Enfants. Paris: Seuil. Dolto, F. (1998) L'Enfant Dans la Ville. Paris: Editions Gallimard. Freud, S. (1955) 'Beyond the pleasure principle.' Standard Edition 18, 7–64.


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This is a provocative collection exploring the different types of violence and how they relate to one another, examined through the integration of several disciplines, including forensic psychotherapy, psychiatry, sociology, psychosocial studies and political science. By examining the 'violent states' of mind behind specific forms of violence and the social and societal contexts in which an individual act of human violence takes place, the contributors reveal the dynamic forces and reasoning behind specific forms of violence including structural violence, and conceptualise the societal structures themselves as 'violent states'. Other research often stops short at examining the causes and risk factors for violence, without considering the opposite states that may not only mitigate, but allow for a different unfolding of individual and societal evolution. As a potential antidote to violence, the authors prescribe an understanding of these 'creative states' with their psychological origins, and their importance in human behaviour and meaning-seeking. Making a call to move beyond merely mitigating violence to the opposite direction of fostering creative potential, this book is foundational in its capacity to cultivate social consciousness and effect positive change in areas of governance, policy-making, and collective responsibility. This two-volume set includes: Volume 1: Structural Violence and Creative Structures ISBN 9781785925641 Volume 2: Human Violence and Creative Humanity ISBN 9781785925658

The New Klein Lacan Dialogues

Le Séminaire de Jacques Lacan—Livre XI: Les Quatre Concepts Fondamentaux de la Psychanalyse, Paris: Seuil. Lacan, J. (1975a). Seminar XXII: R.S.I., in Ornicar? Bulletin périodique du champ freudien:2–5. Lacan, J. (1975b).


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This book provides a timely exploration and comparison of key concepts in the theories of Melanie Klein and Jacques Lacan, two thinkers and clinicians whose influence over the development of psychoanalysis in the wake of Freud has been profound and far-reaching. Whilst the centrality of the unconscious is a strong conviction shared by both Klein and Lacan, there are also many differences between the two schools of thought and the clinical work that is produced in each. The purpose of this collection is to take seriously these similarities and differences. Deeply relevant to both theoretical reflection and clinical work, the New Klein-Lacan Dialogues should make interesting reading for psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, mental health professionals, scholars and all those who wish to know more about these two leading figures in the field of psychoanalysis.The collection centres around key concepts such as: 'symbolic function', the 'ego', the 'object', the 'body', 'trauma', 'autism', 'affect' and 'history and archives'.

French books in print anglais

Erc - Ma : Nere Le Langage silencieux / HALL , Edward T. - Hurtubise Langages d'enfance , paroles d'enfants Voir Lettre du * Presses universitaires du Mirall - Toulouse , 1991. - 141 p . ISBN 2-86705-104-5Br . 14,94 € - XV - 267 p .


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The Child in His Family Volume 8

Escrits : A selection London : Tavistock , 1977 . Lacan , J. ( Séminaire 1961-62 ) , L'identification ( Seminar on identification . ) ( Tome 1 , Tome 2 ) . Texte dactylographié . Levi - Strauss , C. Séminaire dirigé par ( 1977 ) .


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The eighth volume in the International Yearbook series takes a close look at the children of disaster who survive a perilous upbringing but show a wide range of psychopathology as a consequence. Chapters deal with the issues of parenting and the child's development of self-image and self-concept under stressful conditions of varying types.

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Vols. for 1975- include publications cataloged by the Research Libraries of the New York Public Library with additional entries from the Library of Congress MARC tapes.

The Child in His Family

Edition critique in Oeuvres complètes II , Gallimard , Bibliothèque de la Pléiade . ... Le stade du miroir comme formation de la fonction du Je telle qu'elle nous est révélée dans l'expérience psychanalytique . ... ( Tome 1 , Tome 2 ) .


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