Shock Waves in Real Gases


Author: Tatiana V. Bazhenova

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3211812199

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 78

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Real Gas Flows with High Velocities

... gases intensely, 712–716 nonequilibrium, 717–720 Radiating jets, 706–711 Rarefaction shocks, 149, 238 Reaction rate constants, 456 Reaction rates, 476–479 Real gas effects, high-entropy layer in, 410–412 Real gases, 62–63 Rear wave ...


Author: Vladimir V. Lunev

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1439804664

Category: Science

Page: 751

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Despite generations of change and recent, rapid developments in gas dynamics and hypersonic theory, relevant literature has yet to catch up, so those in the field are generally forced to rely on dated monographs to make educated decisions that reflect present-day science. Written by preeminent Russian aerospace researcher Vladimir V. Lunev, Real Gas Flows with High Velocities reflects the most current concepts of high-velocity gas dynamics. For those in aviation and aerospace, this is a vital methodical revitalization and reassessment of real gas flows with regard to the physical and gasdynamic effects related to high-velocity flight, and, in particular, the entry of bodies into the atmosphere of Earth and other planets. Much more than just a manual on gas physics, this book: Analyzes fundamental challenges associated with super- and subsonic flight Describes the physical properties of gas mixtures and their associated high-temperature processes from the phenomenological standpoint Explores use of computational mathematics and equipment to simplify previously unsolvable problems of inviscid and viscous gas dynamics Explains why numerical methods remain inferior to analytical methods for creating a conceptual understanding of gas dynamic and other physical problems Avoiding older, cumbersome approximate methods, this reference outlines the general patterns and features of typical flows and how real gas affects them. Referencing simple, analytically treatable examples, similarity laws, and asymptotic analysis, the author omits superfluous explanation of reasoning. This valuable reference summarizes general theory of super- and subsonic flow and uses practical problems to develop a solid understanding of modern real-gas flows and high-velocity gas dynamics.