Single Parenting in the 21st Century and Beyond

Can you raise a son by yourself and do a good job? Yes, you can, and this book will help you do it.


Author: Josef A. Passley

Publisher: Trafford on Demand Pub

ISBN: 1425103588

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Can you raise a son by yourself and do a good job? Yes, you can, and this book will help you do it.

Marketing in the 21st Century and Beyond

As a matter of fact, approximately 50 percent of all Xers spent at least one year in
a singleparent household before reaching the age of 18. Finally, the above
factors probably would not have occurred to the extent they did if economic
trends ...


Author: Bruce D. Keillor

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440828522

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This book comprehensively addresses the key facets of marketing strategy and provides cutting-edge direction for organizational success—all in a single volume.

Motherhood and Single Lone Parenting A 21st Century Perspective

As DeJean, McGeorge and Carlson indicate, “single mothers were rated less
positively as parents, but were still likely to ... Section two, “The Experiential,”
pushes beyond the heteronormative framework characterizing much of the
scholarship ...


Author: Maki Matapanyane

Publisher: Demeter Press

ISBN: 9781772580730

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The 21st century sustains one significant commonality with the decades of the preceding century. The majority of individuals parenting on their own and heading one-parent families continue to be mothers. Even so, current trends in globalization (economic, political, cultural) along with technological advancement, shifts in political, economic and social policy, contemporary demographic shifts, changing trends in the labor sector linked to global economics, and developments in legislative and judicial output, all signify the distinctiveness of the current moment with regard to family patterns and social norms. Seeking to contribute to an existing body of literature focused on single motherhood and lone parenting in the 20th century, this collection explores and illuminates a more recent landscape of 21st century debates, policies and experiences surrounding single motherhood and one-parent headed families.

Marriages and Families in the 21st Century

Early studies on child outcomes in single mother homes were distressing
because they showed that such children were socially, ... However, more recent
research began to look at family processes and found that it wasn't single
parenting, per se, that influenced negative outcomes. ... Beyond these differences
, the children in all three groups were virtually identical on mental health, self-
esteem, academic ...


Author: Tasha R. Howe

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781506340975

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Marriages and Families in the 21st Century puts contemporary relationships and family structures in context for today’s students. Using a bioecological framework, the book reveals how families are shaped by multiple influences, from biological to cultural, that interact with one another. Chapters cover topics from parenting to gender issues within an interdisciplinary context, weaving in stories, visuals, and examples of diverse families to dispel longstanding myths. The book creates a personalized learning experience with frequent self-assessments and strengths exercises, while ensuring that students come to understand the research and build scientific analysis and critical thinking skills along the way. Robust digital tools and resources including SAGE edge and an interactive eBook with SAGE Premium Video help readers develop a multi-layered understanding of today′s modern families while challenging them to re-evaluate their own assumptions and experiences. SAGE Premium Video included in the Interactive eBook! Families Today videos boost comprehension and bolster analysis—easily accessible via the interactive eBook. Your students save when you bundle the interactive eBook with the new edition. Use bundle ISBN 978-1-5063-9879-2. Learn more. SAGE coursepacks: Our Content Tailored to Your LMS! SAGE coursepacks makes it easy to import our quality instructor and student resource content into your school’s learning management system (LMS). Intuitive and simple to use, SAGE coursepacks allows you to customize course content to meet your students’ needs. Learn more.

Defining Psychopathology in the 21st Century

DSM-V and Beyond American Psychopathological Association John E. Helzer,
James J. Hudziak ... linked to anxiety ( e . g . , more single parent homes ,
increased welfare status ) , as well as evidence from other reports that such
children may ...


Author: American Psychopathological Association

Publisher: American Psychiatric Pub

ISBN: UOM:39015049507612

Category: Medical

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This volume is divided into four sections: definitional tensions, imaging psychopathology, longitudinal studies, and exploring alternatives. It represents a significant step in developing approaches to classification that will lead to more accurate diagnoses and treatments for patients and a broader range of taxonomic options for researchers.

Teaching Mathematics for the 21st Century

Communicating with Parents and Community select ܕ ܀ ... been a part of a
teacher's responsibility to interact professionally with others beyond the
classroom and school environments . ... You may be dealing with single - parent
families ; “ blended " families ; multigenerational immigrant families ; students
living with ...


Author: Linda Huetinck

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: UOM:39015048836129

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For courses in Mathematics Methods for the Secondary School. This is the first middle and secondary math methods text to focus on reform and the national standards. It prepares teachers for the challenge of assisting all students in reaching the highest level of mathematics according to their interest and realistic ambitions. It also provides contemporary methods of teaching mathematics-which facilitates successful instruction-with a strong understanding of the philosophy and psychology behind sound practices. Coverage includes methodology, curriculum materials, and use of technology, accompanied by many practical suggestions for implementation.


New England & Beyond Padraig O'Malley. 7 . T . Amott , " Working for ... E .
Mulroy , “ The Search for Affordable Housing , " in Women as Single Parents ,
123 – 64 . 12 . L . Hecht Schafran ... United Way of America , " What Lies Ahead :
Countdown to the 21st Century " ( Alexandria , Va . , 1989 ) . 18 . Duncan and
Rodgers ...


Author: Padraig O'Malley

Publisher: University of Massachusetts Press

ISBN: UOM:39015047494821

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The specter of homelessness is a frightening presence in the lives of many Americans. To date, there are an estimated three million homeless in the United States, most of them children, women, veterans, the elderly, and the mentally ill. But there are also millions of people who are separated from homelessness by only a very thin line, a line that could instantly be crossed as the result of accident, family illness, loss of a job, or death of a spouse. This special issue of the New England Journal of Public Policy addresses the particular needs and concerns of homeless people in the six New England states. Reflecting the latest scholarship and social policy, more than sixty contributors--among them public service professionals, advocacy group members, policy -makers, theorists, and researchers--offer their thoughts an expertise. To their ideas and insights are added the poems and prose writings of some of the homeless themselves. Together, these pieces make a vital contribution toward our understanding of homelessness and provide a framework for creating wise policy designed to protect the least fortunate in our society.

Northeast Conference Reports

Emily L. Spinelli University of Michigan - Dearborn Beyond the Traditional
Classroom Introduction As we approach the 21st century three areas will ...
These single parents overwhelmingly tend to be females and many have no
major job skills .




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Keys to Successful 21st Century Educational Leadership

They have grown beyond human scale for effective teaching , learning , and the
management of these activities . ... Fourth is the set of social changes or
dislocations that have occurred over the past three decades : single - parent
families ...


Author: Michael Jazzar

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon

ISBN: UVA:X030101821

Category: Education

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Keys to Successful 21st Century Educational Leadership Michael Jazzar, University of North Carolina at Charlotte Bob Algozzine, University of North Carolina at Charlotte Accessible, engaging, and highly acclaimed as the sole book of its kind, "Keys to Successful 21st Century Educational Leadership "presents critical lessons to transform individuals into visionary, ethical educational leaders. This is an original book that represents perspectives derived from years of research and the authors' unique partnership and practical experience providing guidance for effective educational leadership in public and private schools and successful preparation of competent educational leaders. "Keys to Successful 21st Century Educational Leadership "is a book that will find its place in both educational leadership courses as well as on the desks of practicing educational leaders to aid them in meeting the numerous and unexpected educational challenges they face everyday. Features of This Text Prepares students to take the Praxis exam by maintaining a full textual alignment to Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) Standards and by providing professors with a textbook, activities, and artifacts suitable to meet and surpass accreditation requirements Presents keys to success and "how-tos" derived from years of research and practical experience to help shape the practices and performance of aspiring and current educational leaders Assists educational leaders in following current legislation by giving them guidance in the areas of No Child Left Behind, the reauthorization of IDEA, and other legal requirements Provides a forum throughTheReflective Practitioner features appearing at the end of each chapter, for integrating the ISLLC Standards into chapter fundamentals; for initiating dialogue between students and instructors; and for reflection on educational leadership Includes professional development topics and lessons and In the News features, news articles to expand the text's scope beyond the classroom Presents Action Focus guides at the beginning of each chapter to shed light on the numerous theoretical constructs, concepts, and practices that follow Features discussion questions at the end of each chapter to provide individual, small group, or large group review of the content of each chapter Includes instructor resources such as PowerPointTM presentations and a test bank of questions differentiated by levels of mastery and available online by contacting your local representative Please visit our Educational Leadership Supersite at for additional text-specific and general leadership resources!

Shifting the Center

Among poor and nonpoor alike , family structures are changing , and single -
parent families are a reality . ... Without adequate compensatory mechanisms in
place , poverty will persist and worsen into the 21st century and beyond . NOTES
1 .


Author: Susan J. Ferguson

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities, Social Sciences & World Languages

ISBN: UOM:39015027489007

Category: Family & Relationships

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Presents 48 articles on the family brought together to meet four pedagogical roles: to deconstruct the notion of a universal family over time and across culture; to reflect cutting-edge scholarship by well-known family scholars; to integrate race-ethnicity, social class, gender, and sexuality in the

Nigerian Universities in the 21st Century

Generally , sexual harassment situations arise when men or women go beyond
silent or respectful forms of sexual recognition ... divorce and single parenting is
no more shameful but Sexual Harassment and Modernism in Nigerian


Author: Yahya Oyewole Imam


ISBN: STANFORD:36105133581491

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American Book Publishing Record

... for financial stability in Iraq - Iraq achieves financial stability — Negotiating the
mother of all debt deals - Exchange rate diplomacy ... 042 century : beyond
deregulation / edited by Libby Assassi , Anastasia Nesvetailova and Duncan
Wigan . ... 89 ) Contents : " This study was commissioned by the Netherlands
Financial Sector Development Exchange ( NFX ) for its ... and sketches scenarios
for the creation of an Asian central bank and a single Asian currency " - Provided
by publisher .




ISBN: UOM:39015066180434

Category: American literature


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How We Live Now

In How We Live Now, she explores everything from multi-generational homes to cohousing communities where one’s “family” is made up of friends and neighbors to couples “living apart together” to single-living, and ultimately ...


Author: Bella DePaulo

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781582704791

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 302

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A close-up examination and exploration, How We Live Now challenges our old concepts of what it means to be a family and have a home, opening the door to the many diverse and thriving experiments of living in twenty-first century America. Across America and around the world, in cities and suburbs and small towns, people from all walks of life are redefining our “lifespaces”—the way we live and who we live with. The traditional nuclear family in their single-family home on a suburban lot has lost its place of prominence in contemporary life. Today, Americans have more choices than ever before in creating new ways to live and meet their personal needs and desires. Social scientist, researcher, and writer Bella DePaulo has traveled across America to interview people experimenting with the paradigm of how we live. In How We Live Now, she explores everything from multi-generational homes to cohousing communities where one’s “family” is made up of friends and neighbors to couples “living apart together” to single-living, and ultimately uncovers a pioneering landscape for living that throws the old blueprint out the window. Through personal interviews and stories, media accounts, and in-depth research, How We Live Now explores thriving lifespaces, and offers the reader choices that are freer, more diverse, and more attuned to our modern needs for the twenty-first century and beyond.

California Higher Education

The Challenge of The 21st Century Tom Hayden. -From traditional families to
single parent households . ... The number of single - parent households are
increasing far faster than traditional two - parent households . Women ... in the
professions and women in lower - paid , lower - mobility occupations will be
perpetuated unless wider career possibilities are opened during the K - 12 years
and beyond .


Author: Tom Hayden


ISBN: MINN:31951P002262136

Category: Education, Higher

Page: 19

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Revolutionizing Christian Stewardship for the 21st Century

As a single mother , her finances were extremely tight , and she did not have the
money she needed to fulfill her ... what they give in time , energy , attitude ,
commitment , and service provides value beyond measure to the church ' s
ministry .


Author: Dan R. Dick


ISBN: 0881772127

Category: Religion

Page: 106

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Dan Dick calls us to reorient ourselves in relationship to God and God's church and in our thinking about Christian stewardship.

The Emergence of Women Into the 21st Century

This outstanding interdisciplinary compilation links post-modern perspectives on women's development and potential with health, political contexts, relationships, culture, age, education, social conditions, and economic status.


Author: Patricia L. Munhall

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 0887376622

Category: Medical

Page: 414

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On the verge of entering the 21st century, women today are living in an age of restlessness and flux. This outstanding interdisciplinary compilation links post-modern perspectives on women's development and potential with health, political contexts, relationships, culture, age, education, social conditions, and economic status. A diverse group of writers offer their insights and ideas for improving the condition of all human beings through the augmentation of women's potential. More than a cursory view of women's experiences, this remarkable book examines contemporary issues in the context of actual events and milestones that have affected or will affect every woman today, In the 21st century, and beyond. There are three titles in the Emergence series: The Emergence of Women into the 21st Century (ISBN: 0887376622) the Emergence of Family into the 21st Century (ISBN: 0763711055) the Emergence of Man into the 21st Century (ISBN: 0763711721)

H R 5414 the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act

were hit extremely hard and worked hours above and beyond , leaving their
families at home to stay here arid help . One such person that comes to my mind
is Cindy Penrose , Bank Customer Satisfaction Team Leader . She is a single
mother ...


Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Financial Services. Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit


ISBN: UOM:39015051883414

Category: Check fraud

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African American Single Mothers

... into the 21st century and beyond . It may be the most treacherous passage for
African peoples since the Middle Passage . Yet the critical problems facing single
mothers and their families are far better known than those historic strengths .


Author: Bette Dickerson

Publisher: SAGE Publications, Incorporated

ISBN: UVA:X004214346

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 200

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The African American single-parent family has tended to be a scapegoat for a variety of social problems, ranging from poverty to drug abuse. As a result, there exists much misinformation about this family form. In this collection, the African American matriarchal family is re-evaluated to present a more informed picture of its actual structure and functioning. From an Afrocentric feminist perspective, contributors examine the history, legal dilemmas, media images and religious values of these families. The roles of children, grandparents, fathers, other support figures and the government are reviewed. This insider view of these households concludes with suggestions of more effective and sensitive policy approaches to this t

Voices from the Heart

As the population increases , there are more single parent families , more poverty
and society is becoming more ... Effectively educating students in the 21st century
will go beyond teaching out of a textbook and disciplining students must also ...


Author: Georgia Pappas


ISBN: UTEXAS:059173002078310

Category: School discipline

Page: 85

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