Shadow of the Titanic

A 100th anniversary tribute offers insight into how the tragedy affected its survivors, drawing on archival research and interviews with family members to explore how some propelled themselves to fame while others were devastated by ...


Author: Andrew Wilson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781451671575

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A 100th anniversary tribute offers insight into how the tragedy affected its survivors, drawing on archival research and interviews with family members to explore how some propelled themselves to fame while others were devastated by survivor guilt. By the Edgar Allan Poe Award-wining author of Beautiful Shadow. 60,000 first printing.

In Titanic s Shadow

Colonel Meneghetti, a 3rd Battalion officer and one of the survivors, described the scene: On the sea, dimly lit by the moon, the black shadows of those men fighting with death could not be seen; the silence of the calm sea was broken ...


Author: David L. Williams

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 9780752477138

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While the near 1,500 victims of Titanic accounted for a huge loss of life, each of the ships here had a greater number of casualties, in some cases more than five times as many. In total, these 27 merchant ship sinkings resulted in a staggering loss of life at sea – more than 96,000 in total, 3,840 per ship. While the circumstances were different to Titanic, the outcome in each case was no less tragic. Yet, despite the fact that Titanic ranks behind so many other losses, so powerful has her name become that it was the inevitable choice to describe some of these other events, ‘Germany’s Titanic’ and ‘The Titanic of Japan’ being two examples. Ships include the Lancastria, Britain’s worst maritime disaster with 3,000 lost; the Ryusei Maru, a Japanese ‘Hellship’ loaded with 6,000 Allied POWs, torpedoed by a US submarine; and the Wilhelm Gustloff, a German liner packed with 7,800 civilians, sunk by a Russian submarine. There were no survivors and this tragedy was the worst maritime disaster of all time.

A Girl Aboard the Titanic

Throughout the story the shadow of the Titanic can be felt upon the life of first the little girl, then the young woman and finally the mature woman. A shadow which lifts as she freely talks on radio and television about the terrible ...


Author: Eva Hart

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

ISBN: 9781445607863

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The remarkable memoir of Eva Hart, a 7-year-old survivor of the Titanic Disaster

Shadow of the Titanic


Author: Eva Hart

Publisher: Anchor Books

ISBN: 0953795772

Category: Shipwreck survival

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On women and children, see also Judith B. Geller, Titanic: Women and Children First (Sparkford: Patrick Stephens, 1998). For Eva Hart's story, see Ronald C. Denney and Eva Hart, Shadow of the Titanic: A Survivor's Story (Dartford: ...


Author: John Welshman

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199595570

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Offers an account of the Titanic's last hours, based on a cross-section of those who sailed onboard her--men and women, old and young, passengers and crew--and notes what happened to those who survived in the years afterwards.

The Titanic For Dummies

Shortly before he died at the age of 92 in May 1982, Prentice appeared in the documentary Titanic: A Question of ... Hart wrote an autobiography in 1994 called Shadow of the Titanic — A Survivor's Story (New York University Press).


Author: Stephen J. Spignesi

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118206508

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The Titanic For Dummies paints the whole picture of the most famous maritime disaster. It examines the building of the ship, life onboard during its maiden voyage, tragic decisions made that fateful night, the discovery of the wreck, and the many controversies that have emerged in the century since the sinking. Information includes: Theories behind the reason for the sinking (does the blame lie with the watertight doors, bad rivets, or crew negligence?), and when and where the ship split in two. A detailed look at how the lack of lifeboats — and the chaos that resulted in lifeboats launching before they reached capacity — resulted in lives lost. A Titanic “Who’s Who” identifying notable passengers, including those who were famous before the tragedy and those who gained fame because of it. Current thinking about reports of shots being fired onboard, the details of Captain Smith’s death, Murdoch’s possible suicide, and the band’s last song. Findings from the Titanic hearings on both sides of the Atlantic. A recounting of Robert Ballard’s discovery of the wreck in 1985 and the ongoing debate over whether to salvage the wreck or let the ship remain as a memorial to those who perished. A glimpse of the most fascinating artifacts salvaged from the wreckage. The Titanic in pop culture: from Broadway to one of the most highest grossing movies in history (being re-released in 3D in 2012 to commemorate the 100th anniversary).

Who Sank the Titanic

Harrison, Leslie, Titanic Myth: The Californian Incident, William Kimber, London, 1986. Hart, Eva M., and Denney, Ronald, Shadow of the Titanic: A Survivor's Story, Greenwich University, Dartford, 1994. Haws, Duncan, Merchant Fleets ...


Author: Robert J. Strange

Publisher: Grub Street Publishers

ISBN: 9781844686476

Category: Transportation

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A reporter explores the role that criminal negligence may have played in history’s most famous disaster at sea. The RMS Titanic was hailed as largest, strongest, safest ship of its time, an exemplar of British shipbuilding. But what the 1,500 victims who sailed to their watery graves never knew was that much of the ship was imperfectly forged from cheap and recycled scrap iron—and that the tragedy may have been caused by gross negligence and greed. Investigative reporter Robert Strange has studied scientific, forensic evidence from metal raised from the ship’s carcass miles deep on the ocean floor, and secrets hidden for a hundred years within the archives of the shipyard that built and launched the vessel, to answer the question: Who sank the Titanic? This book examines the intense cost-cutting pressures which could have contributed to the Titanic’s demise and one of the greatest loss-of-life disasters in maritime history. The book makes the argument that there was negligence in every area of the ship’s planning and construction—and that her owners, her planners, her builders, and the government ministers who watched her set sail could be considered complicit in one of the greatest mass homicides in history.

Passengers of the Titanic

... published in “Miss Amelia Mary Brown,” on Encyclopedia Titanica. http://www.encyclopedia-titanica. org/titanic-survivor/mildred-brown.html; Page 15 • Marion Wright, quoted in Shadow of the Titanic: The Extraordinary Stories of Those ...


Author: Sean Price

Publisher: Capstone

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Titanic's passengers came from various places and walks of life, but all found themselves together on an ill fated ship. From luxurious staterooms to third class berths, experience what life was like aboard history's most famous ocean liner.